Amino Acids That Increase Hgh Growth Hormone
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Yonkers, New York, HGH Injections, Hormone Treatment Protocols And HRT Doctors.

Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019


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  • Zip Code: 10702 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 0.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10705 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 1.16 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10701 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 1.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10704 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 2.09 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10703 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 2.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10471 Bronx Bronx New York :: 2.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07620 Bergen Alpine New Jersey :: 2.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10470 Bronx Bronx New York :: 2.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10557 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 3.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07670 Bergen Tenafly New Jersey :: 3.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07626 Bergen Cresskill New Jersey :: 3.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07627 Bergen Demarest New Jersey :: 3.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10463 Bronx Bronx New York :: 3.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10558 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 3.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10708 Westchester Bronxville New York :: 3.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10710 Westchester Yonkers New York :: 3.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10550 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 3.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10552 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 3.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10466 Bronx Bronx New York :: 3.91 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10467 Bronx Bronx New York :: 3.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10706 Westchester Hastings On Hudson New York :: 4.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10468 Bronx Bronx New York :: 4.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07624 Bergen Closter New Jersey :: 4.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07632 Bergen Englewood Cliffs New Jersey :: 4.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10553 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 4.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10551 Westchester Mount Vernon New York :: 4.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10707 Westchester Tuckahoe New York :: 4.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10034 New York New York New York :: 4.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07631 Bergen Englewood New Jersey :: 4.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10458 Bronx Bronx New York :: 4.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10709 Westchester Eastchester New York :: 4.97 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07628 Bergen Dumont New Jersey :: 4.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07648 Bergen Norwood New Jersey :: 5.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10469 Bronx Bronx New York :: 5.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07621 Bergen Bergenfield New Jersey :: 5.24 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10803 Westchester Pelham New York :: 5.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10040 New York New York New York :: 5.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07641 Bergen Haworth New Jersey :: 5.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10475 Bronx Bronx New York :: 5.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10453 Bronx Bronx New York :: 5.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07647 Bergen Northvale New Jersey :: 5.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10522 Westchester Dobbs Ferry New York :: 5.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10502 Westchester Ardsley New York :: 5.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07640 Bergen Harrington Park New Jersey :: 5.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10457 Bronx Bronx New York :: 5.89 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10964 Rockland Palisades New York :: 5.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10801 Westchester New Rochelle New York :: 5.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10804 Westchester New Rochelle New York :: 6.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10033 New York New York New York :: 6.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10460 Bronx Bronx New York :: 6.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10802 Westchester New Rochelle New York :: 6.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10976 Rockland Sparkill New York :: 6.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07646 Bergen New Milford New Jersey :: 6.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10464 Bronx Bronx New York :: 6.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10462 Bronx Bronx New York :: 6.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07666 Bergen Teaneck New Jersey :: 6.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10805 Westchester New Rochelle New York :: 6.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10461 Bronx Bronx New York :: 6.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10452 Bronx Bronx New York :: 6.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10503 Westchester Ardsley On Hudson New York :: 6.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07605 Bergen Leonia New Jersey :: 6.67 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10583 Westchester Scarsdale New York :: 6.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10032 New York New York New York :: 6.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07024 Bergen Fort Lee New Jersey :: 6.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10456 Bronx Bronx New York :: 7.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10983 Rockland Tappan New York :: 7.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07649 Bergen Oradell New Jersey :: 7.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10031 New York New York New York :: 7.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10472 Bronx Bronx New York :: 7.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07630 Bergen Emerson New Jersey :: 7.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07661 Bergen River Edge New Jersey :: 7.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10459 Bronx Bronx New York :: 7.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10538 Westchester Larchmont New York :: 7.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10968 Rockland Piermont New York :: 7.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10039 New York New York New York :: 7.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10530 Westchester Hartsdale New York :: 7.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10499 Bronx Bronx New York :: 7.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07650 Bergen Palisades Park New Jersey :: 7.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10451 Bronx Bronx New York :: 7.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10533 Westchester Irvington New York :: 7.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07603 Bergen Bogota New Jersey :: 7.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10455 Bronx Bronx New York :: 8.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10473 Bronx Bronx New York :: 8.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10030 New York New York New York :: 8.23 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07602 Bergen Hackensack New Jersey :: 8.24 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10465 Bronx Bronx New York :: 8.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07601 Bergen Hackensack New Jersey :: 8.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07660 Bergen Ridgefield Park New Jersey :: 8.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07676 Bergen Township Of Washington New Jersey :: 8.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10962 Rockland Orangeburg New York :: 8.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10474 Bronx Bronx New York :: 8.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10037 New York New York New York :: 8.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07675 Bergen Westwood New Jersey :: 8.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10543 Westchester Mamaroneck New York :: 8.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07020 Bergen Edgewater New Jersey :: 8.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10116 New York New York New York :: 8.77 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10454 Bronx Bronx New York :: 8.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10027 New York New York New York :: 8.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07607 Bergen Maywood New Jersey :: 8.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10606 Westchester White Plains New York :: 8.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07010 Bergen Cliffside Park New Jersey :: 8.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10115 New York New York New York :: 8.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10607 Westchester White Plains New York :: 9.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07652 Bergen Paramus New Jersey :: 9.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10035 New York New York New York :: 9.18 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07657 Bergen Ridgefield New Jersey :: 9.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07606 Bergen South Hackensack New Jersey :: 9.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07642 Bergen Hillsdale New Jersey :: 9.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07653 Bergen Paramus New Jersey :: 9.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10026 New York New York New York :: 9.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07643 Bergen Little Ferry New Jersey :: 9.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07022 Bergen Fairview New Jersey :: 9.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07662 Bergen Rochelle Park New Jersey :: 9.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10605 Westchester White Plains New York :: 9.64 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10528 Westchester Harrison New York :: 9.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07699 Bergen Teterboro New Jersey :: 9.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10523 Westchester Elmsford New York :: 9.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10602 Westchester White Plains New York :: 9.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10601 Westchester White Plains New York :: 9.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10913 Rockland Blauvelt New York :: 9.89 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07608 Bergen Teterboro New Jersey :: 9.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10029 New York New York New York :: 9.97 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10610 Westchester White Plains New York :: 9.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07644 Bergen Lodi New Jersey :: 10.24 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07604 Bergen Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey :: 10.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07074 Bergen Moonachie New Jersey :: 10.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07656 Bergen Park Ridge New Jersey :: 10.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07663 Bergen Saddle Brook New Jersey :: 10.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10025 New York New York New York :: 10.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11380 Queens Elmhurst New York :: 10.