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All of our Board Certified Medical Physicians and Doctors are knowledgeable specialists in prescribing HGH, Testosterone, Sermorelin, and HCG Weight Loss Diet. Our HRT Doctors have a minimum of ten years expertise providing legitimate prescription programs for hormone optimization and hormone replacement therapy.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Weight Management and HGH

HGH Weight Loss

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The Facts about Human Growth Hormone and Weight Management

Can HGH Help Develop Muscle and Eradicate Fat?

Human Growth Hormone is a widely discussed and misunderstood hormone treatment. Could Bio-Identical HGH be useful for men and women who are interested in losing large amounts of weight effectively?

Many people around America and all over the globe are using or attempting to use Recombinant HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy as a means to help them lose weight more quickly with less effort. These individuals turn to Human Growth Hormone in numerous forms, including powders, capsules, and HGH Shots.

In the past, there have been a few studies that have correlated Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy with the generation of muscle mass, as well as a method to reduce adipose fat. Although these studies do show slight improvements in overall body fat percentage, they also came with the risk of numerous side effects.

Human Growth Hormone has not been approved by the FDA as a means to lose weight. HGH Hormone Therapy is only approved for the treatment of a Legitimate Deficiency of Human Growth Hormone, as well as HIV-Related Wasting Disease.

How does Human Growth Hormone Work?

Human Growth Hormone, also known as Somatotropin, is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland, by tiny organs known as Somatotrophs. Early in life, HGH is secreted at high levels by the body as a means to induce changes in height associated with early development as well as puberty. Although our body produces HGH when we are young in order to spur growth, this secretion declines as we reach the end of puberty.

Somatotropin is responsible for much more than just changes in height, however. As we enter adulthood, the body primarily uses Human Growth Hormone as a means to maintain metabolism at both the organ level and the cellular level. HGH is also vitally important to healthy energy levels, cognitive function, muscle development, and physical healing and rehabilitation.

Natural HGH Progression

Human Growth Hormone Secretion reaches its highest levels during the later years of puberty, and plateaus in the late teens and early twenties. Through the twenties, HGH Production remains relatively stable, and beginning in the late twenties and early thirties, Natural Growth Hormone Production starts to drop as a natural result of the aging process.

Overweight Patients Secrete Less HGH than Normal

Numerous studies have displayed evidence that overweight patients produce less Human Growth Hormone than men and women that are of healthy weight. Because of this correlation between HGH Release and Body Weight, there are many that have hypothesized that Increasing the Body's HGH Levels can lead to lost pounds in overweight individuals.

Growth Hormone Injections have long been known to stimulate muscle development and growth when abused, as has long been proven through its use as an Illicit Performance Enhancing Drug. Due to the beneficial effects afforded to athletes by HGH Shots, the hormone is banned in both Global Olympic Sport as well as within Professional Sports Leagues in the United States.

Early Research Generates Human Growth Hormone Intrigue

The first study which seemed to directly correlate Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy with Fat Loss is an article from the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990. This scientific study purported that Bio-Identical HGH has the ability to reduce fat levels by fourteen percent, and muscle by almost nine percent, with no changes in activity level or eating habits. Even though this initial study put forth so much promise, these fantastic weight loss achievements have not been duplicated in the same way in any other large study.

Thirteen years after the initial publication of the original HGH Weight Loss Study, the New England Journal of Medicine actually went back and commented on the original study, exclaiming that the study has been widely misrepresented in order to increase interest in the Off-Label Use of HGH. In spite of this denouncement, the 1990 article is still being utilized in order to drum up sales of Human Growth Hormone as a miracle weight loss cure.

HGH Increases Muscle Mass While Decreasing Fat Mass

Adult Patients with Legitimate Human Growth Hormone Deficiency experience real benefits from HGH Injections. These injections have the capability to reduce adipose fat percentage, increase muscle, and strengthen the bones. The combination of muscle building and fat burning has the ability to vastly improve overall physiological composition of the human body.

