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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 03 October 2015

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Five Ways that Exercise Slows Down Aging

So, we all know that Exercise is an effective way to keep the body healthy and in peak condition, but did you know that exercise can also slow down the aging process as well?

In this article we will discuss five ways that engaging in routine physical exercise can rejuvenate your body and slow down the decline associated with growing old.

Exercise Stimulates the Production of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is one of the most important biological molecules that the human body produces. Human Growth Hormone has the capability to now only prevent you from looking older than your age, but it improves the way that your body feels as well. Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is correlated with a number of different problems related to growing old.

How does exercise raise Human Growth Hormone Levels?

HGH levels are sustained through two distinct periods of the human daily cycle. The first period that Human Growth Hormone production occurs is during sleep. HGH plays a vital role in restoring the body after a long day, and while we are in the deepest phase of sleep, the body releases Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary in order to mend the minor breakdowns caused by general wear and tear that accumulates because of the wages of the day.

HGH Levels Boost after Exercise

The second period of time where HGH production occurs at a high rate is during and after exercise. Human Growth Hormone is one of the key factors which help sustain us during exercise and help our bodies recover and enhance as a result of physical activity. Human Growth Hormone breaks down unhealthy fat deposits across the body. It displaces that fat and converts it into energy that the body can use during exercise to enhance endurance and allow us to run, fight, and play harder.

How does HGH Increase Muscle Mass?

Although Human Growth Hormone is stimulated by engaging in exercise, it also plays a major role in making exercise more fruitful. After physical activity is completed, Human Growth Hormone is an important factor in muscle growth as well. HGH sends energy and nutrition directly to the muscle cells which use the tools provided to them by the molecule in order to make the muscles bigger and stronger as a result.

If you dont engage in sufficient exercise in your weekly routine, then your body will not receive the amount of Human Growth Hormone that you need to maintain your health, causing you to age more quickly. A sedentary lifestyle is highly correlated with cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, and a lack of exercise leads to further buildup of fat which contributes to obesity.

Exercise Tones the Body and Helps you Remain Youthful

Strengthen Muscles

Engaging in vigorous and regular exercise does wonders for the body. The ideal aesthetic figure is dependent upon regular maintenance through proper diet and exercise. Stronger muscles prevent you from becoming overly flabby. The place where this is the most obvious is in flabby arms. Flabby arms are the direct result of a combination of unwanted fat and weak muscles in the bicep and triceps which cause skin and tissue to just kind of hang from the arm.

Reinforce the Joints

In addition to this, regular exercise is incredibly important for joint health as well. Engaging in routine exercise can help slow down or prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Be careful not to overwork the joints with excess weight, however, because prolonged and repeated exposure to intense pressure can also lead to joint issues. The ideal is to find a point at which you are putting a significant amount of stress on your muscles and joints without overworking your body.

Change your Dietary Habits.

Also, your body will look more toned if you combine proper nutrition with exercise, and you will shed pounds as a result. The problem that some people have is that they work out, but they still overeat and consume too many fatty foods. Although their muscles are getting stronger, the results are significantly less defined because their tone is covered up by gobs of fat. It is possible to even hide a nice six pack or nicely toned stomach under all of that fat. Losing body fat and increasing muscle tone helps eliminate sagging skin on the face and neck as well, giving your profile a much younger look. Lack of exercise can wreak havoc on overall physical appearance.

Boost Metabolism!

Exercise is pivotal in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Physical activity kick-starts your body, and your brain sends signals throughout the body to release energy stores from fat as well as food that you consume throughout the day. This energy travels straight to your muscles where it is converted from calories to healthy muscle. In addition to this, your body gives off heat energy and your heart beats more rapidly. Your body consumes more calories, and as a result you lose weight. This increased metabolism occurs even when you are no longer exercising. With enough regular activity, the body begins to burn more baseline calories throughout the day, meaning that daily exercise contributes to weight loss 24 hours a day.

Reduced metabolism is associated with a number of different physiological problems. Slower metabolism means more fat. If you arent exercising, your body is converting most of the calories that you consume directly into the body in the form of adipose fat. Also, reduced metabolism leads to feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, because if you dont maintain a strong metabolism, your body wont have the energy that it needs in order to even go through the motions of the most sedentary of days. The workday will seem longer and longer, and focus and attention will break down as a result, preventing you from performing at your best on the job.

Exercise Prevents Numerous Diseases

Its never too late to begin a more active lifestyle, but perpetual abuse of your own body can result in irreversible damage. Long term sedentary lifestyle and obesity directly lead to stage-two adult diabetes, which is one of the most dangerous chronic illnesses that afflict men and women in America today. All that it takes to prevent this devastating illness is a bit of exercise and dietary restraint.

The benefits provided by the preventative medicine known as exercise are tangible in the form of scientific study as well. In a recent study, researchers took blood samples from individuals who came from two groups. All factors otherwise remaining equal, men and women who exercise regularly have DNA which appears an average of nine years younger than their counterparts who engaged in a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise truly is a hallmark of longevity medicine.

Exercise Improves Overall Health

Engaging in exercise improves health in nearly every possible way. Study after study has shown that those who engage in regular exercise are healthier than those who do not. Exercise strengthens the immune system, helping you fight off illness and maintain your overall health. The feelings of exhaustion and tiredness do not merely affect your endurance but the effectiveness of your other organ systems as well. If your body is not physically prepared for day to day wear and tear, your immune system suffers as a result. If you are routinely exhausted even with little to no physical activity, then your immune system will be less capable to ward off disease.

Also, as was mentioned before, decreased metabolism means that your circulatory system will have more problems as well. When you dont exercise regularly, your baseline heart rate starts to increase as a result. Regular cardiovascular exercise makes your heart do more with less work. The heart is a muscle just like any other in the body, and if you dont give it the proper attention, then it wont be able to serve you. This fact becomes more and more true with age.