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07677 Bergen Woodcliff Lake New Jersey :: 10.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11105 Queens Astoria New York :: 10.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10131 New York New York New York :: 10.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11356 Queens College Point New York :: 10.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10128 New York New York New York :: 10.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10965 Rockland Pearl River New York :: 10.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10024 New York New York New York :: 10.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11371 Queens Flushing New York :: 10.89 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10591 Westchester Tarrytown New York :: 10.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10603 Westchester White Plains New York :: 10.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10132 New York New York New York :: 10.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11390 Queens Flushing New York :: 11.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11357 Queens Whitestone New York :: 11.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10580 Westchester Rye New York :: 11.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10028 New York New York New York :: 11.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11102 Queens Astoria New York :: 11.17 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11370 Queens East Elmhurst New York :: 11.25 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10960 Rockland Nyack New York :: 11.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07072 Bergen Carlstadt New Jersey :: 11.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07423 Bergen Ho Ho Kus New Jersey :: 11.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07410 Bergen Fair Lawn New Jersey :: 11.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11024 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 11.45 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07075 Bergen Wood Ridge New Jersey :: 11.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07645 Bergen Montvale New Jersey :: 11.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07026 Bergen Garfield New Jersey :: 11.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10162 New York New York New York :: 11.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07093 Hudson West New York New Jersey :: 11.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11359 Queens Bayside New York :: 11.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10023 New York New York New York :: 11.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10082 New York New York New York :: 11.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07047 Hudson North Bergen New Jersey :: 11.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07450 Bergen Ridgewood New Jersey :: 11.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10133 New York New York New York :: 11.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07407 Bergen Elmwood Park New Jersey :: 11.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11103 Queens Astoria New York :: 11.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10604 Westchester West Harrison New York :: 11.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11369 Queens East Elmhurst New York :: 11.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10021 New York New York New York :: 11.77 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07451 Bergen Ridgewood New Jersey :: 11.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11354 Queens Flushing New York :: 11.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11106 Queens Astoria New York :: 11.91 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07452 Bergen Glen Rock New Jersey :: 11.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10994 Rockland West Nyack New York :: 11.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11052 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11055 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 12.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11360 Queens Bayside New York :: 12.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10069 New York New York New York :: 12.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10044 New York New York New York :: 12.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11053 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 12.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07057 Bergen Wallington New Jersey :: 12.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10106 New York New York New York :: 12.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10155 New York New York New York :: 12.25 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10577 Westchester Purchase New York :: 12.25 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10151 New York New York New York :: 12.25 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10107 New York New York New York :: 12.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10532 Westchester Hawthorne New York :: 12.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10595 Westchester Valhalla New York :: 12.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10105 New York New York New York :: 12.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10149 New York New York New York :: 12.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10152 New York New York New York :: 12.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10101 New York New York New York :: 12.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10019 New York New York New York :: 12.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11051 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 12.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11352 Queens Flushing New York :: 12.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10102 New York New York New York :: 12.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07073 Bergen East Rutherford New Jersey :: 12.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11027 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 12.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11372 Queens Jackson Heights New York :: 12.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10104 New York New York New York :: 12.51 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10150 New York New York New York :: 12.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10197 New York New York New York :: 12.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10124 New York New York New York :: 12.53 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10022 New York New York New York :: 12.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10158 New York New York New York :: 12.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10043 New York New York New York :: 12.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10126 New York New York New York :: 12.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11050 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 12.59 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11023 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 12.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10171 New York New York New York :: 12.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10112 New York New York New York :: 12.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10055 New York New York New York :: 12.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10111 New York New York New York :: 12.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10103 New York New York New York :: 12.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11025 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 12.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10020 New York New York New York :: 12.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07096 Hudson Secaucus New Jersey :: 12.71 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11022 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 12.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11351 Queens Flushing New York :: 12.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07504 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 12.78 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10108 New York New York New York :: 12.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10167 New York New York New York :: 12.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10185 New York New York New York :: 12.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10109 New York New York New York :: 12.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11368 Queens Corona New York :: 12.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10036 New York New York New York :: 12.85 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10172 New York New York New York :: 12.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07514 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 12.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10954 Rockland Nanuet New York :: 12.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10163 New York New York New York :: 12.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10175 New York New York New York :: 12.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10573 Westchester Port Chester New York :: 12.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10166 New York New York New York :: 12.91 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10169 New York New York New York :: 12.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10177 New York New York New York :: 12.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10179 New York New York New York :: 12.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07086 Hudson Weehawken New Jersey :: 12.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11101 Queens Long Island City New York :: 12.97 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11377 Queens Woodside New York :: 12.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11358 Queens Flushing New York :: 12.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10261 New York New York New York :: 13.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10259 New York New York New York :: 13.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07458 Bergen Saddle River New Jersey :: 13.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10164 New York New York New York :: 13.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10087 New York New York New York :: 13.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11104 Queens Sunnyside New York :: 13.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10017 New York New York New York :: 13.03 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10272 New York New York New York :: 13.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07055 Passaic Passaic New Jersey :: 13.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10165 New York New York New York :: 13.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10176 New York New York New York :: 13.09 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10174 New York New York New York :: 13.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07543 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10138 New York New York New York :: 13.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07463 Bergen Waldwick New Jersey :: 13.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10129 New York New York New York :: 13.14 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10173 New York New York New York :: 13.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10170 New York New York New York :: 13.16 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10168 New York New York New York :: 13.17 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11355 Queens Flushing New York :: 13.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11054 Nassau Port Washington New York :: 13.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11120 Queens Long Island City New York :: 13.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11109 Queens Long Island City New York :: 13.