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Published on September 4th, 2019
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hormone Deficiency, Andropause and Hormone, Replacement Therapy.

There are still a number of questions and issues raised about human growth hormone and what it can do. These FAQS should help set the record straight and assist people in understanding the potential effects of HGH.

Question: Is there a trend that a normal body follows regarding the hormonal change as it ages?

Answer: There’s no single formula to determine the amount of hormonal change as a person ages. What is true is that everyone is unique, thus change in hormonal level will vary. For the purpose of self-assessment, we provide you with a system to check your own levels based on blood analysis and the results that come with the test.

Note: Testosterone as measured in ng/dl

Men ages 20-30-This is considered to be the peak of their lives and a time where their physical assets are peaking. Hormone levels are at their peaks at around levels of 800-1000. But as soon as the person reaches his early 30s, then the hormonal level dips to a slightly reduced 700- 800 range. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and sometimes the level of the hormone is a function of physiological factors. Here are the expected range levels for different age ranges of men.

For patients aged 30-40, level dips to 400-700;

For patients aged 40-50, level dips to 300-400 and;

For patients aged 50-60, level dips to 200-300.

Note: Human Growth Hormone as measured in IGF-1 ng/dl

Men ages 20-30- This is the peak of men’s life where most of his abilities are at a prime. Again, the tendency is to dip as soon as he moves into the late 20s and early 30s range where his level of HGH can fall into the 300 level. Here are the expected range levels for different age ranges of men.

For patients aged 30-40, level dips to 250-300;

For patients aged 40-50, level dips to 175-200 and;

For patients aged 50-60, level dips to 100-150.

And for DHEA ug/dl, here are the approximate levels:

For patients aged 20-30, level is at 400-500;

For patients aged 30-40, level dips to 350-400;

For patients aged 40-50, level dips to 200-350 and;

For patients aged 50-60, level dips to 50-200.

Question: Can you replace lost hormones through Hormone Replacement Therapy? Is the procedure worth the investment in terms of cost and health?

Answer: The main objective of this therapy is simple and easy to understand- this process will replace the hormones that were lost during the natural growth and aging process. During a person’s younger years and at his prime, the hormone growth level is high. But as soon as a person grows and matures, the level dips and affects the general health of the person. In order to counter this expected body response, what experts can do is to address the shortage.

If the thousands of men who have undergone this procedure will be asked, then the effects are surprisingly good. Thanks to the wonders of the Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT, men re-discovered their energy and sexual drive and in the process improving their quality of life and their outlook for life. The benefits of the procedure are not just validated by the men; the effects of the HRT are actually validated by scientific studies and researches plus trials that were monitored by health and medical experts. Experts are one in saying that when this is injected the right way, it will not just slow but will also act on the signs of aging 95 percent of the time. All these studies and sanctioned tests put into perspective what the therapy can do for men.

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Question: How can we take part and take advantage of the HRT? Are there specific cities where your clinics operate?

Answer: Although you are welcome to visit our high tech facility, the good news is that you can sign up without needing to visit in person since we maintain a large network throughout the country. Our certified doctors and health professionals offer their services in almost all states. You don’t need to worry though if for any reason you cannot visit our nearest location. We make sure that our services can reach you. Our medical team can visit your house or office so that the physical examination requirement can be carried out. Even if you are at the comfort of your own home our team can draw your blood that will be needed for the testing of the hormones. All these things can be completed in just one visit to be made by our representatives.

Question: I am from Florida. Do I really need to visit your Medical Center in the area just to avail of the services?

Answer: You don’t have to but we will be glad if you can visit us so that you can check out our latest equipment and observe how our medical practitioners and doctors work. If you cannot come for personal or other reasons, you can always rely on our network of health professionals who can visit your house so that the required steps like blood test and physical examination can be done. For the analysis of the blood, we take it at a separate location made possible through our partnership with LabCorp. The company also has a network of stations around the country that can do blood testing. This arrangement and the partnership that we cultivated with LabCorp allows you to enjoy the benefits of tests at the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Question: What’s the actual process behind the hormonal replacement procedure?

