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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019
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Testosterone For Women

Testosterone for Women: The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Female Patients

testosterone Therapy For Women

Although sometimes it seems like men and women are both completely different creatures, there is so much that the two sexes have in common physiologically. Although we often differentiate between men and women in regard to the hormones Testosterone and Estrogen, both sexes actually utilize both hormones in their own particular ways.

Males require a certain level of Estrogen to be optimally healthy, and females need a certain level of Testosterone in order to properly function as well. It truly is a yin-and-yang sort of relationship. Although men produce much more Testosterone than Estrogen, that little bit of Estrogen plays a huge role in male health.

The same goes for women. A little Testosterone goes a long way! Although women need much less Testosterone than men, Female Testosterone Deficiency can drastically alter feminine health and negatively impact life in numerous different ways.

Vast and Various Benefits of Testosterone for Women

Testosterone provides the same forms of benefit to both males and females. It stimulates metabolism and generates energy. It helps the muscles stay strong and it keeps sex desirable and exciting. Although Menopause is primarily associated with drastic changes in regard to Estrogen Production, Menopause and Peri-Menopause are also characterized by a slow and steady decline in Testosterone Production.

By sustaining healthy Testosterone Levels both during and after Menopause, women can benefit in various different ways. Optimized Testosterone sustains muscle strength and tone, helping women stay stronger throughout their lives. Testosterone also promotes the structural integrity of the bones, helping stave off osteoporosis and prevent osteoarthritis.

signs and symptoms health of low testosterone

In addition to this, Testosterone plays a major role in mental health, encouraging both positive self-perception and enhancing feelings of well-being and happiness. Women with healthy Levels of Testosterone during and after Menopause have been shown to experience fewer mood swings and emotional instability. Perhaps most significant of all, Testosterone is primarily responsible for female sexual desire.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but Testosterone is actually what generates sexual desire in women, rather than Estrogen. Testosterone not only governs sexual desire, but it also controls sexual ability as well. Women with Testosterone Deficiency are more likely to find sex at best lackluster, and at worst, actually painful.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a member of the androgen family, and is one of the primary steroid hormones produced by the human body. Testosterone is a derivative of cholesterol, as are all hormones associated with sexual differentiation. Testosterone is directly produced from a parent hormone known as DHEA. Although Testosterone has been regarded as the quintessential hormone which makes a boy become a man, Testosterone is hormonally active in the bodies of both men and women.

In males, Testosterone is primarily produced by the testes, but is also released to a lesser extent by the adrenal glands. The testes have the capability to produce Testosterone at a much faster rate than any other organ in the human body. Females obviously lack testes, but the ovaries also have the capability to produce their own Testosterone, albeit in far lower amounts. The female adrenal glands also produce Testosterone via the same mechanism as male adrenal glands.

Low Testosterone Often Caused by Ovarian Complications

Because the female ovaries are primarily responsible for feminine Testosterone Production, women that have had their ovaries shut down or surgically removed are universally at significant risk of Testosterone Deficiency and the medical issues related to such hormonal decline.

Women with Normal Testosterone Production usually boast healthy sex drives, but women that suffer from Low-T suffer in the bedroom, because their hormonal imbalance severely disrupts sex drive, sometimes leaving women completely disinterested in the act of sex.

Symptoms of Female Low-T Disorder and the Goal of Female Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone plays numerous roles in female health. Testosterone is absolutely essential in order to maintain the physiological strength of the bones. It also greatly stimulates the development of muscle tissue, controlling the maximum level of both physical strength and muscle tone in women.

Testosterone, in addition to Human Growth Hormone and other hormones, also stimulates proper metabolism, helping prevent and postpone fatigue, allowing an individual to work out harder or longer. Outside of the weight room, proper Testosterone Levels help both women and men remain bustling with energy throughout the day. In addition to dopamine and other hormones related to proper mental health, Testosterone helps promote a positive outlook on life.

Although Testosterone is best known for its association with muscle health and development, the hormone is also the central hormone in regard to female libido and sex drive. Testosterone is not only responsible for promoting a yearning for sexual fulfillment, it also directly impacts a woman's pleasure in regard to sexual activity.

body shapes compared to the apple and pear

Healthy Testosterone Levels actually heighten the sensitivity of both the clitoris and the nipples. Women with Low-Testosterone often have trouble achieving orgasm because Declining Testosterone Levels actually have the capability to numb the physiological response to sexual stimulation. Testosterone not only puts a woman in the mood, it is actually the hormone which allows for any form of sexual fulfillment.

