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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 09 October 2018

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Losing Weight with HGH a Scientific Study

A new study conducted by the medical department of St. Louis University shows that Human Growth Hormone is likely highly beneficial in aiding obese men and women in the fight to lose weight.

HGH Injections Lead to Weight Loss

Patients who participated in the clinical study were able to drop around five pounds over the course of the study in comparison to placebo participants. It seems as though Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is an incredibly useful tool in the fight against obesity and the physical illnesses which occur as a result. In addition to this, HGH Treatments also help provide obese patients with the initial energy that they need to begin and maintain a healthy exercise program.

The leader of the HGH Hormone Treatment study was medical professor Stewart Albert, of the St. Louis Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. In order to share his discovery with the scientific community, Professor Albert and his department chair Arshag Mooradian travelled to the 2003 ENDO conference, which was the eighty fifth annual congregation of the Endocrine Society. This conference took place from June nineteenth to twenty-second in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The ENDO conference is the largest meeting of Endocrinology professionals and academics in the world. The primary purpose of ENDO is to display advances in Endocrine research which took place in the previous year. This is the Endocrinology communitys best opportunity to enhance the level of discourse as well as provide networking opportunities in order to advance the science.

HGH as an Obesity Cure: Symptoms of Obesity

One of the primary reasons why the results of this study are so important is because of the epidemic level of obesity in American society today. As many as thirty percent of Americans are afflicted with obesity. Perhaps even more alarming, eighteen percent of children aged from 12-19 in America suffer from obesity, a stunning increase from just five percent thirty years earlier. Below are a number of risks associated with obesity:

  • High Blood Pressure Obesity makes the heart have to work harder to achieve the normal distribution of blood throughout the body. In addition to this, issues such as cholesterol blockage in the arteries cause the arteries to become restricted, increasing blood pressure tremendously as a result.

  • Type-2 Diabetes This may be the most detrimental long-term affliction associated with obesity. This form of diabetes is a direct result of obesity and a diet too full of carbohydrates and sugars. The body slowly becomes immune to insulin, and it is no longer able to regulate blood-glucose levels without the help of insulin injections. The body slowly begins to atrophy if medication is not prescribed perfectly, and the risk of other afflictions associated with obesity increase significantly even if obesity is eventually resolved.

  • High Cholesterol Obesity is directly correlated with elevated levels of triglycerides and unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol has a nasty habit of clogging up arteries and veins throughout the body, increasing blood pressure, preventing the heart muscle from contracting powerfully, and preventing areas of the body from obtaining proper levels of oxygen.

  • Sleep Apnea Obesity causes fatty tissue to obstruct air pathways, making it hard to breathe while in a sleeping position. This leads to poor sleep and in rare cases can even lead to suffocation

  • Stroke Strokes occur as a result of cholesterol and fatty lesions in the arteries and veins which clog up blood pathways in the brain. If not discovered immediately, strokes can permanently damage and kill off neurons and brain tissues, leading to limitless potential afflictions dependent upon where the stroke occurs.

  • Fatigue Fatigue is the result of many factors in relation to obesity. Excess levels of fat and the overconsumption of sugars and carbohydrates lead to a breakdown in the ability of the human body to produce and process Human Growth Hormone. Without sufficient HGH production, the body does not break down fatty tissue and convert it into energy efficiently, which leads to fatigue. Also, fatty tissue has the ability to convert Testosterone into estrogen and other derivatives of the feminine hormone. If Testosterone levels drop, then the muscles begin to atrophy as a result. Smaller, weaker muscles are less resistant to exhaustion and the body loses its ability to withstand muscular stress.

  • Gallstones Gallstones are masses of cholesterol that build up within the gallbladder. These growths can be as small as a rice grain or even as large as a golf ball. Obesity leads to increased size and manifestation of gallstones because the body sometimes has issues with dealing with the excess cholesterol circulating through the bodies of obese patients. Although gallstones can often pass undetected, they can also grow large and painful within the body and can become lodged. In this case, surgery is often the only option. Gallstones are not extremely dangerous if treated promptly, but can lead to debilitating abdominal and/or shoulder pain, as well as vomiting and nausea.