There are numerous studies that show that in addition to helping you feel younger, exercise literally adds years to your life, even if you decide to change your lifestyle later in adulthood. Recent longitudinal research has shown that men and women over the age of fifty who engage in light physical activity live an average of 1.1 years longer than their sedentary counterparts. If you exercise more regularly, the results will be even more astounding. If you remain very active after the age of fifty studies have shown that you will live an average of 3.2 more years than a sedentary man or woman.

Exercise Boosts Energy Levels

We all know that initiating a workout regimen can be hard. The initial couple of weeks can be very strenuous and make you feel weak and exhausted. These feelings are only temporary, but they are one of the biggest roadblocks to maintaining a healthy and active workout regimen. It helps to start relatively slow, working your body to a point of strain, but not to overwhelming exhaustion. Over time, your muscles and your cardiovascular system will acclimate to the change in your activity level and you will experience intensely increased levels of energy and endurance as a result. At first, you may only jog a quarter mile before having to slow down and catch your breath, but eventually and with enough effort, you will be able to run for miles. Its all about sticking to the program and working toward slowly but ever-increasing goals. You will notice that as your ability to endure strenuous physical activity increases, so will your ability to make it through the day without faltering. Exercise is all about priming your body for everything the day has to throw at you without going through a draught of energy because of your lack of training. There are dozens of studies which directly link increased exercise and physical exertion with overall increased endurance when it comes to everyday life.

Exercise for Energy, Sleep, and Memory

People who exercise regularly also sleep better, and this is the result of both increased metabolism and normalized hormone production. Engaging in an active lifestyle helps people maintain a good routine for their daily life. Waking up every morning to engage in healthy exercise primes you for waking up early and then boosts your metabolism throughout the day. Even when you engage in exercise later in the day, it helps spur proper hormone production which helps you sleep more soundly as a result. Good sleep enhances exercise as well in a positive feedback loop. Your body repairs and rebuilds itself during sleep, and when you sleep properly, you build muscle more effectively.

Exercise improves all aspects of cognitive ability as well. The combination of increased endurance and increased blood flow increases ones ability to think clearly and make good decisions. Also, you will be able to retain and recover memories more fully. Having the energy to pay attention helps you retain information that you gather during the day. In addition to the boon provided by exercise in regard to memory, your better sleeping habits will help your memory become stronger as well, because it is during the night that the information you learn through the day gets converted into permanent knowledge.

The cognitive benefits of healthy exercise habits outweigh even those provided by stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. If you need to study for an exam or maintain sharp focus at work every day, you will benefit greatly from a regular exercise routine. With enough dedication it may even help you kick the habit of caffeine altogether as your exercise assumes the role that stimulants once played in your life.

Exercise Reduces Stress

When a person lives by a sedentary lifestyle, stress begins to pile up inside them and can make life less enjoyable as a result. Everyone has heard the term blowing off steam related with exercise, and it is completely true. Burning calories with exercise helps people take their minds off difficult things in their lives and is an incredible and safe form of escape. In addition to this, the physical and mental systems of the body are intricately connected, so releasing pent up physical energy relieves stored mental energy as well, helping a person maintain a clear mind which is not plagued with troubles.

Pick your Own Exercise Routine

One of the keys to reducing stress by means of exercise is to decide which forms of exercise appeal to you. Although working out is supposed to be hard, theres no reason it cant be fun. Bring an IPod with you to the gym so you can zone out to your favorite music. Get engaged with your competitive nature by playing basketball or soccer instead of just running alone. Bring a close friend to motivate you and help the time pass more quickly. Catering exercise to your own interests will help you live a stress-free life in which it is easier to enjoy your newfound physical appearance and mental demeanor.

Exercise Releases Dopamine and Endorphins

The act of exercise also leads directly to the release of both dopamine and endorphins. Endorphins account for the rush that you feel when you engage in exercise or achieve success. Endorphins act as natural physiological relaxers which help you feel energized.

Dopamine can be best described as the body's pleasure chemical. Engaging in strenuous physical exercise or exertion leads to the release of dopamine. This is your brain literally rewarding you for all the hard work that you are doing for its benefit. Also, if you exercise regularly, you will actually feel compelled to exercise in order to achieve the rush of dopamine that exercise provides. Your brain knows that exercise is good for you in spite of the temporary pains that can result from exertion, so it produces positive signals to encourage you to continue the habit. The problem is, if you become too out of practice, the negative stimuli of exertion and ill-preparedness will work against you and hinder your ability to adhere to an exercise plan.

Although we normally attribute stress to a mental condition, stress can affect all organ systems of the body. High levels of stress reduce immune sufficiency and make us more prone to illness.

Stress Makes it Hard to Cope

Stress reduces our mental ability to cope with the issues that crop up regularly in day to day life. Stress hinders bone health and leads to the atrophy of the muscles, because the body becomes more concerned with core processes than the everyday functions that keep us optimally healthy. Long term stress creates immense levels of fatigue which prevent us from really getting anything out of our shorter and shorter days. High stress makes good sleep nearly impossible to attain. The great thing is that exercise relieves stress in a natural way that no medicine or other method can. In cases of extreme anxiety and stress, a mixture of medication and exercise is commonly quoted as the best method of ensuring that stress levels begin to subside.

Stress, Cortisol, and Aging

Also, stress plays a big role in the aging process. Stress is correlated with increased levels of cortisol in the blood stream. Cortisol is a natural response to pain or negative physiological triggers such as hunger. It plays an important role in proper human function, our ability to withstand pain, and our ability to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. Cortisol is actually what wakes us up in the morning most efficiently. The body starts to become hungry, and the body also recognizes that it has achieved an optimal level of rest, so cortisol levels slowly increase in order to naturally wake us up in the morning.

