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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 10 July 2021

If youre looking for a convenient method of treating low testosterone, or hypogonadism, Androgel is a real possibility for you. Currently, there are multiple ways to treat low testosterone: injections (with various types), gels, patches and creams. In this article, well be discussing one of the more well-known gels on the market, Androgel. This is a topical gel that men can use to treat testosterone deficient, a growing issue in the male population of the United States.

Androgel: Synthetic Testosterone to Treat Low-T

Androgel is a clear, topical medication, meaning that it is rubbed onto the skin, almost like a lotion. You can get a pump dispenser or a gel packet. The pump dispenses a single dose of 12.5 or 20.25 mg with one pump. The gel packets are available in 20.25, 25, 40.5 and 50 mg dose packets. To apply, you rub one dose per day to the shoulders, upper arms or abdomen. You use the palm of your hand to massage it in. Sounds super easy, right? So much more convenient than injections and needles! However, there is one downside...

Be Aware of Drug Transference to Others

Unfortunately, with testosterone gels and creams, it is possible to transfer the hormone to others, if youre not careful or aware. This can happen by touching another person after applying the gel. If you are going to have skin-to-skin contact with someone, be sure that the application site is washed with soap and water beforehand. It is especially important not to transfer the hormone to women and children. Testosterone is a potent sex hormone as well as an anabolic steroid. It can cause harmful physical and psychological effects on people who are not used to or do not need large amounts of this hormone. Women who come into contact with exogenous testosterone may develop acne and male characteristics, including body and facial hair. Children who are routinely exposed to Androgel may exhibit aggressive behavior or even experience early puberty or swelling of the genitals. Please be mindful and VERY CAREFUL around others when using Androgel.

Side Effects of Androgel

All testosterone replacement treatments can cause side effects, with most of them being the same. Some are mild and will go away on their own once your body gets used to the hormone. One of the most common side effects is skin irritation at the application site, especially if you have sensitive skin. Other mild side effects include:

  • increased acne
  • headaches (mostly at the beginning of treatment)
  • increased blood lipids (get tested regularly!)
  • diarrhea (mostly at the beginning of treatment)
  • muscle aches or back pain
Some of the more serious side effects to be on the lookout for are:

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • irritability
  • mood swings/changes
  • breathing problems/allergy to the drug
  • swelling of the ankles or legs (possible blood clot or circulatory issue)
  • blood clots
  • long-lasting or frequent erections
  • issues urinating
To avoid any other issues while taking Androgel, its best to avoid these three prescription drugs: Insulin: testosterone can lower blood sugar and this will affect the amount of insulin your body needs to produce. Blood thinners: testosterone can increase the effect of blood thinners. Steroids: the interactions between testosterone and steroids can cause fluid buildup, especially if you are dealing with heart, kidney or liver disease

The Benefits of Androgel

Now that weve discussed the potential side effects of Androgel and what to cautious with, lets look at the amazing benefits of Androgel. If you are suffering from low testosterone, Androgel has been proven to be an effective medication in increasing testosterone levels, as cited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only is the use of Androgel as effective as testosterone injections, the way hypogonadism patients were treated in the old days, but it can be much more convenient for most patients. This is due to the fact that it can be easily rubbed into the skin like a lotion and not injected using a needle. Most people do not like dealing with needles and injections are usually more time-consuming in terms of prep, sterilization and disposal of needles than just rubbing on a gel, especially when this hormone needs to be administered on a daily basis. However, with injections, there is no worry about transferring the hormone to someone else. The health benefits of Androgel, when treating low-T, include:

  • improved mood
  • increased muscle mass
  • more confidence
  • decrease in body fat
  • increased libido
  • more energy
When a man is experiencing low testosterone, it can feel like his world has turned upside down. Hormone imbalance is no joke and can lead to serious effects like depression, anxiety, sexual issues and weight gain. Its not wonder so many men are turning to treatments such as Androgel. Thankfully, treating low testosterone is a pretty easy fix, when it is diagnosed and treated by an endocrinologist or hormone doctor. There are so many choices on the market today in terms of treatment and Androgel is just one of them. After learning a bit more about how Androgel works and how it compares to other treatment methods on the market, we hope that the knowledge has helped you to decide which method is right for you. Contact our clinic if you are interested in getting started on a testosterone replacement therapy program today or would like to learn more! We are always available for free consulation.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 01 July 2021

I bet you werent expecting to read about sea cucumbers when clicking on a hormone blog, did you? Surprise! That is what this article is all about...sort of. Actually, well be exploring the ancient origins of our endocrine system and its evolutionary history which just so happens to be traced back to sea cucumbers. Neat, huh? Lets begin on our journey through time

Proteins Essential for Reproduction, Metabolism and Immunity Traced Back to Sea Cucumbers

We love to study evolution and understand how we got to where we are today in terms of our genetics, our technology, our cultural history, etc. Scientists from the Marine Science and Technology College in China decided to pursue a study investigating the evolutionary history of our endocrine (hormone) system. They found that a key set of proteins that aid in hormone regulation and are necessary for many, many essential functions in humans as well as other vertebrates have origins that can be traced back to more primitive creatures: sea cucumbers. Who would have thought?

