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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019


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  • Zip Code: 75061 Dallas Irving Texas :: 0.51 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75014 Dallas Irving Texas :: 0.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75037 Dallas Irving Texas :: 1.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75062 Dallas Irving Texas :: 1.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75017 Dallas Irving Texas :: 1.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75326 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 2.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75060 Dallas Irving Texas :: 2.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75261 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 2.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75039 Dallas Irving Texas :: 3.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75038 Dallas Irving Texas :: 3.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75015 Dallas Irving Texas :: 4.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75354 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 4.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75050 Dallas Grand Prairie Texas :: 4.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75016 Dallas Irving Texas :: 4.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75247 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 4.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75356 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 4.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76155 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 5.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75220 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 5.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75387 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75266 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75212 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75063 Dallas Irving Texas :: 6.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75368 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75054 Dallas Grand Prairie Texas :: 6.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76039 Tarrant Euless Texas :: 6.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75265 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75235 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75229 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75378 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 6.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75053 Dallas Grand Prairie Texas :: 6.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75340 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75342 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75343 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75211 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75258 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75051 Dallas Grand Prairie Texas :: 7.67 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75398 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76006 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 7.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75234 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 7.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76005 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 7.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75209 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76040 Tarrant Euless Texas :: 8.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75373 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75381 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75219 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75207 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75260 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76011 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 8.85 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75369 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75019 Dallas Coppell Texas :: 8.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75099 Dallas Coppell Texas :: 8.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75264 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75267 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 8.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75208 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75284 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75283 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75285 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75364 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75397 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75392 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75386 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75286 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75312 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75262 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75263 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76051 Tarrant Grapevine Texas :: 9.16 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75396 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75310 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.33 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75011 Dallas Carrollton Texas :: 9.33 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75006 Dallas Carrollton Texas :: 9.64 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75205 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76099 Tarrant Grapevine Texas :: 9.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75202 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75242 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75245 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75270 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 9.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76021 Tarrant Bedford Texas :: 10 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75201 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75221 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75222 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75250 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75320 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75313 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75344 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.14 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75244 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75388 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76010 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 10.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75225 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75393 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.25 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75233 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75204 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75236 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76007 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 10.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76095 Tarrant Bedford Texas :: 10.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75275 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76022 Tarrant Bedford Texas :: 10.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76004 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 10.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76002 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 10.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75380 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75367 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75230 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 10.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75376 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75395 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75372 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75224 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.09 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75206 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75391 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76019 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 11.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75371 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75303 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75246 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75226 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75203 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76012 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 11.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75052 Dallas Grand Prairie Texas :: 11.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76034 Tarrant Colleyville Texas :: 11.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75315 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 11.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75359 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75360 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76014 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 12.23 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75116 Dallas Duncanville Texas :: 12.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75363 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75358 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75254 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75240 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76053 Tarrant Hurst Texas :: 12.53 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75251 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.53 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75007 Denton Carrollton Texas :: 12.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75214 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76054 Tarrant Hurst Texas :: 12.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75001 Dallas Addison Texas :: 12.64 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75231 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75382 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75237 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75301 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75138 Dallas Duncanville Texas :: 12.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75223 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.95 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75215 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 12.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75249 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75339 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.17 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76094 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 13.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76092 Tarrant Southlake Texas :: 13.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76096 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 13.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75210 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75216 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75323 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75370 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75248 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.51 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76120 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 13.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76013 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 13.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76182 Tarrant North Richland Hills Texas :: 13.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75287 Collin Dallas Texas :: 13.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76118 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 13.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75232 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 13.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76015 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 13.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76018 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 14.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75137 Dallas Duncanville Texas :: 14.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75277 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 14.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75374 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 14.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75379 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 14.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75243 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 14.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75057 Denton Lewisville Texas :: 14.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75077 Denton Lewisville Texas :: 14.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75029 Denton Lewisville Texas :: 14.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76185 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 14.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75394 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 14.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76180 Tarrant North Richland Hills Texas :: 14.91 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76124 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 14.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75355 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 15.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75238 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 15.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75218 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 15.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75390 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 15.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75252 Collin Dallas Texas :: 15.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75027 Denton Flower Mound Texas :: 15.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76181 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 15.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75028 Denton Flower Mound Texas :: 15.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75067 Denton Lewisville Texas :: 15.85 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75083 Dallas Richardson Texas :: 15.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76112 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 15.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75022 Denton Flower Mound Texas :: 15.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75080 Dallas Richardson Texas :: 16.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75010 Denton Carrollton Texas :: 16.09 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75228 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 16.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75357 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 16.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76017 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 16.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75093 Collin Plano Texas :: 16.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76016 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 16.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75241 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 16.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75389 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 16.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75227 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 16.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75081 Dallas Richardson Texas :: 16.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76001 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 16.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75106 Dallas Cedar Hill Texas :: 16.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76148 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 16.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75085 Dallas Richardson Texas :: 17.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76003 Tarrant Arlington Texas :: 17.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75115 Dallas Desoto Texas :: 17.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75104 Dallas Cedar Hill Texas :: 17.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75042 Dallas Garland Texas :: 17.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75134 Dallas Lancaster Texas :: 17.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76117 Tarrant Haltom City Texas :: 17.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75123 Dallas Desoto Texas :: 17.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75045 Dallas Garland Texas :: 17.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75056 Denton The Colony Texas :: 18 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75353 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 18.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75217 Dallas Dallas Texas :: 18.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76244 Tarrant Keller Texas :: 18.18 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75041 Dallas Garland Texas :: 18.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76103 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 18.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75075 Collin Plano Texas :: 18.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75047 Dallas Garland Texas :: 18.51 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76248 Tarrant Keller Texas :: 18.8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76262 Denton Roanoke Texas :: 19.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75024 Collin Plano Texas :: 19.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76299 Denton Roanoke Texas :: 19.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76137 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 19.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76105 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 19.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75150 Dallas Mesquite Texas :: 19.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75046 Dallas Garland Texas :: 19.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75082 Dallas Richardson Texas :: 19.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76060 Tarrant Kennedale Texas :: 19.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75065 Denton Lake Dallas Texas :: 19.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76111 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 19.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 76197 Tarrant Fort Worth Texas :: 19.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75026 Collin Plano Texas :: 19.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 75086 Collin Plano Texas :: 19.99 Miles