Testosterone and Menopause

Although Menopause and Peri-Menopause are primarily conceived in relationship to their significant impact on Estrogen Production, the feminine mid-life change also leads to significant changes in the production of other hormones such as Testosterone as well. Menopause impacts Testosterone Production in a much more gradual manner than it affects Estrogen secretion. Although the change occurs more slowly in regard to Testosterone Release, it is common for women to produce fifty percent less Testosterone after Menopause than they did before Peri-Menopause began.

To put this in numerical terms, just after puberty, most young women have a Testosterone Level that hovers around seventy nanograms per deciliter. By the time that Menopause occurs, Daily Testosterone Production drops to forty nanograms per deciliter or less.

Although these changes occur in a similar fashion in every woman, the way that the body responds to that single chemical change can vary tremendously. Every woman's internal physiology is unique, and many women begin to experience significant declines in physical health or sexual desire as a result of this hormonal change, although other women may not experience a significant change in sexual desire at this point in their lives.

Women that go through through the process of hysterectomy or oophorectomy are at an even greater risk of experiencing issues as a result of Low Testosterone. Shutting down the ovaries separates the body from its primary source of Endogenous Testosterone, drastically reducing Testosterone Production to a rate far below a woman that has experienced Menopause with her ovaries intact and otherwise functional.

Stress and Testosterone Production

Stress can also impact the production of Testosterone in women. Testosterone is a member of the steroid family, and all of these hormones are related and interconnected because they are made up of the same components and utilize the same pool of resources. Under normal circumstances, there is a general equilibrium set which encourages optimal health.

As we grow older, or if we allow our health to deteriorate, our body's ability to maintain that equilibrium declines. Although we often think of stress as a purely emotional response, stress produces an intense physiological response which can easily become pathological. Everyone experiences a certain level of stress in their life, but if you allow stress to take control of you, you can actually alter your internal hormonal chemistry, negatively impacting your short term health and increasing your risk of long-term mortality.

Testosterone, Stress, and Cortisol

Stress primarily affects health by stimulating the production of a hormone known as Cortisol. Cortisol is beneficial in regard to short term stress, because it adapts the body to situations where an individual is at immediate risk. It also drastically changes the human perception of pain, allowing us to function even in times of great physical or emotional stress.

The problem with Cortisol, however, is that the body primarily produces Cortisol by diverting DHEA from Testosterone Production to Cortisol Production. Long-Term stress debilitates the human body's ability to produce natural Cortisol and can lead to severe Testosterone Deficiency in both men and women.

In addition to this, Cortisol also directly negatively impacts physical and mental health over time when released in excess. It encourages unhealthy cholesterol levels, increases feelings of fatigue, and actually has negative effects upon long term pain management if stress is not controlled over time.

Symptoms of High Cortisol and Low Testosterone

Increased stress levels also have the ability to contribute to the early onset of the many symptoms related to Peri-Menopause as a woman approaches her early 40s. High levels of Cortisol, combined with Low Levels of Testosterone, can directly lead to the development of the following symptoms:

  • Reduced Energy and Increased Fatigue
  • Increased Wrinkles and Decreased Skin Health
  • Brittle and Thinning Hair
  • Increased Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Atrophy of Muscle Tone
  • Increased Development of Adipose Fat
  • Reduced Libido

In addition to stress and age-related Testosterone Decline, certain pharmaceutical drugs can also hinder the body's ability to appropriately produce Testosterone. Any surgery which directly impacts the ovaries can also lead to a decline in Testosterone.

How do I Cure Female Testosterone Deficiency?

BioIdentical Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy is an easy and effective way to alleviate and resolve issues related to Feminine Low-T. There are simple tests which can uncover your ability to produce Endogenous Testosterone, and a medical professional, like the physicians at the Conscious Evolution Institute, can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your hormonal balance. If you are shown to have a legitimate Testosterone Deficiency, our clinic can provide you with Testosterone Replacement Treatments in order to resolve your hormonal imbalance.

