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Four Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Encourages Weight Loss

Four Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Is Important For Weight Loss

Most people have a lot of the right ideas when it comes to weight loss. They know that they need to eat better and that they need to exercise more, for example. They also know that simply getting up out of the chair and being more active goes a long way. One aspect of a good diet that most people don't consider is a healthy night's sleep, however. Ideally, we spend eight hours per day at rest, but many people, whether due to their busy lifestyle or other factors, don't get enough each night. The goal of this article is to help you understand how vitally important that it is for you to take the time out each evening for a full night of quality rest.

The interesting thing about sleep is that you get the benefits explicitly from rest. There is no exercise routine, and you don't have to change your diet to experience these benefits. Metabolism can be augmented purely by adopting healthier sleeping habits. Think about sleep like a nutrient. It's as important as the water you drink and the food that you eat. In the same way that we can eat the wrong foods, we can suffer from malnutrition in our sleeping habits as well. Let's explain in depth how sleep encourages optimal health.

Sleep Helps Build Muscle

Did you know that sleep is a vitally important aspect of anaerobic exercise? You see, when you lift weights and exercise. You don't get stronger right away. When you lift weights, your muscles develop tiny, natural microscopic tears, and you become stronger through the healing process. This healing process takes place primarily at night, via the function of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

While you are asleep, your body distributes Human Growth Hormone and Growth Factors all throughout the body in order to encourage repairs, and this speeds up the reinforcement process that takes place in the muscles, allowing you to grow stronger more quickly. Natural HGH is released on-and-off in bursts during sleep around once every hour and a half. It also benefits the skin and other organs, because HGH is an agent of cellular metabolism.

Testosterone is also released during sleep, in both sexes, although in much lower concentrations in women. Testosterone activates enzymes in the muscle cells which cause them to work more quickly and develop faster, which is why men have larger muscles than women, naturally. If you are interested in losing weight, developing muscle, and maintaining an increased energy level, sleep is as important as any other aspect of your exercise routine.

Sleep Helps Control Hunger

Sleep is not only an important part of your exercise routine, but also an important aspect of your diet. The hormone that is responsible for the sensation of satiation that occurs as we eat and become full is known as Leptin. Interestingly enough, researchers have found that men and women who don't get enough sleep don't produce enough of this hormone, which makes it much easier to overeat.

On the other hand, the opposite hormone, Ghrelin, becomes more active when we don't get enough rest, increasing our desire to eat and making it harder to remain satisfied with conscientious portions of healthy food. Our body relies heavily on proper hormone balance, which is encouraged by a circadian rhythm that is in tune and anchored by healthy sleeping habits.

Healthy Sleep Controls and Mitigates Stress

Most people understand that sleep is supposed to be a relaxing activity, but many people don't really understand exactly how extensively poor sleep can cause stress levels to go through the roof. This is because of sleep's influence on a stress hormone known as cortisol. Under normal, healthy circumstances, our cortisol levels reach their peak in the morning as a means to rouse us from sleep, and balance out once we eat breakfast. Then at the end of the day, cortisol levels fall very low, encouraging us to become sleepy and prepare for bed.

When we don't sleep well or don't get enough sleep, however, cortisol levels get out of balance and exacerbate sleeping issues. Some people experience heightened anxiety throughout the day. They also tend to have trouble sleeping because cortisol levels are higher than normal when it's time for bed, which causes sleeplessness, or causes people to be unable to reach deep phases of sleep necessary for hormone balance and distribution. This can lead to weight gain, loss of muscle mass, anxiety, and depression. By taking the time to ensure that you get the sleep that your body needs, you provide yourself with some free, much-needed therapy!

Sleep Helps Control Blood Sugar

Type-Two Diabetes is a full-blown epidemic in the United States these days, affecting millions of men and women across the nation. It is vitally important to keep blood sugar balanced in order to maintain health, preserve longevity, and reduce mortality risk. A diet flush in simple carbs and sugars causes the pancreas to secrete large amounts of Insulin all at once in order to transport glucose throughout the body. When these spikes are too large and too frequent, it confuses the body, and it develops a resistance to insulin.

One way to protect your body and your natural insulin sensitivity is to get a full night's rest. Study after study shows that the body's ability to regulate blood sugar is hampered significantly by poor sleeping habits. In addition to impacting your body's ability to utilize insulin, these insulin spikes also promote the body to convert glucose into fat instead of using it for energy. These patterns also increase your cravings for sweets and carbs. By sleeping better, you reduce cravings and help your insulin levels stay more balanced, which increases metabolism and helps you lose weight!

What Can I Do To Sleep Better?

Well, now you know why sleep is important, but what can you do to encourage healthy sleeping habits? The following are some suggestions:

Sleep in Absolute Darkness - The body recognizes darkness as a sign to fall asleep. Cover up lights in your room and cover windows.

No Playing in Bed - Many people like to play on their laptop or watch television in bed. This could be making it harder to sleep, because the brain no longer associates the bed with restful sleep.

Give Yourself Time For a Good Night's Rest - For some people, their poor sleeping habits are an issue of poor scheduling. Always make sure that you have a full eight hours to devote to healthy sleep.

See a Professional If You Have Chronic Sleep Issues - Sleep Apnea is a major health issue, and if you have trouble getting the rest you need in spite of a full night's rest, you may be suffering from a condition such as sleep apnea which inhibits your ability to sleep restfully. Make an appointment and get yourself checked out!

16 July 2014

Are Performance Enhancing Drugs the Future of Medicine

Are Performance Enhancing Drugs the Future of Medicine?

For all of the vilification of Alex Rodriguez in the media and in public these days, we ignore some of the greater truths that lie behind his use of PEDs such as HGH, HCG, and Testosterone. Even though, in context, Rodriguez's decision to utilize banned hormone treatments may be ethically wrong, have we stopped to consider that Rodriguez may simply be one of many seeking a treatment that will likely be commonplace in just a matter of decades? Hormone Therapies such as Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone are being prescribed in greater frequency every year, and researchers are discovering new benefits for hormone therapy every decade.