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10018 New York New York New York :: 13.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07513 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07087 Hudson Union City New Jersey :: 13.23 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07070 Bergen Rutherford New Jersey :: 13.24 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10154 New York New York New York :: 13.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11361 Queens Bayside New York :: 13.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10123 New York New York New York :: 13.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10072 New York New York New York :: 13.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07011 Passaic Clifton New Jersey :: 13.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07432 Bergen Midland Park New Jersey :: 13.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10178 New York New York New York :: 13.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11021 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 13.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07507 Passaic Hawthorne New Jersey :: 13.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10989 Rockland Valley Cottage New York :: 13.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10119 New York New York New York :: 13.44 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10121 New York New York New York :: 13.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10120 New York New York New York :: 13.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11373 Queens Elmhurst New York :: 13.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10122 New York New York New York :: 13.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07524 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07544 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10117 New York New York New York :: 13.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10156 New York New York New York :: 13.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10118 New York New York New York :: 13.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11363 Queens Little Neck New York :: 13.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10157 New York New York New York :: 13.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10130 New York New York New York :: 13.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10001 New York New York New York :: 13.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10125 New York New York New York :: 13.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07533 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07503 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 13.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07094 Hudson Secaucus New Jersey :: 13.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10153 New York New York New York :: 13.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10016 New York New York New York :: 13.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07506 Passaic Hawthorne New Jersey :: 13.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10161 New York New York New York :: 13.8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10099 New York New York New York :: 13.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10060 New York New York New York :: 13.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10199 New York New York New York :: 13.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10110 New York New York New York :: 14.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10159 New York New York New York :: 14.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10098 New York New York New York :: 14.04 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10242 New York New York New York :: 14.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10160 New York New York New York :: 14.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10010 New York New York New York :: 14.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07401 Bergen Allendale New Jersey :: 14.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10249 New York New York New York :: 14.14 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10114 New York New York New York :: 14.18 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10113 New York New York New York :: 14.18 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10571 Westchester Pleasantville New York :: 14.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07014 Passaic Clifton New Jersey :: 14.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10011 New York New York New York :: 14.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07501 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 14.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11026 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 14.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07505 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 14.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07509 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 14.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10594 Westchester Thornwood New York :: 14.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11222 Kings Brooklyn New York :: 14.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11378 Queens Maspeth New York :: 14.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11374 Queens Rego Park New York :: 14.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07510 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 14.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11365 Queens Fresh Meadows New York :: 14.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07071 Bergen Lyndhurst New Jersey :: 14.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10276 New York New York New York :: 14.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11367 Queens Flushing New York :: 14.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11030 Nassau Manhasset New York :: 14.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10570 Westchester Pleasantville New York :: 14.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11579 Nassau Sea Cliff New York :: 14.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10211 New York New York New York :: 14.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07522 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 14.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10003 New York New York New York :: 14.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07030 Hudson Hoboken New Jersey :: 14.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11362 Queens Little Neck New York :: 14.67 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11375 Queens Forest Hills New York :: 14.71 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07481 Bergen Wyckoff New Jersey :: 14.77 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07015 Passaic Clifton New Jersey :: 14.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11542 Nassau Glen Cove New York :: 14.8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11364 Queens Oakland Gardens New York :: 14.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07012 Passaic Clifton New Jersey :: 14.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10009 New York New York New York :: 14.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11020 Nassau Great Neck New York :: 14.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10510 Westchester Briarcliff Manor New York :: 14.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10014 New York New York New York :: 14.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07307 Hudson Jersey City New Jersey :: 14.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11381 Queens Flushing New York :: 14.95 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07013 Passaic Clifton New Jersey :: 14.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11379 Queens Middle Village New York :: 14.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10095 New York New York New York :: 15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10572 Westchester Pleasantville New York :: 15.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07508 Passaic Haledon New Jersey :: 15.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07538 Passaic Haledon New Jersey :: 15.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10977 Rockland Spring Valley New York :: 15.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11547 Nassau Glenwood Landing New York :: 15.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11366 Queens Fresh Meadows New York :: 15.14 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10012 New York New York New York :: 15.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11005 Queens Floral Park New York :: 15.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11424 Queens Jamaica New York :: 15.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07502 Passaic Paterson New Jersey :: 15.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 06832 Fairfield Greenwich Connecticut :: 15.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10952 Rockland Monsey New York :: 15.52 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11211 Kings Brooklyn New York :: 15.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07031 Bergen North Arlington New Jersey :: 15.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10920 Rockland Congers New York :: 15.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 06836 Fairfield Greenwich Connecticut :: 15.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07110 Essex Nutley New Jersey :: 15.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07446 Bergen Ramsey New Jersey :: 15.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 07310 Hudson Jersey City New Jersey :: 15.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10013 New York New York New York :: 15.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10002 New York New York New York :: 15.66 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10015 New York New York New York :: 15.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11247 Kings Brooklyn New York :: 15.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11439 Queens Jamaica New York :: 15.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11237 Kings Brooklyn New York :: 15.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10545 Westchester Maryknoll New York :: 15.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11415 Queens Kew Gardens New York :: 15.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10213 New York New York New York :: 15.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11432 Queens Jamaica New York :: 15.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11386 Queens Ridgewood New York :: 15.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11385 Queens Ridgewood New York :: 15.97 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10277 New York New York New York :: 15.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11427 Queens Queens Village New York :: 15.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11004 Queens Glen Oaks New York :: 15.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10008 New York New York New York :: 16.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11206 Kings Brooklyn New York :: 16.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10079 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10257 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10081 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11043 Nassau New Hyde Park New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10184 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10196 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10096 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10094 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10258 New York New York New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 11576 Nassau Roslyn New York :: 16.07 Miles
  • Zip Code: 10007 New York New York New York :: 16.11 Miles
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Yonkers New York Information

