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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 16 July 2014

Twenty Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Millions of people in America try and fail to lose weight every year. There are countless reasons for their failures. Some people get it in their head that dieting is this big, monumental grind, and this intimidates them and makes them more likely to fail. For many people, this is simply a perspective problem.

Don't think of dieting as a single epic ordeal, think of it as a lot of small changes that amass together to help create a new and healthier you. Here are twenty simple tweaks that you can make to your life that will help you lose weight faster and more comfortably!

Before Eating, Drink a Glass of Water to Get Full Quicker

We all know how essential water is to a healthy body, but you can use water to prepare your digestive system for a smaller meal. Water fills up the stomach a bit, which will prime your body to become satiated with smaller portions, not to mention meet your hydration and filtration needs. We recommend fixing a glass of water fifteen minutes before every time you eat.

Increase Your Fiber Intake to Feel More Full

Fiber is an important nutrient that many Americans don't get enough of on a daily basis. Fiber passes through the body and is not digested, but is still incredibly important to the normal function of the digestive system. Just by adding a couple of portions of fresh veggies to your diet each day, you can counteract the feelings of hunger. Some fiber-rich vegetables that we recommend are cucumbers, cauliflower, radishes, celery, and carrots. Fiber fulfills your stomach's need for satiation without piling on calories.

Eat No More than Two Servings of Fruit Daily to Lose Weight

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet, but it's important to remember that they are best in moderation. Fruits are sugar-rich foods that, when abused, carry some of the same risks as processed desserts and carbohydrates. By capping yourself at two servings, you prevent yourself from leaning on these sweet, natural foods as a crutch. Also, choose fruits that provide dense nutrition, such as grapefruit, fresh apples, and berries.

Eat Processed Carbohydrates Sparingly, If At All

Processed carbs are everywhere in today's society. The truth is, foods that contain processed flour are just as bad for you as sugar. They may taste different, but the body is highly effective at converting both into fat, and both have a terrible impact on your sugar levels. Because of their ubiquity, we understand if you can't avoid them altogether, but make a conscious effort to avoid these products, and choose foods with complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread and sweet potato over other foods that go straight to the gut.

Increase Your Consumption of Healthy Fats

One of the biggest misconceptions of 20th century diet plans is the focus on fat. In reality, carbs and sugars are the biggest problems, and fats should be consumed conscientiously, but are a vitally important part of a healthy diet. Healthy fats help to control and maintain metabolism, and they also encourage the healthy production of precursor sex hormones that eventually get converted into Testosterone, Estrogen, or whatever other cholesterol-based hormones that the body needs. Fats also help you feel more full faster!

This isn't to say that you shouldn't still eat smart when it comes to fat, but these fats help process and distribute important vitamins such as Vitamins K, E, D, and A. Avoid unhealthy fats like Transfats altogether and try to reach a healthy balance of saturated and unsaturated fat.

Don't Eat Before Bed!

The human body is designed to function best when you go to sleep just a bit hungry. The way that our circadian rhythm works, energy levels are supposed to drop, along with cortisol levels, and the digestive system slows to a crawl. If you eat before bed, you put your system out of whack. Your body is more likely to convert the food you eat directly into fat, and the spike in insulin interferes with your body's ability to produce Human Growth Hormone sufficiently. Natural HGH is released while we are in deep sleep and helps our bodies heal and become rejuvenated after a good night's rest.

If you interfere with the production of HGH, you limit the rejuvenative quality of sleep. If you do get hungry before bed, and feel like it will interfere with your sleep, choose a protein-rich snack low in carbs, so your insulin levels stay in check, but your body has the building blocks necessary to meet the needs of its component systems.

Get A Full Night's Rest Every Evening

Sleep is a vitally important part of our daily cycle. In order to maintain healthy hormone levels and metabolism, it is vital to sleep a full 7-9 hours per night, whatever your body naturally needs. Sleep is when our body releases the majority of Human Growth Hormone, which encourages the body to repair and heal, while also ambiently increasing metabolism. If you sleep restlessly or fitfully, or just don't get enough sleep each night, you prevent your body from reaching the deep sleep necessary to provide optimal balance.