Answer: You will find a number of anecdotes and resources online on how the hormones can be replaced in the body. You have probably read some articles and resources telling you that hormones can be replaced using spray products or pills. But these resources are half truths and you need to pay attention to those other materials that can be found online.

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There are specific ways that truly work when it comes to hormonal replacement procedure. According to tests made by the experts, it has to be through direct injection, through the use of a topical cream or the application of testosterone gel that is prepared to be extra strength. The cream will be prepared based on the personal and body requirements and the dose varies as well. The recommended creams or gels are then applied in the morning and evening, again depending on the recommendations of the health professionals. The growth hormone on the other hand is administered through injections on a daily basis. Don’t worry, our team will provide you with the guidance that you need. We can show you the ways to do it plus we can provide you with videos that you can follow through step-by-step instruction. It’s our intent that you can easily understand the procedure that comes with hormonal transfer.

Question: What are the procedures that come with the HRT? Are there specific procedures that can be sensitive?

Answer: What we usually tell our patients is that 95 percent of the time, procedures are successful. These are the cases where the patients have followed the recommendation and the procedures up to the last letter. Keep in mind that the therapy that we offer is not just about the injections that you should religiously follow. We offer a holistic therapy program wherein you need to follow a balanced diet complemented by exercise. It is also not recommended that you use the typical doses that are reserved for the body builders.

For those who have successfully completed the therapy, the common arrangement is that the results are enjoyed on the 6th to the first year of the therapy. It should be noted that this therapy is not designed to be a cure-all and quick-fix solution. At least you can be sure that this therapy is a product of research and sanctioned tests, thus it can be safe and effective. This is made possible thanks to the trainings held by our team and the medical procedures and protocols that are made available on our network that can provide medical answers to different people.

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Question: How much do I need to pay for the therapy services?

Answer: We don’t offer a uniform rate for the therapy of our patients. We do tell our patients that the therapy sessions will depend on the health and individual needs, thus the cost will vary as well. There are a number of factors that are considered in the cost assessment. Some of these factors that our team considers include the physical exam, the testing and blood drawing and the completion of a medical survey so that our team will know the needs and objectives of every patient that enters our clinics or signs up for the therapy. We take pride in our network of highly trained and educated medical doctors and practitioners and all of them are professionals who value integrity and hard work to help patients improve their quality of life through the improvement of virility. If you want a ballpark figure, then our patients normally pay $250 a month for the replacement therapy and HGH programs can fetch anywhere from $400 to $800 monthly.

Question: Can you provide me with an estimate on the amount of hormone that will be taken by my body?

Answer: The dosage will vary from person to person. This will initially depend on the results of the tests conducted on the blood. Using the data made from the analysis the amount of hormone will be clarified so that you can get the best results for the treatment process. We will make sure that we can strike the right balance between your needs and the current health. We don’t want to go for too much dosage since this will lead to side effects through time. Too little dose and you may not get the results that you have wanted. Our team is backed by 22 years worth of experience in dealing with this therapy, thus our trained health practitioners and come up with the most likely recommendation based on available health data and information. Also, because of our health care professional partnerships, we are able to work with you for safe recommendations.

Question: What should I expect from your therapy services?

Answer: the results may vary from person to person but you can also expect general positive results that will ring true for majority of the patients.

Here are some of the common benefits that can be enjoyed by majority of the patients that will sign up with HGH.

The most basic therapy program will usually last for 6 months. If you managed to complete the basic 6-month therapy then for sure you can experience positive changes in the way you perform, feel, your virility and the amount of energy. In short, there will be substantial change in the quality of life.

What you can expect after the first month- Based on the experiences of our previous patients, they reported increased sharpness of the mind and they have improved their outlook in life after the first month of therapy. The energy levels increase as well and some patients report that they can get just the right amount of sleep thanks to the complementary exercise and other weight management tricks.