Yonkers is located just across the Hudson River from New York City, and is one of the biggest cities in New York State, only behind NYC, Rochester, and Buffalo in terms of population. Yonkers actually had the opportunity to be a Borough of New York City in the late 19th Century, but voted against the deal, thus retaining its identity as a unique city. It is frequently referred to as the Sixth Borough, because its long and interconnected history with New York City. Yonkers is the biggest city in Westchester County.

Like New York City, Yonkers is an extremely culturally diverse area, and different neighborhoods have significantly different demographic makeups. Neighborhoods in Yonkers include Dunwoodie, Lincoln Park, Lawrence Park, Colonical Heights, Nodine Hill, Getty Square, Cedar Knolls, and Crestwood. Yonkers is home to two golf courses: Sprain Lake Golf Course and Dunwoodie Golf Course.

Yonkers Places of Interest

There are a variety of landmarks in Yonkers, such as Tibbetts Brook Park, Yonkers Raceway, and Untermyer Park, which is a city park dedicated to maintaining some of the historic beauty that has long graced the city. The Hudson River Museum is another popular location for people interested in the history of Yonkers, and the museum is located by Trevor Park. Another thing to do that's fun for people of all ages is the Science Barge. The barge uses hydroponic technology for gardening, and has a wide variety of interesting science exhibits.

Yonkers Arts and Entertainment

The most popular area for the arts in Yonkers is the Carpet Mills Art District. Every May, Yonkers celebrates the arts citywide during Yonkers Art Weekend. Festivals in Yonkers include Yonkers Riverfest and the Cross County Shopping Center Cityfest. Yonkers is also a great place for people to visit that are fans of boating of any kind, as it is home to the JFK Marina. Another great location on the Hudsom Bay Waterfront is the Yonkers Recreational Pier, an area loaded with shops and entertainment that appeal to people of all ages.

All About Yonkers, New York Geographic Area

Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. state of New York (behind New York, Buffalo, and Rochester), and the most populous city in Westchester County, with a population of 195,976 (according to the 2010 Census). Yonkers borders the New York City borough of The Bronx and is 2 miles (3 km) north of Manhattan at the cities' closest points.

The city is home to several attractions: the Hudson River Museum, the Sherwood House, the Science Barge, Cross County Shopping Center, Ridge Hill Shopping Center, and Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track that has renovated its grounds and clubhouse and added legalized video slot machine gambling in 2006 in a "racino" called Empire City. There are also many large shopping areas along Central Park Avenue (NY 100), informally called "Central Ave" by area residents, a name it takes officially a few miles north in White Plains, New York.

The land on which the city is built was once part of a 24,000 acre (97 km²) land grant called Colen Donck that ran from the current Manhattan/Bronx border at Marble Hill northwards for 12 miles (19 km), and from the Hudson River eastwards to the Bronx River. This grant was purchased in July 1645 by Adriaen van der Donck, a lawyer, scholar, and author who had emerged as a leader of the New Netherland colony. Van der Donck was known locally as the Jonkheer or Jonker (etymologically, "young gentleman," derivation of old German jung and Herr; in effect, "Esquire"), a word from which the name "Yonkers" is directly derived. Van der Donck built a saw mill near where the Nepperhan Creek met the Hudson; the Nepperhan is now also known as the Saw Mill River. Van der Donck and his family were killed in the Peach Tree War.

Near the site of van der Donck's mill is Philipse Manor Hall, a Colonial-era manor house which today serves as a museum and archive, offering many glimpses into life before the American Revolution. The original structure (later enlarged) was built around 1682 by Frederick Philipse and his wife Margaret Hardenbroeck. Frederick was a wealthy Dutchman who by the time of his death had amassed an enormous estate, which encompassed the entire modern City of Yonkers, as well as several other Hudson River towns. Philipse's great-grandson, Frederick Philipse III, was a prominent Loyalist during the American Revolution, who, because of his political leanings, was forced to flee to England. All the lands that belonged to the Philipse family were confiscated and sold.

