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Human Growth Hormone is Illegal if Imported into the United States from Foreign Sources

An act known as the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (Also referred to as FDCA) places tight restrictions upon the types of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment which can be brought into the United States. Under almost all circumstances, it is illegal to import pharmaceuticals that have not been granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

In addition to this, the FDCA also prevents any drug that has been exported overseas to be returned to the United States, unless it is returned to the United States by the manufacturer. There are a few examples where prescription drugs can be brought back into the country after they have been exported, but under most circumstances, it is illegal for an individual to bring foreign medications into the United States.

Food and Drug Administration Individual Importation Exceptions

The FDA recognizes that there are certain circumstances where a particular unapproved drug may offer some special benefit to an individual patient. There are four criteria that must be met for an individual to import a drug not approved by the FDA:

  • The medication is intended for the treatment of a medical condition which cannot be effectively treated within the United States. There are many drugs which have been approved in other countries that have yet to fully pass inspection in the United States. If a particular drug has the potential to benefit a patient greatly, and there is no alternative to that medication in the United States, then the drug may be legally imported.

  • The Medication cannot be sold within the United States after it has been imported. The goal of these exceptions is to allow certain patients that expressly need them to have access to these medications.

  • The importation of the drug does not produce any serious and unnecessary risk. Certain medications may be deemed too dangerous or not worthwhile to the patient. In these cases, the drug will not be approved for importation.

  • The patient that plans to import the medication must sign a written affidavit that confirms in writing that the patient is bringing in the medication for self-treatment, and has no plans to distribute the drug. The patient must also show proof that a particular physician within the U.S.A. will be monitoring the patient's treatment, or the patient must show proof that he or she initiated treatment abroad and will be continuing the treatment within the borders of the United States.

    The Food and Drug Administration is the sole arbiter which determines under which circumstances a medication can be imported in spite of other FDA Regulations. If all of of the above conditions are met, then the patient is allowed to bring in a three-month supply of the medication for personal use and treatment.

    Why Is It Illegal to Import HGH?

    Based upon the above criteria, there are a couple of important reasons why it is illegal to import foreign sources of Human Growth Hormone Injections:

    • It is illegal to import HGH because Human Growth Hormone is available in the United States for patients that have a need deemed appropriate by the FDA. Although there are certain off-label uses for which Human Growth Hormone shows promise, HGH can only be prescribed in order to treat legitimate Human Growth Hormone Deficiency or to treat HIV-Related Muscle Wasting. In the future, additional uses will inevitably be approved, but to this date, the number of permissible uses is limited

    • Another reason why foreign HGH is illegal is because exemptions from the FDCA are intended to help patients gain access to drug treatments which are not available in the United States, not to help patients acquire drugs outside of the United States which are accessible within the nation's borders. Drug importation is not intended to subvert the FDA approval process.

    Schedule Three HGH

    Human Growth Hormone is considered a Schedule Three Drug in the United States. There are three criteria for a drug to be considered Schedule Three:

  • The Substance has approved medical purposes within the United States. Human Growth Hormone is approved within the United States for the treatment of HGH Deficiency and HIV-Related Wasting.

  • The Substance displays a lower risk of abuse than drugs placed in Schedule One or Schedule Two. The FDA feels that Human Growth Hormone has the potential to lead to abuse because of its potential as a potent Performance Enhancing Drug. HGH is widely used by bodybuilders, weight lifters, and athletes in order to increase physical performance, in spite of United States Law.

  • Abuse of the medication or substance is considered to lead to a high degree of psychological dependence or a low to moderate level of physiological dependence. It is primarily because of this criteria that Human Growth Hormone should not be considered a Schedule Three drug. Human Growth Hormone does not produce any form of physical dependence.

    In addition to this, HGH Injections do not lead to a high level of psychological dependency. One could argue that the desire for increased physical results from exercise and training could constitute a minor form of psychological dependency, but men and women that choose Human Growth Hormone in no way experience high levels of psychological dependence as a result of their use of HGH.

