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  • Zip Code: 77506 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 0.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77547 Harris Galena Park Texas :: 2.42 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77502 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 2.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77017 Harris Houston Texas :: 2.96 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77217 Harris Houston Texas :: 3.16 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77260 Harris Houston Texas :: 3.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77501 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 3.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77503 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 3.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77287 Harris Houston Texas :: 3.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77012 Harris Houston Texas :: 3.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77261 Harris Houston Texas :: 3.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77587 Harris South Houston Texas :: 3.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77262 Harris Houston Texas :: 4.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77015 Harris Houston Texas :: 4.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77504 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 4.56 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77029 Harris Houston Texas :: 4.77 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77229 Harris Houston Texas :: 4.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77508 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 5.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77087 Harris Houston Texas :: 5.81 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77207 Harris Houston Texas :: 5.83 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77013 Harris Houston Texas :: 5.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77536 Harris Deer Park Texas :: 5.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77213 Harris Houston Texas :: 5.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77505 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 5.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77061 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.01 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77011 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77023 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77234 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77223 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77034 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.67 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77216 Harris Houston Texas :: 6.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77075 Harris Houston Texas :: 7.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77220 Harris Houston Texas :: 7.28 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77020 Harris Houston Texas :: 7.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77209 Harris Houston Texas :: 7.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77530 Harris Channelview Texas :: 7.85 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77033 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.19 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77003 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77089 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77221 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77021 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77289 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.84 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77028 Harris Houston Texas :: 8.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77288 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77004 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.12 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77049 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.21 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77026 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.22 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77226 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77010 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77298 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77059 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77233 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.53 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77201 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77048 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.58 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77202 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77002 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77097 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77203 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77297 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77052 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77208 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77252 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77275 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77001 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77210 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77286 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77284 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77078 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77253 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77296 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77276 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77285 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77212 Harris Houston Texas :: 9.85 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77571 Harris La Porte Texas :: 10.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77507 Harris Pasadena Texas :: 10.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77259 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.35 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77294 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.46 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77051 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77062 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77230 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77006 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.93 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77009 Harris Houston Texas :: 10.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77581 Brazoria Pearland Texas :: 11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77266 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77204 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.17 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77588 Brazoria Pearland Texas :: 11.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77030 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.47 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77249 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77054 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77016 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77228 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77058 Harris Houston Texas :: 11.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77572 Harris La Porte Texas :: 11.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77254 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.13 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77098 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77219 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77019 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77225 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.43 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77044 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77222 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77258 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.71 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77022 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77005 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77047 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77007 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77562 Harris Highlands Texas :: 12.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77299 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77093 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.88 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77293 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77277 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77265 Harris Houston Texas :: 12.98 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77598 Harris Webster Texas :: 13.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77050 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77549 Galveston Friendswood Texas :: 13.48 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77025 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.49 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77046 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.5 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77256 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77248 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77270 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.7 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77008 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.71 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77045 Harris Houston Texas :: 13.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77546 Galveston Friendswood Texas :: 13.94 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77584 Brazoria Pearland Texas :: 14.06 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77522 Harris Baytown Texas :: 14.15 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77027 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.2 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77227 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.26 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77245 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77246 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77247 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.37 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77586 Harris Seabrook Texas :: 14.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77076 Harris Houston Texas :: 14.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77402 Harris Bellaire Texas :: 14.82 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77401 Harris Bellaire Texas :: 15.05 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77018 Harris Houston Texas :: 15.08 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77206 Harris Houston Texas :: 15.1 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77292 Harris Houston Texas :: 15.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77056 Harris Houston Texas :: 15.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77039 Harris Houston Texas :: 15.62 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77521 Harris Baytown Texas :: 15.73 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77574 Galveston League City Texas :: 15.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77291 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.14 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77565 Galveston Kemah Texas :: 16.27 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77096 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77081 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.34 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77037 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77235 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.54 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77231 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77035 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.6 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77091 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.67 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77396 Harris Humble Texas :: 16.72 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77257 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.79 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77057 Harris Houston Texas :: 16.8 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77573 Galveston League City Texas :: 16.87 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77236 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.11 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77237 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.29 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77053 Fort Bend Houston Texas :: 17.4 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77085 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.41 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77243 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77532 Harris Crosby Texas :: 17.74 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77055 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.86 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77092 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.9 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77255 Harris Houston Texas :: 17.92 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77074 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.3 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77274 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.32 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77263 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.38 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77279 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77278 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.39 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77578 Brazoria Manvel Texas :: 18.53 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77088 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77215 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77224 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.68 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77024 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.69 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77063 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.75 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77060 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.89 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77032 Harris Houston Texas :: 18.97 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77346 Harris Humble Texas :: 18.99 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77071 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.02 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77271 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.31 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77347 Harris Humble Texas :: 19.36 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77036 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.51 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77251 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.55 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77518 Galveston Bacliff Texas :: 19.57 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77520 Harris Baytown Texas :: 19.61 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77545 Fort Bend Fresno Texas :: 19.63 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77250 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.65 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77038 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.76 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77489 Fort Bend Missouri City Texas :: 19.77 Miles
  • Zip Code: 77238 Harris Houston Texas :: 19.98 Miles