  • Heart Attacks All of the above stressesincreased blood pressure, an overworked heart, high cholesterol, and clogged arteries all contribute to a highly elevated risk of heart attack. If the heart cant build up enough pressure to circulate blood throughout the body efficiently, or if blood clots or artery clogging prevent the heart from receiving enough blood to function, then the organ begins to die, which dependent upon the severity of the heart attack will significantly reduce the hearts ability to function, or kill off the heart, and therefore the patient, as a result.

Answering Questions about HGH

The primary researcher, Dr. Albert, believes that there is great promise in using HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy as a treatment for obesity. Although he is certain that HGH Shots can be a useful technique, it is not yet clear to the doctor what the most efficient protocol should be when using HGH for weight loss. Also, there are questions as to whether Human Growth Hormone should be combined with other drugs in order to maximize weight loss benefits.

Obesity Reduces HGH Secretion

What is clear regarding Dr. Alberts study is that when individuals suffer from obesity, their Human Growth Hormone production drops significantly. Also, HGH is proven to play a major role in metabolism and appetite. After Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary or injected into the bloodstream, the molecule is converted into Insulin-like Growth Factor One by the liver. This HGH Derivative plays a central role in the breakdown of adipose fatty tissue, contributing to healthy body weight.

If weight gain outpaces the effectiveness of Human Growth Hormone in burning fat, then fatty tissue actually has the ability to send messages to the pituitary, preventing it from producing adequate levels of HGH. Reduced levels of Human Growth Hormone are directly connected with further fat accumulation and muscle atrophy, which greatly increase the physiological strain induced by physical activity while also reducing the benefits of exercise.

Mimicking Healthy HGH Levels

In the St. Louis University study, researchers administered Human Growth Hormone injections in order to restore blood-serum HGH to levels which would be normal for healthy men or women of an identical height and physiological profile. The researchers divided patients into two distinct groups. The first group was a control group that was injected with saline solution in order to mimic the HGH injection process. The second group was delivered a physiologically appropriate level of Human Growth Hormone. They delivered these HGH and placebo shots every night over the course of six months.

HGH and Weight Loss

In the end, the Human Growth Hormone injections produced significant results. Over the course of the six month clinical period, patients who underwent HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy lost an average of 5 pounds as a direct result of their injections. It should also be noted that all weight loss could be attributed to a reduction in adipose fat. Muscle mass did not deteriorate as a result of HGH Hormone Injections.

Another benefit of HGH Injections was that the weight loss that obese patients achieved was found to be incredibly targeted. The majority of adipose tissue was eliminated from around the midsection. Fat accumulation in the midsection is highly correlated with negative health conditions associated with obesity. Reducing excess fat around the midsection can lead to a lifelong reduction in the risk of heart disease, according to Dr. Albert.

HGH Study Parameters

The St. Louis Study involved 39 participants who weighed in at around forty percent overweightwell within the range of obesity. Every patient met with a dietary specialist once a month throughout the course of the study and was motivated to drop the pounds slowly through a mixture of physical activity and dropping their intake of calories by 500 per day.

Although it is clear that Human Growth Hormone Shots caused patients to lose weight at a faster rate, the researchers are not sure exactly by what mechanism this weight loss occurred. Dr. Albert says he is not sure whether he should attribute weight loss to a reduction in appetite or as a result increasing the ability of patients to build muscle mass and exercise effectively. He also posits that weight loss could easily be the result of a combination of both factors.

Original uses of HGH

Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Injections have been used for multiple generations as a treatment for Childhood HGH Deficiency and Idiopathic Short Stature. There is growing interest in off-label use of Human Growth Hormone as a means to encourage weight loss and muscle building in patients who suffer from Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

The levels of Human Growth Hormone used in Adult Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy are significantly lower than those utilized in the treatment of youth patients. This is because Human Growth Hormone levels peak during puberty. This is the period in which Human Growth Hormone encourages rapid height development. After this point, the body still produces a significant level of Human Growth Hormone, but not nearly at the same levels as during puberty.

HGH for Hypopituitarism

After the age of thirty, or sometimes earlier in the case of patients who struggle with obesity, endogenous Human Growth Hormone production declines at a rapid pace, and there is a growing body of evidence which suggests a multitude of ways in which this HGH Deficiency affects the body in incredibly negative ways.

