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Recommended by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 23 April 2020


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 27 October 2012

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(NewsTarget) A new organization meant to study supercentenarians -- people over the age of 110 -- has taken a bold new step. Former CEO of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Doros Platika will become the chairman of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, a new organization created to research why supercentenarians have survived as long as they have.
The recently-launched Supercentenarian Research Foundation has two main goals: to help improve quality of life for aging individuals, and to study and try to emulate the successful biological longevity of these people. In addition, the foundation will provide research funding designed to identify how supercentenarians avoid common diseases that kill most people at a younger age.
Stanley Primmer, the new president of the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, says that "those who are approaching the maximum lifespan can provide us with some important information about aging...why are they able to live longer than everybody else?" Dr. Primmer added that research funding will assist in answering these all-important questions about those who reach age 110 and beyond.
Experts estimate the number supercentenarians ranges from 300 to 400 globally, but only 77 are on record. Due to the fact that someone who is 110 has just a 50 percent chance of surviving until age 111, the actual number is constantly changing, making an actual global count very hard to obtain.
Both Platika and Primmer will be two of four founding board members for the Supercentenarian Research Foundation, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The foundation has recieved $200,000 in donations from private sources by the current leadership team to start out. Platika's hope is to raise at least two million dollars in order to create a global directory of people older than 110. After that, Platika hopes to raise more than $100 million for long-term longevity studies.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 07 October 2018

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Human Growth Hormone Patient Profile

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy continues to amaze. New uses for this potent therapy are being continually researched and uncovered. Although today, HGH Hormone Replacement is only available for a few particular indications, in the future, there is no doubt that its uses will continue to grow in number.

Human Growth Hormone Post-Polio Treatment

In today's article, we will discuss the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy experienced by a man named Chris. Chris was diagnosed with polio when he was a young child. Although Polio is all but eradicated in the United States today, there are still many that suffer from the after-effects of this devastating virus.

Although Chris eventually beat the disease, he was stricken with a few chronic issues as a result of his battle. For six months, Chris suffered from paralysis of one of his legs. Although the paralysis eventually wore off, Chris still suffered from a partial loss of mobility in his leg. He was forced to wear a brace until he was thirteen years old, which extended from his hip to his knee.

In addition to the mobility issue he suffered as a result of polio, his leg also did not grow appropriately, leaving his affected right leg smaller, shorter, and weaker than his healthy left leg. Even his foot was smaller two sizes smaller, in fact. Chris always worked through his disability, though, and regained a significant amount of function over the years.

The Debilitating Effects of Post-Polio Syndrome

Later in his life, his doctor officially diagnosed him with a disorder known as Post-Polio Syndrome. This disorder usually occurs later in life in patients that experienced Polio at a young age. The body starts to slow down and degrade over time, and the muscles start to weaken, leading to an overpowering sense of fatigue.

Patients that suffer from Post-Polio Syndrome often have to take numerous drugs in order to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder. Chris was prescribed quite a few, including sleeping pills to soothe his restless nights, and pain medications to alleviate chronic pain, and muscle relaxers in order to reduce the frequency and severity of twitching muscles. On top of that, they sharply suggested that he reduce his physical activity in order to reduce agitation and preserve energy.

Although Chris was on a cocktail of medications, he was told that even this was likely not enough. For many, the long-term prognosis for Post-Polio Syndrome is rather depressing a life bound in a wheelchair, experiencing continually degrading, physical function which forces many to be dependent on friends, family, or health care professionals.

Chris couldn't imagine a life like this for himself. Even in the face of his circumstances, he always lived life to the fullest, and the prospect of not being able to live life his own way was a depressing concept. At first, the physiological and psychological effects of Post-Polio Syndrome wreaked havoc upon his once active and vibrant life. Because he was forced to live a lifestyle without exercise, his weight began to increase quickly and dangerously.

The disease itself left him increasingly tired and exhausted, enhanced by his lack of physical activity. The support groups were supposed to help him come to terms with his new life, but they only frustrated him more and more. He was frustrated because everyone seemed to be giving up and settling for an unfulfilling life of progressive decline.