Now, don't get things confused, the use of Hormone Treatments explicitly to bolster the performance of an athlete is not necessarily the best course of action, and there is certainly an increased risk of side-effects among these groups, but many athletes, including those that are growing older and those that have experienced injury, may benefit from these treatments in a legitimate way that is being denied them with the current legalistic structure regarding Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports.

Drama Gets in the Way of Thinking About the Realities of Hormone Therapy

All the talk about the ethics of Performance Enhancement and the finger-wagging that takes place whenever we out an athlete gets in the way of recognizing the legitimate benefits of these treatments. Hundreds of thousands of men across the United States, if not more, have experienced the benefits of legitimate Testosterone Therapy via injections, patches, and pills, and in order to get their hands on these drugs legally, they had to pass through the proper channels of diagnosis and prescription. If an athlete actually needs Testosterone, HGH, or HCG for health, who are we to deny him (or her) that privilege?

In the Future, Hormone Treatments May Be Considered Preventative Medicine

Although the science has not yet reached a point where most forms of Hormone Therapy can be recommended for healthy individuals, what about when things inevitably change in the near future and the use of Hormone Treatments for Health and Wellness becomes the norm. At that point, it seems we would reach a new ethical standard in which these treatments actually were acceptable for use in the professional sports arena. Today, we talk about these people like they are the bad guys, but it's important to note that they also kind of represent a modern science experiment, and these treatments will only grow more sophisticated and sought-after over time.

The future of medicine is in hormone optimization and genetic therapy, and, once the science is proven to be sound, there should be no stigma regarding those that want to improve their health and wellness through pharmaceutical and bio-identical means, even if they do compete in an athletic field.

Aging is Intricately Tied to Hormone Deficiency

No matter how young or healthy we are today, without intervention, we will all become increasingly likely to experience a wide variety of age-related medical conditions that deteriorate health and vastly increase mortality, and all of these issues can potentially be mitigated through variations of the medical treatments used by thousands of athletes every year. These age-related disorders are varied and numerous, including arthritis, neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

It would actually pay to take a moment to dwell on Diabetes. Diabetes is one of the first common diseases that was treated by Hormone Therapy, namely via insulin injections which are becoming more sophisticated and simple to administer by the decade. Diabetes used to be a death sentence, but via increasingly effective Hormone Treatments, diabetics are living longer and more normal lives than they ever have.

Hormones Help Maintain Balance and Equilibrium

Hormones are the underlying intracellular messaging system that controls how our organs interact with one another. As we enter adulthood, these hormones enter a delicate equilibrium that sustains optimal health. The problem is that the older that we get, the more that our hormone falls into decline and imbalance. Vital hormones like Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone start to diminish, and potentially dangerous catabolic hormones like cortisol and ghrelin start to flourish, causing a cascade of physiological decline that eventually ends with our very own mortality.

Some Factors of Aging May Simply Be Symptoms of Hormone Decline

In fact, many of the symptoms that we assume are the result of aging are actually the result of this hormone decline. Our bodies take longer to heal from injury and become more susceptible to disease. Our cells start to function at a lower capacity and start to become more prone to error, which increases cancer risk. We start to store fat more readily, and our bodies become less effective at building and retaining muscle mass.

These symptoms not only manifest in the physical, but in the psychological and neurological as well. We become more prone to depression and anxiety. Our memory becomes foggy and our cognitive abilities enter a general decline. The key year for when this decline begins to occur is the age of thirty.

Hormone Levels Are Fully Optimized in Young Adulthood

Our hormone balance stays at a healthy and optimal level through the teens and twenties, and starts to drop a a near-imperceptible rate in the late twenties and early thirties. Some people experience this decline more quickly and vividly than others due to their lifestyle choices and hereditary factors. Other people don't recognize the changes taking place for years and years. These hormonal changes are so ingrained in the aging process that we don't recognize them as a separate entity. If Hormone Imbalance is treatable, it seems appropriate to approach the condition as a health disorder, rather than an aspect of aging, and if it's a health disorder, it can be treated!

The Importance of 27 in Baseball

In medical science, theories behind hormone decline revolve around the age of thirty, but in baseball, the key year seems to be twenty-seven. Every Major League Baseball player hits his peak at a different time, and there are obviously a wide variety of factors at play, but when taken in aggregate, the age of twenty-seven appears to be the age at which the majority of players are most likely to reach their top performance as an athlete.

This isn't just anecdote and hearsay, there are statistical studies that have revealed these results. ESPN has some of the most dedicated statisticians in America working for their corporation, and in one case, one of their stat specialists looked at the best hundred hitters between the years of 1998 and 2008. Out of those hundred hitters, the age range at which talent reached its highest levels was between 26 and 32.

This ties in pretty closely with what is considered to be our biological and sexual peak, which is considered 25-30 years old. It's during this period when our body is receiving optimal levels of all hormones, and our bodies and our chemical messengers are acting in harmony. Because baseball, like any other sport, has a skill and talent element, it makes sense that the athletic peak would lag slightly behind.

Baseball Players Over Thirty Should Have Access to Hormone Treatments

So, put aside your preconceived notions about Performance Enhancing Drugs for a moment. Think of these athletes, not using these Bio-Identical Hormones to cheat, but to sustain their performance as their physiological health is in a literal state of decline. In this sense, these drugs are intended to help the older player maintain his performance in relationship to his younger peers, and in relationship to his earlier performance.

What is really wrong about a therapy that enhances health for the player while also helping him maintain his already high performance into his thirties? Why should he be forced to leave his body in a state of disrepair in spite of potentially receiving treatment that could help him deal with injury and wear and tear more easily, and help him remain strong in spite of the vigorous and often-brutal training regimen that he engages in?

Hormone Therapy Can Help Many Men and Women Live Longer, Healthier Lives

What if it was a life-or-death situation? What if hormone restoration with HCG or Testosterone could correct a deadly medical condition? There are numerous examples where Hormone Restoration accomplishes just that. Take this anecdotal case: A man in his forties comes into the clinic, he seems totally worn with fatigue, and trampled by life. He was not a professional sports star, but he was a successful businessman that loved running and working out his entire life. Things began to change as he approached forty, however...