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Largest Metro Populations in Texas


Dallas-Fort Worth is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Texas, and Dallas is one of the most important economic powerhouses of the United States. Behind Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, the area employs more people than any other place in the United States. Dallas also has a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

The Dallas metro is unique, because it is the largest metropolitan city without any form of sea access, which has necessitated it to have a large and broad transportation system based on rail, trucking, and air traffic. Dallas is the home of the MLB Texas Rangers, NBA Mavericks, and NFL Cowboys.


Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, and represents the second largest metropolitan population. Like Dallas, Houston is another city with a huge business presence, and is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the United States besides New York City.

The Port of Houston is one of the most important transportation ports in the United States, second only to the ports of New Orleans in terms of the amount of cargo transported in and out of the United States every year. Houston is home to the NBA Rockets, MLB Astros, and NFL Texans. Galveston also belongs to the Houston Metropolitan area and offers beautiful beaches and contributes to the high tourist value of the area.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the third largest metro area in Texas and the fastest growing area of the state of Texas. San Antonio is much different than Houston or Dallas, because the vast majority of the metro population live within the city limits of San Antonio, with very few people located outside of the city.

The city of San Antonio has a large population of military residents, and is the home of a number of military bases, including Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base, and Fort Sam Houston. The city is home to one major professional sports team: the San Antonio Spurs.


Austin, Texas, is the fourth largest metro area in Texas and is the capital of the state. The city is widely known as one of the most important cultural centers in Texas, and perhaps even the United States. Austin is most well known for the South by Southwest festival (SXSW), which is a city-wide music festival which hosts many of the most interesting and unique musical acts in the country, in addition to showcasing other forms of art, such as film.

El Paso

El Paso is the fifth largest metro area in Texas, and is located on the far-western tip of the state. The city is located on the border of the United States with Mexico, and is contiguous with Juarez on the other side of the border. El Paso is unique in the United States and even the Western Hemisphere because of its huge bilingual workforce which includes individuals from two countries.

Like San Antonio, El Paso has a large military population. El Paso is home to Fort Bliss and Biggs Army Airfield. Fort Bliss is the largest military training facility in the United States.

All About Pasadena, Texas Geographic Area

Pasadena (play /ˌpæsəˈdiːnə/) is a city in the U.S. state of Texas within the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the city's population is 149,043 making it the seventeenth most populous city in the state of Texas as well as the second-largest city in Harris County. The area was founded in 1893 by John H. Burnett of Galveston and named the area after Pasadena, California because of the perceived lush vegetation.

The Pasadena Volunteer Fire Department is the largest all volunteer municipal fire department in the United States.

Prior to European settlement the area around Galveston Bay was settled by the Karankawa and Atakapan tribes, particularly the Akokisa, who lived throughout the Gulf coast region. Spanish explorers such as the Rivas-Iriarte expedition and José Antonio de Evia charted the bay and gave it its name. The pirate Jean Lafitte established a short-lived kingdom based in Galveston in the early 19th century with bases and hide-outs around the bay and around Clear Lake. Lafitte was forced to leave in 1821 by the U.S. Navy.

Following its declaration of independence from Spain the new nation of Mexico moved to colonize its northern territory of Texas by offering land grants to settlers both from within Mexico and from the nearby United States. The colony established by Stephen F. Austin and the Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company of New York rapidly began a wave of settlement around the bay. Following a coup in the Mexican government by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Texas revolted against Mexican rule in 1835. After several battles and skirmishes the final battle of the Texas Revolution took place near modern Pasadena on April 21, 1836. Santa Anna was captured at Vince's Bayou. Because this was the last conflict that led to the Mexican surrender, Pasadena and neighboring Deer Park have adopted the nickname "Birthplace of Texas".

Sam Allen started a ranch in 1843 with 350 acres (1.4 km2). This became the Allen Ranch which occupied what is now western Pasadena all the way to Harrisburg, Texas. By 1888, the ranch contained 15,000 acres (61 km2) in Harris County, 10,000 acres (40 km2) in Brazoria County, Texas with grazing lands in Galveston and Fort Bend Counties.