The group of proteins that they focused on are part of a system called the kisspeptin system. The kisspeptin system controls hormones that are released by the three main endocrine glands of the human body: the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the sex organs of both men (testicles) and women (ovaries). These three endocrine glands regulate major processes including reproduction, the immune system, metabolism and more. Lets delve into these organs a bit further

The Basics of the Endocrine System

The endocrine, or hormone system, is a collection of glands or organs that produce hormones. There are other glands involved besides the three previously mentioned, including the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. The word endocrine is derived from the Greek words endo, which means within and crinis which means to secrete. Basically, a gland selectively uptakes materials from the blood, processes them and secretes a finished biochemical product (hormone, protein, enzyme) for use in other areas of the body. Our endocrine system is so important because it acts on almost every organ and cell in our bodies.

Each type of hormone, such as growth hormone or estrogen, circulates through the bloodstream to targeted organs and tissues. Once the hormone reaches its destination, it will begin a chain reaction within the cell such as the production of sperm or the breakdown of fat for energy use. Basically, hormones is what keeps our bodies running efficiently, or running at all, really.

Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus is a small section in the center of the brain with the main role of keeping the body and/or endocrine system in homeostasis (or balance) as much as possible. Quite the job!

The hypothalamus is basically the connector between the endocrine system and the nervous system. Because of this connection, it plays a part in functions such as body temperature, appetite/hunger, emotions, sleep, blood pressure, balance of bodily fluids, etc. As different parts of the body send signals to the brain, they are telling the hypothalamus about any unbalanced factors that need to be fixed. For example, if the internal temperature is too high, the hypothalamus tells the body to start sweating.

Pituitary Gland: The pituitary gland actually sits underneath the brain, at the base of the skull in a bony hollow, connected to the hypothalamus and is considered the master gland. Even though it is the master gland, regulates several vital functions and controls the activity of other glands, it is only the size of a pea. The anterior portion is connected to the brain by blood vessels and the posterior portion is actually a part of the brain and secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream.

Most of the time, the hypothalamus acts on the pituitary gland first and stimulates it to release the hormones that the body needs, but not with every hormone. The pituitary gland secretes a variety of hormones including prolactin (induces milk production in the breasts), growth hormone (regulates growth, metabolism and body composition), leuteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH for sex hormone production and other activities in the sex organs) and thyroid stimulating hormone (stimulates thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormones).

Sex Organs The sex organs are comprised of the testicles in men and the ovaries in women. They both are able to secrete their own hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. The secretion of these hormones stimulates processes such as puberty, egg maturation and sperm production.

Evolutionary Origins of Kisspeptin Proteins

Now that you know a bit more about the endocrine system and the major trio composing the kisspeptin system (hypothalamus, pituitary gland and sex organs) we can delve into the evolutionary origins of them.

Lead author, Tianming Wang, stated, The origins of these proteins have previously been traced to very simple creatures with spinal cords, but it hadnt been traced back any further. This raises an important question: does the kisspeptin system have an ancient evolutionary origin, or did it first emerge in animals with spinal cords?

Wang and his team wanted to answer this question. To do so, they looked for kisspeptin system genes in the sea cucumber. Sea cucumbers are very simple creatures that have no spinal cord. The scientists actually were able to identify equivalents of the kisspeptin genes in the squishy little creatures.

Next on the scientists agenda was to administer kisspeptin-like cucumber proteins into mammal cells to see what would happen. This caused the mammal cells to secrete calcium, which is similar to how human versions of the protein would behave. These sea cucumber proteins were able to interact with receptors in human cells as well. This finding suggests that not much has changed in these proteins over the course of years of evolution.

The scientists final phase of experiments consisted of activating or blocking the signaling system in sea cucumbers. By blocking these proteins from being produced, it became clear that they are critical for such important functions as reproduction and metabolism in the sea cucumbers.

Endocrine System Predates Evolution of Spinal Cord

The senior author of the study, Naiming Zhou, says that their experiments suggest that the kisspeptin system actually predates the evolution of the spinal cord in animals and would also be present in other animals that are closely related to the sea cucumber.

Zhou states, Our findings indicate the existence of a kisspeptin signaling system in a very simple organism lacking a spinal cord. They provide new evidence to support the ancient evolutionary origin of the physiological functions in vertebrates that are controlled by the kisspeptin system.

There you have it, folks. Our hormones and endocrine system can be traced all the way back to primitive sea creatures. Fascinating, indeed. Continue to follow our blog for more interesting and up-to-date hormone news!


Science Magazine


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 26 June 2021

The benefits of exercise are tremendous. Adding a regular weight lifting or resistance training regimen to your weekly routine can boost Testosterone, help you lose weight, and more! Working out is about more than building strengthit's a powerful tool to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Aerobic exercise is important, but cardio alone will not fulfill all of your body's wellness needs. The ideal exercise regimen combines Aerobic exercise and weight training for maximum potential. Let's focus on some of the many health advantages associated with anaerobic exercise.