Testosterone Deficiency Increases the Risk of Many Heart Conditions

He found that his natural inclination towards exercise and physical activity was fading, and he was losing the energy to work out, in spite of his desire to do so. He also found that his body recovered from injury more slowly. Workouts which used to take a day or two to recover from now took many days, or in some cases, almost two weeks. As a result of his condition, he underwent hormone evaluation, and it was found that he had abnormally high levels of an inflammatory protein known as cardiac c-Reactive Protein, a condition which indicated that he was at an elevated risk of heart conditions such as stroke and heart attack.

HCG Therapy Changed This Man's Life

And this was just a start. Upon further evaluation, it was found that he also suffered from gout, diabetes, and hypertension, and had a hereditary history of cardiovascular disease. In order to balance his inflammation, he was put on HCG injections in order to bolster his ability to produce endogenous Testosterone. In fact, HCG, when combined with a new diet and sleep guidelines led him back to good health, like he experienced when he was in his teens and twenties. In the face of all these conditions, simply rebalancing his Testosterone Levels with HCG was sufficient to put his life back on track.

What If Aaron Rodriguez Needed Hormone Therapy?

Now, after discussing this individual case, lets return to the case of Aaron Rodriguez. Rodriguez's case was different than the case above, because he engaged in Performance Enhancing Drug use during the period that his hormone levels would have been at their highest. For this reason, unless there was an express condition that led to his need for these drugs, most ethical physicians would have denied him at first glance.

With regard to the most recent allegations, however, the case is much less clear. He has been accused of using Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Injections and Testosterone Therapy from 2011-2013. In this case, he was in his mid-thirties, and could very well have been a legitimate candidate for Hormone Balancing and Optimization. Of course, there is no way to know what his lab tests showed at this time, but there is a strong chance that he was experiencing at least some level of hormone deficiency, even if it didn't meet the threshold for treatment.

Why Deny Athletes the Opportunity to Be Healthy?

In this case, he may be interested in Hormone Treatment because of its potential to help him play on the field more effectively, but, why should we deny him that, if the results also lead to better health? Perhaps he chose to institute Hormone Replacement with HGH and Testosterone because he was discovered to have a hereditary risk of diabetes or heart disease. It could also be that he was experiencing an inflammatory medical condition like the man in the previous example. There are a number of health risks, including cardiovascular risks, that can be effectively treated or alleviated by the very hormone treatments that could potentially amplify his game. There are a litany of reasons, completely outside of the field of athletics, that could have encouraged him to choose HRT Therapy in spite of the risks.

Of course, there's no way for us to know any of this, but it's important to recognize that Hormone Deficiency is a real medical condition that can be treated, and we should not vilify it even when athletes use these Hormone Treatments to extend their glory years.

Focusing on the Stigma of PED Use Does a Disservice to Needy Patients

If Aaron Rodriguez broke the rules of his contract, of course he should be punished as according to the rules he agreed to, but it's still important to think about the issue from a disconnected perspective, in order to consider whether perhaps some of these rules should be made more lax, especially for older players or injured players that could sincerely and legitimately benefit from these medical treatments that are now considered Performance Enhancing Drugs. By accentuating the rule-breaking and illicit use of these treatments, rather than the potentially beneficial uses, we may be leading patients with a real, and perhaps even dire, need for treatment away from seeing a hormone specialist.

By dwelling on the abuse and misuse of these products, we are doing a disservice to real people across the United States. They consider these perfectly natural, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Treatments as something to be avoided, when in fact, they are perfectly natural and are becoming understood with greater and greater clarity by the year. Perhaps it is related to our fear of aging. We overlook these treatments, because they are so intricately related to what we perceive as aging. We don't want to get older, but we are nervous about talking to our doctors about ways to enhance our longevity and improve our health.

The problem with the whole story, is that it doesn't attract eyes in the same way. People are interested in athletes that use PEDs because of their obsession with off the field drama, not because these athletes could potentially be using a treatment that could add years to another man's life. This new field of Genetic and HRT Therapy can be considered under the umbrella terms Precision and Personalized medicine. Medicine that takes the whole person into account, and not only seeks to treat existing ailments, but to prevent future illness, with respect to a patient's genetic and personal proclivities.

In the Near Future, Medical Science Will Become Increasingly Focused on Increasing Life Quality

Americans are living longer than they ever have, but they often live their later lives in such poor health. The next natural stage of Medical Science will be how to help people live the latter years of life in as healthy a way as possible, not simply treating major illnesses as they appear. Hormones are vitally important to maintaining this health and wellness as we grow older. In order to maintain our brains, hearts, bones, joints, and muscles, it will be necessary to supplement the waning hormone supply of the body to prevent the atrophy and degradation of the body that leads to what today seems like inevitable frailty.

There is debate among reporters and commentators about how Performance Enhancing Drugs affect the purity of sport, but honestly, we need to do what's best for the players as people, and not be so concerned with their performance as related to those that came before. Until we consider the debate from that perspective, we will continue to mischaracterize Hormone Optimization and how it could change the nature of the very world we live in. Our misplaced judgments today could set back medicine by years and even decades if we don't take the time to be thoughtful about Hormone Restoration.

16 July 2014

Sixteen Common Foods That Increase The Cancer Risk

Sixteen Foods That Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

Eating healthy is a full time job. It's important to take the time to be knowledgeable about your diet, because, in the end, a healthy diet can add years and years to your life. There are foods that many of us eat every day that are actually very bad for us, and can even increase our risk of many forms of cancer. The goal of this article is to help you choose your foods more conscientiously, so that you can avoid cancer-causing foods.

Microwave Popcorn and Cancer Risk

Popcorn is a great low-calorie snack, and an excellent source of fiber, but you should only eat popcorn that you cook yourself, because microwave popcorn can be really bad for you. Microwave popcorn is the epitome of modern convenience, but there are a lot of reasons to avoid this staple snack in the American diet.

For one, the inner lining of popcorn bags is covered with perfluorooctanoic acid, also referred to as PFOA. The reason why manufacturers use PFOA is so that the popcorn kernels and other ingredients don't get stuck to the bag. PFOA is also an ingredient in Teflon. Most people know that scratching Teflon can contaminate the food you cook on the pan, but PFOA fairly freely dissociates from he popcorn bag.

The Environmental Protection Agency considers PFOA a toxic chemical, but the chemical is still used in popcorn bags. There is strong clinical evidence that PFOA contributes to both cancer and infertility in laboratory experiments.