When cortisol levels are too high in the body, it disrupts many physiological processes. It becomes harder to be well rested and sleep through the night because cortisol levels spike at inopportune times. Also, cortisol levels eat at the body's ability to produce healthy levels of testosterone, and when cortisol levels remain too high over an extended period of time, the muscles start to atrophy and the skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and loosen. High levels of cortisol also lead to elevated levels of estrogen derivatives in the male bloodstream which cause the body to store fat at an accelerated pace. Long term sedentary habits and high stress speed up the male aging process and lead directly to emasculation.

And think, the easiest way to avoid this is through regular exercise! Cortisol levels stay low, higher levels of Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone dominate hormone balance, and the body melts fat and builds muscle, improving physical appearance and mental aptitude. This causes you to both look and feel younger than you actually are, allowing you to make the most of your life.

The Conscious Evolution Institute

We at CEI believe that Exercise is an important component to any Hormone Replacement Program. The above information benefits both those who suffer from Hormone Deficiency and those who simply want to improve their lives for the better. Youll notice that many of the benefits provided by Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone are also provided by exercise.

When used in tandem, exercise, proper nutrition, and Hormone Replacement Therapy are an amazing three part plan to looking and feeling ten, fifteen, or even twenty years younger!

Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Kickstarters

Hormone Replacement Therapy works as a kind of kickstarter for those who have lived a sedentary life for too long and are having trouble getting into a routine workout plan. HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy helps burn fat and provides enhanced energy levels which make it easier to both start and stick with a workout plan. Both Testosterone and Human Growth HRT also amplify the benefits of exercise. HGH helps you lose weight while also funneling energy to your muscles while you are at rest in order to enhance the effects of your anaerobic or cardiovascular workout plan.

Testosterone and Bodybuilding

Testosterone is a building block of strong muscles and masculine physique. Testosterone acts as a sort of muscle booster which encourages your muscles to respond more actively to physical activity. This is why men have more developed muscles than their feminine counterpart, and why those who abuse Testosterone often have super-human muscle tone in comparison to those who have normal Testosterone levels.

Avoid Testosterone Abuse and HGH Abuse

Although we certainly dont encourage the abuse of either Testosterone or Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone and HGH Deficiency also lead to the opposite problem. The male body is not able to maintain the optimal manly physique without proper levels of these vital hormones.

HGH, Testosterone, and Exercise

Although exercise does encourage the enhanced production of Human Growth Hormone, as men age, the body's capacity to produce its own HGH and Testosterone start to decline, and the positive benefits of exercise decrease as a result. In addition to this, it becomes harder to get motivated to exercise and the body starts to decline at a faster pace even with a proactive preventative exercise regimen.

How much should I exercise in order to maximize my health and the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

We recommend that you engage in cardiovascular exercise at least four times a week in order to benefit at an enhanced rate from HGH and Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy. You should plan to run or engage in a similarly vigorous cardiovascular activity for at least thirty minutes. These benefits also continue to build if you decide to exercise seven days a week. In addition to this, you should also engage in weight training as well.

Again, you should lift weights at least four times a week, preferably every other day. Alternate between upper and lower body workouts every session. Over time, your body should acclimate to this physical stress and if you really enjoy working out you can start working out daily, with a recommended rest period of at least one day per week. You should still alternate between upper body and lower body weight training in order to give your body time to recover and rebuild itself. It is important to realize that rest plays a vital role in a proper weightlifting routine.

The muscles strengthen most during the period of rest between workouts, so working out the same muscles every day overstresses them and reduces the benefits provided by your workout. Alternating muscle groups allows you to maximize the effects of your workout by working out every day or every other day while also giving your muscles time to rest.

Cardiovascular exercise is not affected in quite the same way by muscle fatigue, because since you are not putting as intense pressure on your muscles, they need less time to recover. Cardiovascular exercise encourages general muscle tone rather than muscle growth, and provides significant cardiovascular benefits that simple weight lifting cant achieve. This is why its important to combine both forms of exercise in order to maximize the benefits.

Conscious Evolution Institute for Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone

The Conscious Evolution Institute is your best source for Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy, as well as other hormone and supplemental treatments which can enhance both your life and your workout. We provide Hormone Therapies for patients that display a legitimate Hormone Deficiency in order to help them live longer and fuller lives.

When do Testosterone and HGH Hormone Levels Decline?

Testosterone and HGH levels start to decline around the age of thirties and they decrease at a steady rate across the lifespan. Even though from year to year this may seem negligible, over time the changes can be staggering. Although Testosterone and HGH HRT provide significant physical gains when used as a treatment for Hormone Deficiency, we do not provide Hormone Treatments simply for performance enhancement. It is illegal in the United States to prescribe Testosterone Creams or Human Growth Hormone Shots simply for that purpose.

What are the Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency, Hypogonadism, and Hypopituitarism?

Below are some of the general symptoms of Hormone Deficiency:

  • Muscle weakness and fatigue

  • Development of adipose fat around the waist, stomach, and thighs

  • Fuzzy memory and cognitive decline

  • Trouble sleeping through the night

  • Frequent illness because of a suppressed immune system

  • Sexual dysfunction (an inability to perform optimally in the bedroom)

  • Low or nonexistent libido (Lack of sexual interest)

  • Increased anxiety or depression with no underlying cause

If you are experiencing more than two of these symptoms and you are over the age of thirty, there is a significant chance that you are suffering from the effects of Hormone Deficiency, whether it be as a result of HGH Decline, Testosterone Decline, or a combination of both.

