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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 23 July 2013

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What is Humatrope?

Humatrope is one of a number of brands of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Injection. Humatrope is synthesized and marketed by the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company. Like all other forms of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy, Humatrope is biologically and functionally identical to Human Growth Hormone that is secreted normally by the pituitary gland. Although Humatrope is organically the same as Endogenous Human Growth Hormone, the two hormones are derived in very different fashions.

Humatrope, and other forms of Pharmaceutical HGH are created using a strategy of biosynthesis which is known as Recombinant DNA Technology. Humatrope is created by altering the DNA sequence of a particular type of E.Coli, causing the bacteria to produce Human Growth Hormone that can be extracted and utilized medically for human use.

Although there are now a number of other forms of Bio-Identical HGH, including Nutropin, Genotropin, and Tev Tropin, Humatrope represented the first time that Scientifically Synthesized HGH was successfully created, trademarked, and utilized for medical treatment.

Humatrope Uses

To this date, Humatrope HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is indicated for three purposes in the United States, although in the future, it is likely that new uses and treatment strategies will be approved. Humatrope HRT is FDA-Approved for the following uses:

  • Treatment of pediatric patients with Idiopathic Short Stature

  • Treatment of Childhood- or Adult-Onset Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • To increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat in HIV-Positive patients suffering from HIV-Related Muscle Wasting (also known as Cachexia)

Combination Hormone Replacement Therapy

For adult patients that suffer from hypopituitarism in addition to simply HGH Deficiency, a number of other Hormone Replacement Therapy Options may also be required to restore Total Hormone Optimization, including:

Testosterone Male patients often suffer from Testosterone Deficiency (also known as Low-T), in addition to Growth Hormone Deficiency. The two medical conditions share a number of symptoms with one another, as both Testosterone and HGH are intricately related to human metabolism.

Estrogen Female patients taking Humatrope HGH Injections often suffer from flagging Estrogen Levels as well, especially as they become older, approaching Menopause. Estrogen Replacement Therapy is often used to alleviate the symptoms of Menopause in women in their forties and fifties, but it can also be used to restore normal hormone balance in younger women.

Levothyroxine This hormone is a synthetic form of Thyroid Hormone, often abbreviated simply as T4. For patients that suffer from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency as a result of a total insufficiency of the Pituitary Gland, Thyroid function can also be significantly affected, requiring Hormone Therapy to restore normal Thyroid Function.

Hydrocortisone For patients with Hypopituitarism, the use of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy can have a negative effect upon natural Hydrocortisone Production. This can easily be remedied by combining Hydrocortisone Therapy with Growth Hormone Injections in certain patients.

Desmopressin Some patients that utilize HGH Injections for Hypopituitarism may also need to take Anti-Diuretic Hormones as well, although this won't be needed for patients that simply suffer from a Deficiency of HGH alone.

Understanding Human Growth Hormone Deficiency and How Humatrope Can Help

This article was written to assist you in more fully understanding HGH Deficiency, and the role of Humatrope Bio-Identical HGH in resolving that deficiency. If you feel that you may be a candidate for HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy, or you simply have questions regarding HGH Deficiency or any other Hormone Deficiency, we encourage you to contact the Conscious Evolution Institute for more Information.

Is injection the only method available for Humatrope Administration? Why not simply a pill, spray, or cream?

Humatrope HGH is an incredibly complex protein. Human Growth Hormone is actually the largest protein created by the human body. Because of this, the only suitable means to utilize Humatrope is via injection. Pills are ineffective, because the stomach is designed to break down proteins and render them into more basic parts for digestion. HGH is a very delicate molecule, and the acids in the stomach render it into its component proteins and cause it to be ineffective at efficiently increasing Human Growth Hormone Levels.

Humatrope is unsuitable as a cream or spray because of the size of the molecule. The membranes of the skin and the nasal cavity are too small, and prevent HGH from passing the barrier into the blood stream. Although in the future, perhaps other methods will become available, today, the only way to effectively use Humatrope is via Subcutaneous Injection.

When should I Inject Humatrope in order to achieve the maximum benefit?