Also, there are reasons to avoid microwave popcorn even on top of the issues with the bag. For one, most microwave popcorn is covered with preservatives. One of the most common is propyl gallate, which has been linked to issues ranging from rashing of the skin to gastrointestinal complications. Microwave popcorn manufacturers heavily make use of genetically modified crops to make their popcorn as well.

Finally, popcorn is frequently doused with diacetyl, a powdery substance which has been associated with lung conditions among employees at their factories, frequently referred to as Popcorn Lung. All of this can be avoided simply by purchasing popcorn kernels from a responsible source, and cooking them on your own.

Non-Organic Fruits and Cancer Risk

It's incredibly important to source your fruits from responsible growers. Many industrial fruit farms douse their fruit crops in chemicals, such as organophosphates, thiodicarb, and atrazine. Many also use fertilizers which are tremendously high in nitrogen.

The use of atrazine as a fertilizer is actually illegal in many areas of the world, including most of Europe. There is powerful evidence that atrazine exposure can lead to issues regarding reproduction and fertility, made particularly clear in animal experiments. In America, atrazine is still frequently used as a weed killer.

There is even evidence that atrazine impacts human fertility. In fact, in 2009, researchers found that women that lived in areas where water was inadvertently laced with Atrazine, their children weighed less at birth. Also, frequently, non-organic fruit farms use bio-solids to fertilize their crops. Bio-solids is a polite way of saying that these crops are fertilized with human waste from American sewage plants. This sewage contains not only human waste, but everything that is filtered from the water supply!

Vegetables and fruits are frequently doused with these chemicals, which is why the conspicuous health consumer should choose organic growers that avoid these chemicals. Growers use these chemicals to maximize the growth of their product. Apples have the highest rate of pesticide absorption. Ninety-eight percent of apples were shown to have traceable levels of pesticide! Other fruits that have high rates of pesticide absorption and exposure are grapes, strawberries, and oranges.

For this reason, it is important to wash all fruits before you eat them. But it is also important to understand that washing won't get rid of all of the contamination, which is why it's important to source your fruits as well as possible.

Canned Tomatoes and Cancer Risk

Bisphenol-A is a common chemical which is frequently used in order to line the inside of canned food, in order to prevent the organic chemicals in the food from interacting with the metal of the can, preserving taste. It is also known as BPA, and there are some concerns regarding the effect that Bisphenol-A can have on health.

A recent study, released in 2013 by NAS, demonstrated that BPA can impact the manner in which genes function inside lab rat brains. The Food and Drug Administration is also concerned about potential health issues that may be contributed to BPA, and cautiously urge food manufacturers to minimize their use of BPA or find another, more safe and suitable chemical to do the job.

There are many canned foods which don't necessarily present a big risk of BPA exposure, but acidic fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, are some of the prime culprits, because the acids can interact with the lining, causing the BPA to enter the food itself. In canned tomatoes, BPA levels can reach a concentration where many groups recommend that children don't eat them at all.

As of today, there are no rules in place to make manufacturers label their cans if they use BPA, so unless it explicitly says that it does not contain BPA, you should assume that it does. If you want to mitigate you or your children's exposure to BPA, choose foods that have been sealed in glass jars, frozen in bags, or which are just plain fresh!

Processed Meats and Cancer Risk

Processed Meats have become a staple in many people's eating habits. Originally, processed meats were created to help food taste better and remain edible for a longer period of time. When good, fresh meat was harder to come by, this was important, but today, when good, healthy meat is readily available, the downsides to processed meat become much clearer. Processed meat is a wide and varied category that includes lunch meat, bacon, hot dogs, and sausages, among many other meat products.

The issue with these foods is that, unlike other meats such as steak, pork loin, and fish, processed meats are heavily treated with chemicals and salts which affect their flavor, texture, and quality. Unfortunately, these ingredients also present a carcinogenic risk, while also being bad for the cardiovascular system in general.

In a recent study released in the journal BioMed Central Medicine, it was found that in over the course of a 13 year longitudinal study, one in every seventeen patients died. The consumption of processed meats played at least a strong correlative factor in mortality rates, because participants that ate a volume of processed meat product of more than 160 grams per day were 44% more likely to experience premature mortality than those that ate 20 grams per day or fewer. This broad study ranged across ten nations in Europe.

One of the prime factors which lead to this enhanced risk is sodium nitrate, a preservative used to maintain freshness and quality, but that also leads to increased cancer risk. Smoked meats can also cause issues, because the cooking process involved with smoking causes tar to be absorbed into the meat. If you enjoy foods like these and don't want to give them up, remember: moderation is your friend and will help you live a longer and happier life!

Farm-Raised Salmon and Cancer Risk

In general, fish are one of the best means to add lean protein to your diet. Of course, there are some forms of fish you should avoid, even if they are fresh. This includes Farm-Raised Salmon, which is not nearly as healthy as salmon which is caught wild. It's important to be aware of where your salmon is sourced, because more than half of the salmon eaten in the United States come from these farms.

Right now you are likely asking yourself, what's the problem with Farm-Raised Salmon? Well, the main issue with them is the way they are fed and stored. Salmon that has been raised in a farm atmosphere doesn't live the same life or even have the same dietary composition as those caught wild.

For example, they are often fed the same food as other farm animals, including chicken litter. Healthy wild salmon is naturally pink, but, because of their poor diet in captivity, they lose that color, and are actually fed chemicals in order to produce this color artificially to trick you into thinking that you are getting a healthy product. The deep red color is actually an indication of the composition of the animal, and farm-raised salmon don't produce as much natural Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which means that you don't get the same health benefits from Farm-Raised Salmon as you would from wild salmon.

Also, in order to keep the fish healthy and heavy, they are treated with pesticides, antibiotics, and chemicals in order to increase the viability of the yield, and many of these chemicals are known endocrine disruptors or have other negative effects on human and ecological health. They also have increased levels of dioxins, mercury, and PCBs, all of which can have a negative impact on health.

Potato Chips and Cancer Risk

One of the issues with the American diet today is that so many of the things that are bad for us, or were originally only intended to be eaten in moderation are now staple foods in the American diet. This is especially true of potato chips, which are a go-to snack for people on the go, and many people that are simply looking for some quick and easy tasty calories to go with their sandwich (which likely contains processed meat!).