Drink a Glass of Lukewarm Water with a Big Squeeze of Lemon in the Morning

Lemon is a concentrated source of Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that is known to kick start the metabolism and provide energy. By combining lemon juice with water which is room temperature or just a bit warmer, it energizes the body and helps you overcome morning fogginess, while also increasing your metabolism to help you burn more calories! Other ingredients in Citrus Fruits also help with the natural filtration process of the kidneys, which will be even better for your health!

Engage in Light Intermittent Fasting to Bolster Metabolism and Hormone Production

Intermittent Fasting is a diet and health strategy where you don't eat for an extended period of time each day. Some people take this to an extreme, only eating in a small window of four or five hours each day. If you're interested in a more natural way to engage in a similar diet, try only eating in the eight hour window between 11am and 7pm. This may leave you hungry for a brief while, but the body can quickly acclimate to this eating pattern, and this will enhance your metabolism and your production of natural Growth Hormone, and also encourage the body to burn fat more readily.

Include Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Onion, and Garlic to your Weekly Diet Routine

All of these vegetables have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are good for your health and help promote optimal hormone balance and metabolism. Of your daily veggies, one or two of these foods (or similar foods) should be a part of your diet. Inflammation encourages the production of cortisol, which strains your body's ability to produce hormones like Testosterone and HGH, which keep your body running at peak efficiency.

Stick to a Single Cup of Coffee Per Day to Preserve Hormone Balance

We all know how great of a pick-me-up a nice hot cup of coffee is in the morning. There's also nothing wrong with caffeine in moderation. Our cortisol levels are actually supposed to be at their highest when we wake up in the morning, so a cup of coffee in the morning doesn't really interfere with the normal hormone rhythms of the body.

If you want to lose weight most effectively, stick with that one cup of coffee though. If you drink coffee later in the day, you spike your cortisol levels in the wrong pattern, which can get your natural hormone rhythm out of whack, and this can interfere with your metabolism. Pairing that cup of coffee with a workout is ideal, because caffeine does act as a performance enhancer, increasing focus and energy for your workout.

Avoid Aspartame and Sucralose to Protect Your Metabolism

When it comes right down to it, moderation is much better for you than artificial sweeteners. These products mimic many of the effects of sugar, without providing the calories. They do, on the other hand, interfere with normal insulin sensitivity, and Aspartame in particular does have some carcinogenic qualities at high doses.

The problem with sucralose is that it can actually make you more hungry and crave sweets, so you may actually be shooting yourself in the foot! There is no strong evidence that these products encourage weight loss more effectively than simple moderation.

Don't Skip the Yolk!

Many diets in the past recommended only eating egg whites, but you are missing out on a lot of potent nutrients if you don't eat the egg yolk as well. Compared to most things in the modern American diet, a couple of eggs in the morning is an excellent, relatively low calorie source of vital nutrients such as phosphorus, B12, and Choline. Eggs are also an excellent source of good cholesterol!

Include High Intensity Interval Training to Your Workout Routine to Boost Hormone Levels

We all know that cardiovascular exercise is good for the heart and for the health, but did you know that if you include anaerobic, high intensity periods to your cardio, that you can vastly increase the results of your exercise? The body releases natural HGH in response to vigorous activity that really puts pressure on the muscles. Cardio itself doesn't quite cut it. But, if you sprint as hard as your body can handle it periodically during your run, you activate the muscles and heart in a way that encourages the release of these natural hormones.

Engage in Anaerobic Exercise To Build Muscle and Encourage Weight Loss

Muscle is denser than fat, and burns calories at a significantly high rate. One of the best ways to lose weight is simply to lift weights! You don't even have to get a gym membership. A couple of milk jugs filled with water is more than enough for an upper body workout. After you have a routine established, you can find cheap weights online or at various second-hand stores, or you can shell out for a set of brand new weights if that's your thing.

Engage in Basic Cardio No More than Twenty Minutes per Day to Maximize Weight Loss

There are definite benefits to cardiovascular exercise when it comes to health, but for weight loss, trainers recommend no more than 20 steady minutes of measured cardio. If you are using cardio for weight loss, convert your process into a High Intensity Interval routine to provide the benefits of cardio while amplifying weight loss rather than stagnating it. The benefits of a forty minute jog aren't significantly better than a twenty minute jog when it comes to weight loss goals, but if you sprint every few minutes you will maximize your gains in the extended time.