The Conscious Evolution InstituteYour Best Source for Legal Hormone Replacement

If you are concerned with your Hormone Balance, we encourage you to contact the Conscious Evolution Institute today. We have a fully trained and board-certified staff of specialists and physicians who provide Anti-Aging and Longevity Treatments for patients just like you. Hormone Replacement Therapy, in combination with proper nutrition and exercise, is a life-changing therapy that can restore your youth and vitality while adding on good years to the end of your life.

Dont wallow in your slow decline when there is a simple and effective way to reverse and alleviate the effects of aging. Hormone Replacement Therapy with HGH and Testosterone has helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions, all across the globe. We encourage you to call us today. There is no obligation and our well-educated staff can answer any questions you may have about our services or other vital information regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Explore for more information about life-changing Hormone Replacement Therapy.



Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 25 February 2018

Okay so it has now been over three months since the Mitchell Report and what has changed? The season opened in Tokyo this week and at this point it seems that the report was all for nothing. 3 months later the only people who benefited from the report are bloggers, journalists, and reporters. So what was the point?

Look around baseball and what has changed? There is still no new drug policy in writing. There is still no HGH testing in baseball. Players named in the report have played in spring training and in Japan like nothing ever happened. The only fallout from the entire report seems to be Roger Clemens who was retired anyway.

Remember the days before and after the report? Nobody could stop talking about the names and consequences coming out of the report. What was the point of naming names when guys like Andy Pettite are signing new deals and playing in spring training like nothing ever happened? The only conclusion that I can draw from all of this is that Bud Selig is an idiot!

Fans really dont care if players are juicing, gambling, running around on their wives, or shooting B-12 into their asses. The hardcore baseball fan who is keeping score during a game cares. However, those fans arent about to give up their season tickets or tune out because of anything they read in the Mitchell Report. Casual fans could care less and just want to go have fun at a game. The only people that cared were the media who profited more from the report than anyone else.

I read somewhere that Yankee season tickets for the new stadium are selling in some places for upwards of $800,000. I had to win a lottery to buy tickets to a Red Sox game here at Citizens Bank Ballpark. I am spending my mornings watching live baseball games from Japan on ESPN. Has this hurt baseball in the least? Absolutely not and the players could probably care less more than anyone.

Roger Clemens should be outraged. He is the one and only fallout from the entire report. Not only has his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame been blown, but he is facing a possible indictment. His family was dragged into this, specifically his wife. More so than anything, Clemens legacy is tarnished and he will never be recognized for his greatness.

What was the fallout for Clemens HGH mate Andy Pettite? How about a $16 million contract signed a few days before the report came out? Did Pettite have to answer questions in front of Congress? No, a press conference was sufficient for Andy P. Andy simply apologized and moved on. Keep in mind that these two guys were accused of the same crime. I think it is fair to say that punishments and losses were a lot worse for one than the other.

So here we sit watching a sport that was exposed for mass drug abuse where nothing has changed. The rules are the same, players are still playing, and games are selling out well in advance. Bud Selig exposed his sport and his players to ridicule and scrutiny for what? The answer is simple. It was all about absolving himself as much as he can from steroids in baseball. It was a selfish idea and he should be held accountable for it. Dont worry Bud, we know the real deal. The reality of the situation is that you look like a bigger ass today than you did before the report was released. That is something unlikely to change.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 02 January 2014

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Buying HGH from Mexico is Illegal

Operation Raw Deal

Operation Raw Deal was the biggest and most elaborate illicit Hormone Supplement Sting ever conducted by American Law Enforcement. Operation Raw Deal was the culmination of years of research and undercover police work leading to more than fifty arrests across the United States. In the final series of drug busts, DEA agents targeted twenty six illegal Steroid production facilities and their operators across the United States.

Just in that one week's bust, over three hundred pounds of illegal Steroids were confiscated. The Drug Enforcement Administration also obtained data on thirty seven Chinese facilities that manufactured and distributed the raw ingredients used to create Steroid Capsules and Injections. Although the main goal of Operation Raw deal was to bust illicit Testosterone distributors, other drugs were also targeted as well, among those being Insulin-like Growth Factor One (IGF-1) and Human Growth Hormone.

American law enforcement officials spent eighteen months quietly accumulating evidence and data about these illegal Steroid operations across America. Over the eighteen month span in which Operation Raw Deal was active, 124 criminals were apprehended in twenty seven different states. These raids ultimately led to the closure of 56 underground laboratories. In addition to the 124 arrests made, 143 federal search warrants were served. Where the arrests generally occurred may surprise you. Most of the culprits were nabbed in quiet, affluent suburban housing developments.

Operation Raw Deal led to the breakdown of more than one hundred locations associated with the manufacture or distribution of illegal hormone supplements. Among the chemicals confiscated from these locations were counterfeit supplements, illegally obtained prescription medicines, and chemical precursors designed to be converted into hormones. These various ingredients come from some thirty black market Chinese drug manufacturers.

Illegal Steroids and Pro Athletes

In the Operation Raw Deal case, hundreds of thousands of electronic communications were intercepted. To this date, there have been no professional or Olympic athletes who were arrested as a result of this sting operation. The full scope of the operation was huge, and there is no state in the country that was not impacted at least on some level by this Steroid bust.

Seizures related to Operation Raw Deal

The amount of illegal supplements confiscated will astound you. By the end of the operation, over eleven million individual doses of Anabolic Steroids were seized. This only accounts for finished products. In addition to that, 242 kilograms of raw anabolic Steroid ingredients were seized as well. A significant amount of money was confiscated, totaling $6.5 million dollars believed to be directly associated with the sale of illegal supplements. Finally, 27 pill presses, 3 boats, 25 vehicles, and 71 weapons were seized. During the final wave of arrests directly involved in Operation Raw Deal, 61 warrants were served and fifty arrests were made.

