The Conscious Evolution Lifestyle
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Change Your Life with a Conscious Evolution

Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on November 4th, 2018

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The Conscious Evolution Lifestyle

Every one of our physicians is a board certified medical doctor with a history of providing the best in specialized Hormone Replacement Therapy personalized for individual patients

The Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Recommendations

The Four Elements of the Conscious Lifestyle:

  1. Healthy and Conscientious Diet

  2. Vigorous Cardiovascular and Anaerobic Physical Activity

  3. Restorative Sleep

  4. Hormone Replacement Therapy

Table of Contents:

  1. The Big Picture

  2. Recommendations in a Nutshell

  3. Science of Eating

  4. Science of Nutrition Supplementation

  5. Science of Exercise

  6. Vice and Cheating

  7. Science of Sleep

  8. Hormone Replacement Therapy

  9. Conscious Evolution Success Stories

The Big Picture

What is the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle? The goal of the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle is to live with an enhanced level of self-examined awareness which directs oneself toward a superior, improved life of vigilant personal improvement, leading to enhanced vitality, health, and youthfulness. If the lifestyle could be described in one word, it would encompass the concept of longevity.

The recommendations of the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle are not meant to ever include the word "diet," since it has been shown that over 95% of all diets will fail completely. Alternatively, we have embraced these suggestions for lifestyle change as part of a comprehensive plan for the beginning of a new way of life that will consider fitness and health awareness, and how they affect our lives in general.

When we first begin to make changes in our life, it is inevitably difficult to adjust our personal routines and habits. This is why it is so important that we are vigilant and enthusiastically dedicated to our lifestyle choices from the start. This new way of life may be very different from our current modern lifestyle, though, over time, the lifestyle will become the new normal, and our old lifestyle choices will seem alien and odd to us.

Let the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Take Hold of You

In a relatively short amount of time, our new choice to pursue the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle will allow us to adapt to this new reality, and it will evolve into an automatic way of thinking. Your old life will seem pathetic to you as you embrace your new life. Upon embracing your new and excellent health, vitality, and energy, you will become a symbolic beacon of light, and your friends, family, and others will ask what you are doing differently or maybe even what you"re "on". When you begin to share the elements of your new lifestyle with those who ask, they too will desire to experience the heightened, superior life that resulted from your own personal Conscious Evolution.

The History of Longevity

Human longevity and health quality have fluctuated over time. In recorded human history, the human life span (for at least the last five thousand years, and possibly up to the last two million years) averaged between thirty and fifty years of age until the twentieth century. Under many circumstances, people have classically been able to live in their seventies, and even eighties, but most people would only make it to what we now consider today to be “middle age.”

This range in age has been scientifically determined by carbon dating in scientific academic studies around the world. However, it wasn't until the twentieth century that the typical human life span showed a pattern of steadily rising as a result of advancement in nutrition, medicine, and hygiene. Today, men and women in first world nations easily live twice as long as their historical and prehistorical counterparts.

Americans No Longer Living Longer

Sadly, changes in the way we lived in America the late 20th century are having an adverse effect upon our lifespans. The present First World American diet, and the sedentary lifestyle associated with modern life are causing rapid aging and decreased hormone levels that may actually be halting and slowing these remarkable century-long historic gains in life expectancy.

Our modern American culture, and the poor diet and low levels of exercise associated with it, are actually reversing gains achieved over the last 100 years, especially since nearly 25% of Americans suffer from unhealthy body weight or full-fledged obesity, a health condition known to be strongly linked with the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases that can significantly decrease the human lifespan of Americans despite their income levels, race, and social status. Even more disheartening are the increases in childhood obesity and diabetes that have skyrocketed with a generation accustomed to fast food, video games, preservatives, and white, refined sugar.


Turning this tide and embracing a superior life of enhanced health and wellness can be assisted by Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Recommendations In a Nutshell

In order to successfully implement a longevity centered, healthy lifestyle, one must be conscientious about his or her lifestyle choices, and be willing to prioritize and make changes with a distinctly directed goal of improving one's life and mind. One of the best ways to reverse decreased quality of life is to take a synergistic approach.

The most successful Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs will inevitably incorporate direct, radical focus on the bigger picture of individual lifestyle, including things like sleep, diet, exercise, and supplementation. If all of these elements are not closely monitored, an individual will not receive the optimal potential benefits of a quality Hormone Replacement Therapy Regimen.

The Science of Eating

Immunolab Diet Evaluation

One of the most important aspects of your preliminary diagnostic evaluation is your blood sample. If you would prefer, we can also send a sample of your blood to Immunolabs in order to evaluate your blood for signs of immune sensitivity. Immunolabs can perform tests on your blood sample which will show if any of the foods that you eat are having an adverse effect on your health that you don't necessarily realize. These tests will provide evidence as to whether your body is interacting with many of the current foods you are eating, ultimately being able to determine if you have any unknown allergies to foods that should consequently be avoided.

Individuals who do not wish to undergo the Immunolabs testing may follow a few important guidelines. People generally should not go more than 2.5 to 3 hours without eating something healthy. Also, you should at all times have available a bottle or glass of water nearby. You should stay very focused on lowering your calorie intake by 30% if you currently have weight issues. Portion control is critical and should be the centerpiece of any new diet program that you undertake.

Avoid Restaurants when Possible

Most restaurants serve inflated portions up to triple what is considered healthy - not to mention food from restaurants is usually loaded with processed ingredients and excess salt and sugar. Consider making the choice to purchase and prepare your own food, reading the labels and cooking for yourself. Benefits and financial savings far outweigh the time costs for this healthier alternative.