For its first two hundred years, Yonkers was a small farming town with an active industrial waterfront. Yonkers's later growth rested largely on developing industry. In 1853, Elisha Otis invented the first safety elevator and the Otis Elevator Company, opened the first elevator factory in the world on the banks of the Hudson near what is now Vark Street. It relocated to larger quarters (now the Yonkers Public Library) in the 1880s. Around the same time, the Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company (in the Saw Mill River Valley) expanded to 45 buildings, 800 looms, and over 4,000 workers and was known as one of the premier carpet producing centers in the world. In 1892, Smith carpets were sent to Moscow for the tsar's coronation. Bakelite, the first completely synthetic plastic, was invented in Yonkers circa 1906 by Leo Baekeland, and manufactured there until the late 1920s. Today, two of the former Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Company loft buildings located at 540 and 578 Nepperhan Avenue have been repurposed to house the YoHo Artist Community, a collective group of talented artists that works out of private studios there.

The community was incorporated as a village in the northern part of the Town of Yonkers in 1854, and as a city in 1872. The southern part of the Township became part of The Bronx. The city declined to join the City of Greater New York,and plans were dropped to extend the new subway to Getty Square. Aside from being a manufacturing center, Yonkers also played a key role in the development of entertainment in the United States. In 1888, Scottish-born John Reid founded the first golf course, with just three holes, in the United States, St. Andrew's Golf Club, in Yonkers.

Early in the 20th Century, Yonkers also hosted a brass era automobile maker, Colt Runabout Company; despite the car's seemingly glowing performance, the company went under.

Yonkers was also the headquarters of the Waring Hat Company, at the time the nation's largest hat manufacturer. World War II saw the city's factories manufacture such items as tents and blankets in the Alexander Smith and Sons Carpet Factory and tanks in the Otis Elevator factory.

After World War II, however, with increased competition from less expensive imports, Yonkers lost much of its manufacturing activity. The Alexander Smith Carpet mill fell on hard times and ceased operation on June 24, 1954. In 1983, the Otis Elevator Factory finally closed its doors. With the loss of jobs in the city itself, Yonkers (predominantly the east side) became primarily a residential city and some neighborhoods of the city, such as Crestwood, became popular with wealthy New Yorkers wishing to live outside the city but not in an entirely suburban environment. Yonkers' excellent transportation infrastructure, including three commuter railroad lines (now two, the Harlem and Hudson Lines) and five parkways and thruways, as well as its 15-minute drive from Manhattan and picturesque "period" homes and apartments, made it a desirable city in which to live. Yonkers' manufacturing sector has recently shown a resurgence. A Kawasaki railroad cars assembly plant opened in 1986 in the former Otis plant, producing the new R142A, R143 and R160B cars for the New York City Subway, and the PA4 and upcoming PA5 series for PATH.

On January 4, 1940, Yonkers resident Edwin Howard Armstrong transmitted the first FM radio broadcast (on station W2XCR) from the Yonkers home of C.R. Runyon, a co-experimenter. Yonkers also had the longest running pirate radio station, owned by Allan Weiner during the 1970s through the 1980s.

In 1960, the Census Bureau reported Yonkers's population as 95.8% white and 4.0% black. The city's struggles with racial discrimination and segregation were highlighted in a decades-long federal lawsuit. After a 1985 decision and an unsuccessful appeal, Yonkers' schools were integrated in 1988. The federal judge, Leonard B. Sand, ruled that Yonkers had engaged in institutional segregation in housing and school policies for over 40 years and tied the illegal concentration of public housing and private housing discrimination to the city's resistance to ending racial isolation in its public schools.

Yonkers moved to the center of national/international attention during the summer of 1988, when the city was found in contempt of the federal courts, after it refused to build promised municipal public housing in the eastern portions of the city. It had earlier agreed to do so in a consent decree, after losing the appeal in 1987. Being fined one dollar, doubling every day until the council passed the ordinance set out in the consent decree, Yonkers remained in contempt of the courts until September 9, 1988. On that date, the City Council relented, in the wake of library closures, sanitation cutbacks, while looking at massive city layoffs, which would have been required to continue its resistance to desegregation.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Yonkers developed a national reputation for racial tension, based on a long-term battle between the City of Yonkers and the NAACP over the building of subsidized low-rent housing. The City wanted to use federal funds to create or expand high-rise housing projects in southwest Yonkers; other groups, led by the NAACP, felt that concentrating subsidized housing in traditionally poor neighborhoods perpetuated poverty. The climax of the battle came when United States district court Judge Leonard Sand imposed a fine on Yonkers which started at $1 and doubled every day until the City capitulated to the federally mandated plan.

Mayor Nicholas Wasicsko, in his first term, fought to save the city from financial disaster and bring about unity. He was a lonely figure in city politics at the time, which was scarred with the stigma of the "Balkanization of Yonkers." He succeeded in helping to end the city's contempt of the courts, but was voted out of office as a result. Yonkers still suffers the stigma of having bitterly opposed desegregation.

The Irish-American community is prominent in Yonkers, and the city hosts one of the nation's oldest St. Patrick's Day parades. There is also home to a large Italian-American community, and the city hosts a large Columbus Day festival with a Miss Italian-American pageant.Yonkers also has a significant Portuguese population.

Another large community is the Slavic community. In the early and mid 20th Century a large amount of people emigrated from Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and Croatia. Recently a large number of immigrants from the former Yugoslavia have called Yonkers home. The Slavic community is centered around St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church, Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, and St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Yonkers still has a large Slavic community. The city also has a "stanytsia" (branch) of Plast. Yonkers also has a large Arab population, coinciding with the high percentage of Arab speakers in Yonkers. Most of these Arabs come from The Levant, from mainly the countries of Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon, and are of the Christian faith.