Even though Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy produces these immense benefits to patients with a Real Deficiency of HGH, they do not necessarily benefit obese patients in the same way. Dr. Nicholas Tritos has studied the benefits of Human Growth Hormone for obese patients without HGH Deficiency, and was unimpressed with the results.

Tritos' study showed that HGH Injections did have a minor effect on the overall composition of the body, but did not have an effect on overall mass. HGH Shots seemed to increase muscle mass at the same rate that it decreased fat mass in these patients. Tritos found far more significant and beneficial weight loss achievements in patients that truly have Growth Hormone Deficiency. Of course, this study only regards HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy on its own as a treatment, not in combination with diet, nutrition, and exercise changes.

A second, similar study to that conducted by Dr. Tritos, showed similar results. The patients in the study experienced slight benefits in regard to fat and muscle mass, but the changes in composition did not lead to an overall reduction in weight. This study does readily admit that more research is needed in order to reveal the exact potential benefits of Human Growth Hormone, however.

In addition to this, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has not given its seal of approval in regard to the use of Human Growth Hormone as a treatment for Clinical Obesity without diagnosed Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

HGH Powders and Pills, Expensive, Useless, and Risky

Real Human Growth Hormone can only be provided using Subcutaneous Injection. Legit Bio-Identical HGH can only be obtained legally with a physician's prescription. Human Growth Hormone shots are FDA-Approved to treat children and adults suffering from HGH Deficiency, patients with AIDS Wasting Disease, and patients waiting for or in the process of receiving organ transplantation.

There are nebulous companies all over the internet which try to hock Human Growth Hormone powders and pills, claiming that the treatments are cheaper than HGH Injections while still being just as effective. Although there is a ton of debate regarding the effectiveness of HGH Injection Therapy as a treatment for numerous disorders, it is more than clear that other forms of Human Growth Hormone are patently ineffective at mimicking the benefits of real and potent Somatropin Hormone Injections.

Human Growth Hormone cannot be taken orally, because the stomach is designed to break down the complex HGH molecule, rendering it down to component Amino Acids and Peptide Fragments. In addition to this, any supplement that has not been properly evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration carries an implicit risk because it is not necessarily sterile, pure, or safe. It also is not guaranteed to even do what the product is advertised to accomplish.

Why Isn't HGH Approved Explicitly for Weight Loss?

There are a few reasons why the Food and Drug Administration has not given the thumbs up to Human Growth Hormone as a Weight Loss Drug. These reasons include:

  • Risk of Side Effects

  • Potential to Interact with Insulin

  • High Cost

  • Insufficient Longitudinal Clinical Study

Although HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy can produce significant and amazing benefits for patients that suffer from a genuine deficiency, the use of HGH by healthy individuals can lead to a number of potential complications. Growth Hormone for HGH Deficiency, on the other hand, is incredibly safe, because the goal of the medical treatment is not to induce HGH Overdose, but simply to restore harmonious levels of Growth Hormone and IGF-1.

Side Effects of Inappropriate HGH Usage by healthy patients include:

  • Water Retention

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Joint Discomfort

  • Muscle Irritation

  • Insulin Desensitization

Final Note Regarding HGH

The use of Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging purposes, Muscle Development, or Weight loss is controversial and experimental. Human Growth Hormone has been shown to indeed boost muscle development while burning fat, but there is not conclusive evidence that Human Growth Hormone can be utilized strictly as a means to lose weight.

One must remember that there are no quick fixes for obesity and weight loss. Even patients with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency must combine their Hormone Therapy Regimen with smart and healthy changes in diet and activity level in order to unlock the maximum potential of treatment.

If you feel that you may suffer from HGH Deficiency, talk to a qualified medical professional in order to get yourself evaluated. Human Growth Hormone Injections can be incredibly beneficial to certain patients, but if you do not suffer from Legitimate Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, HGH use is a risky proposition, and is not legal in the United States.

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