The Galveston, Harrisburg & Houston Railroad ran through the Allen ranch. There was a problem of cattle being regularly killed on the tracks and in 1875, Allen built a 19-mile (31 km) fence along the east side of the railway right of way to keep the cattle off the tracks. The fence ran from Harrisburg to League City and had four rails and a top rail wide enough to walk on. A gate was placed in the fence at the Harrisburg-Lynchburg Road with a large sign above instructing that it should be closed at all times. The area east of this railroad fence running from Buffalo Bayou to the tracks on Sims Bayou ran all the way to Galveston Bay. It contained 100,000 acres (400 km2) of grazing land for cattle.

"Proposed" towns in or near present day Pasadena were set up but short lived and either abandoned or never even got off the ground. In 1892 Colonel John H. Burnett of Galveston established an unnamed townsite on the Vince Survey just east of the Allen Ranch. Burnett was involved in both construction and promotion of railroads and knew their impact on the value of property. The land was sold in 10 acres (4.0 ha) lots. He had also established the nearby towns of Deepwater and Genoa, later to be incorporated into Pasadena and Houston.

The 1900 unnamed hurricane that destroyed Galveston heavily damaged Pasadena, as well. The city received a population boost from some Galveston refugees who relocated to the mainland following the catastrophe. Donations by the newly created Red Cross, including millions of strawberry plants to Gulf Coast farmers, helped revive the community. This and the subsequent establishment of a major strawberry farm in the area by Texaco founder Joseph S. Cullinan made Pasadena a major fruit producer for many years afterward. As the community recovered major tracts of the Allen Ranch were liquidated opening up new development. Rice farmers from Japan settled in the community further diversifying its agriculture. A paper mill and other businesses began to develop.

In 1901 the Texas Oil Boom began with the gusher at Spindletop. The discovery of the oil field at Goose Creek led to increasing petroleum exploration around Galveston Bay. By 1920 refinery operations had appeared in Pasadena and continued to expand thereafter. The world wars gradually brought further industrial development, with Pasadena's growth rate surpassing even neighboring Houston.

Pasadena voted to incorporate in 1923, but residents decided to cancel the incorporation one year later. Pasadena incorporated in 1928. Because of the 1928 incorporation, Houston did not incorporate Pasadena's territory into its city limits, while Houston annexed surrounding areas that were unincorporated.

By the mid-20th century Pasadena's economy had become strongly tied to petroleum and other heavy industry. NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) was established near Pasadena in 1963 with the residential community of Clear Lake City, partially under Pasadena's jurisdiction, established nearby. These developments helped to diversify the town's economy significantly.

Former US Congressman and city councilman, Ray Barnhart described the city at the time as "a lovely community but politically corrupt." Barnhart recalled that a half dozen Pasadena officials were indicted in the late 1950s and early 1960s for public corruption.

In 1965, Houston Post reporter Gene Goltz Received the Pulitzer Prize for his exposure of government corruption in Pasadena, Texas, which resulted in widespread reforms.

The nearby Bayport Industrial District, one of the nation's largest chemical processing complexes, is vital to employment. High-tech businesses in the area related to the JSC have developed as well, and the opening of the Bayport shipping terminal is rapidly adding to the city's economic base.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 44.5 square miles (115 km2), of which 44.2 square miles (114 km2) is land and 0.4 square miles (1.0 km2) (0.81%) is water. The city is bordered by the Houston Ship Channel (Buffalo Bayou / San Jacinto River) to the north. The southeastern most part of the city fronts Galveston Bay.

Neighborhoods in Pasadena include:

Pasadena has hot and humid summers and mild winters typical of the Southern United States.

As of the census of 2000, there were 141,674 people, 47,031 occupied housing units, and 35,179 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,208.1 people per square mile (1,238.7/km²). There were 50,367 housing units at an average density of 1,140.5 per square mile (440.4/km²).

The racial makeup of the city was 71.4% White, 1.6% African American, 0.7% American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.8% Asian, 0.0% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, 21.3% from other races, and 3.1% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 48.2% of the population.

There were 47,031 households out of which 43.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 55.8% were married couples living together, 13.1% had a female householder with no husband present, and 25.2% were non-families. 20.4% of all households were made up of individuals and 6.2% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.99 and the average family size was 3.48.

In the city the population was distributed by age as follows: 31.6% under the age of 18, 11.4% from 18 to 24, 31.2% from 25 to 44, 17.9% from 45 to 64, and 7.9% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 29 years. For every 100 females there were 99.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 97.6 males.

The city's key economic sectors include exploration for petroleum and gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical processing, maritime shipping, aerospace, and healthcare. The city's economy is closely linked to the nearby Houston Ship Channel and the Bayport shipping terminal and industrial district, as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)'s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in the bordering Clear Lake Area. The Pasadena Refining System, a partnership of Petrobras and Astra Holding USA, is headquartered in Pasadena.

The median income for a household in the city was $38,522, and the median income for a family was $42,541. Males had a median income of $34,330 versus $25,869 for females. The per capita income for the city was $16,301. About 13.2% of families and 16.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 20.8% of those under age 18 and 10.5% of those age 65 or over.