Then He Found Human Growth Hormone

His despair in regard to his circumstances drove him to seek other opinions and treatment options. Chris had heard that there were new alternative treatments, and he wanted to take the chance to improve his condition. In 2002, he learned that Post-Polio Disorder was associated with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, and that HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy had the potential to help people like him reverse the symptoms and severity of Post-Polio Disorder.

Benefits of HGH

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has long been known to provide a number of different benefits to patients suffering from HGH Deficiency, including:

  • Improved Sleeping Habits

  • Decreased Fatigue

  • Enhanced Muscle Mass

  • Increased Fat Burning Potential

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health

  • Alleviation of Depression and Anxiety

Doesn't Chris sound like the poster-child for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

The doctor that prescribed Chris HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy was a lot like him. He also suffered from Post-Polio Syndrome, and actually used HGH Injections himself, in order to treat the symptoms of the disease. In addition to HGH Deficiency, Chris also learned that he could also potentially benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and his doctor prescribed him a Testosterone Cream. Post-Polio Disorder is largely a disease of Hormone Imbalance, and by correcting this hormone Deficiencies, he had hope that he could resolve all the other issues adversely affecting his health.

How Did HGH Benefit Chris?

Within a month of starting Hormone Replacement Therapy, Chris started to notice some significant changes in his physical ability. Although Chris could still walk, he no longer had the capacity to carry himself up the stairs without pulling himself up using his hands. After starting Hormone Replacement Therapy, he found that he was able to walk up the stairs using his lower body alone, something he had not been able to do for well over a year.

As time passed further, his life only got better. After nine months, he dropped eighteen pounds and even became fit enough to start swimming again! Although he didn't have the endurance he did when he was younger, he could still swim as long as half of a mile as long as he took brief breaks. Chris was no longer shackled by fatigue and his self worth began to soar.

Long Term Effects of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy

Chris continued to take the therapy. After nearly two years, he still maintained a healthy weight, and he is still active and energetic. The only issue that he has had is a slight weakness in one of his hands, which is a small price to pay for getting his life back.

Chris experienced very minor side effects as a result of treatment. In the initial week, he experienced a bit of water retention in the legs, but as his body acclimated to treatment, the edema naturally faded. It should be noted that some other patients do experience certain side-effects, including joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and increased blood pressure.

Why Hadn't HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy Been Recommended Before?

Although Chris experienced incredible benefits through the utilization of Human Growth Hormone, the use of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy for this purpose has not been studied deeply. This is likely because polio is all but defeated today in the United States. In spite of this, there are still many older individuals that suffer from post-Polio Syndrome that would likely benefit from enhanced Human Growth Hormone Levels.

Although Polio is very nearly eradicated, there are still many worldwide that could still benefit from this treatment. This is also another data point which shows that HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy has a number of significant, well documented benefits.

In the last decade, it has been discovered that one of the most life-altering symptoms of Post-Polio Syndrome is a severe Deficiency in Human Growth Hormone later in life. By restoring HGH Levels, it is possible to help these patients live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

What Does This Have To Do With Me?

Although Polio is no longer an issue in the United States, or most other countries in the world, the effects of HGH Injections upon patients with Post-Polio Disorder is incredibly enlightening. Polio is just one of a number of factors which can cause a man or woman to experience severe HGH Deficiency. Other potential causes include:

  • Surgery

  • Radiation

  • Pituitary Tumors

  • Hereditary Disorders

  • Advancing Age

Symptoms of HGH Deficiency

All of these issues have the potential to reduce or eliminate a patient's ability to produce healthy levels of Human Growth Hormone. Most of the symptoms that Chris experienced were the hallmark symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency, including:

Fatigue HGH is a potent, metabolic hormone. If the body isn't producing enough Human Growth Hormone, energy levels plummet. This decline in energy has a devastating impact upon health and vitality.

Increased Weight Gain These same metabolic processes also help keep weight in check. Without appropriate physical activity, or the energy to engage in that activity, the body starts to accumulate fat. This body fat tends to build around the midsection.

Decreased Muscle Mass Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1, as well as Testosterone, are central to maintaining strong and healthy muscles. As HGH Levels decline, patients are more prone to issues related to frailty, which prevent them from doing simple things like walking up a flight of stairs with ease.

Depression and Irritability HGH Deficiency also has a powerful impact on psychological health, through a mixture of physiological changes and changes in self-worth.

The use of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy helped Chris. Could it help you?

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