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All of our Board Certified Medical Physicians and Doctors are skilled specialists in prescribing HGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin, and HCG Weight Loss Diet. Our HRT Doctors have a minimum of 10 years expertise providing legitimate prescription programs for hormone optimization and hormone replacement therapy.

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HGH Injections Video

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Protocol for Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Injection

The primary method for Human Growth Hormone Administration is Subcutaneous Injection. Subcutaneous injection means that the needle is inserted into the skin and the shot is delivered just below the epidermal layer. Testosterone HRT is delivered via a few methods, including Testosterone gels and patches, but it is also often delivered by injection as well. Testosterone Injections are delivered intramuscularly. This means that the needle used for a Testosterone Shot is delivered directly into muscle tissue, where it later disseminates over time into the blood stream.

This article is written in order to inform you about the proper method by which to deliver both Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Shots. It is important for both your own safety and the effectiveness of your prescription hormone regimen that you read and follow these instructions with the utmost care.

Getting Ready to Inject

  1. Wash your wrists and hands with great care using warm water and soap. Doing this will reduce the risk of needle contamination tremendously.

  2. After washing your hands, find a proper staging area for your injection. This area will be a flat, hard, and disinfected surface such as the countertop of your bathroom. Although not absolutely necessary, the ideal location will also have a mirror.

  3. At this point, you should gather all of the supplies necessary to perform the injection. Carefully examine all of your supplies and make sure that no contamination has occurred and that all packages are properly sealed. If there are signs of tampering or if products have been improperly stored, it is imperative that you discard them.

In addition to this, make sure that the medications are not expired, because the effectiveness and safety of Hormone Replacement Therapies decay over time, leading to inferior results or increased risk of complications and side-effects as a result of injection.

Important: When Administering Testosterone Intramuscularly, you will utilize two individual needles. The first needle is known as the “drawing needle.” It is used to obtain the proper dose from the Testosterone vial. The second needle is known as the “administration needle.” This needle will be used to actually deliver the Bioidentical Testosterone Hormone into your muscle tissue.

How to Draw the Hormone Solution into Your Syringe:

  1. The first thing you must do is use alcohol swabs to sterilize the cap of the vial. The correct way to clean the cap is to slide the alcohol swab in a fluid motion across the cap of the vial in a single swipe.

  2. After sterilizing the cap of the Testosterone or HGH Hormone Vial, carefully open the package containing the needle and syringe. After you do this, pull back the plunger of the syringe until the air inside the syringe equals the dose of Hormone Replacement Therapy that you intend to deliver (for example, if your dose is three millimeters of solution, you would retract the plunger until you reach the number “3” prominently displayed on the front of the syringe.

  3. At this point, push the needle directly through the rubber cap of the vial. It is vital that the stopper remain perfectly clean throughout this process. If you accidentally touch the rubber cap after you initially sterilized it with the alcohol swab, you must repeat the process before continuing before inserting the needle.

  4. After inserting the needle, flip the Hormone Vial with its base facing upward. Make sure that the tip of the needle remains submerged in the solution until the needle is removed.

  5. Press down on the plunger, releasing the air captured within the syringe into the vial of medication. This serves two purposes. First, this creates a consistency of air pressure both inside and outside of the glass vial, preventing the vial from cracking or breaking. Second, maintaining equal pressure within the vial will make future withdrawal of medication less of a potential hassle.

  6. Make sure that the tip of the needle is still properly submerged, then take both syringe and vial in one hand. With your free hand, pull on the plunger and take up the amount of solution that you intend to administer. Figure One is a visual aid intended to help you visualize how to accomplish this properly.

  7. Continue to maintain the vial in an inverted fashion and keep the drawing needle submerged in the fluid contained within the vial. Then tap softly upon the wall of the syringe so any bubbles of air trapped in the vial rise to the top and dissipate. After you do this you will press the plunger slightly—only enough to remove all of the air trapped in the needle. This is of vital importance, because it is inherently dangerous to inject bubbles of air into the body as they can enter the blood stream and lead to major complications.

  8. After you have removed the air from the needle and retrieved your desired dose, carefully pull the needle out of the rubber stopper, along with the syringe.

  9. Seal the needle temporarily by carefully sticking the tip into a needle cap that you have placed on the sterilized countertop. This will help prevent you from contaminating the needle or accidentally pricking yourself before you are ready to inject.

  10. For Intramuscular and/or Testosterone Injection only: Release the drawing needle from the syringe and safely dispose of it in a Sharps container approved by OSHA. There are strict Federal rules regarding the disposal of potentially biohazardous sharp objects and needles, and they must be placed in an appropriate biological medical disposal container.