Harris County operates the Kyle Chapman/Pasadena Courthouse Annex. Harris County Hospital District operates the Strawberry Health Center in Pasadena.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) operates the Houston V District Parole Office in Pasadena.

There are four post offices in the city limits. In July 2011 the USPS announced that one, John Foster Post Office, may close.

According to the City's 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:

The Government of Pasadena operates under a Mayor-Council form of government with a mayor and eight council members who are responsible for enacting legislation, adopting budgets and setting policies.

The city has its own police department, which employs approximately 260 Officers, with 1 Police Chief, 2 Assistant Chiefs and other supervisory positions.

The last election was a special election held on January 19, 2008.

The city has several museums, including the Pasadena Historical Museum, the Bay Area Museum and Armand Bayou Nature Center. Pasadena also has a community theater, an annual rodeo and the Pasadena Philharmonic. The city's newspaper is the Pasadena Citizen

Because of its location near the refineries that dot the nearby ship channel, Pasadena has been dubbed by locals with the nickname "Stinkadena." Several country music songs have been recorded with "Pasa-get-down-dena" as the title including Kenefick on their album "Hard Road."

John Travolta, Debra Winger and other actors came to the city to film the 1980 hit movie Urban Cowboy, which depicted life and young love in Pasadena. The film centered on the city's honky-tonk bar Gilley's, which was co-owned by country music star Mickey Gilley. In 1989 Gilley's suffered an arson fire that gutted the interior, but the building's shell was still standing until 2006 when it was demolished by the Pasadena Independent School District, its current owner. Only the old sound recording studio remains. Gilley still resides in Pasadena.

Clara Barton of the American Red Cross purchased 1.5 million strawberry plants and sent them to Pasadena to help victims of the flood get back on their feet. By the 1930s those crops had flourished so much that Pasadena was claiming the title of Strawberry Capital of the World. At its height, the city's strawberry growers shipped as many as 28 train carloads of strawberries each day. To honor that history, the city still holds an annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival. Strawberry Road stretches through much of the city near where the old strawberry crops grew. Attendance at the annual Strawberry Festival was 56,000 in 2008.

Pasadena Philharmonic Society and Orchestra is a combination of two groups. The Society is composed of members of the local community that support the fine arts and classical music. The Orchestra is composed of local music educators, musicians, college students and selected high school students. The Orchestra presented its first performance in the fall of 1982. The Philharmonic has presented performances ever since.

Institutions of higher education include:

Most of city of Pasadena is served by the Pasadena Independent School District. Some of the eastern part is served by Deer Park Independent School District, some of the southern part is served by Clear Creek Independent School District and La Porte Independent School District.

Pasadena owns the Pasadena Public Library with the Main Library at 1201 Jeff Ginn Memorial Drive and the Fairmont Library, a branch, at 4330 Fairmont Parkway between Panama Street and Watters Road.

Harris County operates several community centers in Pasadena.

Local residents have access to tennis courts, soccer fields, jogging tracks, walking tracks, picnic tables, family gathering pavilions at Pasadena's 47 parks, 5 swimming pools, and 5 game room buildings, museum, recreation center, 15 tennis courts and 21 ball fields.

San Jacinto Branch YMCA is located in Pasadena.

City parks are maintained by the City of Pasadena, Texas.

Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC) is a 2,500 acres (1,000 ha) preserve on the western shore of Galveston Bay in Pasadena. It is the only remnant of this region's original eco-systems: coastal tallgrass prairie, bottomland forest and bayou. A diversity of plant life has taken root here, including bottomland hardwoods. Hundreds of species of wildlife thrive in the narrow wooded streams and scattered lakes, ponds and marshes. Armand Bayou also is a breeding and nursery ground for many finfish and shellfish and a haven for rarely seen species such as bobcats and owls.

As of 2010[update] ABNC has been designated as one of five preserves under the Texas Coastal Preserve Program of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Pasadena is served by three freeway systems. Interstate 45 is the closest interstate to the Pasadena city limits. The main freeway artery is the Pasadena Freeway (State Highway 225). The east side of the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) runs through the eastern portion of the city.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority sells EZ Tags in the city.

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas (METRO) operates a park & ride service from the Pasadena Town Square Mall. This joint venture between Harris County, the city of Pasadena and METRO extended select trips. METRO operates four trips during the morning and five trips during the afternoon rush hours. Harris County Transit operates a bus route that runs through most of the city, stopping at health centers, shopping centers, colleges, and other venues, with connections to neighboring cites. The Pasadena Park and Ride lot is located on the north side of Pasadena Town Square.

Pasadena has formalized sister city agreements with the following cities:

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Map Of Pasadena, Texas Blood Testing Facilities

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High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

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