What you can expect on the second month- Some positive changes in the body will be observed during this stage of the therapy. The skin tone will look good and there will be an improvement in the muscle tone. Patients also report an improvement in their sexual drives. Even the hair and nails will show signs of marked improvement as the hair starts to get thick and becomes healthier.

What you can expect on the third month- If the therapy program involves a number of exercise routines, patients will see substantial change in the muscle size. Improvements in hair growth will continue on this phase of the therapy. More importantly, the mind becomes more active once again. If the women are already under this phase of the therapy then they will see drastic reduction in the number of post menstrual cycle’s symptoms. And yes, they get to experience increased sexual drive and their flexibility increases as well.

What you can expect on the fourth month- The positive changes that happened in the third month will continue on for the fourth month of the therapy. This time, the improvement of the body and the muscles will become more consistent.

What you can expect from the fifth month- This time around, patients normally report weight loss due to the reduction of the amount of fasts and an increase in the muscle tissues. Skin tone and texture also improves. And there are some patients who also notice that the amount of their wrinkles has been reduced.

What you can expect from the sixth month- This is the phase of the therapy program where patients need to be ready for a number of changes. For starters, you will notice a substantial weight loss since the amount of cellulite in the body starts to go down. The body becomes more toned and contoured and vision will improve. The body’s resistance against diseases also increases which means that patients will lower the risk for certain and common diseases like colds and flu. Also you will be glad to note that wounds, if you have some will heal much faster. If in the past your body responds poorly to exercise, this time around you can be sure that your body will do well even under strenuous physical activities. If a typical blood testing will be conducted, then patients will be surprised to learn that the amount of cholesterol in the body has dropped complemented by a drop in the blood pressure since the heart rate starts to stabilize. And because the immune system of the body drops, it is expected that patients will reduce the risks for many diseases.

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Question: How safe is the HRT?

Answer: You’ll be surprised at the number of studies and tests that were done on this therapy and the good news is that hormone replacement therapy for men and women is generally safe. What contributes to the safety of the therapy is the use of genetically similar hormones and this means that all hormones will feature the same structure just like the structure of the hormones produced naturally in the body. Now if you just take the therapy seriously then there’s a 95 percent chance that the program will succeed for you.

Question: Can we expect some side effects to the therapy and the use of natural and similar hormone treatments?

Answer: The important key here is proper- if the therapy is properly followed as instructed by the attending doctor, and then there will be no side effects that patients should worry about. The main reason for this is that all these are naturally occurring and not synthetically produced. There are times when patients report some side effects. Take note that this will only happen if the recommended doses are not followed. In order to get the best results from this therapy program, it’s recommended that you get a blood test every 6 months. If there are some changes or failures, then the attending doctor will make the necessary changes or recommendations.

Question: What can we expect from the objectives set forth by the therapy program?

Here’s a listing of the top objectives as envisioned by our team;

  1. You get to experience improved body weight without the need to resort to diet;

  2. You will not lose your muscle mass rather you will increase it even without physical activities and when you include exercise then you can be sure that the lean muscle mass will be improved dramatically;

  3. You will also rediscover your body’s passion for exercise and a number of activities since your energy levels will improve. Also your body will easily recover from potential injuries;

  4. The body’s immune system will substantially improve. This means that the risks to contract common diseases will be reduced, and would healing will be facilitated faster;

  5. The effects of aging will be effectively managed, and this can be manifested in the development of a tighter and good looking skin;

  6. You will improve your eyesight;

  7. The mind gets a boost to since your cognitive capacities will be greatly enhanced;

  8. The heart rate starts to stabilize;

  9. Kidney’s performance also improve and;

  10. You can finally get a good night sleep thanks to reverse osteoporosis.

Question: Are there other things that I should keep in mind when it comes to hormone replacement?