Cut Soy, Wheat, and Dairy from your Diet for Seven Days-As a Test

If you are trying to lose weight, it's important to understand your body. There are many, many people across the United States that are sensitive to one or more of these three common products, and a vast portion of these folks don't even realize it. Make the conscious effort to avoid food products containing these ingredients for a week, and see if it doesn't make you feel better. If it does, consider going to get an allergy test to find out exactly which foods are causing you problems. One of the most prominent symptoms of food sensitivity is hormone imbalance which causes metabolism to sink, which inhibits weight loss.

Cut Back Starches to One Serving Per Day to Lose Weight

Starches play an important role in that they readily provide energy, but in the modern diet, they are incredibly prevalent and most of us eat far too much. The old Food Pyramid played a role in the modern obesity epidemic, because it encouraged a far higher level of carbohydrate consumption than is healthy and natural. In order to get the nutrients and energy available from carbohydrate starches, just include them in a single meal each day. Starches include pastries, wraps, rice, potatoes, pastas, and breads.

Avoid "Health Foods" Like Energy Bars and Fruit Juice to Lose Weight

There are a lot of foods that sound like they are great for you, but, in practice, are terrible for you. In reality, most fruit juices have the same or more calories than sodas of the same volume, and are very inefficient means of providing the nutrients associated with fruits. Whenever you have the option, choose real fruit over fruit juice. Energy bars provide their energy via sugars and carbohydrates, and there's really not much better about them than a candy bar. If you are looking for a little boost from a snack during the day, choose a nutrient-dense fruit or a measured portion of pecans or walnuts.

Take Fifteen Minutes Each Day to Pause, Relax, and Clear Your Mind to Lose Weight

Stress is both physical and psychological. By taking just fifteen minutes of your time to pause and let yourself be comfortably idle, you can unwind yourself and put yourself at ease. Psychological stress is linked with increased cortisol and adrenaline, which drain your body of healthier hormones such as Human Growth Hormone, and can leave you fatigued and exhausted. Most people find that fifteen minutes is more than enough time to help them remain focused and on target.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 16 July 2014

Processed Meats Linked to Poor Health Outcomes

There has long been evidence that the over-consumption of processed foods is linked to an increased risk of a variety of health conditions. It has also been difficult to discern correlation from causation with regard to processed meats, because there has long been an assumption that the high consumption of processed meats is most likely an indicator of poor eating habits in general. It falls along the same lines as how vegetarians tend to live healthier, more conscientious lives than meat-eaters as a whole, but the act of vegetarianism itself may not be the prime factor in maintaining good health.

Recently, however, a huge new study has come out which was large enough to have the ability to measure those who eat processed meat among close controls, which provided them the ability to come to stronger scientific conclusions with regard to the direct impact of processed meat on health.

This study was released by the journal BioMed Central Medicine, and was published by the University of Zurich. Researchers were able to show that there is a causative relationship between the consumption of processed meat and mortality risk associated with both cancer and heart disease.

Huge Processed Food Health Study

In total, researchers analyzed data from over 440,000 individuals ranging from 35 to 69 years of age. They selected only patients that had never experienced heart attack or stroke, nor had cancer before they were monitored. Scientists collected data ranging from BMI and smoking habits to exercise and diet, and subjects came from ten countries in total.

In general, researchers found more evidence for what has long been known to be true. Men and women that eat a lot of processed meat are more likely to engage in other habits which inhibit health. They were more likely to smoke, as well as eat much less produce than their healthier counterparts. Men that eat processed meat are also more likely to drink to excess.

Large Pool Increases Power of Results

Beyond providing additional evidence to these already proven hypotheses, due to the magnitude of the study, researchers were also able to more accurately perceive exactly how the consumption of processed meats impacted their health risks, even in the presence of other concurrent risk factors. When controlling for other poor health choices, there remained significant evidence that the consumption of processed meats, alone, led to an enhanced mortality risk from cancer and heart disease.

