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hgh hrt health low treatment for menHormone Replacement Therapy is a relatively new practice, and it is still developing rapidly. In a recent study (published by the International Society for Stem Cell Researchers), researchers were able to develop pituitary tissue from adult stem cells. The pituitary gland, located in the brain, is what is primarily responsible for the production and management of growth hormone, as well as hormones such as adrenocorticotropic hormone (which is involved with stress response), follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone (involved in reproductive ability). People who have dysfunctional pituitaries can suffer from hormone deficiency, especially Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Hypopituitarism is the official name for the condition of having a dysfunctional pituitary gland. pituitary gland-explained

This condition is most serious in pediatric cases, because children especially need growth hormone during their developmental years. Children with low HGH can end up much shorter than their peers. They can also suffer from poor bone health, skeletal problems, and mental disabilities, and could end up with sexual issues. However, growth hormone is extremely important for adults as well as kids, men and women alike. Adults with low HGH can experience sexual dysfunction, low libido, and pre-mature aging symptoms (such as wrinkled skin). Often, weight gain is correlated with low HGH, as well as sleeping problems (during deep REM sleep is when the body produces the most HGH).

Modern-Day Treatments for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

There are treatments for people with Hypopituitarism. The most common is injectable Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone. Bio-Identical means that, although it is produced in a lab, it functions in the body the same way as organic HGH. Various forms of Bio-Identical Growth Hormone include Saizen, Tev-Tropin (generally used for pediatric care), and Somatropin. Another example is Sermorelin Acetate, which, instead of simply supplementing the bodys hormone levels, stimulates the pituitary gland, and so allows for a more natural, safe way of increasing hormone levels, with notably fewer side effects.

How This New Study Is a Game-Changer

In the lab rats, the pituitary tissue generated from stem cells worked in much the same way their natural pituitary tissue had functioned.

If a similar treatment could be safely developed for humans with hormone imbalance, it would eliminate the need to continually inject Bio-Identical HGH supplements. It would be a more permanent solution, instead of a temporary treatment. These injections can be incredibly expensive, and so aside from being a potentially superior way to address Hypopituitarism, this method could save patients a lot of money.

Why adult stem cells?

Many people, when they hear the phrase stem cell research, assume that it is something scandalous and unethical, because they do not really understand what stem cell research is, and what different forms of it exist. Stem cell research is widely accepted in the medical community as a productive method of study, and it has many times produced for scientists and medical professionals countless results. Another form of stem cell research is embryonic stem cell research, and this is where most of the misunderstanding lies.


In the case of embryonic stem cell research, fertilization occurs through in vitro fertilization (IVF), where several embryos are conceived at once. In order to harvest the stem cells of the embryos, it is necessary to terminate their lives. Although there are additional factors to consider in this issue, this is the primary objection to, and cause of ethical concern about, embryonic stem cell research.

This issue is technically different from that of abortion, although there are important commonalities. In the case of abortion, there can be infinite reasons that a woman and or her family would want to abort her child, and in the case of embryonic stem cell research there are a number of scientific purposes that the research could supposedly serve. However in both of these cases, the life of an unborn embryo is purposefully and predictably ended, and the ethicality of this action cannot be justified by the potential good of the end result. Rather, the action itself must be ethically justified apart from any potential outcomes.

Its also important to note that while embryonic stem cell research has produced some medical developments, they are far fewer results than adult stem cell research, and of much less significance. In the past, adult stem cell research has led to development in the treatment of corneal issues, liver problems, certain cancer treatments, arthritis, heart disease, and leukemia, among others. This new study shows one more potential use for adult stem cell research.

What are Stem Cells, and Where Do They Come From?

Stem cells are cells that have the potential and ability to develop into other specific types of cells. For instance, they could develop into blood cells, muscle cells, pituitary cells, hypothalamus cells, et cetera. The exciting thing about stem cells is that they do this by dividing into other cells, and so ultimately remain stem cells, without damaging or reducing their ability to develop more cells in the future.

Process of the Lab Rat Pituitary Experiment

First, the pituitary glands of the rats were removed surgically. Next, the researchers replaced the pituitary with new pituitary cells that were derived from stem cells. Also, the researchers had control over the specific composition of the stem-cell generated pituitaries, and found that they could specifically determine the production of various hormones in the rats. This means that, if a treatment for humans is ever developed, there could be ways to address the specific needs of each patient. After all, everyone's body is different, and their conditions, even though they may all be rooted in a dysfunctional pituitary, can result in different hormone imbalances. Also, some patients may suffer from multiple hormone deficiencies. This potential treatment could be a single solution that would address a number of hormone problems.