Types of Testosterone Therapy

Our physicians and clinical specialists will work with you to design a program which fits both your needs and your budget in order to help you live a happier, healthier life. There are a number of different means by which to deliver Testosterone HRT. Originally, Testosterone could only be delivered by injection, but today, there are a number of different treatment options, including:

Testosterone Injections - These injections are delivered directly into the muscle tissue. Some treatment programs require weekly shots, while other Testosterone blends may only be administered bi-weekly.

Testosterone Creams - Dermal Testosterone Gels work by simply massaging Testosterone into the skin, where the hormone dissolves quickly and is processed by the body. Where Testosterone Injections are generally weekly or bi-weekly, Testosterone Dermal Creams are applied more frequently.

Testosterone Sprays - One of the newest forms of Testosterone Delivery is via spray. Testosterone sprays work similar to Testosterone Creams, but Spray Testosterone is administered to the body via an aerosol mixture which is more quickly absorbed into the body. Although Testosterone Sprays work similarly to creams, there is less mess, and the patient spends less time administering the medication and waiting for it to dry.

Testosterone Sub-Dermal Implants - Another relatively new form of Testosterone Hormone Treatment comes in the form of implantable pellets which release Testosterone just under the surface of the skin. These pellets do not affect the appearance of the area in any way, and deliver Testosterone for the longest period of time per treatment compared to any other therapy. Your physician will make a small incision and place the beads just under the skin. These beads provide a healthy dose of Testosterone per day, and the pellets release the hormone slowly and steadily over the course of weeks.

Testosterone Patches - Testosterone Patches are placed upon the body and held in place by an adhesive glue. These patches deliver Testosterone directly to the body over time, allowing for a slow and steady release of the hormone. These patches are generally replaced daily, and provide Testosterone in a manner more steady than perhaps any other method besides the Testosterone Pellets.

The Conscious Evolution Institute: Patient Tailored Hormone Replacement Therapy

When you talk to your Hormone Replacement Doctor, you can choose the option which sounds most appropriate for your individual case. In addition to providing Testosterone Treatments, our staff will also tailor a health and wellness regimen in order for you to get the most out of your treatment.

Our staff will provide or recommend minerals, vitamins, and supplements in order to optimize your physiological health and help you make general life-choices which will further improve your life. We also have nutritional specialists which will work with you to design a diet plan which will help you drop the pounds if you are overweight, or just help you maintain a healthy and natural body weight.

Our staff can also help you create a fitness and workout regimen that will help you make the most out of your increased energy and motivation in order to tone and shape your body and preserve a stronger, healthier figure as you age.

We discussed earlier how stress is an issue which severely affects Testosterone Levels and compounds issues related to Testosterone Deficiency. We also provide counseling on how to relieve stress in your life and adapt to everyday challenges which contribute to that stress. There are numerous methods which work to relieve stress.

Physical therapies such as yoga calm the mind by encouraging a focus on muscle positioning and flexibility. Meditation is another option which resolves stress by teaching an individual how to calm the mind as well as placing an extreme emphasis on cognitive control. Even simple things in our daily life that we often overlook, such as time and crisis management can play a powerful role in resolving excess stress.

All of this is provided in combination with our Clinically Tested Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy in order to help you enjoy the health benefits of a healthier life in addition to encouraging the various physical, mental, and sexual benefits provided by Testosterone Creams, Patches, and Injections.

How Does Testosterone Benefit the Body?

We mentioned earlier that Testosterone is considered the primary male androgen produced by the human body, although women need the Hormone just as badly in order to preserve their natural physiological health throughout their lives. Female Testosterone Levels peak around the age of twenty, and Natural Female Testosterone Production declines slowly throughout the course of the rest of their lives. This natural decline in Testosterone Levels occurs more quickly than in males, and by the time a woman is in her forties, Normal Testosterone Production can drop by as much as fifty percent.