Unfortunately, potato chips are unhealthy in a number of ways. For example, potato chips are a calorie dense food and they are also full of fat. Potato chips, like french fries, are a terrible addition to any diet as more than an occasional treat. A recent article released in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that consuming just a single ounce of potato chips on a daily basis led to an average increase in weight of two pounds.

Also, many types of potato chips are loaded with trans-fats which are universally bad for human health and should be avoided as completely as possible. The combination of high trans-fats and high sodium combine in a one-two punch that is highly dangerous for individuals that suffer from hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels.

There are also carcinogens in potato chips, which are produced whenever potatoes are fried at very high temps. These exceptional temperatures are necessary to produce the crispiness in the ideal potato chip, but they also lead to the production of acrylamide, which is a cancer-causing agent most notable as a product of cigarette smoke.

All of this doesn't even take into account the glut of artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors which all have their unique effects on health and cancer risk. If you absolutely love the occasional bag of chips, turn to baked tortilla chips or potato chips in order to limit the calories and fat per serving. There are also a lot of alternatives that are much better for you, including whole wheat pretzels and popcorn popped on the stove, or, even better, air-popped.

If you are addicted to the crispness of potato chips more than the potatoes themselves, baked banana and apple chips can sate that desire while also filling in your nutritional needs without being a caloric burden.

Hydrogenated Oils and Cancer Risk

Hydrogenated oils are vegetable fats which are chemically extracted from the original plant. Animal fat can be separated naturally, but vegetable oils must be treated in order to be separated. The bottle of vegetable oil that you have on your counter has likely been treated with coloring agents and deodorized in order to make it appear more appealing as an ingredient.

There's nothing wrong with vegetable oil in moderation, but it's important to be aware that Hydrogenated oil is very high in Omega-6 fatty acids. If you have too much vegetable oil in your diet, it can lead to health issues such as an increased risk of both cancer and heart disease. The form of cancer that appears to be most affected by Omega-6 is skin cancer.

In order to mitigate the risk of cancer associated with Omega-6 fatty acids, it is important to both consume products which contain vegetable oil in moderation, and also make sure that you get enough Omega-3 to balance out for your health. There are a lot of great ways to supplement your diet with Omega-3, including fatty fish like wild mackerel and salmon as well as meat from animals fed by grass. There are also lots of supplements that effectively provide Omega-3.

The amount of oil used for home cooking is generally in an acceptable range, but processed foods tend to contain way too much vegetable oil because of its function as a preservative. The reason why Hydrogenated oils increase cancer risk is because they have a negative influence on the flexibility and structure of the cell membranes.

Smoked or Highly Salted Foods and Cancer Risk

One of the reasons why processed foods are such an issue is because they contain nitrite or nitrate salts. These salts are also used in a variety of other food products as well. They are powerful preservatives, and they also artificially color the meat to increase its visual appeal. The reason why these salts are bad is because, after they are digested, they are converted into N-nitroso composites, which are associated with increased cancer risk. Foods often treated with Nitrates and Nitrites are salami, bologna, sausage, and bacon, and, as we mentioned before, they are also unhealthy because of their salt and fat content.

The excess consumption of food cooked by smoking is also bad, because any food that is smoked absorbs tar solid carcinogens which will then be absorbed into the body. Pickled foods are highly unhealthy because the pickling process is literally preserving food by drowning it in salt.

There is evidence that all the foods mentioned above increase the risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. This has been shown quite vividly by studying cultures like Japan, where the normal diet is high in smoked and salted foods.

Processed Bleached Flour and Cancer Risk

It is quite clear that, as evidence continues to grow, white flour is simply not good for you. It's so prevalent in the American diet, however, that it can be difficult to actually register how bad white flour is for the body. In reality, white flour is no better than sugar. White flour is the epitome of the empty calorie. The process that creates white flour eliminates all of the ingredients which can make grains beneficial.

Flour used to be naturally white, but today, in order to reduce production time and cut costs, white flour is bleached in order to make the product more visually palatable. The most common chemical that is used to hasten the whitening process is chlorine gas.

Chlorine gas is highly toxic and dangerous when inhaled, and the same chemical processes which make the chemical so dangerous are also the mechanisms by which causes white flour to be completely bereft of nutrition.

Because white flour is so processed, the body can directly absorb the carbohydrates and distribute them with no effort. In most cases, unless you are highly active or maintain an otherwise optimal diet, white flour will be converted nearly directly into fat. Because white flour activates so readily, it can positively be hell on your insulin and blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Over-consumption of processed flour can contribute to cancer for two reasons. For one, obesity leads to hormone imbalance, which suppresses Testosterone Levels and increases Estrogen Levels in men. In both sexes, HGH Levels are suppressed. Also, for patients with cancer, these empty calories can actually have a negative impact on health because of how readily they can be used by cancerous tumors.

GMOs Increase Cancer Risk

There are many loud and vocal opponents to genetically modified foods, frequently referred to as GMOs. GMOs are any foods, plant or animal, which have been modified at the genetic level via scientific means or exposure to chemicals.

Many GMOs are perfectly healthy, but the issue is that there is no review process or sufficient monitoring to make sure which GMOs are safe and which can potentially be dangerous. In one particularly telling study, performed by a scientist named Dr. Arpad Pusztai, potatoes were treated with a GMO modifier known as A-Lectin, which has an incredibly detrimental effect on mammalian health. After only ten days of experimentation, the rats in the study experienced diminished livers and brains, as well as pre-cancerous growths and inhibited immune systems.

Many point to this study to say all GMOs are bad, but the point of the study was explicitly to show that genetically modified foods, if not properly inspected, can potentially have a highly negative impact on human health. There are no procedures in place to sufficiently monitor genetically modified foods, and for this reason, the conscientious consumer would be wise to avoid GMO foods for their natural alternatives.

Processed Sugars Increase Cancer Risk

Like processed grains, processed sugars also wreak havoc upon insulin levels, and also provide a direct, unmediated path to increased weight gain and the exacerbation of cancerous and precancerous lesions and tumors.