    The Risk of HGH Importation Outweigh the Benefits

    It is a risky proposition to illegally important prescription medications into the United States. There are a number of reasons why we do not recommend attempting to import foreign pharmaceuticals:

  • IT'S ILLEGAL. Although there are many foreign sources for Human Growth Hormone, it is against the law to smuggle outside sources of HGH into the United States. If you are caught bringing HGH into the United States from a foreign source you will likely be charged with a felony, and will potentially face large fines or even jail time. Foreign sources of Human Growth Hormone are often cheaper than those available in the United States, but no discount is worth the price of a felony on your record.

  • There is no guarantee of quality. There are multiple avenues by which Human Growth Hormone is sold to American buyers. Individuals can cross the border into Tijuana for example, and purchase the hormone right off of the shelves of Mexican pharmacies. There are also countless websites that promise easy access to high quality HGH from international sources.

    Please recognize that the only ultimately guaranteed source of Human Growth Hormone is from a licensed domestic pharmacy. Real Human Growth Hormone is very sensitive to outside conditions and tampering. If the hormone is not cared for in a particular manner, than the HGH that you receive will either lose potency or be rendered completely ineffective. Human Growth Hormone degrades in response to both adverse temperatures as well as physical agitation.

    If you order HGH from an international source, there is no guarantee that they will treat your medication with the respect it deserves, leaving you fleeced with a worthless product.

  • Foreign HGH is Often Fraudulent. There is absolutely no guarantee that what you pay for is what you'll get when you resort to international sources of Growth Hormone. Often, retailers will cut the HGH that you have ordered with other substances which degrade the quality of your purchase.

    In many cases, these hormones are cut with substances that can even be dangerous for your health! In other cases, you may actually receive a completely fraudulent product. Many times, international sellers claim to be selling HGH, but actually ship fake Human Growth Hormone. Since the transaction is illegal, the con-man pockets the cash, and you get practically nothing.

    The Conscious Evolution Institute: Your Best Source for Quality HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy

    The Conscious Evolution Institute provides HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy to patients that display a real, diagnosable need for treatment. If you feel that you may be suffering from the effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, our highly trained and board-certified staff of physicians and clinical specialists can help. Our clinic prescribes only high quality Human Growth Hormone sourced from domestic pharmacies within the United States.

    We understand how important it is to provide our patients with the best products available in the United States so that they can treat their hormone balance issues easily and effectively. We also understand the need for responsible shipping practices in order to preserve the effectiveness of your HGH medication. We deliver Human Growth Hormone via FedEx, and our distributor recognizes the importance of both refrigeration and delicate care in ensuring that the medical product that you receive makes it to your door in impeccable condition.

    If you have an interest in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, or any other medical treatment that we provide, we encourage you to call or contact us today!


    Written by Dr. Welsh, Published on 01 April 2012

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    Written by Dr. Welsh, Published on 30 July 2013

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    How does Human Growth Hormone Work?

    Human Growth Hormone is one of the most important metabolic hormones secreted by the human body. The hormone itself goes by a few different names. Somatotropin refers to naturally occurring Growth Hormone that is present in all animal species. Somatotropin also refers to medically derived HGH that has been gathered from the pituitary gland of cadavers. At first, this was the only way to utilize HGH for medical use.

    Today, however, almost all medical Human Growth Hormone is synthetically derived via a process known as Recombinant DNA Technology. Although the process is synthetic, the Human Growth Hormone created from the process is functionally and biologically identical to the Growth Hormone that your own Pituitary secretes.

    HGH derived from Recombinant DNA Technology is also referred to as Somatropin. Another, more commonly used term used to describe Recombinant HGH is Bio-Identical HGH. This term both signifies the different origin of this form of HGH while also recognizing that the hormone created in the laboratory is completely identical to that which is naturally created by the body.

    Why do they have different names if they are the same thing?

    There are a couple of important reasons. First, there are risks involved with Human Growth Hormone derived from cadavers that are not at play when utilizing Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, the most significant of which is Krutzfield-Jacobs Disease. Krutzfield-Jacobs Disease is prion disorder that shares some similarity with Alzheimer's disease. In rare cases, HGH that was harvested from cadavers was tainted with traces of this debilitating disease.