Male Testosterone Benefits

In males, Testosterone is connected with a number of physiological functions:

  • Testosterone encourages natural development of boys into men as a result of puberty, leading to an increase in muscle mass and body hair, as well as changes in vocal tone and physical assertiveness and aggression.
  • Testosterone also produces and maintains a normal and healthy sex drive. Without healthy Testosterone Levels, Male sexual ability and desire potentially decline rapidly, dependent upon the severity of the deficiency. Severe Low-T can even result in reduced fertility or inability to become aroused.
  • Low Testosterone can also reduce competitiveness and assertiveness, leaving a man less in control of his own life. Testosterone plays a major part in the natural male desire to compete and succeed. Men in many professions rely on their Testosterone in order to achieve their best whether or not they actually realize it.
  • In correlation with this loss of assertiveness, males can also experience an increase in feelings of apprehension, self-doubt, and depression. Although male patients often become less assertive and aggressive overall, this can lead to increased feelings of irritation and annoyance which can cause a man to become more socially or emotionally isolated from those around him.
  • Testosterone Deficiency in men also leads to changes in the structural foundations of the body: the muscles and bones. Testosterone is the primary hormone which causes men to be stronger than women. As Testosterone Levels Decline, men often find that their ability to build and maintain muscle mass is reduced severely. In addition to this, the bones rely on Testosterone in order to maintain their firmness and strength, and Testosterone Deficiency can cause the bones to weaken and become less resistant to stress and more prone to fractures and breaks with age.

Female Testosterone Benefits

In females, Testosterone plays a number of significant roles, which in many cases are similar to the roles played by Male Testosterone.

Testosterone Enables Female Sexuality

Although Estrogen is the primary hormone associated with female puberty and sexual development, sexual ability, desire, and arousal are intricately linked to Testosterone Levels. When Testosterone Levels become depleted, females suffer intense and unwanted changes in their sexuality. The innate desire for romantic activity falls, and can even leave certain women completely disinterested.

Also, women who experience Testosterone Deficiency have a seriously reduced ability to experience pleasure in sexual activity, which can not only eliminate the ability to climax, but can actually numb the body to the joy of sex.

Testosterone for Women Doctor

Finally, Low-T can also reduce the feminine ability to even perform in the bedroom. Women have to experience arousal to be ready for sex too, although many (or even most) men don't fully realize it. Testosterone promotes the physiological changes that take place in order to prepare the female body for sexual activity. Testosterone production is what creates the feminine lubrication which encourages successful penetration. Testosterone also promotes the deepening of the vagina via the retraction of the uterus, which allows and encourages deeper, more satisfying sex for both partners. Without Testosterone, normal sex can become almost impossible without proper lubrication and other necessary physiological reactions to arousal.

Testosterone Reinforces the Bones

Like men, Testosterone is also associated with bone health. Although for women, Estrogen is more important for bone health during the aging process, Testosterone Deficiency also inhibits the healthy maintenance of bone tissue as well. Osteoporosis is one of the most dangerous physiological disorders associated with the aging process, primarily as a result of how insidious the progression of the disease happens to be.

Osteoporosis is incredibly difficult to detect, but over time can have an incredibly detrimental and even life-threatening effect on the physical integrity of the body. Osteoporosis is the result of any health issue which leads to an overall leeching of calcium and other minerals from the bones, leaving them porous and incredibly prone to fractures and breaks.

Testosterone primarily encourages the healthy formation of bone via organs known as osteoblasts, which recycle aging bone material and renew it through a process known as remodeling. Without proper Testosterone levels, structures known as osteoclasts become dominant. These structures play an important role in bone health because they pull aging calcium and other minerals from the bones to be processed and recycled by osteoblasts. Osteoporosis arises because Testosterone Deficiency causes the osteoclasts to leech these minerals from the bones faster than they can be recycled, which slowly, yet dangerously, weaken the bones in the process.

Testosterone Prevents Age-Related Weight Gain

Testosterone Deficiency encourages increased weight gain in women as a result of the increased development of adipose fat. Testosterone plays an integral part in healthy metabolism, along with Human Growth Hormone.

Testosterone encourages larger, more energy demanding muscles, which speed up the breakdown of fat by increasing overall metabolism. Testosterone also plays a role in helping control the balance of the feminine hormones Progesterone and Estrogen. When Estrogen begins to fluctuate both during and after Menopause, Testosterone starts to play an even larger role in hormonal balance, preventing the body from accumulating too much Estrogen in relation to Progesterone.