Illegal Steroids Sold via Internet Message Boards

One of the primary means by which law enforcement officials located their suspects was via internet message boards which focused on the use of Steroids and other illegal hormone supplements. This is one of the main reasons why individuals that are genuinely interested in hormones as a treatment option for hormonal deficiency are urged to order from reputable dealers. Any purchase you make from a web forum or other unlicensed practitioner could come at a large cost. If arrested, simple possession of Steroids without a prescription carries a $1,000 fine, and the penalties for drug trafficking (i.e. carrying more than would be necessary for personal use) are even steeper.

Illegal Steroids on Facebook and other Websites

Certain Steroid websites are just intended for debate and discussion about Steroids and Steroid use among members who may or may not be using Steroids legally. This ground level strategy for rounding up business has even moved on to more modern forms of social networking such as Myspace and Facebook, and arrests have been made via these sites as well.

Many people on these websites sell anabolic Steroids or other hormones. It's never a good idea to try to buy Steroids or HGH online. It is very easy for a forum member to be an undercover cop looking to make a quick and easy drug bust. There are other websites that are fronts for drug labs that push black market Steroids and hormones.

The FDA and Operation Raw Deal

The Food and Drug Administration fully supports the actions of the Drug Enforcement Agency. FDA officials are incredibly concerned by the prolific distribution of hormone supplements for performance enhancing reasons. They give full and overwhelming approval to the DEA's desire to root out and arrest illegal Steroid and HGH manufacturers and distributors. They consider these individuals criminals that seek to take advantage of both willing and unwitting customers.

Law enforcement officials recognize that many of these groups prey on an audience of teenagers and young adults who don't recognize the ultimate possibility of danger that these unregulated supplements are laced with. These distributors and manufacturers are not naive, however. They recognize the risks that their buyers take when they purchase these illicit products and simply don't care. They are just in it for the bang of the buck, and there is a ton of money up for grabs in this market.

Although the buyers of these illicit hormone supplements may not be aware of the risks involved, one thing is certainly true. These individuals are looking for an unfair advantage over those around them and are willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain that advantage.

United States Postal Service Approves Operation Raw Deal

Multiple American government agencies were involved in Operation Raw Deal, although the DEA was the primary actor in the operation. The United States Postal Service played an active role in the investigation. They were concerned because any illegal use of the Postal Service is an affront to mail carriers across the United States that puts them at risk and puts them in a position where they are unknowingly putting others at risk.

The integrity of the mail system is of the utmost important to USPS officials, and to turn a blind eye to potentially illegal actions perpetrated through the mail service could lead to wide scale outbreaks of postal abuse. The vast records of the USPS were incredibly important to the investigation, because it allowed DEA agents to trace products from buyer to seller, helping them connect the dots of the distribution network.

IRS and Illegal Steroids

IRS officials played a significant role in Operation Raw Deal as well. Where the USPS tracked the packages, the IRS helped the DEA by tracking the money as it passed from buyer to seller. The actions of the Internal Revenue Service were vital in tracking down the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

How Does Law Enforcement Bust Illegal Steroids?

In totality, Operation Raw Deal followed a four-pronged approach in order to accomplish its goals. DEA officials targeted four primary groups. The first group that they targeted was suppliers and distributors of Steroid and Steroid ingredients originating from Chinese laboratories. These groups marketed and sold illegal hormone ingredients to individuals and companies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The second group targeted was domestic United States black market Steroid Labs. These companies and individuals took the ingredients they received from Chinese manufacturers and converted them into a usable product.

The third group that DEA agents targeted were companies in the United States that sold Steroid manufacturing kits or distributed information to dealers on how to take the Steroid ingredients and convert them into a usable product.

The final group targeted was Internet message boards which were a nesting ground for all sorts of individuals related to the black market manufacture, sale, and distribution of illicit hormone supplements. These internet forums are websites where individuals trade information about Steroids and supplements and regularly make backroom deals with one another to sell and distribute illicit hormones.

These communities are filled with like-minded individuals who share a common love for anabolic Steroids, and to undercover agents, this offered countless opportunities to attain fresh leads. Many of the black market HGH laboratories responsible for the distribution of these illicit hormone supplements advertised on these forums and message boards as well.

How Steroid Forums Push HGH and Steroids

Through Operation Raw Deal, the extent to which international distributors of raw Steroid ingredients interacted with their clients was made apparent. They used these forums as a teaching tool. They worked with fledgling domestic operators, coaching them with hints and tips about how to optimize their drug manufacture.

Via these websites, ingredient distributors and amateur drug manufacturers used state of the art encrypting technologies in attempts to make their sales completely anonymous. One major mistake that these websites made was that they believed that they were out of the sight of law enforcement officials. They expressed great hubris when discussing these officials, believing themselves to be impervious to infiltration.

Resourceful government agents proved their confident notions unfounded, however. It was also found that illicit drug distributors also used forums such as these as a means to market and sell other dangerous and illicit drugs, such as GHB, Pseudoephedrine, Fentanyl, and Ketamine.

Operation Meat Grinder

The original operation began as a result of a 2005 sting operation which found that 8 Mexican drug manufacturers were responsible for the distribution of about eighty percent of the Black Market Anabolic Steroids sold in the United States. In addition to these 8 Mexican laboratories, many Chinese pharmaceutical factories were also discovered to be pumping raw ingredients to Mexico by sea and by air.

The bust of these Mexican Steroid laboratories by United States law enforcement officials was dubbed Operation Meat Grinder. The goal of Operation Meant Grinder was to shut down every Black Market Anabolic Steroid Drug Manufacturing Laboratory in Mexico. It was widely believed that if they accomplished this goal, it would put a major dent in the distributed supply of Black Market Anabolic Steroids entering the United States on a daily basis.