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Irving Texas Sermorelin Growth Hormone Restoration

For patients that are interested in HGH Alternatives, our HRT Clinic also offers Sermorelin Therapy to patients in Irving Texas. Sermorelin Acetate is a medical treatment which is designed to safely stimulate the normal and natural release of Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland. HGH Injections are designed to replace your body's waning ability to produce sufficient Growth Hormone, whereas Sermorelin promotes the production of the hormone by simulating the function of GH-RH, or Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone. For most patients suffering from issues stemming from Somatopause or Age-Related HGH Deficiency, Sermorelin is just as effective as Human Growth Hormone at restoring Hormone Balance.

Those interested in Buying HGH Online might benefit from learning that Sermorelin is also less expensive than Human Growth Hormone, and can also be prescribed off-label, giving Hormone Specialists some leeway when offering the treatment to patients.

Irving Texas Information

Irving Texas is situated in northwest Dallas County and is one of the largest suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Irving was one of the very first cities in the United States to be designed from the top down before it was built and settled. The city was named after Washington Irving and was designed by Otis Brown and Otto Schulze.

Irving Economy and Jobs

Because of the city's business climate and relative location to both Dallas and Fort Worth, Irving is a popular city for major businesses and corporations to operate from, including Michaels, La Quinta Inn, ExxonMobil, and Chuck E. Cheese. Some of the largest employers in Irving include Microsoft, Nokia, Allstate, Verizon, and Citigroup. Irving is notable for having survived the recent recession, not only sustaining itself, but growing both in population and wealth. Irving is also located close to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States.

Things to See and Do in Irving Texas

Until recently, the Dallas Cowboys played in Irving Texas, at Texas Stadium, and the stadium is still used for a number of sporting events, especially for neutral-site college football games. The Irving Convention Center also hosts a number of events, including ZestFest and Comicon. There are a number of museums and other points of interest, including the Ruth Paine House Museum, the Bear Creek Heritage Center, and the National Scouting Museum.

Places to Live in Irving Texas

Some of the most notable districts in Irving Texas are Valley Ranch, the Heritage District, and Los Colinas. Valley Ranch was once a cattle ranch, and is now reinvisioned, and home to more than thirty thousand people. The Heritage District was the original site of Irving, and is still considered one of the best places to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. The district also has a few notable outdoor spaces and historical locations, including Centennial Park, Heritage House, and Heritage Park.

Los Colinas is another planned residential and commercial district of Irving, created in the early 1970s by Ben Carpenter. The area is well-recognized for its beauty and its potential for outdoor enjoyment. Today, Los Colinas is also the urban heart of Irving Texas, surrounded by wonderful lakes and parkspace. The Irving Arts Center, the University of Dallas, and Northlake College are all located in this area.