Although levels of both Estrogen and Progesterone decline as a result of Menopause, the decline in Progesterone tends to be sharper, especially when Testosterone Levels are particularly deficient. Estrogen dominance encourages the onset of weight gain and obesity in both sexes.

Women have a naturally higher BMI than their male counterparts because of a combination of naturally higher Estrogen levels and lower Testosterone Levels, and the female body is designed around that fact. Testosterone Deficiency unbalances the equation and puts women at risk for rapid weight gain.

Healthy Testosterone Levels Encourages Heart Health

Testosterone also protects the heart in both men and women. Males naturally produce enough Testosterone throughout the lifespan so that Testosterone Deficiency starts to impact heart health much later than for females. Early hypotheses regarding Testosterone assumed that Testosterone was the reason why men tended to deal with cardiovascular issues at an earlier age, but all evidence shows that Normal Testosterone Levels have a restorative effect upon the health of the heart.

For women, age-related changes in Testosterone Levels can have a much more dangerous effect on the heart. Studies have shown that Testosterone Replacement Therapy has the ability to increase the heart's capacity for exercise as well as reduce the risk of heart failure in healthier patients. Testosterone HRT may also partially relieve the negative effects of heart failure among female patients that already deal with the disease. Low Testosterone levels are also highly correlated with increased risk for coronary artery disease and poor cholesterol levels in both sexes.

Testosterone HRT is About Hormone Optimization

Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy has the ability to increase internal Testosterone Levels to a healthy point of balance. For Men, Testosterone is effective on its own as a means to restore waning Testosterone, but for women, Testosterone alone is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in female patients. For women, Testosterone must be used in combination with Estrogen in order to provide maximum benefit without impacting the safety of the therapy.

Also, Testosterone should only be used in doses which are adequate to restore naturally feminine levels of Testosterone production. Testosterone Overdose in women can result in the formation of male-like traits such as vastly increased muscle mass, body hair, and a deepening of the voice.

Testosterone Abuse can also adversely affect heart health, increasing the risk of heart disease and raising cholesterol. Only optimal use of Testosterone has been shown to increase the health of the heart in both sexes, and both Testosterone Deficiency and Testosterone Abuse negatively impact the heart.

Testosterone Replacement Restores Healthy Testosterone Levels

The goal of the Conscious Evolution Institute in regard to Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is to restore physiologically youthful levels of the two hormones in order to benefit patients that are suffering from the symptoms of Age-Related Hormonal Decline.

There is growing evidence that restoring natural feminine Levels of Testosterone can produce a number of significant benefits to female patients while not causing significant health risks as a result of the treatment.

If you are a woman and you are having trouble lighting a fire in the bedroom, or feel that you may be suffering from Age-Related Testosterone Deficiency, we invite you to call the Conscious Evolution Institute today for a free consultation!

Which Women are Most Likely to Experience Testosterone Deficiency?

Women That Have Had Their Ovaries Removed

Women that have had their ovaries surgically removed are likely to experience significant issues as a result of Testosterone Deficiency. This medical procedure is known as an oophorectomy. The removal of the ovaries leads directly to a sharp and significant decline in the natural production of Testosterone, because the ovaries are the primary glands which secrete the hormone.

Women with Nonfunctional Ovaries

Women that have had to undergo chemotherapy sometimes have ovaries which have ceased to function properly. These patients can experience severe Testosterone Deficiency as soon as their ovaries become dysfunctional. If chemotherapy has completely shut down the ovaries, women can utilize Testosterone Hormone Treatments at any age. Testosterone Treatments are generally not recommended for any patient who is in an immediate position to conceive, but in the case of younger, yet infertile, women, this is not an issue.

Women with Secondary Hypogonadism

Women with certain hypothalamic or pituitary insufficiencies often suffer from Testosterone Deficiency. Although in women, Testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands and the ovaries, the production of Testosterone is mainly controlled by hormonal messages sent from the pituitary and hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus uses a hormone known as Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone in order to deliver the command to the pituitary that increased levels of Testosterone are needed. The pituitary then secretes a hormone known as luteinizing hormone in response to the message from the hypothalamus.

Luteinizing hormone then travels through the bloodstream to the ovaries and adrenal glands and directly stimulates the production of Testosterone. In males, luteinizing hormones travels to organs known as Leydig Cells within the Testes, which also produce Testosterone. Any deficiency of Luteinizing Hormone or Gonadotrophin-Releasing Hormone can directly cause Testosterone Deficiency in female patients.