The Steroids sold by these Mexican companies for the most part were Animal Steroids which were intended for livestock use. The two main counts in which the United States arrested individuals affiliated with this drug trafficking ring was with counts of conspiracy to launder money obtained by illicit acts and conspiracy to distribute anabolic Steroids.

Dr. Alberto Saltiel-Cohen: Veterinary Steroid Kingpin

In Operation Meat Grinder, Drug Enforcement Agency officials started a website named, pretending to be a link between Mexican Drug manufacturers and American drug buyers. This website netted numerous leads both with Illicit Steroid Buyers and Sellers on both sides of the border. The two websites which produced the most significant leads were two sites and

With some investigation, officers discovered that a veterinarian named Alberto Saltiel-Cohen was responsible for the distribution of Anabolic Steroids sold on these two websites. The companies through which he manufactured and distributed Anabolic Steroids were known as Quality Vet, Denkall, and Animal Power. Undercover DEA agents negotiated sales and ordered them to be sent to a post office box. Through this arrangement, DEA officials were able to track or seize some 360,000 doses of illegal Steroids. Drug Enforcement Agents tracked these individual transactions in order to gain information needed to make arrests.

Drug Enforcement Agents used smart phones to email their suspects back and forth and arrange sales. Officers quickly discovered that these individuals were not who you would stereotypically imagine to be illegal drug dealers. They were high-end professionals and spoke like businessmen rather than street thugs. This was a very organized industry. Eventually, Drug Enforcement Agents were able to make contact with Saltiel-Cohen himself, and were able to locate him and arrest him.

The Mexican Media dubbed him the Narco Vet as a result of his arrest and conviction, and due to this major bust, the flow of Mexican Anabolic Steroids into the United States was in large part shut down. Drug officials found that most of the websites that were selling illegal Steroids to users in the United States either stopped production altogether or greatly scaled back their distribution.

Steroid buyers felt the pinch as well, as prices for Illegal Testosterone skyrocketed and users found it far more difficult to acquire. DEA officials had a list of more than two thousands names of buyers and distributors of Black Market Testosterone directly resulting from this investigation.

The Implications of Operation Meat Grinder

Even though Operation Meat Grinder was found to be a great success by American Law Enforcement Officials, it does seem to have created a power vacuum that other drug sellers in Mexico are beginning to fill, and the drug trade slowly began to increase again in the years after Operation Meat Grinder. One major issue is that Black Market Steroid Manufacturers started to become more prevalent within the United States and among Southeast Asian countries, in addition to the Mexican Drug manufacturers which were beginning to reincorporate.

Another major issue that resulted from this landmark bust was that the Steroids and Steroid Ingredients that were entering Mexico and the United States were much more likely to be poor quality than they once were, and one of the biggest arguments by American representatives who believe in Steroid Legalization is that the further Black Market Anabolic Steroids are driven underground, the more dangers and issues will prevail on the quality control side of things. The Steroids being sold will become more likely to be tainted and dangerous than they once were.

Back to Operation Raw Deal

Operation Raw Deal is clearly a Drug Enforcement Operation that grew out of the intel acquired through Operation Meat Grinder. With the proliferation of illegal drug manufacturers in America, it was becoming more and more important to learn more about where exactly these raw ingredients were coming from. Drug enforcement officials from across the globe participated in Operation Raw Deal.

The highest levels of cooperation were from officials in Thailand, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Mexico. Agents in these countries created false companies in order to obtain Raw Steroid Ingredients. In addition to that, international agents sought information and products from companies that sold Steroid manufacturing kits as well. These Steroid manufacturing kits are the tools which can turn a simple drug trafficker into an illegal drug producer.

DEA Officials recognized one thing quickly: In the International Anabolic Steroid Trade, unlike in Operation Meat Grinder, there was no Anabolic Drug ring leader. To fight the international distribution of Illegal Steroids, Drug enforcement officials had to attack on all fronts. All of the black market manufacturers were interconnected, but there was no singular entity that had complete control over the international enterprise.

Kitchen Sink Testosterone Supplements

One of the raids made in Operation Raw Deal was in Westbury New York. Drug Enforcement Officials made a raid on the residence of a thirty-eight year old man who they had reason to believe was taking part in the sale and distribution of Illegal Anabolic Steroids. In his garage, they found more than eight hundred thousand Steroid pills. His suburban home had also been recently renovated, filled with expensive brand new televisions in every room. The Anabolic Steroid trade was obviously incredibly lucrative.

A black market laboratory in the Midwest was inundated with such a large amount of Steroid residue that a DEA operative explained that the powder left footprints on the floor as they entered the house. The potential dangers involved in purchasing Black Market Anabolic Steroids should be obvious. There is no measure of quality control and American Black Market Steroid Makers are literally working out of their garages and basements. Imagine the conditions that illegal foreign manufacturers are working under if this is what's going on in our own borders.

One of the major problems in the modern Black Market Steroid Industry is that there are a lot of oblivious teenagers and even young adults who go on the internet and see the deals offered by these counterfeit drug distributors and think that they are getting an out of this world deal when they are actually getting a faulty product. A lot of times these Homemade Steroid Solutions and Pills are made in people's bath tubs and sinks. There's no way to ensure that the product received is safe or even actually Steroids.

Perhaps the most tragic story in Operation Raw deal also occurred in New York. One of the suspects who was raided and served a warrant for money laundering and conspiracy committed suicide before trial. Drug Enforcement Officials say that this man had more Anabolic Steroid Ingredients on hand than any but one other person who was arrested. Even though this man's death is sad and unfortunate, it serves to show the incredibly high consequences of the Illegal Steroid Trade.