    Given the severity of the disease, the use of Harvested HGH for Medical Usage completely ground to a halt, and new techniques to safely create Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone were invented in order to fill the void. Today, all Hormone Replacement Therapy is conducted using Bio-Identical HGH, so most people do not differentiate between the two forms in everyday speech.

    The second reason that the two forms of hormone are named differently is because source also matters for legal reasons. Different companies have legal rights to particular forms of Human Growth Hormone. No company has a legal right to natural Human Growth Hormone, but companies have patents which protect the specific medical techniques that they use in order to synthesize HGH for medical use.

    A few of the most common forms of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy are Nutopin, Humatrope, Saizen, and Norditropin. Today, Human Growth Hormone is incredibly safe, and none of the pitfalls of early forms of HGH are at play any longer, allowing you to experience the pure effects of the treatment.

    How is Human Growth Hormone Composed?

    Human Growth Hormone is known as a Peptide Hormone. Peptide hormones are made up amino acids chained together by peptide bonds. There are over forty hormones secreted by the human body, and they all have unique and vital purposes in regard to the proper and optimal function of the body. The primary function of Human Growth Hormone is to encourage optimal cellular metabolism throughout the body.

    HGH is also known as a mitogen for this reason. Mitogens are chemicals which encourage the the cells of the body to reproduce and divide at an increased rate. Although this sounds like something simple, it is actually incredibly complex. HGH affects every system in the body in a unique way. It makes the muscles grow larger, it strengthens and hardens the bones, and it keeps the immune system running at peak capacity.

    Specifically, HGH is a poly-peptide hormone which is comprised of 191 amino acids linked in a specific configuration. Human Growth Hormone weighs 22,124 daltons. A dalton is a unit of molecular weight which is identical to the atomic mass of the molecule. This entire collection of amino acids is linked into one long chain. This chain forms four helix structures which are responsible for the proper function of the cell.

    All animal species on the planet have Growth Hormone. Although all species need Growth Hormone to function, every animal has its own unique formulation. Because of these unique differences in structure, the only forms of Growth Hormone which stimulate the human brain are those of human beings themselves, and certain Old World Monkeys. No other form of Growth Hormone produces any affect on the human brain.

    Endogenous Human Growth Hormone is produced only in the pituitary gland by tiny organs known as somatotrophs. The somatotrophs are responsible for the manufacture, storage, and release of these hormones. The somatotrophs are located on the outside wings of the pituitary.

    There are two genes responsible for the secretion of HGH. These two genes are known as GH-1 and GH-2. The specific location of the Human Growth Hormone genes is on chromosome 17 in region q22-24. Although we have described the primary form of Human Growth Hormone above, the pituitary gland produces smaller amounts of slightly different formulations of HGH which seem to be correlated with specific outside stimuli. Researchers are just beginning to more fully understand the full function of these alternate versions of the HGH Molecule.

    How is Human Growth Hormone Regulated?

    HGH is primarily controlled by hormones delivered from the Hypothalamus. The region of the hypothalamus responsible for Human Growth Hormone Regulation is known as the Neurosecretory Nuclei. This structure produces a hormone known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, abbreviated GH-RH. GH-RH is also referred to in some scientific circles as Somatocrinin.

    The Neurosecretory Nuclei also releases a hormone which inhibits the production of Human Growth Hormone known as Somatostatin. Somatostatin is also sometimes referred to as Growth Hormone-Inhibiting Hormone, abbreviated GH-IH. These hormones make their way from the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary Gland via a pathway known as the Hypophyseal Portal System. This structure is a series of small blood vessels which directly link the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary Gland.

    A second hormone which has been shown to increase the production of Human Growth Hormone is Ghrelin, which is a hunger stimulator.

    Although the release of Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary is mainly the result of the interplay of GH-RH and Somatostatin, the release of these hormones are influenced by a number of different outside circumstances.