Testosterone For Women

This form of Testosterone Deficiency is known as Secondary Hypogonadism. Although there are multiple treatment options available which may be able to resolve this disorder more directly, Testosterone Replacement is a commonly used treatment option in order to alleviate the symptoms of Low-T among female patients.

Menopausal Women, or Women Approaching Menopause

Women that are currently experiencing Peri-Menopause or Menopause are at enhanced risk of Testosterone Deficiency. Everyone knows about the drastic changes which occur in Estrogen Levels as a result of Menopause, but did you know that Menopause also affects the production of other hormones as well? The majority of female patients that suffer from Low-Testosterone experience the disorder for reasons related directly to the natural process of aging.

Testosterone Levels begin to drop more quickly during the years associated with Menopause, and this can exacerbate issues related to Menopause. If Estrogen Treatments don't seem to appropriately resolve the side-effects of Menopause or Peri-Menopause, you may also be suffering as a result of dwindling Testosterone Levels. Testosterone Deficiency generally becomes symptomatic in the three years before Menopause occurs, as well as the five years after Menopause.

Which Women Should Not Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Pregnant Women or Women that May Become Pregnant

If you are pregnant or are considering pregnancy, you should not use Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone can negatively impact the female fetus, causing it to develop masculine traits. Only use Testosterone before Menopause if you are absolutely certain that pregnancy is not an issue in your particular case. If you are sexually active, you should only use Testosterone Treatments with highly effective birth control.

Those with Breast or Uterine Cancer

Women that currently have uterine or breast cancer should not consider Testosterone Treatments, because Testosterone has not been proven safe in these patients. There is currently absolutely no evidence that Testosterone Therapy causes these forms of cancer, however.

Although there is not enough evidence to suggest that Testosterone is appropriate, new research suggests that appropriate doses of Testosterone may have the ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Testosterone is hypothesized to protect against breast cancer by slowing down the rate at which breast tissue cells replicate.

Women that Have Experienced These Cancers in the Past

If you have a history of uterine cancer or breast cancer, you should avoid Testosterone Injections, Creams and Sprays. Although these forms of cancer may be in remission, there is no definitive scientific evidence that Testosterone is safe for patients that have struggled with these cancers in the past.

Women with Cardiovascular Disease

Females that are suffering from heart disease should avoid Testosterone Treatments. Although there is evidence that Testosterone Replacement may actually benefit older patients with heart disease, the treatment option still needs to undergo further analysis and study before it can be recommended. Check back on this one.

In a few years, there will likely be sufficient evidence to support this treatment. Testosterone Overdose, on the other hand, is dangerous for both male and female patients because of the increased risk of heart disease.

Those that Struggle with Highly Elevated Cholesterol

Women with High Cholesterol should not use Testosterone Creams, Patches, or Injections until they control their cholesterol levels. Medical use of Testosterone in women has been shown to cause a very slight increase in cholesterol. One study suggests that the increase may be around six percent.

If you have your levels of cholesterol controlled, this should not be an issue, and the medical benefits of Testosterone should outweigh the negatives, but if you do have high cholesterol, it may be in your best interests to either control the medical issue or seek another form of therapy. It should be noted that research regarding Women, Testosterone, and Cholesterol is fairly preliminary and scientific theories are subject to change.

Those with Liver Problems Should Avoid Testosterone Treatments

Patients with liver disease should not use Testosterone. Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy does not have a negative effect upon the liver in healthy patients, but with patients that have livers which are not fully functional as a result of liver disease or other medical issues involving the organ may be at an increased risk of health complications because their bodies are not up to the task of processing increased levels of hormones such as Testosterone.

Note: Never Take Testosterone Orally!

It should be noted that Testosterone should never be orally ingested, because Oral Forms of Testosterone have been linked to liver failure and other liver complications. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by the human body, and the digestive system is not designed to process Testosterone pills.

Long term abuse of Oral Testosterone can be very dangerous and we heartily recommend against the use of this product. On top of that, Oral Testosterone is not effective because the stomach breaks down Testosterone into component amino acids, negating direct benefits associated with other forms of Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments. In other words, Oral Testosterone is a scam.