Executive Level Drug Trafficking

In Rhode Island, a Chinese company and its CEO were indicted for illegally importing Human Growth Hormone Supplements into the United States. Even though China is sometimes wary of working openly with the United States on criminal stings and prosecutions, they readily stepped up to assist Drug Enforcement Agency officials.

The Chinese company Genescience Pharmaceutical and its presiding executive officer, Lei Jin, were indicted for the conspiracy to import and sell smuggled goods and money laundering. The drugs distributed by Genescience were of the Chinese brand Jinotropin. Jinotropin is a Chinese form of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone. The company used both email and the Internet to distribute their wares.

It should be noted that Jinotropin and Genotropin are two distinct brands. Jinotropin is not approved for sale in the United States and is not proven safe for use by United States Officials. Genotropin is owned and distributed by the reputable American pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It has been proven to be of the utmost quality and has been proven effective for treatment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Chinese Government and Illegal Anabolic Steroid Distribution

As the 2008 Olympics approached, the International Olympic Committee was incredibly concerned about the prevalence of Performance Enhancing Drugs and their use in China. It has already been shown that there is a lack of stability among Chinese food and drug administrators, and it is unclear how much control the Chinese have over their own pharmaceutical industry.

In the early 2000's, scandal broke within the Chinese food and drug regulatory commission. The problems were so widespread and severe that the administration's top executive was executed for his role in the misdeeds. It is estimated by the World Anti-Doping Administration that China is responsible for as much as eighty percent of the Black Market HGH available in the world today. Their stake in the market is $480 million dollars across the world. The market of the entire globe is only $600 million.

Although China appeared to be forthcoming with information regarding the lucrative Black Market Hormone Industry in their country, it is unclear the extent to which the country is dedicated to the actual task of cleaning up their criminal mess. Chinese officials presented DEA Agents data on ten Black Market Laboratories operating within their borders. In the years following Operation Raw Deal, only one of those ten labs were put out of business.

The Chinese government has put forth many proposals for reform, from reducing export quotas to constrict the international distribution of Human Growth Hormone and Steroids, to banning the sale of Anabolic Steroids to pharmacies in the Beijing region. In spite of that, it is clear that Chinese officials are dragging their heels in their efforts to crack down on illegal hormone supplements within their country. Drug Enforcement Agency officials are still somewhat optimistic and feel that changes will begin to take root in time.

Illegal Steroids: Cheap, yet Dangerous

The Drug Enforcement Agency is incredibly fervent in their desire to stop the incoming flood of Chinese Steroids and Human Growth Hormone imported into the United States every day. These illicit pharmaceuticals are not approved for sale in any way, shape, or form in the United States. There is an incredible amount of interest in these Black Market Hormones because they sell for around one third of the cost of Food and Drug Administration approved brands of these drugs.

The process of ensuring the safety and effectiveness of FDA-Approved Hormone Therapies is necessary to ensure that all legal users of these products are getting what they pay for without putting themselves at an unknown or unnecessary risk.

Outside Operation Raw Deal

In another Human Growth Hormone Probe stemming from Albany, New York, a number of pharmacists and doctors have been accused of filling out bogus HGH prescriptions for patients who showed no medical need for the hormone. The name of the pharmacy that spearheaded this illicit operation is named Signature of Orlando. This prescription drug bust revealed a number of American professional athletic figures that were using Human Growth Hormone for Performance Enhancing Purposes.

New England Patriot Rodney Harrison and Saint Louis Cardinal Richard Ankiel were among those figures implicated by this bust. Both have come clean with the media and admitted that they obtained Prescription Human Growth Hormone from this network. It should be noted that Richard Ankiel believes that his HGH Prescription was written to treat a legitimate medical condition. He used Human Growth Hormone Therapy as a means to treat a 2004 elbow surgery.

It's Not Over Yet

It should be noted that law enforcement officials will continue to use information gathered as a result of Operation Raw Deal as a means to trace, monitor, and apprehend those associated with the Illicit Hormone Distribution chain. Operation Raw Deal and Operation Meat Grinder focused primarily on notorious distributors rather than small time criminals and end users. There are real and serious risks when using or ordering Black Market Steroids, Human Growth hormone, or any other supplement not approved for use in the United States.

Only use Hormone Supplements with a prescription, and only make purchases from reputable dealers. As we age, the need for Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone is a real need. Although Hormone Supplementation for Performance Enhancement is very illegal in the United States, using Bio-identical Hormones as a means to rectify a legitimate Hormone Deficiency is perfectly legal and for a large swath of Americans is even recommended.

Extra Details Regarding Individual Cases

California - Southern District

The San Diego Federal Grand Jury implicated fourteen individuals through seven separate indictments.

Charges: Conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy to distribute anabolic Steroids, conspiracy to import anabolic Steroids. Also, money, goods, and contraband were seized. The following individuals are believed to have bought raw Steroid ingredients from foreign distributors in China and elsewhere in order to constitute illegal Steroid supplements for sale within the United States:


John Russo, Robert Souders, Jeffrey Mitchell, Charles Lupico, Israel Sanchez, Natasha Bensulong, Joshua Phillips, Otis Armour, Michael Guthrie, Timothy Smith, Felix Parache, Adam Hullander, Ray Ross, and Goran Crnila

New York - Southern District

A Federal Grand Jury representing Southern New York implicated five people with the conspiracy to distribute anabolic Steroids. Three of these five individuals were also accused of money laundering. This quintet of defendants is believed to have owned and operated two facilities which they used to market and sell Black Market Anabolic Steroids.

These two companies were called Strong Island Underground and Bodiez by Design. The group also is believed to have utilized the Internet as a means to sell and distribute their illegal wares. They utilized the United States Postal Service to distribute their Steroids and also attempted to use highly secure means of payment in an attempt to make the pay transaction anonymous.