For closing in on a century, scientific researchers have been aware of the potential cancer-exacerbating issues related to the excess consumption of sugar. In 1931, a man named Otto Warburg was the first researcher to prove that cancerous tumors draw in sugar from the blood stream to develop and grow.

The sugars which seem to have the most powerful effect upon tumor growth are those that also increase the risk of diabetes, such as simple sugars and carbs, as well as High-Fructose Corn Syrup. When you eat whole wheat bread or fruits, your body also processes fiber and other nutrients, which causes the body to absorb the sugar more slowly.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup is essentially identical to the sugar in your blood stream, meaning that it is absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood stream, where it goes directly to fat tissue, the muscles (under heavy activity), or to tumors in the case of cancer.

Since the 1980s, corn syrup has become increasingly prevalent in the foods that we eat, including cereals, sauces, juices, sodas, cookies, pies, and cakes. One of the easiest ways to avoid HFCS and other processed sugars is to cook food yourself so that you are aware of the ingredients, or eat selectively or at specialty restaurants.

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer Risk

Artificial Sweeteners are commonly used by people that are trying to limit their sugar intake, whether as a result of diabetes or a general interest in losing weight. The issue with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame is that they aren't that effective at leading to reduced caloric consumption. In fact, many studies show that, on average, people that turn to diet drinks actually have a tendency to gain weight, because these artificial sweeteners tend to lead to an increased sensation of hunger, especially for sweets. They've also been shown to be of limited effectiveness for diabetics.

These products can be ineffective for diabetics because it can inhibit the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, and can also exacerbate existing issues related to diabetes such as gastro paresis and cataracts. In some limited cases, aspartame can also lead to convulsions.

There is also growing data which suggests that aspartame, and some other artificial sweeteners, convert into Diketopiperazine, also known as DKP. When Aspartame is digested by the stomach, some of it is converted into this chemical, which is a known carcinogen, and is most strongly correlated with increased brain tumor risk.

If you are interested in a sugar substitute that is actually healthy for you, try Stevia. Stevia is a natural plant extract derived from a tropical plant that has the ability to imitate the flavor and satiation associated with sugar, without contributing to your caloric intake. Based on the way that the extract is biologically configured, it activates the taste buds associated with sweetness, but the sugar substitute does not break down until after it will no longer be absorbed into the blood stream and is safely excreted. The only issue is that Stevia cannot survive high temperatures associated with a stove top, but can survive the baking process up to a certain temperature.

"Diet" Foods and Cancer Risk

It may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but packaged diet products, whether they be drinks or meals, tend to be bad for you. For one, most common diet drinks contain aspartame, which is bad for you for the reasons described in the previous section.

Diet meals also tend to be bad for you because they dazzle you with phrases like Low Fat or No Sugar, but include other products that are just as bad for you. Many Low Fat foods are loaded with sugar, which is actually far worse for your diet than fat! Also, almost all Diet Foods are loaded with salt, which is bad for people that are overweight or obese and are already suffering from issues related to high blood pressure and hypertension.

Also, these diet foods often look nothing like their more naturally composed alternatives, meaning that they need artificial flavors and sweeteners in order to imitate the flavor profile that they are trying to copy. As we've mentioned previously, many of these artificial sweeteners and products are carcinogenic, and could be much worse for you in the long run than sticking to a natural and responsible diet.

There is also evidence that many of the additives in diet food actually have addictive qualities in some individuals. They are included to help you develop a craving for the foods and lean on them as a crutch, whether or not you lose weight! Remember, the best way to lose weight is to consume a diet of moderation high in nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Excess Consumption of Alcohol and Cancer Risk

Alcohol is an interesting beast. When used in moderation, it can have beneficial effects on health and wellness, but, when consumed in excess, it can greatly increase mortality risk in a number of ways, including an increased risk of liver cancer and other medical conditions.

In one major study, researchers followed American women for nearly fourteen years in order to generally assess their health and how their habits affected their health. Among the 20,000 participants, it was discovered that women that drank alcohol once per day or more were thirty percent more likely to experience breast cancer than non-drinking women.

Behind the use of tobacco products, alcohol consumption is the 2nd highest identifier of cancer risk. Low or modest consumption of alcohol is related to a diminished heart disease risk, but alcohol abuse is associated with increased risk of general mortality, stroke, and heart failure. World Health Organization Researchers examined twenty-seven unique studies which explored the potential link between alcohol and cancer. The result of their research was that they determined that alcohol abuse is the leading cause of various cancers, including female breast cancer and cancers of the rectum, mouth, colon, liver, and esophagus.

Remember, the key here is moderation. There's no reason that you can't enjoy a beverage with dinner, but be sure to limit yourself in order to optimize your health!

Red Meat and Cancer Risk

Most people naturally crave red meat, at least sometimes. Red meat is a quality source of many vitamins, including Vitamin A. The problem is that we have a tendency to eat too much. Red meat is another food that is best eaten occasionally that many people eat on a daily basis.

The best red meat is that which comes from an animal eating its natural diet. Grass-fed beef is far better for health than grain-fed beef, and the former actually has cancer-preventing qualities, primarily in the form of linoleic acid.

On the other hand, studies have shown that daily consumption of red meat over an extended period of time can significantly increase cancer risk. For example, in one study, ten years of constant red meat consumption increased cancer mortality risk by twenty percent for women and twenty-two percent for men. In particular, red meat seems to increase the probability of experiencing colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

Red meat has the most significant and life-threatening impact with regard to colon cancer. In one exceptionally large study of men and women between fifty and seventy-four, there was clear evidence that red meat consumption greatly increased the risk of colon cancer, while regular consumption of lean meat had ameliorative properties which appeared to protect against cancer.

There's nothing wrong with a delicious steak occasionally, but make sure that you don't make it an every day habit. Once per week is a nice rule of thumb if you're a fan of steak and want to maximize benefits with minimal risk to your health.

Soda and Cancer Risk

After reading the previous entries, you probably wouldn't at all be surprised to find out that the excessive consumption of pretty much any soda is bad for you. One recent research study showed that men and women that average more than a single serving of soda daily are at increased risk of stroke compared to those that forgo soda altogether.