There also once was a significant Jewish population (the Broadway plays Hello Dolly! and Lost in Yonkers both take place within the Yonkers Jewish community). However, it has dwindled. In the 2000s, some areas bordering similar neighborhoods in Riverdale began seeing an influx of Orthodox Jews. Subsequently, Riverdale Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service began serving some neighborhoods in the southwest section of the city. There is also a small Jewish Cemetery, the Sherwood Park Cemetery

Amidst a growing need for increased economic viability in Yonkers, a vast revitalization project proposal, promising to add luxury housing, waterfront development, commercial and retail space, has been designed for the city. With hopes of increasing the city's tourism and economic importance in the state and county, the project is one of the largest revitalization projects ever proposed for any locality within the New York Metropolitan Area, totaling more than $3 billion.

The project is headed by Westchester County's Louis R. Cappelli, Struever Bros. of Baltimore, and New Jersey's Fidelco Realty. The project is expected to include a Minor League Baseball stadium, New Yonkers Fire Department Headquarters Building (Station 1), and an expansive retail and residential project, adding approximately 800 residential units throughout the downtown area and the waterfront.

The city is spread out over hills rising from near sea level at the eastern bank of the Hudson River to 416 feet (126 m) at Sacred Heart Church, whose spire can be seen from Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey. Its landscape has been compared to San Francisco, Sarajevo, and Rome.

The city occupies 20.3 square miles (52.6 km²), including 18.1 square miles (46.8 km²) of land and 2.2 square miles (5.8 km²) (11.02%) of water, according to the United States Census Bureau. The Bronx River separates Yonkers from Mount Vernon, Tuckahoe, Eastchester, Bronxville, and Scarsdale to the east. The town of Greenburgh is to the north, and on the western border is the Hudson River.

On the south, Yonkers borders the Riverdale, Woodlawn, and Wakefield sections of The Bronx. In addition, the southernmost point of Yonkers is only 2 miles (3 km) north of the northernmost point of Manhattan when measured from Broadway & Caryl Avenue in Yonkers to Broadway & West 228th Street in the Marble Hill section of Manhattan. The gentilic for residents is alternately Yonkersonian or Yonkersite

Climate: Yonkers has cold winters and warm summers. Temperature ranges average lows of 27 degrees F in January, and average highs of 84 degrees F in July.

As of the census of 2010, there are 195,976 people in the city. The population density is 10,827.4 people per square mile (4,187.5/km²). There are 80,839 housing units at an average density of 4,466.2 per square mile (1,727.3/km²). The cultural makeup of the city is 55.8% White, 18.7% African American, 0.7% Native American, 5.9% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 14.7% from other races, and 4.1% from two or more races. 34.7% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any racial background. Non-Hispanic Whites were 41.4% of the population in 2010, down from 89.9% in 1970.

According to the 2000 Census, 19.9% were of Italian and 11.6% Irish descent. 61.3% spoke English, 22.7% Spanish, 3.9% Italian, 5% Arabic and 1.3% Portuguese as their first language.

There were 74,351 households out of which 30.9% have children under the age of 18 living with them in 2000, 44.2% are married couples living together, 17.2% have a female householder with no husband present, and 33.7% are non-families. 29.2% of all households are made up of individuals and 11.9% have someone living alone who is 65 years of age or older. The average household size is 2.61 and the average family size is 3.23.

In 2000, the city the population is spread out with 24.3% under the age of 18, 8.8% from 18 to 25, 30.6% from 25 to 45, 21.2% from 45 to 65, and 15.0% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 36 years. For every 100 females there are 88.6 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 84.2 males.

The median income for a household in the city was $44,663 in 2000, and the median income for a family is $53,233. Males have a median income of $41,598 versus $34,756 for females. The per capita income for the city is $22,793. 15.5% of the population and 13.0% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the total population, 24.8% of those under the age of 18 and 9.9% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.

Though Yonkers contains many small residential enclaves and communities, it can conveniently be divided into four quarters, demarcated by the Saw Mill River. There are 37 or more distinct neighborhoods, many of these names being rarely used except by real estate agents.

Northeast Yonkers, is a primarily Irish-American and Italian-American area. Though suburban, it is noticeably less so than the Town of Greenburgh to the north. House sizes vary widely, from small houses set close together, to some larger houses in areas like Lawrence Park West. Tuckahoe Road, which intersects Central Avenue (NY 100), contains many stores as well. Notable former residents include Steven Tyler (born Steven Tallarico) of the rock band Aerosmith, whose childhood home was just off Central Avenue on Pembrook Drive. Northeastern Yonkers contains the desirable Crestwood, Colonial Heights, Cedar Knolls, and Beech Hill sections of the city, as well as several other wealthy enclaves such as Lawrence Park West. Landmarks include St Vladimir's Seminary, as well as Sarah Lawrence College, and the Tanglewood Shopping Center (one-time home of the The Tanglewood Boys gang). The northeast section of Yonkers consists of more upscale housing than the rest of the city, and, due to the proximity of several Metro-North commuter railroad stations, its residents tend to be employed in corporate positions in Manhattan.