All About Irving, Texas Geographic Area

Irving (pronounced 'er-ving') is a city located in the U.S. state of Texas within Dallas County. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city population was 216,290 making it the thirteenth most populous city in the state of Texas. Irving is within the Dallas–Plano–Irving metropolitan division of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area, designated by the U.S. Census Bureau and colloquially referred to as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Irving could possibly be also part of Tarrant County since some areas of Irving has the area code 817 that serves Tarrant County. Irving is also part of the Mid-Cities.

Irving contains the Las Colinas area, which was one of the first master-planned developments in the United States and once the largest mixed-use development in the Southwest with a land area of more than 12,000 acres (4,856 ha). Las Colinas includes the Mustangs at Las Colinas, which is the largest equestrian sculpture in the world. A 40-acre (160,000 m2) tract in Las Colinas is home to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, completed in January 2011.

The Dallas Cowboys played at the now-demolished Texas Stadium in Irving from 1971 to 2008. The city plans to build an extensive mixed-use project that spans State Highway 114 on the site. The lead developer is Forest City Enterprises, which is rehabilitating the old Mercantile complex in downtown Dallas into a Rockefeller Center-style mixed-use project.

Part of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which serves the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, is inside the city limits of Irving. It is also home to ExxonMobil.

Irving was founded in 1903 by J.O. "Otto" Schulze and Otis Brown. It is believed that literary author Washington Irving was a favorite of Netta Barcus Brown, and consequently the name of the town site, Irving, was chosen. Irving originally began in 1889 as an area called Gorbit, and in 1894 the name changed to Kit. Irving was incorporated April 14, 1914, with Otis Brown as the first mayor.

By the late nineteenth century the Irving area was the site of churches, two cotton gins, a blacksmith shop and a general store. The Irving district public school system dates back to the 1909 establishment of Kit and Lively schools. Population growth was slow and sometimes halting, with only 357 residents in 1925, but a significant increase began in the 1930s.

By the early 1960s the city had a population of approximately 45,000. A number of manufacturing plants operated in Irving, along with transportation, retail and financial businesses. The University of Dallas in Irving opened in 1956, and Texas Stadium was completed in 1971 as the home field of the Dallas Cowboys.

Delta Air Lines Flight 191 crashed in Irving on August 2, 1985.

Irving's population reached 155,037 in 1990 and the 2010 Census counted 216,290 residents. Former Irving City Council member Mayor Herbert Gears was elected to a three-year term in June, 2005 and re-elected in May, 2008 defeating Roland Jeter and Rigo Reza.

Joseph Rice recorded the history of Irving in his 1989 book, Irving: A Texas Odyssey (Northridge, California: Windsor Publications ISBN 978-0-89781-300-6). Rice explored Irving's past and culture in his treatment of the city.

Irving is located at 32°50′50″N 96°57′59″W / 32.84722°N 96.96639°W / 32.84722; -96.96639 (32.847128, -96.966255).

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 67.7 square miles (175 km2), of which, 67.2 square miles (174 km2) of it is land and 0.4 square miles (1.0 km2) of it (0.65%) is water.

Irving is considered to be part of the humid subtropical region.

As of the census of 2000, there were 191,615 people, 76,241 households, and 46,202 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,850.2 people per square mile (1,100.4/km²). There were 80,293 housing units at an average density of 1,194.3 per square mile (461.1/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 64.2% White, Hispanic or Latino of any race were 31.2% of the population, 10.2% African American, 0.7% Native American, 8.24% Asian, 0.13% Pacific Islander, 13.4% from other races, and 3.20% from two or more races.

There were 76,241 households out of which 31.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 44.1% were married couples living together, 11.2% had a female householder with no husband present, and 39.4% were non-families. 31.3% of all households were made up of individuals and 3.8% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.50 and the average family size was 3.19.

In the city the population was spread out with 25.2% under the age of 18, 11.9% from 18 to 24, 39.4% from 25 to 44, 17.4% from 45 to 64, and 6.1% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 30 years. For every 100 females there were 104.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 102.9 males.

The median income for a household in the city was $44,956, and the median income for a family was $50,172. Males had a median income of $35,852 versus $30,420 for females. The per capita income for the city was $23,419. About 8.0% of families and 10.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 14.2% of those under age 18 and 6.3% of those age 65 or over.

Prior to the November 2008 elections, Irving banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores, making it the largest in population dry suburb in North Texas. In 2004 the pro-alcohol measure failed with 63% of voters opposing the measure. In 2006, 52% voted against the measure. On the third attempt, with heavy monetary backing by retailers, voters narrowly voted in favor of the measure in 2008. People in favor of changing Irving's liquor laws saw the interest in the 2008 United States Presidential Election as a catalyst for changing the laws in their favor.