The researchers concluded that if participants reduced their consumption of processed meats to less than twenty grams daily, they could reduce their risk of death by preventable illness by 3.3%. It's important to note that twenty grams is the equivalent of a small piece of sausage. Of course, over the course of a week, you could still eat around two small portions of processed meat and still experience these benefits.

Lean Meats Do Not Contribute to Health Risks

On the other hand, researchers found no significant correlation between the consumption of poultry and increased mortality risk. Lean meats had a productive and beneficial effect upon health. Though processed meats such as sausages have a negative impact on health at relatively low protein consumption levels, there do appear to be reasons to include red meat in one's diet.

Researchers found that individuals that ate negligible amounts of red meat per day, or ate none at all, had increased mortality risk when compared to individuals that ate moderate portions of red meat such as pork and beef occasionally. Researchers hypothesize that people that don't eat enough red meat don't get enough fatty acids, Vitamin A & B, zinc, iron, and protein in their diet, which would account for the increased mortality risk.

Omnivorous Diet Healthier than Vegetarian Diet

These results leave the researchers to believe that the optimal diet for good health does involve both the consumption of lean meat and the light consumption of red meat, which means that a Vegetarian diet likely does not provide the same health benefits, at least without significant supplementation.

Processed Food Defined

It is important to note that processed meat, as defined in the study, is not meat that was simply ground and packaged, but product that was treated with salt or chemicals. One of the most common ingredients added to processed meat is sodium nitrate.

One thing that's important to limit the risks associated with processed meats even if you do choose to eat them with some regularity, is to increase your consumption of healthier proteins, such as lentils, beans, chicken, and fish. This will lead you to reduce your consumption of processed meats and will make sure that you get a full variety of nutrients associated with protein.

Processed Meats and Cancer Risk

In earlier studies, a link between cancer and processed meats had already been established, especially with respect to pancreatic cancer. This study found that individuals that consumed fifty grams of processed meat daily were nineteen percent more likely to experience pancreatic cancer. This risk increased with greater consumption, as those that ate 150 grams per day had a 38% percent increased risk.

Type-Two Diabetes and Processed Meats

There is also evidence that the regular consumption of processed meat can impact the body's ability to regulate blood sugar and use insulin effectively, which increases adult diabetes risk. The increased risk of diabetes is significant. Patients that consume processed meats on a weekly basis are estimated to have an increased risk of Adult Diabetes of around 38%.

Patients that ate a diet of processed meats over an extended period of time over the course of seventeen years were 74% more likely to suffer from Diabetes as opposed to those that maintained a vegetarian diet. Even accounting for weight, the increase in Diabetes risk is significant.

How Can I Prevent the Health Risks Associated with Processed Meats?

It appears that occasional, moderate consumption of Processed Meats is okay, but the daily consumption of these foods clearly has a strong and negative impact on health. In order to live healthier, it is vitally important to obtain most of your protein from lean meat and vegetable sources.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 16 July 2014

Four Reasons Why Healthy Sleep Is Important For Weight Loss

Most people have a lot of the right ideas when it comes to weight loss. They know that they need to eat better and that they need to exercise more, for example. They also know that simply getting up out of the chair and being more active goes a long way. One aspect of a good diet that most people don't consider is a healthy night's sleep, however. Ideally, we spend eight hours per day at rest, but many people, whether due to their busy lifestyle or other factors, don't get enough each night. The goal of this article is to help you understand how vitally important that it is for you to take the time out each evening for a full night of quality rest.

The interesting thing about sleep is that you get the benefits explicitly from rest. There is no exercise routine, and you don't have to change your diet to experience these benefits. Metabolism can be augmented purely by adopting healthier sleeping habits. Think about sleep like a nutrient. It's as important as the water you drink and the food that you eat. In the same way that we can eat the wrong foods, we can suffer from malnutrition in our sleeping habits as well. Let's explain in depth how sleep encourages optimal health.