    Human Growth Hormone Stimulators

    The following factors are HGH Stimulators:

    Healthy Sleep Human Growth Hormone is primarily secreted during the deepest hours of sleep.

    Proper Nutrition Healthy nutrition provides the body with all of the equipment that it needs to properly produce HGH. Improper nutrition forces the body to pick and choose which systems receive the limited nutrients available.

    Physical Activity The human body secretes significant levels of Human Growth Hormone during vigorous physical activity.

    Human Growth Hormone Inhibitors

    The following factors are HGH Inhibitors:

    • Poor Sleep This prevents the body from receiving its largest full dosage of Human Growth Hormone each day.

    • Sedentary Lifestyle Without healthy exercise, the body does not produce as much Human Growth Hormone as it should.

    • Excess Fatty Acids High levels of Triglycerides and LDL cholesterol have been shown to decrease the body's ability to properly synthesize HGH.

    • Excess Insulin Production The more Insulin that you produce, the less HGH that your body will secrete.

    • Obesity Excess fat in general limits the body's ability to properly produce Human Growth Hormone.

    • Stress Abnormally high stress levels negatively impact HGH Secretion.

    There are also some uncontrollable factors which can have an impact on Human Growth Hormone Production, including gender, heredity, and age.

    How is Human Growth Hormone Released?

    The Somatotrophs release Human Growth Hormone in pulses when stimulated by the Hypothalamus. The largest pulses of Human Growth Hormone Production occur around an hour after falling asleep. During this period, the body releases 13-72 nanograms/milliliter of HGH into the blood plasma. Aside from this large, primary release of Human Growth Hormone, HGH production is largely unique to the individual, and can also change significantly from day to day.

    Almost half of Human Growth Hormone Secretion takes places during the 3rd and 4th stages of deep sleep. During waking hours, HGH secretion peaks every three to five hours. When these peaks occur, the window of HGH secretion can be as high as 45 nanograms/milliliter. Between these highs, base Human Growth Hormone remains very low, less than 5 nanograms/milliliter. It should be clear based off this data that poor sleeping habits can wreck a person's HGH Levels, negatively impacting their health in numerous ways.

    HGH and Aging

    Human Growth Hormone Production is distinctly correlated with the aging process. Human Growth Hormone is produced at its highest rates during the teenage growth spurt, peaking and lowering to a certain plateau at the end of puberty. During puberty, HGH secretion can reach levels as high as 700 micrograms per day. After puberty, adults normally secrete around 400 micrograms per day.

    We continue to produce this healthy level of Adult HGH throughout our late teens and twenties. Beginning in the late twenties or early thirties, the pituitary gland starts to produce less and less Human Growth Hormone. The rate at which this decline occurs is generally between one and two percent each year.

    List of Biological HGH Stimulators:

    • GH-RH Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone binds to GH-RH Receptors in the Pituitary gland.

    • Sex Hormones Testosterone, Estrogen, and other Sex Hormones encourage the release of HGH. Testosterone has been shown to increase the amplitude of HGH Spikes.

    • Ghrelin Ghrelin molecules attach to locations on the pituitary known as Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptors.

    • Healthy Sleep By reaching the deepest phases of sleep, the brain is encouraged to release increased levels of HGH.

    • Peptide Hormones Certain Peptide Hormones have been shown to increase Human Growth Hormone Production, although these hormones can also affect other systems as well.

    • Dopamine and Clonadine These hormones encourage the Hypothalamus to release GH-RH

    • Propranolol and Arginine These two compounds inhibit the secretion of Somatostatins by the Hypothalamus.

    • Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar Inhibits Somatostatin Secretion.

    • Vitamin B3 This vital nutrient is one of the key ingredients which stimulate Natural Growth Hormone Release.

    • Fasting Because the body increases HGH production as a result of lower blood sugar and increased hunger, fasting encourages the body to release enhanced Levels of Growth hormone.

    • Vigorous Physical Activity The body releases spikes of HGH to feed the muscles and cardiovascular system in order to encourage the body to function at a higher level.