Testosterone HRT: The Best Choice for Female Sexual Dysfunction

For many women that suffer from Low-T, Testosterone Hormone Therapy has an immense effect upon the sex drive and everything associated with it. Testosterone HRT has the capability to make sex exciting again, and not just a chore. Do you find yourself making excuses when your partner is in the mood for love? Do you still love your partner, but feel like the spark has evaporated for reasons that you cannot readily explain? This is very likely the result of Testosterone Deficiency.

Before choosing Testosterone Creams, Gels, or Patches in order to resolve sexual dysfunction, we recommend that you be sure that your sexual dissatisfaction is not the result of other issues which may be having a negative impact on your life or your love life. Testosterone Replacement Treatment is not an antidote to an unhealthy or incompatible relationship, it is a medical treatment which resolves innate hormonal issues which leave you unable to enjoy life in the bedroom.

Testosterone Does More Than Just Light Up the Bedroom

Testosterone with Estrogen has been proven to be able to alleviate mild depression, reduce feelings of stress, and increase overall well-being, but before you choose Testosterone HRT, come to your doctor with the confidence that your romantic issues are not the result of interpersonal problems that hinder your ability to enjoy the company and advances of your partner.

If Low-T is the primary cause of your inability to be passionate in the bedroom, you will likely experience a number of positive benefits. Testosterone Replacement has been scientifically proven to increase the frequency of sexual fantasy and thought.

In addition to this, Healthy Testosterone Levels prime the female body for sexual activity, preparing her body for sex and increasing her sensitivity to foreplay and penetration. Testosterone HRT has the capability to tremendously enhance libido in both male and female patients with Low Testosterone.

Every Woman Responds to Testosterone in a Unique Way

Scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between Female Testosterone Levels and sexual desire, but this link is not definitive and every woman is different. Some women with relatively Low Testosterone can have burgeoning sex drives while others with High Levels of Testosterone may have an average or low libido.

The highest correlation between sex drive and Testosterone seems to be intrapersonal and over time. The further away that a woman is away from her peak Testosterone levels, the more likely that she will experience bedroom deficiencies as a result. Of course, this isn't always the case, and some women may survive Testosterone Decline with a voracious appetite for sex, but if your sex drive seems to be decreasing as you grow older, it is extremely likely that Testosterone Deficiency is the root cause.

Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy is about increasing Testosterone Levels conscientiously in order to restore desire, rather than seeking to reach some golden value which applies to all women.

Reevaluate your Testosterone Status Every Six Months

For Women, Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy is only initially recommended for a six month period. At least every six months you should make a new appointment with your doctor in order to ensure that the therapy is still needed for a longer period of time.

Beyond six months, the risks of Testosterone HRT can increase slightly in female patients, and it is up to your physician to properly assess the risks and benefits of continued therapy. For many patients, one six month period of Testosterone Treatment may be effective, especially for patients undergoing Peri-Menopause or Menopause that experience more severe symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency as a result of the severity of hormonal changes going on in their body so quickly.

Certain, Potentially At-Risk Patients Should Be Cautious with Testosterone

To date, there is no clear and definitive evidence as to exactly how Testosterone Replacement negatively affects cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, or proper blood clotting. As a result of this, patients that are at increased risk for these issues are recommended to be incredibly cautious, as well as open with their prescribing physician regarding their medical history.

There is theoretical evidence that the risk of these medical issues may be increased because some Testosterone present in the body is naturally converted to Estrogen. Some Testosterone Replacement Therapy Regimens may include antagonists which discourage the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen.

One of the primary reasons that Testosterone Treatments must be monitored every six months is because it is important to ensure that Estrogen Levels stay healthy and normalized in order to appropriately minimize the risk of negative side-effects.

Symptoms of Female Testosterone Overdose

Although Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy can be an effective treatment for various symptoms related to Low-T, there are certain symptoms that are associated with the abuse and overuse of the drug. We must reiterate that the goal of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not to inundate the body with Testosterone, but just to restore hormone levels to a rate which is more physiologically appropriate for a healthy woman or man.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you are taking a dose of Testosterone which is too high and should immediately consult a doctor in order to adjust your dose or suspend therapy:

  • Abnormal issues with aggression or anger
  • Increased hair growth across the body
  • Excessively oily skin, or increases in acne
  • Increased size of the clitoris
  • Reduction in breast size
  • Unnatural changes in menstruation
  • Deepening voice or the development of a rasp

All of these issues are completely reversible, except that in some cases changes in voice can be permanent.