In 2009 Irving had a city council that was entirely at-large. While Irving has a large population of racial minorities, the entire city council and the mayor's office, was entirely non-Hispanic White. Manny Benavidez, a resident of Irving, filed a lawsuit against the city in federal court in November 2007, saying that the voting system was not in compliance with the 1965 Voting Rights Act. On July 15, 2009, a federal judge ruled that Irving is required to create a new electoral system so that racial minority representatives may be voted into office. In 2010 elections, which included one at-large seat and two district-seats, three new council members were elected, replacing two incumbents and adding a newly created seat. Among the three new council members were two minority council members.

According to the city’s most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the city’s various funds had $344.9 million in Revenues, $301.4 million in expenditures, $1,222 million in total assets, $490 million in total liabilities, and $339.9 million in cash and investments.

The structure of the management and coordination of city services is:

The United States Postal Service operates post offices in Irving. The Irving Main Post Office is located at 2701 West Irving Boulevard.

Other post offices in the city include Downtown Irving, Carl Range, Central Irving, Las Colinas, and Valley Ranch.

According to the City's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:

Several large businesses have headquarters in Irving, including Archon Group, Chuck E. Cheese's, Commercial Metals, ExxonMobil, Gruma,, H.D. Vest, Hostess Brands, Kimberly-Clark, La Quinta Inns and Suites, Michaels Stores, Omni Hotels, Southern Star Concrete, Inc.,, Stellar, a global contact center provider, Xero Hour, Zale Corporation, Fluor Corporation, NCH Corporation,, Schnee-Morehead Inc, and LXI Enterprise Storage.. Freedom Airlines, a regional airline and Mesa Air Group subsidiary, is headquartered in Irving. An Online Trading Academy office and center operates in Irving. The city is also home to the national headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America.

The headquarters of Nokia America and NEC Corporation of America are located in Irving. The American headquarters of Research In Motion (manufacturer of the BlackBerry Smartphone) is located in Irving.

Perhaps as a result of the Nokia-Irving connection, Irving is twinned with Nokia's headquarters city, Espoo in Finland.

Most of Irving is served by the Irving Independent School District (IISD). Other portions are served by the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District (CFBISD), and Coppell Independent School District (CISD).

The major high schools serving the Irving area are:

In 2001, 1,000 of CFBISD's 25,000 students resided in the City of Irving.

Uplift Education, a charter school operator, has its administrative offices in Irving. Uplift has several charter school campuses in Irving, including Infinity Preparatory (K-1, 6), and North Hills Preparatory (K-12).

The Quest School, a K-9 Honors Academy school, is in Irving.

Winfree Academy Public Charter School is also located in Irving.

Irving is home to Cistercian Preparatory School, a university-preparatory school for boys, grades 5 through 12. Irving is also home to The Highlands School, a university-preparatory school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Two Catholic Pre-K through 8th grade schools, St. Luke's and Holy Family of Nazareth, are also located in Irving. Irving also is home to the Islamic School of Irving (ISI)(Pre-K to 12)

The city is the site of the University of Dallas and North Lake College, a campus of the Dallas County Community College District. Both University of Phoenix and DeVry University have a campus in Irving, as well.

Irving was the home of Texas Stadium, the former home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium was demolished on April 11, 2010. Irving Independent School District (IISD) high schools play football and other sports at Irving Schools Stadium. Irving sponsors a citywide high-school age ice hockey team, the Irving Wolfpack of the D/FW Junior Varsity GOLD league. Also, in the spring, the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas hosts the HP Byron Nelson Championship, an annual PGA Tour event.

Irving is the home of two Football Bowl Subdivision conferences: the Big 12 Conference and Conference USA.

Irving is traversed by numerous highways. The Airport Freeway, SH 183, runs east-west in the center of the city, while LBJ Freeway or I-635 crosses the northern edge of the city in the same direction. John Carpenter Freeway, SH 114, and the President George Bush Turnpike create an X running northwest-to-southeast and southwest-to-northeast respectively. The Las Colinas area is centered near the intersection of 114 and the Bush turnpike.

Irving is one of 13 member-cities of the Dallas region's transit agency, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Currently, Irving is served by numerous bus routes and has two stops along the Trinity Railway Express route. In addition, DART is constructing the Orange Line through Irving and Las Colinas to DFW Airport. This will connect northern Irving with Dallas through rail in addition to existing bus routes.

The Las Colinas Urban Center is served by the Las Colinas APT System, a people mover connecting businesses and entertainment areas.

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