    List of Biological HGH Inhibitors:

    • Somatostatin Somatostatin is released by the Hypothalamus in order to decrease HGH Production. Some theorize that the Hypothalamus begins to produce too much Somatostatin later in life, contributing to Lower Levels of HGH Production with Age.

    • Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 The Hypothalamus increases Somatostatin production when stimulated by HGH and IGF-1 as a form of negative feedback mechanism.

    • Dihydrotestosterone Although Testosterone increases HGH production, Dihydrotestosterone inhibits Growth Hormone Secretion.

    • Glucocorticoids The conversion of Cortisone to Cortisol inhibits the function of Human Growth Hormone. The reverse is also true.

    • Hyperglycemia High levels of Insulin production counteract Human Growth Hormone Function.

    • Certain Medications Many non-biological medicines have an inhibitory effect upon HGH Production for various reasons.

    Function of Human Growth Hormone

    Human Growth Hormone belongs to a large group of hormones known as Anabolic Hormones. Although HGH is not a steroid like Testosterone or Aldosterone, it still produces a stimulative effect upon systems throughout the body.

    Like most peptide hormones, Human Growth Hormone flows through the body, stimulating target receptors located on the outer barrier of cell structures. The most widely recognized function of Human Growth Hormone is to stimulate the growth spurt associated with puberty.

    HGH and Height

    There are two ways in which it seems that HGH affects height:

    First, Peptide Hormones are fat-insoluble. This means that these hormones cannot break through cellular membranes. Because of this, Human Growth Hormone must attach to receptor sites on cell walls. HGH attaches to cartilages cells, encouraging the reproduction and division of chondrocyte cells. This causes the bones to grow longer.

    The second pathway in which Human Growth Hormone stimulates height is through the creation of IGF-1 via the liver. Most Human Growth Hormone circulates through the body directly to the liver, where it is converted into IGF-1 and other Growth Factors. IGF-1 encourages the growth and enhanced cell-division of tissues throughout the body, also encouraging changes in height as a result of puberty. IGF-1 encourages organs in the bones known as Osteoblasts to manufacture bone tissue, which directly leads to changes in bone structure. IGF-1 also stimulates chondrocyte activity in a manner similar to HGH.

    Why does Human Growth Hormone Increase Height?

    HGH is able to cause an adolescent to grow in height because the ends of the bones are still largely made of cartilage. At the end of puberty, growth plates close, preventing the bones from increasing in length. When these plates, also known as Epiphyseal Plates, close, it signals the brain to produce less Human Growth Hormone, leading to the levels that we experience during our late teens and early twenties.

    Importance of HGH After Puberty

    After puberty, IGF-1 and HGH are responsible for a number of different health functions, including:

    • Increasing Body Fat Metabolism Human Growth Hormone speeds up the rate at which the body burns fat.

    • Optimizing Bone Mineral Density HGH encourages the healthy maintenance of the bones.

    • Stimulating Increased Muscle Mass - Human Growth Hormone encourages the muscles to remain stronger and prevent muscle atrophy.

    • Slowing Down the Rate at which the Body Absorbs Sugar Human Growth Hormone and Insulin work together to regulate blood sugar.

    • Encouraging the Healthy Function of the Pancreas

    • Contributing to Hormone Homeostasis Human Growth Hormone belongs to the Hyothalmic-Pituitary Axis. All of these hormones are intricately connected with one another, and optimal Human Growth Hormone function encourages the body to produce normalized levels of other hormones as well.

    • Strengthening the Immune System Human Growth Hormone encourages white blood cells and other tools of the immune system to replicate more effectively, encouraging fortified immune health.

    Human Growth Hormone for HGH Deficiency

    It should be clear at this point that Human Growth Hormone Production is vital to optimal health throughout the lifespan. Although the body normally becomes more sensitive to Human Growth Hormone Production with age, the body still inevitably reaches a point at which it does not produce enough HGH to support the healthy function of the body.

    For many individuals, Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a viable option to encourage optimal function deeper into the lifespan. If you feel that you may be a candidate for Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, talk to your doctor.

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