Another aspect of this study which makes it important is that none of the patients who were subject to HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy experienced symptoms which made them decline further treatment. In earlier clinical trials, Doctors often made the mistake of administering doses of HGH that were too high and often resulted in patients who made the decision to stop therapy.

Avoiding HGH Side Effects

The key to useful and effective Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is that the dose must be low enough to discourage side effects while also encouraging positive benefits such as weight loss and muscle development. The most effective way to do this is to determine normal healthy Human Growth Hormone levels and mimic them as precisely as possible.

HGH and Other Weight Loss Factors

Although the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy show immense promise, it is still important to remember that Hormone Replacement would only be one factor in a complete weight loss regimen. Any successful diet therapy will also feature diet restriction, nutrition optimization, and increased physical activity.

An important rule of thumb is that reducing 500 hundred calories per week through a combination of exercise and dietary restriction will produce weight loss amounting to one pound per week.

The Future of Human Growth Hormone for Weight Loss

HGH Replacement Therapy has the ability to increase weight loss both by reducing appetite and encouraging metabolism. With further study, scientists will learn how to optimize Human Growth Hormone HRT in order to achieve maximum weight loss results while maintaining overall good health. Its only a matter of time.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 26 January 2016

growth hormone hgh hrt health therapy

1: Strictly follow a healthy, nutritious, nutrient dense and calorie restricted diet. Limit consumption of sugar (a study showed that sugar diminishes Growth Hormone secretion). Several studies have shown that being over overweight and suffering from obesity can significantly shorten ones life span and lead to a higher incidence of disease. Fat = Disease. Repeated studies have shown that moderate caloric restriction can prolong life span up to 30% in humans and animals. The best diet based on human evolution is one involving eating raw foods, eating enough fresh fruits, raw and steamed vegetables, nuts, and seeds. 2: Exercise regularly, including heavy weight training, aerobic exercise and stretching. Aging is associated with weaker muscles, lower bone mass and less flexibility. Several studies have shown that exercise and stretching (yoga) prolongs life, decreases heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke rates. Aerobic exercise is required. Calculate your Target Heart Rate (THR) and try to maintain it for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week during aerobic activities (running, jogging, bicycling, dancing). 3: Take adequate amounts of nutrients and supplements. Take a strong multi-vitamin with enough anti-oxidant activity. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is usually insufficient for the desired health effects. In the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Desk Reference you can find out about the recommended doses. Follow this with 8 Glasses of water a day! 4: Make sure your hormones are balanced. Even if you are under 30 having your hormones checked is of great value in order to know your baseline values. If you are older than 30 or 40 balancing your hormones means helping with such symptoms like overweight, depression, peri-menopause, low libido, infertility and many others. Research has shown that testosterone, DHEA, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other hormones have protective effects and might increase life span from 10 to 20 years.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 08 October 2018

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The Theories of Caloric Restriction and Aggressive Supplementation

Do shortcuts exist to a longer life?

There are many people that believe that there are. One older couple feel that they have realized the key to longevity, and they are dedicating their lives to testing the hypothesis. Paul McGlothin, age 60, and Meredith Averill, age 61, have been following a strict regimen of caloric restriction over the last fourteen years in an attempt to prove that the technique produces enhanced life expectancy.

What is Caloric Restriction?

Caloric Restriction is a form of diet in which an individual consumes a lower than average number of calories in an attempt to increase overall health and life expectancy. It is based on the assumption that as long as we meet basic physiological needs through human diet, the fewer calories we eat per day, the longer that we will live as a direct result.

There is a significant amount of evidence which correlates caloric restriction and life extension in animals, but studies are just beginning to take place examining this phenomenon and how it may relate to human beings. McGlothin and Averill are the inspiration for one of these human studies, and are active participants in one of those studies as well. Washington University Researchers are monitoring the couple in order to investigate the potential benefits of caloric restriction in human beings. This study is one of the first three of its kind ever conducted.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of their diet, they only consume certain foods which are loaded with nutrition, while also being low in caloric content. These diets consist largely of fruits, vegetables, and greensand proteins are consumed relatively sparingly. They and other participants in this study keep total track of the food that they consume. The couple have shown that they consume around nine percent of their calories from protein, thirty two percent from fat, and fifty nine percent from carbohydrates.