Sleep Helps Build Muscle

Did you know that sleep is a vitally important aspect of anaerobic exercise? You see, when you lift weights and exercise. You don't get stronger right away. When you lift weights, your muscles develop tiny, natural microscopic tears, and you become stronger through the healing process. This healing process takes place primarily at night, via the function of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

While you are asleep, your body distributes Human Growth Hormone and Growth Factors all throughout the body in order to encourage repairs, and this speeds up the reinforcement process that takes place in the muscles, allowing you to grow stronger more quickly. Natural HGH is released on-and-off in bursts during sleep around once every hour and a half. It also benefits the skin and other organs, because HGH is an agent of cellular metabolism.

Testosterone is also released during sleep, in both sexes, although in much lower concentrations in women. Testosterone activates enzymes in the muscle cells which cause them to work more quickly and develop faster, which is why men have larger muscles than women, naturally. If you are interested in losing weight, developing muscle, and maintaining an increased energy level, sleep is as important as any other aspect of your exercise routine.

Sleep Helps Control Hunger

Sleep is not only an important part of your exercise routine, but also an important aspect of your diet. The hormone that is responsible for the sensation of satiation that occurs as we eat and become full is known as Leptin. Interestingly enough, researchers have found that men and women who don't get enough sleep don't produce enough of this hormone, which makes it much easier to overeat.

On the other hand, the opposite hormone, Ghrelin, becomes more active when we don't get enough rest, increasing our desire to eat and making it harder to remain satisfied with conscientious portions of healthy food. Our body relies heavily on proper hormone balance, which is encouraged by a circadian rhythm that is in tune and anchored by healthy sleeping habits.

Healthy Sleep Controls and Mitigates Stress

Most people understand that sleep is supposed to be a relaxing activity, but many people don't really understand exactly how extensively poor sleep can cause stress levels to go through the roof. This is because of sleep's influence on a stress hormone known as cortisol. Under normal, healthy circumstances, our cortisol levels reach their peak in the morning as a means to rouse us from sleep, and balance out once we eat breakfast. Then at the end of the day, cortisol levels fall very low, encouraging us to become sleepy and prepare for bed.

When we don't sleep well or don't get enough sleep, however, cortisol levels get out of balance and exacerbate sleeping issues. Some people experience heightened anxiety throughout the day. They also tend to have trouble sleeping because cortisol levels are higher than normal when it's time for bed, which causes sleeplessness, or causes people to be unable to reach deep phases of sleep necessary for hormone balance and distribution. This can lead to weight gain, loss of muscle mass, anxiety, and depression. By taking the time to ensure that you get the sleep that your body needs, you provide yourself with some free, much-needed therapy!

Sleep Helps Control Blood Sugar

Type-Two Diabetes is a full-blown epidemic in the United States these days, affecting millions of men and women across the nation. It is vitally important to keep blood sugar balanced in order to maintain health, preserve longevity, and reduce mortality risk. A diet flush in simple carbs and sugars causes the pancreas to secrete large amounts of Insulin all at once in order to transport glucose throughout the body. When these spikes are too large and too frequent, it confuses the body, and it develops a resistance to insulin.

One way to protect your body and your natural insulin sensitivity is to get a full night's rest. Study after study shows that the body's ability to regulate blood sugar is hampered significantly by poor sleeping habits. In addition to impacting your body's ability to utilize insulin, these insulin spikes also promote the body to convert glucose into fat instead of using it for energy. These patterns also increase your cravings for sweets and carbs. By sleeping better, you reduce cravings and help your insulin levels stay more balanced, which increases metabolism and helps you lose weight!

What Can I Do To Sleep Better?

Well, now you know why sleep is important, but what can you do to encourage healthy sleeping habits? The following are some suggestions:

Sleep in Absolute Darkness - The body recognizes darkness as a sign to fall asleep. Cover up lights in your room and cover windows.

No Playing in Bed - Many people like to play on their laptop or watch television in bed. This could be making it harder to sleep, because the brain no longer associates the bed with restful sleep.

Give Yourself Time For a Good Night's Rest - For some people, their poor sleeping habits are an issue of poor scheduling. Always make sure that you have a full eight hours to devote to healthy sleep.

See a Professional If You Have Chronic Sleep Issues - Sleep Apnea is a major health issue, and if you have trouble getting the rest you need in spite of a full night's rest, you may be suffering from a condition such as sleep apnea which inhibits your ability to sleep restfully. Make an appointment and get yourself checked out!

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