One reason for this is that sodas are packed with empty calories. Look at the back of that can of coke next time. The drink offers absolutely nothing that your body needs, aside from calories which you can easily get elsewhere, and are very likely consuming too much of as it is. Most American sodas are flavored with HFCS, which is incredibly bad for you and can lead to diabetes and exacerbate cancer.

Soda is also among the most common causes of Acid-Reflux disease, a condition in which stomach acid leeches into the esophagus, leading to discomfort and pain. Sodas are also bad because their ingredients cause ulcers to become worse and more problematic. Artificial flavors and sweeteners can be bad for you too, and one of the most common flavorings is 4-methylimidazole, which has been shown in some studies to be carcinogenic.

Some important things to note, if you do drink sodas occasionally: For one, root beer with natural flavors can be a nice treat every once in awhile that, while still containing empty calories, is devoid of other ingredients that can be bad for your health. Also, clear sodas like Sprite don't contain artificial coloring agents, and aren't as acidic as dark sodas, although Mountain Dew is just as bad or worse than other sodas, and contains more caffeine.

18 October 2017

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Natural Hormone Replacement Abc News 13Natural Hormone Replacement ABC NEWS 13
Introduction To Human Growth HormoneIntroduction to Human Growth Hormone
Will Human Growth Hormone Prove To Be The First Anti-aging Medication?Will Human Growth Hormone Prove to be the First Anti-Aging Medication?
Exercise To Increase Your Hgh Production!Exercise to Increase your HGH Production!
L-carnitine: Improves Cognitive Function In CentenariansL-Carnitine: Improves Cognitive Function in Centenarians
Hgh In Forefront To Remain YoungHGH in Forefront to remain young
Testosterone BasicsTestosterone Basics
Side Effects Of HghSide Effects of HGH
Some Of The Symptoms Of Decreased Human Growth Hormone Some of the Symptoms of Decreased Human Growth Hormone
Anti-ageing Clinics Distribute Human Growth HormoneAnti-ageing clinics distribute human growth hormone
Bio-identical Hgh Hormone Replacement TherapyBio-Identical HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy
Growing Life Spans And Life ExpectancyGrowing Life Spans and Life Expectancy
Sleep And Hgh Go Hand In HandSleep and HGH go hand in hand
Geneticists Discover A Way To Extend Lifespans To 800 YearsGeneticists Discover a Way to Extend Lifespans to 800 Years
Theories On AgingTheories on Aging
Flax Seed Oil: Longevity And Anti-aging MedicineFlax Seed Oil: Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine
Hgh Declines With AgingHGH Declines with Aging
Knowing Two Languages Can Postpone DementiaKnowing two languages can postpone dementia
Hgh Sleep: Keep Young And Healthy With Deep SleepHGH Sleep: Keep Young and Healthy With Deep Sleep
HRT Overview
Preventing Testicular Shrinkage With HcgPreventing Testicular Shrinkage with HCG
Anastrozole Research StudyAnastrozole Research Study
Hormone Replacement Therapy With Pellet ImplantsHormone Replacement Therapy with Pellet Implants
Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy And Alzheimers DiseaseEstrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy and Alzheimers Disease
Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy May Diminish Alzheimers Disease RiskEstrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy May Diminish Alzheimers Disease Risk
Do You Qualify For Hrt?Do you qualify for HRT?
Natural Hormone Replacement Abc News 13Natural Hormone Replacement ABC NEWS 13
My Own Experience With Human Growth Hormone (case Study)My Own experience with Human Growth Hormone (case study)
Hgh Is Illegal If Bought Outside Of The 50 United StatesHGH is illegal if bought outside of the 50 United States
Getting Started With An Hgh ProgramGetting Started with an HGH Program
Introduction To Human Growth HormoneIntroduction to Human Growth Hormone
Hgh DosageHGH Dosage
How To Age Rapidly Or NotHow to age rapidly or not
Dr. Hotze Talks About A Natural Solution For Depression.Dr. Hotze talks about a natural solution for depression.
Hrt, Hormone Replacement TherapyHRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
Will Human Growth Hormone Prove To Be The First Anti-aging Medication?Will Human Growth Hormone Prove to be the First Anti-Aging Medication?
Hgh On 60 MinutesHGH on 60 Minutes
Hgh Igf-1 Growth Factor Stimulates Rapid Extension Of Key Motor Neurons In BrainHGH IGF-1 Growth Factor Stimulates Rapid Extension Of Key Motor Neurons In Brain
Human Growth Hormone After SurgeryHuman growth hormone after surgery
Study Shows New Method Of Growth Hormone Dosing Improves HeightStudy Shows New Method Of Growth Hormone Dosing Improves Height
Video: Truth About SteroidsVideo: Truth About Steroids
Hgh TherapyHGH Therapy
Testosterone BasicsTestosterone Basics
Hgh Review: Omnitrope Human Growth HormoneHGH Review: Omnitrope Human Growth Hormone
Human Growth Hormone 101Human Growth Hormone 101
Bio-identical Hgh Hormone Replacement TherapyBio-Identical HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy
World Health: Anti-aging Medicine And LongevityWorld Health: Anti-Aging Medicine and Longevity
Nbc News: Mens Magic YouthNBC News: Men's Magic Youth
Hgh ReplacementHGH Replacement