Northwest Yonkers is a collection of widely varying neighborhoods, spanning from the Hudson River to around the New York State Thruway/I-87 and from Ashburton Avenue north to the Hastings-on-Hudson border. With the Hudson River bordering it to the west, this area has many beautiful Victorian-era homes with panoramic views of the Palisades. An interest in historic preservation has taken hold in this neighborhood in recent years, as demonstrated on streets like Shonnard Terrace, Delavan Terrace and Hudson Terrace. The population of northwestern Yonkers is probably the most ethnically diverse in the city.

Landmarks include the Hudson River Museum, Untermyer Park and the Lenoir Nature Preserve. The significant amount of surviving Victorian architecture and 19th century estates in northwest Yonkers has attracted many filmmakers in recent years.

The two block section of Palisade Ave between Chase and Roberts Ave in northwest Yonkers is colloquially known as "the north end" or "the end". It was and still is the only retail and food shopping area in the neighborhood, and was well known by the local kids for an original soda fountain store, "Urich's" and Robbins Pharmacy. It was once the end of the # 2 trolley line. The # 2 bus replaced the trolley line. One part of Yonkers that is sometimes overlooked is Nepera Park. This is a small section at the northern part of Nepperhan Avenue on the Hastings-on-Hudson border. Nepperhan Avenue in Nepera Park has a large A & P Supermarket, Walgreens, KFC, and several smaller stores, such as a bakery, deli, dry cleaners, a few beauty salons,etc.

Southeast Yonkers is mostly Irish-American (many of the Irish being native born) and Italian-American. Many of the businesses and type of architecture in southeast Yonkers bear a greater resemblance to certain parts of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island than to points north. This is not surprising as southeastern Yonkers is largely within walking distance of the Riverdale, Woodlawn, and Wakefield sections of the Bronx. Many residents regard eastern McLean Avenue, home to a vibrant Irish community shared with the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, to be the true hub of Yonkers.

Similarly, a portion of Midland Avenue in the Dunwoodie section has been called the "Little Italy" of Yonkers. Landmarks of southeastern Yonkers include the Cross County Shopping Center, Yonkers Raceway, and St. Joseph's Seminary in the Dunwoodie neighborhood, which was visited by Pope John Paul II in October 1995 and later by Pope Benedict XVI in April 2008.

This area in Yonkers has suffered from past economic, political, and social challenges. Early in the 21st century a decrease in crime rate and a juxtaposition of poverty and revitalization mirrored newly gentrified neighborhoods of New York City's Harlem and Brooklyn. Off South Broadway (a major thoroughfare) one can find residential neighborhoods, such as Nodine Hill, Park Hill, and Hudson Park (off the Hudson River) with residential streets of turn-of-the-century mansions, and upscale luxury rentals and condominiums. Other upscale neighborhoods are Ludlow Park, Hudson Park & Van Cortlandt Crest, off Riverdale Avenue, right over the Riverdale border - the former alongside the Hudson River.

The area is also home to significant historical and educational institutions including the historic Philipse Manor Hall (a New York State Historic Site that houses one of three papier mache ceilings in the United States), The Science Barge, Beczak Environmental Education Center, and a 2003 Yonkers Public Library.

Many southwesterners are of African, Caribbean, Italian, or Hispanic descent while an influx those from other cultural backgrounds has continued to shape a culturally diverse community. Some neighborhoods right on the Riverdale border are increasingly becoming home to Orthodox Jews. The revitalization of the downtown Yonkers/Getty Square area has helped to nurture growth for Southwest Yonkers.

In the early 2000s several new luxury apartment buildings were built along the Hudson. There is also a new "Sculpture Meadow on the Hudson," renovation of a Victorian-era pier, and a new public library housed in the remodeled Otis elevator factory. Peter Kelly's award-winning fine dining restaurant X20 - Xaviars on Hudson is located at the renovated pier with much success. There are new proposals along with the current projects which are intended to revitalize downtown Yonkers.

Yonkers is typically a Democratic stronghold just like the rest of Westchester County and most of New York state, but until recently it had a Republican lean. In 1992, Yonkers voted for George H. W. Bush over Bill Clinton and Ross Perot for president, but has voted solidly Democratic ever since. That said, recent mayors of Yonkers have included Republicans Phil Amicone and John Spencer, while the Yonkers City Council was also mostly controlled by Republicans until recent years. The current mayor is Democrat Mike Spano. In the State Assembly, Yonkers is represented by Democrats J. Gary Pretlow and Shelley Mayer, and in the New York State Senate, by Democrats Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Jeffrey Klein. At the federal level, Democrats hold both congressional districts that include parts of Yonkers, with representatives Eliot Engel and Nita Lowey holding the seats as of 2011.

Yonkers is governed via a mayor council system. The council consists of six members each elected from one of six districts. The mayor and city council president are elected in a citywide vote.

Public schools in Yonkers are operated by Yonkers Public Schools.

Sarah Lawrence College which gives its address as Bronxville is actually located in Yonkers

Libraries are operated by the Yonkers Public Library.

The Japanese School of New York was located in Yonkers for one year. On August 18, 1991 the school moved to Yonkers from Queens, New York City. On September 1, 1992 classes began at its current location in Greenwich, Connecticut. St. Peter's Catholic Elementary School at 204 Hawthorne Avenue, founded by the Sisters of Charity, celebrated its 100th anniversary in September 2011

Yonkers has the eighth-highest rate of public transit ridership among cities in the United States. It has four Hudson Line Metro-North Railroad stations providing commuter service to New York City: Ludlow, Yonkers, Glenwood and Greystone. The Yonkers station is also served by Amtrak. Several Harlem Line stations are on or very near the city's eastern border. These include Wakefield, Mt. Vernon West, Fleetwood, Bronxville, Tuckahoe and Crestwood.