Important Note Regarding Compounded Testosterone

Although there is ample evidence that Testosterone can be an effective treatment for female patients that suffer from Low-T, there are no clinical formulations officially on the market which feature Testosterone which are intended for women. Female Testosterone Hormone Treatments are designed and created exclusively by compounding pharmacies which make very specific blends of Testosterone and Estrogen for female consumption.

These compounds have been shown to be safe and effective, but since there is no official Testosterone Treatment designed and explicitly approved by the FDA, there is no officially recognized normal dose or diagnostic test for Female Testosterone Replacement.

Because of this, Testosterone Dosage is generally adjusted according to the symptoms experienced by the patient, and guidelines regarding Testosterone Testing and Blood Work are agreed upon by medical professionals who specialize in these types of treatment, and those that have tested the drugs in a clinical environment.

Testosterone Overdose Has Potentially Negative Consequences

If you feel that Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy can help improve your life, it is vitally important that you understand that appropriate dosage is the key to achieving optimal results with minimal risk of side-effects. There are many people that use Testosterone and are amazed at the results. Because of their high level of satisfaction, there are some that feel that if they only increased the dosage, the results could be even more fantastic.

This could be no further from the truth, especially in female patients. The Conscious Evolution Institute in no way condones the abuse of Testosterone by either Male of Female patients, and we do not provide Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy without proof and proper diagnosis of hormonal deficiency and physiological need.

How to Resolve Female Low-Testosterone with the Conscious Evolution Institute

The Conscious Evolution Institute is fully equipped to help you relieve the symptoms of Low-T. Recombinant Testosterone HRT is the most effective tool to alleviate the effects of Testosterone Deficiency. If your consultation suggests that you may be suffering from a Deficiency of Testosterone, we can quickly and easily arrange for diagnostic testing to discover if our treatments are right for you.

Our clinic partners with the blood testing corporation, LabCorp, in order to provide you with quick and easy blood testing that can provide us with a clear image of your Testosterone Levels, as well as a number of other blood tests provided in order to assess your overall health condition.

If your blood testing shows that you suffer from Low-T, and that there are no barriers which prohibit treatment, our kind and knowledgeable staff can use the data provided by your blood testing, personal history, and routine physical in order to recommend treatment options which they feel will provide the most potent benefit to both your health and your pocketbook.

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To find out more about Testosterone HRT, or any of the other therapies that we provide, we encourage you to call or contact the Conscious Evolution Institute today. We provide initial evaluation and consultation at no cost to you, and we can answer any questions you have about the life-changing Hormone Replacement Treatments that we offer.


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All of our Board Certified Medical Physicians and Doctors are knowledgeable specialists in prescribing HGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin, and HCG Weight Loss Diet. Our HRT Doctors have a minimum of 20 years expertise providing legitimate prescription programs for hormone optimization and hormone replacement therapy.

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Norditropin Pen System is activated with first usage and can be used for three weeks without any refrigeration, Pen will last 4 weeks with refrigeration after which potency might begin to degrade. Pens not being used must be refrigerated.


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Tev Tropin comes with multi-dosage vials which you mix with bacteriostatic water to activate. Refrigeration between usage is always required. Mixed and unmixed vials must be refrigerated.

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Testosterone Therapy Benefits

Correctly performed testosterone therapy can be your ticket to health.

Three sided solution: Testosterone + HCG + Arimidex

If your doctor only prescribes testosterone by itself, you will probably have a rough ride. The tendency is for you to feel great the first couple months, while you increase testosterone levels, followed by a slow deterioration, once your estrogen creeps up.

High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

For some, small testicles may seem like just a cosmetic problem. But HGC does more than increase testicle size, it also increases adrenal function, which can have positive effects on well-being, libido, and energy.

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Ageless By Suzanne Somers. The naked truth about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a comprehensive book about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by Suzanne Somers. The book discusses the revolutionary medicine of HRT....


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