What Are Normal Testosterone Levels For Men And Women Throughout Life?What Are Normal Testosterone Levels for Men and Women Throughout Life?
The Relationship Between Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, And TestosteroneThe Relationship Between Night Sweats Hot Flashes and Testosterone
Testosterone OverviewTestosterone Overview
Clomiphene Low-testosterone Andropause TreatmentClomiphene Low-Testosterone Andropause Treatment
Low-t QuizLow-T Quiz
Supplementing Testosterone With HcgSupplementing Testosterone with HCG
Top Tips For Boosting TestosteroneTop Tips For Boosting Testosterone
Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Safe For The HeartTestosterone Replacement Therapy is Safe for the Heart
Testosterone PatchesTestosterone Patches
Subtle Effects Of Low-tSubtle Effects of Low-T
Testosterone Deficiency And Erectile DysfunctionTestosterone Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction
Natural Testosterone RestorationNatural Testosterone Restoration
The Connection Between Low-t And InfertilityThe Connection Between Low-T and Infertility
Coping And Overcoming Low TestosteroneCoping And Overcoming Low Testosterone
Chemicals And Testosterone ProductionChemicals And Testosterone Production
Testosterone And Prostate HealthTestosterone and Prostate Health
Axiron Testosterone SprayAxiron Testosterone Spray
Intramuscular Injection Information And ProceduresIntramuscular Injection Information and Procedures
Testosterone Deficiency Beneficial To Aging MenTestosterone Deficiency Beneficial to Aging Men
Bio-identical Testosterone PrescriptionsBio-Identical Testosterone Prescriptions
Testosterone Shows Promise In Treating Obesity And DiabetesTestosterone Shows Promise in Treating Obesity and Diabetes
Japanese Study Shows Restorative Benefits Of TestosteroneJapanese Study Shows Restorative Benefits of Testosterone
Sleep And Testosterone Are LinkedSleep and Testosterone are linked
Andropause: Male Menopause, Its Just A Matter Of Time. Try Testosterone, Hgh Or SermorelinAndropause: Male Menopause it's just a matter of time. Try Testosterone HGH or Sermorelin
Low Testosterone Leads To FrailtyLow Testosterone Leads to Frailty
Low Testosterone Means A Higher Risk Of Cardiac ProblemsLow Testosterone Means a Higher Risk of Cardiac Problems
Low Testosterone Might Mean Poor SleepLow Testosterone might mean poor sleep
Some General Thoughts On TestosteroneSome General Thoughts on Testosterone
Natural Hormone Replacement Abc News 13Natural Hormone Replacement ABC NEWS 13
Testosterone EnanthateTestosterone Enanthate
Video: Truth About SteroidsVideo: Truth About Steroids
Testosterone PropionateTestosterone Propionate
Testosterone CypionateTestosterone Cypionate
Low Testosterone Affects A Third Of Young Men With Type 2 DiabetesLow testosterone affects a third of young men with type 2 diabetes
Reuters: High Testosterone Appears To Keep Men AliveReuters: High testosterone appears to keep men alive
Testosterone Levels And Making MoneyTestosterone Levels And Making Money
Injectable Testosterone, Testosterone Cream, Aging And Anti-aging Benefits Of TrtInjectable Testosterone Testosterone Cream Aging and Anti-Aging Benefits of TRT
Diet Science
Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight And Keep It Off?Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?
Drink Right To Live WellDrink Right to Live Well
What You Should Know About Coq10What You Should Know About CoQ10
The Ideal Balanced Diet The Reality Of Healthy EatingThe Ideal Balanced Diet The Reality of Healthy Eating
The Role Of Magnesium For Good HealthThe Role of Magnesium for Good Health
How Safe Is Msg?How Safe is MSG?
Xylitol Alternative Low-calorie SweetenerXylitol Alternative Low-Calorie Sweetener
How To Increase Lean Muscle Mass And StrengthHow to increase lean muscle mass and strength
Insomnia GuideInsomnia Guide
The Importance And Purpose Of StressThe Importance and Purpose of Stress
Alcohol Appears To Impact Sperm QualityAlcohol Appears to Impact Sperm Quality
A Pound Of Muscle Vs A Pound Of Fat The Truth About Weight LossA Pound of Muscle vs a Pound of Fat The Truth about Weight Loss
Hidden Sources Of Sugar In Common FoodsHidden Sources of Sugar in Common Foods
How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed And TreatedHow Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed and Treated
What Is Sleep Apnea And How Does It Impact HealthWhat is Sleep Apnea and How Does It Impact Health
Twenty Simple Weight Loss Tips That Can Change Your LifeTwenty Simple Weight Loss Tips that Can Change Your Life
Consumers Of Processed Meat Put Themselves At RiskConsumers of Processed Meat Put Themselves At Risk
Four Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Encourages Weight LossFour Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Encourages Weight Loss
Sixteen Common Foods That Increase The Cancer RiskSixteen Common Foods That Increase The Cancer Risk
Should You Consider Intermittent FastingShould You Consider Intermittent Fasting
Juicing Pros And ConsJuicing Pros and Cons
The Truth About The Zone DietThe Truth About the Zone Diet
The Truth About The Schwarzbein PrincipleThe Truth About the Schwarzbein Principle
The Truth About The Realage DietThe Truth About the RealAge Diet
The Truth About The Origin DietThe Truth About the Origin Diet
The Truth About The Eat Right, Live Longer DietThe Truth About the Eat Right Live Longer Diet
Nine More Natural Ways To Relieve AnxietyNine More Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety
Facts About Omega-3 Fatty Acids Ala, Dha, And EpaFacts About Omega-3 Fatty Acids ALA DHA and EPA
Twelve Ways To Control CravingsTwelve Ways to Control Cravings
What Makes Vitamin C So Important To Health And Longevity?What Makes Vitamin C So Important to Health and Longevity?
Metabolism Boosting Tips For Losing Weight And Feeling GreatMetabolism Boosting Tips for Losing Weight and Feeling Great
Poor Sleeping HabitsPoor Sleeping Habits
Amazing Health Benefits Of L-citrulline And WatermelonAmazing Health Benefits of L-Citrulline and Watermelon
The Effects Of Cortisol On The BodyThe Effects of Cortisol on the Body
How To Age Rapidly Or NotHow to age rapidly or not
How To Lose Weight With Human Growth HormoneHow To Lose Weight With Human Growth Hormone
Anti-aging Cell Regeneration And Longevity RecommendationsAnti-Aging Cell Regeneration And Longevity Recommendations
Dont Eat Before You Sleep Increase HghDon't Eat Before you Sleep Increase HGH
L-carnitine: Improves Cognitive Function In CentenariansL-Carnitine: Improves Cognitive Function in Centenarians
Restrict Your Calories 30% And Live 30% Longer?Restrict your calories 30% and live 30% longer?
Vitamin-d Longevity VitaminVitamin-D Longevity Vitamin
Flax Seed Oil: Longevity And Anti-aging MedicineFlax Seed Oil: Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine
Knowing Two Languages Can Postpone DementiaKnowing two languages can postpone dementia
Healthy Living Can Add 14 Years To Your LifeHealthy Living can add 14 years to your life

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