The body naturally produces HGH at its highest levels while we are in the deepest phases of sleep. As a result of this, most physicians recommend that their patients inject Humatrope before they go to sleep, in order to most clearly mimic the natural hormone production of the human body. This is not a rule which is set in stone, however, and certain patients may benefit from injections during other periods of the day. Human Growth Hormone is also produced in significant amounts during physical activity, and some physicians permit their patients to inject before engaging in their exercise routine in order to increase the benefits associated with HGH and Exercise.

For patients that can stomach taking multiple injections per day, most physicians permit patients to inject twice a day, in lower increments, in order to provide Human Growth Hormone to the body throughout the day. This method is also recommended for patients that experience mild side-effects as a result of treatment. Titrating the dose across the day completely eradicates side effects in most patients.

What should I do if I accidentally skip a dose of Humatrope?

If for whatever reason you are unable to or forget to administer an injection, just continue on as if you had not missed the shot. There is no reason to double your dosage upon the next injection, and this can actually increase the risk of certain side-effects associated with injection-site irritation and other minor issues.

If you only miss doses on rare occasions, it should have only a negligible effect upon your treatment, but if you miss doses often, you should talk to your doctor, because this can drastically reduce the benefits of Humatrope Hormone Replacement Therapy.

How should Humatrope be stored?

Because Humatrope is a very fragile and sensitive hormone, it is important to properly store the medication in order to preserve its functionality. Always store cartridges and vials of Lyophilized Humatrope Injection Therapy in the refrigerator in order to retain the potency of the medication. Diluents should also be refrigerated as well. Under normal temperatures, the HGH Molecule degrades very quickly.

Also, Humatrope should be stored in a position which limits agitation, because agitation can also cause the break down the HGH Molecule. Never freeze Humatrope, because this severely restricts the potency of the medication. Do not reconstitute dried Humatrope until you are ready to inject the treatment. After reconstitution, the effective life of the treatment degrades at a faster rate.

How should I store Humatrope for travel?

If you must travel with your HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy, it is important to maintain optimal refrigeration. Store your Humatrope in an insulated bag or small cooler, lined with cooling packs. Make sure that you do not freeze the Humatrope for reasons mentioned above. If you are in a car, store the pack somewhere safe and secure.

If you are boarding an airplane, keep the Humatrope with you at all times. If you check the bag containing the Humatrope, it may be either subjected to extreme temperature differentiation which damages the medication, or it may be mishandled which can render Humatrope inert.

When should I start to feel the effects of Humatrope HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy?

All patients are different, and all will respond to HGH Injections in a unique way. Patients claim that certain physiological effects occur early in treatment, such as changes in mood or energy level. Actual physical changes in body mass and muscle tone may take up to six months before significant alterations occur. It is important to stick with therapy, even if you don't see results immediately.

Many of the benefits of HGH Injections require a bit of patience to achieve. Many doctors (like those at the Conscious Evolution Institute) combine Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy with Comprehensive Diet, Exercise, and Nutrition plans in order to speed up the rate at which these benefits and positive changes take place.

Why haven't my doctors recommended HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy before?

Until recently, HGH Injections were primarily only utilized in adolescent patients. As the years have passed and our knowledge of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy have become more robust, it has become more clear that there are many adults that can benefit from Humatrope Hormone Replacement Therapy.

In addition to this, the availability of Human Growth Hormone has risen dramatically as a result of the proliferation of Bio-Identical HGH as well as new techniques that make Bio-Identical Growth Hormone synthesis simpler and more cost-effective. Because of these changes, HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is widely available for all patients that qualify for treatment.

The Conscious Evolution Institute: Your Source for Quality Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you feel that you may be a candidate for HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy with Humatrope, we encourage you to call the Conscious Evolution Institute and arrange for a simple and easy consultation today.

If you would like to learn more about Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy or any other treatments we provide, feel free to explore for more information.


Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on 19 June 2013

hgh hrt health benefits of therapy

Somatropin Replacement Therapy

In recent years, Somatropin is perhaps the most sought after hormone treatment around the globe. Perhaps in large part to the spectacle made of the hormone in professional athletics, more and more people are turning to Somatropin Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone as a means to improve and benefit their lives. Somatropin is the scientific name for Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, often referred to by its abbreviation, HGH.

Somatropin: Not Just for Performance Enhancement

Although Human Growth Hormone is understood by most people in America as an Illicit Performance Enhancing Drug, more and more Americans are beginning to realize the amazing and wonderful health benefits that Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy can provide. Although it may go too far to refer to Somatropin as the Fountain of Youth, it is certainly true that HGH Replacement offers a number of great health benefits for older patients that are HGH Deficient, and maintaining optimal health is the key to living a long, healthy, and happy life.

The benefits of Human Growth Hormone have the potential to affect nearly every organ system in the human body. Although it is true that HGH Abuse has the potential to cause certain pernicious side-effects, the level of Human Growth Hormone used in Therapeutic Doses provides significant potential benefits with a minimal risk of anything but the most minor side-effects.

What is Somatropin?

Somatropin is the Recombinant-Derived form of Human Growth Hormone. Endogenous HGH is secreted naturally by the pituitary gland, although the release of the hormone is ultimately controlled by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the release of Human Growth Hormone into the blood stream via a precursor hormone known as GH-RH. Another hormone related to Human Growth Hormone is Somatostatin, which is responsible for Human Growth Hormone Down-Regulation, preventing the body from releasing too much HGH. Growth Hormone Release is affected by numerous factors.

Many of these factors are actually controlled by an individual's personal choices and actions, whereas others are controlled by heredity or genetics. Those who are in better health will release more Human Growth Hormone than those in poor health, but Low HGH Levels also lead to poor health and exacerbate symptoms of aging as well. One fact about Human Growth Hormone is universally true, in spite of gender, color, or creed: Human Growth Hormone Production inevitably declines with age.

HGH and the Body

Human Growth Hormone plays an integral role in cell regeneration and repair, and it also stimulates increased cellular metabolism, causing cells to renew themselves at a rate which is highly beneficial to the human body. This increase in metabolism increases both the efficiency and productivity of the cells within practically every organ in the human body. Human Growth Hormone also speeds of the pace at which amino acids are utilized, further amplifying the rate by which the body performs its daily tasks.

Although these are only a few general benefits provided by Human Growth Hormone that take place, it is clear to see that Somatropin has incredible potential as a Health and Wellness Therapy for those with a diagnosable deficiency. When Human Growth Hormone Levels start to fall as a result of age or other factors, Somatropin can step in and take the place of naturally produced Human Growth Hormone, preserving the highest level of function possible.

Why Call it Somatropin? Why Not Just HGH?

Although Growth Hormone and Somatropin are completely identical in structure, they have different names in order to proper delineate their heritage. The name Human Growth Hormone is a catch-all term that refers to all forms of HGH, whereas Somatropin refers exclusively to Human Growth Hormone which is not synthesized by the human body, but created using bio-medical technology which creates HGH in a professional laboratory. Endogenous Growth Hormone is often referred to as Somatotropin, referring to the fact the hormone is released by the Somatotrophs within the Anterior Pituitary.

The means by which Somatropin is created is known as Recombinant DNA Engineering. Although the two forms of Growth Hormone are created in significantly different ways, both function in the exact same manner in the body. The HGH molecule is a hormone, and therefore contains no unique code tying it to an individual physiology.

This means that there is zero chance that the body will reject injected Somatropin, because Growth Hormone is identical across the human species. In this sense, it's not all that different from water. Both are molecules that benefit the body without respect to source. Whether you drink it from a water fountain, a bottle, or from a spring, water accomplishes the same goal of hydration for the body.

Benefits of Somatropin Hormone Injections

For patients that suffer from Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency, or are deficient in Growth Hormone for any other reason, Bio-Identical Somatropin can provide immense benefits which can greatly increase health and quality of life.