A raid of Strong Island Underground netted an astounding 1.1 million doses of Anabolic Steroids in addition to other drugs used in conjunction with those Steroids. The Illegal Supplements were in both pill and liquid form. A large number of pieces of Steroid paraphernalia were also confiscated.

A short time after these original warrants were served, another four individuals were arrested in conjunction with this case, also with warrants undersigned by a judge of the court district of Southern New York. Two of these four individuals are accused of conspiracy to distribute Anabolic Steroids. The first individual was indicted for attempting to sell Powdered Testosterone via the Internet. The second individual was arrested for buying Steroid Supplements from China in order to distribute them within the United States.

The third member of this group was indicted for abetting the other individuals. He utilized a rented storage unit to allow the other two individuals to have a place to stash their drug manufacturing equipment when not in use. A fourth person was arrested on three different counts: using the United Postal Service to distribute illegal merchandise, selling drug paraphernalia, and providing equipment used for the manufacture of anabolic Steroids. The fourth defendant was the owner and operator of a facility known as Titan Medical Supply. This company was a front operation which the defendant used to sell drug paraphernalia and drug-making equipment to willing buyers.

Central District of Pennsylvania

As a result of Operation Raw Deal, a Pennsylvania Federal Grand Jury released an indictment which charged three people with the conspiracy to possess and distribute anabolic Steroids. The trio worked together on their mission to distribute illegal Steroids over the course of two years from 2005 to 2007. Each of the three face five years of prison and $250,000 in fines if they are found guilty.

At a later date, a United States Attorney representing this same district accused five other people of crimes related to the sale and distribution of illicit drugs. Thee of the five were accused of the conspiracy to possess and distribute Schedule III Ketamine. A fourth person was implicated with the conspiracy to possess and distribute Anabolic Steroids.

Each of these four individuals are on the hook for a five year prison sentence and $250,000 in fines in found guilty. A fifth individual was arrested for intent to distribute cocaine. This individual could go to prison for up to twenty years and face a million dollar fine.

Rhode Island Judicial District

The Rhode Island Federal Grand Jury has implicated the pharmaceutical company Genescience, its Chief Executive Officer Jei Jin, and 3 more individuals with maintaining an international drug smuggling operation through which millions in HGH Supplements were illegally imported into the U.S.A. and various other countries.

The drug smugglers used semi-anonymous email addressed and utilized several websites as a means to distribute the illegal supplements. The United States government has seized around $3.6 million dollars from Chinese bands located in New York directly stemming from this case.

Maryland Judicial District

As a result of Operation Raw Deal, Bradley Blum was indicted in Baltimore for conspiring to illegally sell Black Market HGH. He was also indicted for actually selling the hormone as well. He purchased the Human Growth Hormone from a Chinese distributor and sold it to individuals across the country, including at least one individual in Maryland.

Federal investigators have discovered more than $800,000 in proceeds and property that can be directly traced to the scheme of unlawful distribution. In connection with this case, Allentown, Pennsylvania, resident Anthony Schuler was indicted on the conspiracy to distribute HGH as well as an outright attempt to distribute the drug. He also received his stock from a Chinese manufacturer.

Judicial District of Western Missouri

Four persons have been arrested in connection with the distribution of Illicit Anabolic Steroids in the Judicial District of Western Missouri. Wife and husband April and Bryan Wilson were charged with both the distribution of Steroids and the intent to distribute Steroids. The charges allege that the husband and wife team arranged with Chinese drug manufacturers to Purchase Anabolic Steroid Ingredients, which they would constitute and sell to willing buyers across the United States.

In exchange for these Illegal Anabolic Steroid Ingredients, they wired money directly to their Chinese co-conspirators. In Jackson and Boone County, Missouri, Mr. Wilson created liquid and pill forms of Steroids from the ingredients he received. The couple operated under the company titles Palmco, Pro Pharm Labs, and Pro Pharm.

Two separate individuals were also arrested in this district as a direct result of Operation Raw Deal. Jason Varner and Mikal Schrage were both individually indicted for the intent to sell anabolic Steroids. Schrage is believed to have attempted to traffic five pounds of Steroid Powder and ten liters of Liquid Steroids from Florida to Missouri. On the way, home he was intercepted and arrested by law enforcement. Mr. Varner attempted to buy 188 Steroid Vials in Columbia Missouri. When law enforcement officials searched the man's home they confiscated another 44 vials of the drug.

Connecticut Judicial District

In a legal action related to Operation Raw Deal, the Fraud Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted an operation known as Operation Phony Pharm. This undercover operation focused on the illegal distribution of Human Growth Hormone, Anabolic Steroids, and Prescription Pain Meds via the Internet. Operation Raw Deal and Operation Phony Pharm began as independent enterprises, but the two forces have shared information and worked on many aspects of their individual cases together as their leads became intertwined.

The primary difference between the two operations is that Phony Pharm focused on domestic distributors of Human Growth Hormone and Anabolic Steroids, whereas Operation Raw Deal was primary concerned with the Illegal Importation of Chinese Anabolic Steroids and Anabolic Steroid Ingredients.

In this particular case, four individuals were implicated for conspiring to distribute and sell Anabolic Steroids. It is believed that the individuals bought Raw Steroid Ingredients from a Chinese company and converted the raw ingredients into Injectable and Oral Steroids in a home laboratory. After creating these Phony Anabolic Steroids, they were distributed to various buyers via both the social networking site and the website

Also in relation to this investigation, one individual from the state of Florida plead guilty to Steroid distribution. The man admitted to prosecutors that he had utilized his profile to Sell Steroids to individuals who messaged him on the site. He also told prosecutors that he bought two kilograms of Raw Steroid Ingredients from a Chinese supplier as well.

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