During every possible meal, the participants in this study weigh the food that they consume and maintain detailed digital records of the calories and nutrition that they eat and drink. Participants log into a computer program known as the Cron-O-Meter in order to post their daily results. McGlothin consumes around 1,900 calories per day, and Averill eats around 1,500 calories. These amounts are around 1/3 less than what the average American male and female consume, respectively. Although the couple are noticeably thinner than average, they maintain BMIs of 18, which are considered normal for men and women their age.

McGlothin and Averill are convinced that the benefits of their monitored diet plan are astounding. The couple have authored a book titled The Caloric-Reduction Way as a means to express to the public their lifestyle tips and their dietary choices in order to spread their life-changing knowledge to a wider audience.

Averill has been told by doctors that her heart and cardiovascular system are structured like a woman many decades younger than herself. Her husband says that caloric restriction, as it is engaged in by he and his wife, produces incredibly positive effects on all manners of physical function. McGlothin is sixty years old and says that he has perfect vision. In addition to this, he has performed exceedingly well on cognitive tests, and his scores have actually improved as he enters his sixties, when among most people, the opposite occurs and the mental faculties slowly begin to deteriorate. He laments that his old chess buddies just dont have the ability to keep up any longer.

Caloric Restriction in the Animal Kingdom

Gerontologist Robert Butler was a psychologist profoundly concerned with gerontology and reducing the suffering and pain caused by the aging process. He coined the term Ageism in order to highlight the unfair treatment of the elderly by the generations that proceed them. The concept of ageism, Butler believed, was the reason why scientific understanding of the latter part of the aging process was so understudied and thus misunderstood.

Butler is also well-known for spearheading the belief that senility is not an inevitability of the aging process, thus opening the door for Anti-Aging and Longevity science. Butler was the founder of the International Center for Longevity, and was an important force in the group until his death in 2010 of leukemia at the age of 83.

Doctor Butler says that caloric restriction has produced the ultimate effect of life expectancy extension in nearly every animal ever studied. It has been shown that a thirty percent reduction in caloric intake has been connected to a thirty percent longer life. Butler understands that there are normally certain limits when attempting to relate animal research studies to humans, because animal and human physiology can be quite different. This particular case produces stronger evidence, however, because the same results are being produced all throughout the animal kingdom. Although we are likely to differ from a single animal, we are much less likely to differ significantly from all animals as a group, Butler strongly believes.

A recent study conducted with monkeys provides the strongest evidence yet that Humans can benefit from caloric restriction. Caloric restriction has produced evidence that monkeys who are put on this diet live healthier lives. Butler does admit that there are a couple of drawbacks, however. Caloric Restriction has the potential to lead to both decreased libido and overall energy. Also, there is the issue of compliance. Many people simply dont have the willpower or patience for a restricted-calorie diet. For these individuals, however, there is a chemical being researched known as resveratrol which may have the capability to reduce the desire to over-consume food and thus make living by a more restrictive diet a simpler proposition.

Supplements and Nutrition

Of course, there are other strategies used to enhance longevity as well. Doctor Grossman is the executive director of Denvers Grossman Wellness Center. He believes that the key to a longer life is to engage in a long-term regimen that includes a healthy and nutritious diet, anaerobic strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and meditation or other forms of stress reduction. Dr. Grossman emphasizes prevention, and he begins his patients initial treatments with a two day battery of complete medical testing.

Dr. Grossmans team runs a comprehensive testing program in order to unearth underlying hereditary diseases and predispositions that have the potential to effect longevity. In addition to this, the doctor works with his patients in order to diagnose underlying health disorders and build a profile of the hereditary history of family disease. Dr. Grossman uses all of the information provided to him through testing and uses the results in order to provide medications and supplements that work to optimize the health of his patients.

Grossman has teamed up with a man named Ray Kurzweil in order to co-author a book about the future of longevity and Anti-Aging titled The Fantastic Voyage. Kurzweil is sixty years old, and is a highly regarded inventor and scientist. Among the list of prestigious recognitions he has received is the National Medal of Technology. Kurzweil is currently serving in a top level technological position with Google, attempting to create programs that enhance the learning capability and speech recognition of computers.

Kurzweil and Grossman believe that living a healthy lifestyle can only do so much to enhance the lifespan, and that the aggressive use of supplements is an important step in slowing down the process of aging, in addition to living a healthy lifestyle.