Burn Belly Fat With Resistance Training

Studies have shown that lifting weights is more effective than aerobic exercise as a means to reduce stubborn adipose belly fat. Muscles naturally burn calories even when at rest. This basal metabolic rate increases with overall muscle mass. This means that the more that you can lift the higher your fat-burning potential!

Improve Heart Health By Lifting Weights

The overabundance of adipose fat heavily impacts cardiovascular health. This fat is associated with inflammatory hormones and proteins. Losing belly fat has the added bonus of reducing the influence of these chemicals, which negatively affect blood pressure and harm blood vessels. Weight lifting lowers triglycerides, balances blood pressure, and increases HDL Cholesterol.

Get Blood Sugar Under Control With Anaerobic Exercise

When you work out, your body needs more energy. Your body responds by using available glucose reserves. This reduces the strain on the pancreas that contributes to insulin resistance and Type-2 Diabetes. Weight lifting also encourages increased HGH Production, which frees energy stored in fat cells for use once readily available blood sugar is used up. A regular workout program trains your muscles to absorb blood sugar more readily.

Lifting Weights Mitigates Cancer Risk

Cells in your body fat produce a growth factor known as FGF2 that can increase the risk of various cancers. Obese individuals tend to make way too much of this hormone. Losing weight with exercise and diet reduces the dangerous influence of FGF2.

Stronger Muscles Help Prevent Injury

Weak muscles put your body off balance and in danger. Your muscles help maintain coordination and balance. A sedentary lifestyle interferes with your body's stability and increases the risk of injury. Weight training also strengthens the tendons, reducing the risk of tears, sprains, and other injuries.

Pumping Iron Lets Off Steam, Builds Mental Fortitude

Mental health and physical health are tightly intertwined. Strength training helps relieve psychological stress by giving it an outlet. A structured workout program also gives you goals and provides structure. It bolsters your ability to meet and overcome mental roadblocks. Exercise is also known to release hormones associated with psychological wellness, such as endorphins, serotonin, HGH, and Testosterone.

Strength Training Enhances Mobility and Flexibility

Combining weights with stretches has major benefits for your ability to maximize your range of motion. While simple stretches are beneficial to flexibility, mixing those stretches with some resistance training amplifies the benefits. Furthermore, strength-building exercises which target neglected muscles and muscle groups add to these mobility gains. Extension exercises do the most for flexibility.

Resistance Training Makes Bones More Resilient

It's critical to remember that weight lifting works out way more than muscles. Your entire skeletal structure benefits from anaerobic exercise. Just as your tendons become stronger because they link muscle to bone, your bones get stronger as well. Resistance workouts encourage your bones to increase activity which reinforces their strength. This has lifelong benefits, reducing the risk of fractures and breaks associated with Osteoporosis. If you're worried about the biggest risks associated with Osteoporosis, lunges and squats are most effective at increasing the bone density of the femur and lower spine.

Lifting Heavy Things Improves Self Image

Body image is a huge part of overall happiness. To look in the mirror and be happy with what one sees is incredibly important to positive mental health. Exercise helps people put their body into their own hands. Being able to look at yourself and realize changes and progress being made is huge. On top of that, studies have shown that weight training helps improve body image even in the absence of notable change. Working out just tends to make you feel more attractive.

Cognitive Function and Memory Benefit from a Physical Workout

If you're concerned with protecting and preserving your mental acuity as you get older, resistance training has notably positive effects on long-term outcomes. Research demonstrates that weight training has a bigger impact on cognitive function among older, at-risk individuals than simple stretches. This is another example of how the brain and body are linked. It's hypothesized that increased blood flow to the brain due to weight lifting gives the brain more resources to perform its normal functions.

Live Longer With the Help of Anaerobic Training

All of these benefits add up to enhance your longevity. Resistance training leads to a stronger body and mind, and it reduces the risk of traumatic injury. There is a strong correlation between all-cause mortality risk and grip strength. It's even hypothesized that strength is way more important than BMI when it comes to assessing one's overall health.

Men's Clinics and Hormone Therapy Centers Help Promote Optimal Hormone Levels

Hormone Balance and physical health are intricately interrelated. HGH Deficiency and Low-T lead to many symptoms which make it harder to get the most out of exercise. If you've been struggling with lack of energy combined with increased body fat and reduced strength, you may be having issues related to Hormone Imbalance.

While exercise helps promote healthy Hormone Levels, Testosterone Deficiency and other hormonal issues also make it harder to commit to a healthy exercise program. If you feel that your hormones are getting in the way of your health goals, consider reaching out to a trained HRT Specialist.

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High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

For some, small testicles may seem like just a cosmetic problem. But HGC does more than increase testicle size, it also increases adrenal function, which can have positive effects on well-being, libido, and energy.

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