However exciting and enlightening this study may be, there is still a great deal of research, study and testing that needs to be done before we can even come close to a safe, permanent treatment for Hypopituitarism. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to be done for patients with hormone imbalance. Treatments such as injectable HGH, Sermorelin Acetate, and more have been shown to be very effective when used with a prescription under a capable doctors care. Because these treatments are only available for patients with a diagnosis of HGH deficiency, not everyone can have access to them. However, for anyone looking to improve their hormonal levels, there are steps that can be taken to boost HGH levels naturally. Exercise, better sleeping habits, proper diet and healthy eating all of these can help with the bodys hormone production, and are generally recommended for an overall healthy lifestyle anyway.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Published on 19 November 2018


Written by Dr. Welsh, Published on 23 January 2013

hgh hrt health pituitary growth hormone review

Human Growth Hormone experimentation performed on Chinese Inmates prior to Chinese Olympic Games

The British Intelligence Agency MI6 has discovered that Chinese government officials licensed scientists to conduct medical experiments in which performance enhancing drugs like HGH were tested on Chinese prisoners held in labor camps in the rural northern area of the country.

In addition to potential human rights violations, foreign interests are worried that the Chinese may be engaging in this testing in order to sell the illicitly developed hormone to United States, British, and International athletes interested in boosting their performance for the Chinese Olympic games. The intense competitive desire of these athletes and the lure of the gold medal make PEDs like Human Growth Hormone a tempting short-cut to success. The problem is, if their unfair use of HGH was discovered, the competitors would be banned from the Beijing Olympics, as well as future Olympic and professional sporting events. The United Kingdom Sports Drug-Free Unit has provided a warning to all British participants in the Olympics, making it absolutely clear that there are significant repercussions to cheating in the Olympics via Human Growth Hormone or other forms of Performance enhancement.

Marion Jones, Human Growth Hormone, and Olympic Scandal

In 2000, Marion Jones was one of the darlings of the American Sporting world. She was an elite track and field runner, specializing in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and long jump. In the Beijing Olympics, she won five medals for her efforts on the track. Years later after much speculation, she was discovered to have used performance enhancing drugs and she was forced to forfeit her medals in 2007. She later admitted to acquiring Human Growth Hormone that was sourced from these same Chinese laboratories which tested their treatments on inmates. Although more cases were uncovered later, Jones was the first Olympic athlete to come clean about taking the Chinese Bio-Identical Hormones, and she was forever banned from further participation in the Olympics.

HGH Drug Testing

One of the reasons that Human Growth Hormone is so often used by professional and Olympic athletes is because it has been incredibly difficult to test for in the past. Direct evidence of a Human Growth Hormone injection disappears in the majority of cases in less than twenty four hours beyond the injection. Newer methods of blood testing have developed recently that can more precisely test for HGH Abuse by identifying the HGH derivative IGF-1 in the blood stream. Human Growth Hormone works primarily through conversion into IGF-1 by the liver. After conversion, IGF-1 increases rates of muscle growth and weight loss while boosting enhanced rehabilitation.

A Human Rights Group Speaks

British law enforcement is concerned about the prevention of the global distribution of Performance Enhancing Substances for unlawful use. MI6 learned about this prison-testing of Human Growth Hormone from an anonymous Chinese Rights Organization. Although the information is guaranteed trustworthy, the name of the organization must not be revealed because of the likelihood of reprisal by the Chinese government. The Chinese prisoners who expressed that they had been the subjects of this medical testing were located in the prisons of in the northern area of the country.

One representative of the rights organization told British intelligence officials that the Chinese plan was to tempt Western athletes with performance enhancing drugs in order to try to bar competitive athletes from the games. If American and European athletes failed drug tests and were kicked out of the Olympics then it would potentially be easier for Chinese athletes to take home a greater share of the gold. It is believed that the Chinese government is using the Olympics as a stage to assert their superiority over the Western world in the manner that Hitler used the Berlin Olympics as an attempt to do the same in defiance of the allied powers.

To Chinese officials, the Beijing Olympics represent an ideal opportunity to exemplify perceived international dominance through both their performance in both the world of athletics as well as through their effusive display of wealth and power in the staging of the Games. The story of Marion Jones, arguably the most famous female athlete of the Sydney Olympic games, shows that anabolic steroids and BioIdentical HGH are the medical treatments most often used by athletes in search of increased performance. It is of the utmost importance to the International Olympic Committee that the Olympics remain as free of taint and drug abuse as possible, and HGH and Testosterone drug therapies are the largest obstacles to their stated goal.

Chinese Government, MaMaCF, and HGH

Beijing government officials fervently insist that they are engaging in a nation-wide crackdown on the global distribution of Human Growth Hormone, but it is clear that the Chinese government must have at least some hand in the growing availability of drugs like Human Growth Hormone.

The actions of one major Chinese company, known as MaMaCF, located in the busy port town of Qingdao, make this obvious. Qingdao is located on the eastern seaboard of China in the province of Shandong. This area is where the sailing events took place in the Beijing Olympic Games. MaMaCF is a major exportation and importation company that often works closely with the Chinese government and is constantly under intense scrutiny by the nations highly invasive state apparatus. Sun Peng-Su, director of sales for the shipping giant, admits that although it is illegal to engage in the international distribution of Human Growth Hormone in large shipments, his company has been allowed to send reasonably sized samples of the performance enhancing drug via courier to the United States and Great Britain.