Bus service is provided by the Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System, and an MTA Bus Company express route to Manhattan.

New York Water Taxi formerly operated a ferry service from downtown Yonkers to Manhattan's Financial District, but it ceased in December 2009.

Major limited-access roads in Yonkers include Interstate 87 (the New York State Thruway), the Saw Mill, Bronx River, Sprain Brook and Cross County parkways. US 9, NY 9A and 100 are important surface streets.

The former New York and Putnam Railroad running through the middle of Yonkers has been converted into a paved walking and bicycling path, called the South County Trailway. It runs north-south in Yonkers from the Hastings-on-Hudson border in the north to the Bronx border in the south at Van Cortlandt Park.

The historic Croton Aqueduct tunnel has a hard-packed dirt trail running above it for most of its length in Yonkers, with a few on-street routes near Getty Square.

The city of Yonkers is protected by 459 firefighters of the city of Yonkers Fire Department(YFD). Founded in 1896, the YFD operates out of 12 Fire Stations, located throughout the city in 2 Battalions, under the command of 2 Assistant Chiefs per shift. The Yonkers Fire Department also operates a fire apparatus fleet of 11 Engines(including 1 Squad Engine), 6 Ladders, 1 Rescue, 1 Fireboat, 1 Mask Service Unit, 1 Collapse Unit, 1 Foam Unit, 1 Fire Investigation Unit, 1 Urban Search and Rescue Unit, 1 Field Command Unit, 1 Field Communications Unit, 1 Water Tender, and numerous other special, support, and reserve units. The YFD responds to approximately 16,000 emergency calls annually.

In the Depression-era film Don't Tell the Wife (1937) Guy Kibbee's character, Malcolm J. Winthrop, lives in Yonkers. One of the characters jokes that going to jail is "better than Yonkers."

Yonkers is the setting of two feature films by local filmmaker Robert Celestino: Mr. Vincent, a 1997 Sundance Film Festival entrant in the non-competition Spectrum section, and Yonkers Joe, a scheduled 2009 release by Magnolia Pictures, starring Chazz Palminteri and Christine Lahti. Yonkers' locations also provide the setting for A Tale of Two Pizzas, a "Romeo and Juliet" theme played out among two rival pizza owners.

Yonkers' decades-long struggle with racial discrimination and housing segregation was described in a documentary, "Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story," seen on PBS stations in 2007.

The film "Doubt", starring Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius Beauvier, filmed scenes for this movie at St. Marks Lutheran Church's school. Yonkers is also the location for many major filming projects: Catch Me if You Can, with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet; Mona Lisa Smile, with Julia Roberts; A Beautiful Mind, with Russell Crowe, Big Daddy, with Adam Sandler, The Preacher's Wife (a remake of "The Bishop's Wife), with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston; and Kate and Leopold, with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. Some episodes of the new TV series Fringe were taped in the downtown. The City Hall Courtroom is also the setting for many film and commercial scenes.

Yonkers was also used as a filming location in the movie Riding In Cars With Boys

The starting scene from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Joel Barish played by Jim Carrey drives his car up Riverdale Ave. and then turns right on Valentine Lane to his apartment.

In Max Brooks's novel, World War Z, the US armed forces are defeated in the Battle of Yonkers by an army of zombies.

Steve Meretzky created several Infocom games, such as Sorcerer. One of the spells in that game, "Yonk", is named after Yonkers.

Dunder Mifflin, the fictional paper supply company from NBC's The Office at one time had a branch in Yonkers, but the branch was closed during the course of the show.

Yonkers is one of the settings in the musical Hello Dolly!

A character in the musical Gypsy: A Musical Fable is named after Yonkers.

Neil Simon wrote a play entitled Lost In Yonkers, set in the city. The story is about two young boys during World War II, whose father leaves them with their grandmother in Yonkers so he can earn money for the family.

In the episode "The One With Ross' Tan" of Friends, Yonkers is mentioned as the town where Monica and Phoebe's old friend, Amanda Bouvamonteezi, is from.

In the episode "The Handcuffs" of I Love Lucy, Mr Walters, the locksmith, has to return to his house in Yonkers.

In the Twilight Zone episode "What's In The Box" a philandering cab driver, played by William Demarest, tells his wife he was late coming home because he had to take a "fare" up to Yonkers.

Yonkers was shown on A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila as it was contestant Kristy's hometown.

Yonkers is mentioned in Bon Jovi's song Raise Your Hands.

Yonkers was mentioned in the Family Guy Episode:"Stew-Roids" in a cutaway about a Charles Paumpert Movie: Distracting Trumpet.

Yonkers is mentioned in an episode of the show Grounded for Life, where character Lily Finnerty is supposedly going for a party.

In the 2010 film "Bounty Hunter," Gerard Butler's character Milo Boyd tells Jennifer Aniston's character Nicole Houston of a "great pizza place on Yonkers."

In the 2011 film "MIB III (Men In Black 3) Will take place in Radio Shack in Cross County.

American Idol Season 10 Contestant Melinda Ademi lives in Yonkers.

In the White Collar episode "Book of Hours" the character "Burrelli" mentions his vet in Yonkers.

In 2011, rapper Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future released his song "Yonkers" as the second single from his sophomore album Goblin. The song's music video has gone viral and currently has 44,312,977 views as of May 30, 2012.

On October 21, 2011, filming was done for the movie Disconnect (2012) at the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers.

Yonkers is twinned with:

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