Kurzweil aggressively utilizes nutritional supplementation. At one time in his life he claims that he utilized over 250 supplements in order to attempt to optimize his own health. Today, he has whittled that number down to 150. He is confident that without this aggressive use of medical supplementation, he would not be as healthy as he is today. Mr. Kurzweil undergoes a regular hormone profile every three months in order to monitor his nutrient levels.

Using this testing as a guideline, he engages in this extreme form of supplementation in order to maximize his nutritional intake. In addition to this supplementation, he drinks ten cups of green tea and ten glasses of alkaline water each day. He claims that the hormone and nutrient levels in his body are the equivalent of a man twenty years younger than himself. He urges that this sort of supplementation should only be done with regular monitoring, so that an individual can adjust to changing physiological conditions within the body.

The majority of the supplements and nutrients that Kurzweil uses will be quite familiar to you, because they are an essential part of every diet, such as the common minerals and vitamins. Many others, however, are much more obscure, such as phosphatidylcholine, which the inventor claims has the ability to maintain cell membranes and prevent them from aging. Phosphatidylcholine is a phospholipid which is contained within every cell membrane of the human body. Studies have shown that this phospholipid is likely beneficial to the liver, but there is little evidence for Kurzweils use of the substance.

A Counterargument

Although Kurzweil is incredibly confident in his endeavour, there are certainly detractors, such as University of Chicago School of Public Health Professor Jay Olshanksy. Professor Olshanksy feels that the overuse of supplements is a waste of both money and time. He feels that for most individuals who utilize this sort of aggressive supplementation, there is minimal benefit outside of placebo, and the majority of the supposed nutrients consumed are simply eliminated during urination and never make their way effectively to the blood stream.

Three things that everyone agrees on is that everyone should eat healthy, engage in exercise, and take measures to alleviate stress. Although there is a lot of evidence which suggests that methods such as supplementation and caloric restriction can have a positive effect on life expectancy, it will be a long while before enough evidence accrues that we know for sure.

How does all this relate to the Conscious Evolution Institute?

The paths of both Paul McGlothin and his wife, and Ray Kurzweil converge in many ways in our Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment Plan. We do believe in the use of caloric restriction. The caloric intake of Mr. McGlothin and his wife are right around what we believe is ideal for both sexes. Although Paul and his wife may be in good health for their age, to look at them, one can still see that time is taking its toll upon them. We feel that if they combined their unique diet with Hormone Supplementation, they would benefit much more.

We also believe that supplements and proper nutrition are vital to a healthy body and healthy hormones, as does Mr. Kurzweil. We believe that Mr. Kurzweil almost certainly over-utilizes many supplements, however. Just think of the expense of taking 150 separate supplements simultaneously. He has also been accused of using many supplements that have been proven ineffective by the scientific community. We at the Conscious Evolution Institute are forward thinking and attempt to stay ahead of the curve while also remaining grounded in legitimate medical science.

Even though we may view Mr. Kurzweil with a tinge of scepticism, we recognize that in doing so much, he is likely making many of the correct decisions as well. We do not share the pessimism of Aging researchers such as Olshansky who are unable to foresee the amazing changes in Longevity medicine just over the horizon. By constantly researching new therapies, yet remaining grounded in a base of traditional medical theory, we are able to pick and choose the most effective breakthrough anti-aging theories before they become common techniques.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our form of Longevity Therapy centers on hormone restoration and optimization rather than full nutrient overload. There is a very high likelihood that Mr. Kurzweils therapy is quite successful, but we also believe that he is likely spending a lot of money on supplements that do not work well, and more money on others that dont work at all. Ray Kurzweil is a wealthy and wildly successful inventor, so he has the discretionary income to take significant chances in order to maximizing his health.

The process at the Conscious Evolution institute is streamlined, and the majority of the cost comes from the purchase of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, not raiding the local General Nutrition Center. Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone HRT have decades of research showing the multitude of benefits of hormone replacement.

We urge you to take the theories presented in this article to heart, but take them with a grain of salt as well. We are certain that if you research the impressive benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy, you will be convinced that it provides the best opportunity to maintain health and vitality, especially HGH and Testosterone Treatments are combined with proper nutrition and smart lifestyle choices.


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