Peng-Su tells reporters that his company makes no attempt to conceal its activities. MaMaCF openly labels its Human Growth Hormone as a medical product, and the organization has received no complaints from British or American customs officials. In Great Britain, Human Growth Hormone is considered a controlled substance, and thus its importation is the subject to intense restrictions. In spite of this, Peng-Su says that his company is engaged in a high volume of sales activity in both Britain and the United States.

Due to concerns for the confidentiality of the companys clients, Peng-Su was unable to name any names, but the brochures for the products that the company provides shows that they sell each vial of Human Growth Hormone for 140 yuan which converts to $15.72 per vial in American dollars.

The Power of HGH

Every vial of Human Growth Hormone contains enough of the drug to boost muscle development, burn off unwanted fat, and increase the speed of physical enhancement and rejuvenation in general. When used by professional and Olympic athletes it has been shown to create an easily apparent and unfair advantage which sets them apart from the competition.

Lance Armstrong and Human Growth Hormone

It has recently come to light that Lance Armstrong heavily used drugs such as Human Growth Hormone in his efforts to become the most storied cyclist in the history of American sport. According to Armstrong, use of these drugs reached epidemic levels in the cyclist community, and it reached a point where it became impossible to compete without them. This also occurred in American Major League baseball in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

It is absolutely clear that Human Growth Hormone stimulates amazing physical changes in the human body, and this is the reason why its use is such an issue to the international athletic community. HGH and supplements like it create an unfair advantage by forcing all competitors to use these methods just to keep up with their opponents, which creates a culture of unfairness and cheating which can infect the entire culture of a sport.

MaMaCF Sees no Wrong Doing in HGH Distribution

Peng-Su seems to recognize the implications of HGH shots for performance enhancement, but he does not see it as his ethical concern. He says that Human Growth Hormone distributed by his company is not necessarily intended for Athletic use and can be utilized by both males and females for a multitude of legal reasons such as for the treatment of Hormone Deficiency, or for the treatment of many other physiological disorders. He says that it is the responsibility of the American and British governments to ensure that Human Growth Hormone is used and domestically distributed in accordance with U.S. and British law. The responsibility of MaMaCF ends at the Chinese border and he is certain that everything done by the company is done in accordance to applicable laws.

MaMaCF HGH Deemed Safe

Chemists who work for British Intelligence have tested the Human Growth Hormone provided by MaMaCF and have discovered that the Human Growth Hormone provided is safe and of medical quality, so there are no hidden risks involved with the drug. MI6 agents tell us that there has been a spike in Human Growth Hormone and Steroid exportation from China which can be directly attributed to the Beijing Olympic Games.

HGH Hard to Trace

British Olympic medal-winning rower Sir Matthew Pincent explains with todays medical technology it is only possible to test for Human Growth Hormone up to twenty-four hours after injection has taken place. Although he seems certain that there is at least some level of Performance Enhancing Drug abuse among British athletes, he says that there have been no positive cases for Human Growth Hormone in the United Kingdom since HGH testing began in 2004.

British HGH Use

Representative of United Kingdom Sports Drug Free, Andy Parkinson, is not nave about the usage of Human Growth Hormone and other PEDs by British Athletes. He says that although he has pride in the Olympic participants of his nation, there is no reason to believe that British athletes are any more immune to the temptation of performance enhancement than those of any other nation. It is unavoidable that at least some small minority of these individuals will give in and use these hormones and other drugs in order to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

Temptation of PED Usage for London Olympics

The London Olympics represent an even larger temptation because British Olympic athletes will have increased pressure to perform at their very best in order to show their worth in front of their own people. It is important to remember that while illegal use of Human Growth Hormone represents an opportunity to be better than the rest, there are global social costs which are related to the abuse of the drug, and PED abuse provides an opportunity for black and grey market hormone distributors to sell their products.

This information has been provided by Gordon Thomas. Thomas is a world-renowned author and journalist who specializes in coverage of covert intelligence agencies such as the CIA and MI6. He is the author of Inside British Intelligence and Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare.

The Conscious Evolution Institute

The Conscious Evolution Institute provides safe, non-harmful, and effective Hormone Replacement Therapy for individuals who are experiencing Adult-onset HGH and other Hormone Deficiencies. Although we certainly dont condone the use of Human Growth Hormone shots or other drugs for performance enhancement, we do recognize that articles like this one highlight the effectiveness of the HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Athletes who use Human Growth Hormone usually engage in a form of HGH abuse which can result in a number of possible side-effects, but the use of Human Growth Hormone to restore healthy levels of HGH has a much lower incidence of negative side-effects, and with proper physician monitored Human Growth Hormone HRT, the risk of most of these potential issues in nearly negligible. We acquire our Human Growth Hormone through legitimate sources and only provide you with the highest quality treatments available on the market today.

Our Doctors and Physicians are fully trained and certified in modern Anti-Aging therapies and our clinic offers numerous of Hormone Replacement Therapies such as Sermorelin Acetate, Testosterone, HGH, and HCG Therapy.

If you are interested in the remarkable therapies we have to offer, we encourage you to explore our website further, or just call or email us with any questions you may have. We are available every business day and we would be more than happy to take your call.

The Conscious Evolution Institute

Your Number One Source for Hormone Replacement Therapy

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