Answer: The amount of hormones normally decline as the person ages. But for men, the decline in the amount of hormone is more pronounced by mid 30s. This is the time when the rate of reduction is at its peak, thus it’s easier to note the symptoms associated with the decline. For men, the recommended age where it’s best to take a therapy is between 35 and 40. But if you are in your 50s or 60s, keep in mind that it’s never too late to get replacement.

Question: Is it really recommended to replace all kinds of hormones including growth hormones?

Answer: these hormones in the body can be replaced separately. But there are studies and works that suggest that replacing these hormones at the same time is better. When hormones are replaced as one, then there will be positive physiological and psychological results. Some people will definitely focus on the costs of the replacement therapy. But at the end of the day, the benefits in the form of improved quality of life are considered better than the cost. Your quality of life will definitely improve with replacement so there’s no need to have second thoughts about the therapy.

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Question: Is there a recommended time frame for commitment in this therapy?

Answer: There’s no single answer for this but as long as you are enjoying the results of the therapy and your body considerably benefits from it, you can still sign up for the therapy. But keep in mind that a therapy by nature should not last a lifetime. What you should do is to invest in the food that you eat and by adopting a balanced and clean lifestyle. The good thing about the innovations and the development in science is that it paved the way for medical procedures that can extend the lifespan of people. Now you can also count on the Hormonal Replacement Therapy as one of those innovations that can help extend the lifespan. Based on research this type of therapy can add the maximum of 20 years to the life of person. Remember that it’s not just the length that matters here; the therapy also improves the quality of life. And for many people, quality is often considered as a good measure.

There are other procedures of science that help extend the lifespan of a person. You can also count on the gene and stem cell therapy. You will also learn more about the human genetic engineering, post-human and development of trans-human studies. If you are looking to extend your life and more importantly live a quality life, then one good investment that you can take is the HRT which can add up 20-25 years to your life.

Extending your life is a wonderful thing. There was a time when the expected lifespan of humans range from 35-45 years. But during the last millennium, it has improved to 75-80 years of age. With the help of the HRT, then there’s a big chance that you can still wait for the official practice and implementation of gene and stem cell therapies, other two procedures that can extend the life of humans.

Question: If I sign up for the replacement therapy will it mean that the natural production of hormones in my body will be affected?

Answer: The nice thing about the cycling or hormone is that your body will not suffer when the hormone production declines. When you say cycling time then this refers to the off time of the body from the replacement therapy. At least when a foreign natural hormone is introduced in the body, the body part that produces the natural hormone can rest and will not be pressured in its production. In fact, cycling is now recommended for the males known to register under 45 on the hormone.

Question: Can this therapy help address erectile dysfunction?

Answer: Again, it’s all about personal differences since ED is also caused by a number of factors. But your body will definitely react positively to hormonal replacement. And since this will help boost your sexual drive, then the therapy is a good place to start your fight against ED. You can also count on over-the-counter medications that can help in delivering the right amount of nitric oxide that can help boost sexual functions. Viagra is another option that you can take. Though Viagra and other products may work, still we recommend that you start off first with this kind of therapy.

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Question: Will you inject the hormone into my body?

Answer: Yes, medical tests show that the body can absorb the growth hormone better if injection is used. You as a patient will be trained to do your own injections.

Question: There are many resources online about the oral HGH and stimulants. Do you also recommend these products?

Answer: Yes, there are products that are made available online including the ones that come in pill forms and sprays. Unfortunately these products contain minimal amount of HGH. Also the problem with these products is that hormones will not be absorbed through the membranes in the mouth and skin. Expect minimal results from these products.


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Three sided solution: Testosterone + HCG + Arimidex

If your doctor only prescribes testosterone by itself, you will probably have a rough ride. The tendency is for you to feel great the first couple months, while you increase testosterone levels, followed by a slow deterioration, once your estrogen creeps up.

High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

For some, small testicles may seem like just a cosmetic problem. But HGC does more than increase testicle size, it also increases adrenal function, which can have positive effects on well-being, libido, and energy.

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