Below are some of the potential benefits provided by Somatropin Hormone Replacement Therapy:

  • Stimulation of Muscle Development

  • Increased Metabolism, which Encourages the Burning of Fat

  • Significant Changes in Physical Form, Tone, and Aesthetic

  • Reduced Downtime from Injuries

  • Smoother, Brighter Skin

  • Stronger Bones and Joints, which Reduce the Risk of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and Osteoporosis

  • Naturally Alleviates Stress

  • Improves Cognitive Awareness and Boosts Focus and Memory

  • Reduces Fatigue and Boosts Overall Energy

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency has a nasty way of literally sapping a person of his or her vitality. Maintaining healthy and youthful levels of HGH with Somatropin has the potential to alleviate many of the most agitating pitfalls of the aging process.

If you feel that the natural aging process is slowly draining you of your lust for life, it may not be aging, but an actual, diagnosable medical disorder such as HGH Deficiency which is bringing you down! There's no reason to live with something that affects your life so severely which can be so easily treated!

Somatropin Side-Effects

Human Growth Hormone is widely misunderstood due to its widespread abuse in both weight rooms and professional sports. Many articles discuss the risks of HGH Injection, but the truth is that Growth Hormone Abuse causes side-effects because users inject much higher levels of Somatropin into their bodies than their bodies normally produce. With Somatropin Hormone Replacement Therapy, the goal is simply to restore normal levels of Human Growth Hormone Production. When using Somatropin HGH responsibly, there is little to no risk of side-effects.

In addition to this, Somatropin Growth Hormone is also tolerated very well physiologically by both sexes. This means that the body utilizes the influx of healing HGH in a way which does not generally cause any issues relating to allergy or upsetting natural hormone balance.

Although the vast majority of patients will take to Somatropin HGH wonderfully, there are a minority of patients that may experience some minor side effects. Again, the appearance of side-effects is generally the result of taking too much Human Growth Hormone by accident, and in most cases, the side-effects can be alleviated simply by adjusting the Somatropin Dosage. Somatropin Side-Effects include:

  • Tingling Sensations in the Extremities

  • Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

  • Water Retention

  • Insulin Sensitivity

  • Abnormal Bone Development.

Tingling and water retention are most common in individuals that abuse HGH for Performance Enhancement, while Carpal Tunnel and abnormal bone development generally only occur in cases of extreme misuse over a long period of time.

Insulin sensitivity can occur in certain patients that are at risk or have diabetes, but these effects can be counteracted through dietary choices or adjusting the dosage of either HGH or Insulin.

Avoid Black Market Somatropin

Although Somatropin is a highly potent and Beneficial Hormone Treatment, the therapy is fairly expensive. Because of its cost, many people choose the black market route to acquire their Somatropin HGH. We strongly advise you to avoid Unlawful Sources of Growth Hormone, for reason of both your health and your wallet.

Black-Market Human Growth Hormone is very frequently counterfeited, meaning that there is a high risk that you won't get what you pay for. These sources of HGH often cut their hormones with inactive chemicals in order to maximize profits, often at the expense of your health.

In addition to this, Black-Market HGH Suppliers often mishandle Human Growth Hormone, rendering it less beneficial or completely inert. There are a specific set of rules for handling Bio-Identical HGH properly, and without proper training, instruction, or motivation, Somatropin can easily deteriorate.

Because of the level of competition in the Black Market for Growth Hormone, the medical treatment is perhaps the most frequently counterfeited medication in the United States, and there may actually be more fake or inert Growth Hormone circulating through the United States than Real Somatropin.

Avoid OTC HGH Stimulators

In addition to this, we implore you to avoid Human Growth Hormone Supplements, which are not Somatropin, and are also highly ineffective. These treatments are also called HGH Hormone Releasers, and contain amino acids and peptides advertised to naturally boost Human Growth Hormone Levels Cheaply.

We want to make this perfectly clear. These HGH products are often completely worthless, and those that do produce an effect produce only a minor and non-medical level of benefit (often at the cost of hormone imbalance or liver/kidney damage).

In other words, if you are interested in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy with Somatropin, talk to a medical specialist, and only trust pharmaceutical sources of Human Growth Hormone distributed by responsible vendors which know how to transport and store Bio-Identical Somatropin properly!

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