If you do not have a Sharps Container in your possession you must acquire one before you can safely and legally use your Injectable Testosterone or Human Growth Hormone. It is of the utmost importance that you discard your used needles in a responsible manner.

Protocol for Hormone Solution Injection:

Make sure that you keep all materials, needles, and syringes untarnished. It is incredibly important to prevent anything from making contact with either the tip of the needle or the syringe. If the tip of the needle or syringe is touched in any way, or any other form of contamination occurs, you are recommended with utmost urgency to dispose of the needle and syringe and begin the process again with new and sterile tools in order to help prevent you from getting a dangerous infection.

  1. For Intramuscular and/or Testosterone administration, retrieve the administration needle from its sealed and untarnished package and carefully look over the needle for potential defects. Don't take the cap off of the needle until you are fully prepared to inject.

  2. Twist the administration needle carefully but firmly onto the syringe. Keep the combo placed carefully on your sterilized countertop until you are ready to administer the Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  3. In the case of subcutaneous administration, there is a slim insulin syringe which comes complete with needle. This needle is sealed to the syringe and it is not possible to remove it. This needle will be used for injection.

  4. Take an alcohol swab and disinfect the patch of skin you intend to utilize for administration. Allow the alcohol to dry only due to contact with the air. Discard the swab.

IMPORTANT: If you feel and knots, bumps, or lumps at the area you have chosen for injection, pick another site. Also, if you feel pain when applying pressure to a particular area, change your location of desired administration as well. Also, avoid any patch of skin which is unnaturally depressed, discolored, or scabbed. Keep away from broken wounds as well. If you have any question about the viability of an injection site, contact us for more information.

  1. Take the cap off of the needle when you are prepared to inject. Take your fingertips and raise the area that you intend to inject slightly by pinching the skin with your fingertips, making sure not to get your fingers on the spot in which you intend to inject. See Figure Two for a visual representation.

The ideal locations for administration are located away from structures of the body such as bones, joints, and nerves. Contact us for a diagram of potential hormone injection sites. The ideal area to administer an Intramuscular Testosterone Injection is into the muscle of the outer thigh or the buttocks (quadricep or gluteus maximus) The ideal location to administer HGH or HCG Subcutaneously is into the soft skin surrounding the belly button.

  1. In a single firm but fast motion, inject the needle through the skin. For Subcutaneous injection you should inject at a forty-five degree (diagonal) angle. For Intramuscular Injections you should inject at a ninety degree (perpendicular) angle.

The seventh step is only for Intramuscular Testosterone Injection. Skip to the eighth step for HGH Subcutaneous Injection

  1. Intramuscular: After you have injected the needle into the desired location of muscle, retract the plunger just a bit and check and see if there is blood within the syringe. If there is, this means that you have struck a blood vessel or are very near one, and you must choose another location for injection. This only occurs very rarely, but if it does, it is vitally important not to inject, as the Testosterone will potentially enter the blood stream at an unintended rate.

If there is blood contained within the syringe, pull the needle from the skin and throw away the needle in your approved container. After you have disposed of the needle, rub the injection site with clean tissue or gauze. Return to the second step and repeat the administration process after picking another site for injection.

  1. Administer the Hormone Therapy by pushing steadily and slowly onto the plunger until you have completely emptied the syringe. Press gauze or a cotton swab against the site of administration.

  2. Quickly but cautiously retract the needle from the skin, then massage the administration location with gauze or a dry cotton ball.

  3. Immediately throw away both the needle and the syringe into your OSHA-approved sharp disposal container.

  4. Return all equipment and medicine to a safe location that children cannot access. Make sure that you store your Hormone Medications at their proper holding temperature inside the refrigerator. Also make sure your other medical equipment is stored in a safe and intelligent manner as well.

  5. After your Sharps Container has been filled to recommended capacity, contact your local authority for waste management and follow their rules for appropriate bio-medical waste disposal.

At first these steps may seem somewhat complicated, but after a few injections, the process will feel both simple and natural. If you have issues with needles and are interested in Testosterone HRT, there are a number of different treatment methods available. Testosterone Injections are preferred by those who want faster results with a very slightly increased chance of minor side effects. The results with Testosterone creams and patches begin to take place at a slower rate, but the chances for overdose are more negligible. Testosterone pellets are available as well, for patients who are okay with injections, but want to take as few as possible.

For now, the only way to receive Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is via injection. There are researchers evaluating the potential of alternate methods, but to this date, injections are the only way to receive medically potent doses of HGH.

If you have any questions about proper injection procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us, because your safety is our number one priority. The Conscious Evolution Institute is your best source for safe, affordable, and legal HGH and Testosterone Treatment.

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Source: HGH Human Growth Hormone TV http://www.hgh.tv

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