Choose Organic

Do your best when grocery shopping to choose fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, and lean, organic meats. With regard to dairy, consider decreasing its usage. Often people are unknowingly allergic to dairy products because there are no obvious signs that can directly be linked to dairy consumption. Many nutritional scientists believe dairy has been a part of the human diet for less than 10,000 years, and therefore, our bodies may not have the ability to process it sufficiently.

Dairy and your Health

Drinking milk from another animal is something only humans do. Milk products have unfortunately often been found to have trace amounts of growth hormones that have been used to accelerate the fattening up of the cows, encouraging them to lactate early and produce abnormal levels of milk. Trace amounts of herbicides and pesticides are often found in dairy products, potentially causing imbalances in human hormone levels and accelerating the aging process. It is vitally important to understand if you have a milk sensitivity. If you do choose to keep drinking milk, sourcing your dairy is of the utmost importance.

In over 10,000 animal studies throughout the last century, a significantly restricted caloric intake has been shown to extend the longevity of animals by 20% to 30%, and decrease disease by 20% to 30%. In fact, of all variables considered and tested in longevity and health, near starvation calorie restriction was the only scientifically repeatable factor which consistently provided the best gains regarding anti-aging and increased energy levels with the highest reduction of disease.

Here are some of our recommendations regarding how you should structure your diet in order to optimize your health:

  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day, watch the portions closely

  • Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day (take your vitamins after breakfast)

  • Snack between breakfast and lunch.

  • Lunch should be the second largest meal of the day

  • Snack between lunch and dinner.

  • Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day

  • Drink water all day long (see section on hydration)

  • Go to bed on an empty stomach, for the highest release of Human Growth Hormone during your full night of 8 hours of sleep.

On Hydration

Drink eight glasses of water every day and add an additional shower to your daily routine, but without the use of harmful chemicals. Take a look at specific differences in people's skin in each era of their life. Have you ever looked closely at the skin of a young child and his grandfather, who is in the autumn of his life? Young skin starts out firm, soft, supple, smooth, free of wrinkles, healthy and plump, whereas the natural aging process causes skin to become thin, loose, shriveled, discolored with age spots, and less elastic. Fine lines start to become deep wrinkles.

This occurs as a result of many factors and variables within an individual's lifestyle, one of which is the amount of hydration he or she receives every day. Water is completely crucial to maintaining mental capacity, sexual energy, healthy skin, and health in general.

At what time of day do you take showers? Have you ever considered the chemicals in your soap and shampoos? Many of these products that purport to make you feel refreshed contain harmful chemicals that will age and dry out your skin at a fast pace. If you currently shower in the morning using normal soap and shampoo products, think about taking another shower at night. Start with lukewarm water but end with cold water, and do not use any soap or shampoo during this evening shower.

You are simply using this shower as an opportunity for skin hydration. Also, drink a large glass of water before going to bed, so you will be adequately hydrated for the night when the majority of cell regeneration occurs.

Hydration is an important factor in your quality of life, and especially in regard to the health of your skin. Be hydration-conscious as part of your new, healthier lifestyle, and experience how you feel more refreshed and invigorated.

The Science of Nutrition Supplementation

Even the most healthy of all diets is going to be deficient in essential vitamins, minerals and important trace elements. According to any anti-aging or longevity standards of health, all Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) values are insufficient. Look very closely at the back of your vitamin bottle. Almost all of the items that say that they are provided at quantities of 100% or more are insufficient. Check with your physician prior to beginning any vitamin regimen to learn if you have any health problems that could be adversely affected by supplementation.

  • Be sure to take adequate amounts of Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium. The RDA recommendations of Calcium and Vitamin D are insufficient by healthy living standards.

  • Take a High Potency Multivitamin Daily. Often, people report getting better results when they take vitamins before going to bed instead of taking one when they wake up in the morning.

  • Take one Melatonin (1 to 3mg) per day fifteen minutes before going to sleep about 3 to 4 days a week. You can start with 1mg and raise the dose until you don't feel refreshed in the morning. Be aware that dependency can occur.

  • Take 3 to 5 grams of Omega-3 oils per day.

  • Take the following three recommended supplements: CoQ10, L-Carnitine, Ribose. These supplements help to support healthy Mitochondria; they are also a great source of energy. Take them 30 minutes before a work out.

  • Take a minimum Vitamin C dose of 500mg a day- the Anti-Aging dose is 2,000mg daily.

Did you know that Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling took 15,000mg of Vitamin C per day? On this regimen, he lived to the ripe old age of 95.

The Science of Exercise

Exercise is not a negotiable element of the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle. You should exercise six days a week and choose one day off. The best time to exercise is in the morning on an empty stomach after you take your Hormone Replacement Therapy injection. Set aside two hours each day mentally and physically in your schedule, so that you have the space to become mentally ready beforehand.

Make the most of your workout—your awareness and consciousness levels play important roles in new muscle development. Rotate your workout routines in a manner that will trick the muscles so they do not get used to patterns in your cardio and weight training workouts. You should undertake at least 1.5 hours a day of exercise activity. Our ancestors were very highly active creatures, so an hour and a half is not too much, and is a key element in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cardiovascular Exercise – At least 45 minutes per day should be spent specifically on vigorous cardiovascular exercise.

  • Weight Training – Be sure that a minimum of 30 minutes per day is spent in weight training, and try to change up the muscles used. Each of your muscle groups should get one day of rest at a minimum, so vary the muscle groups that you work on throughout the week.

  • Stretching – Spend at least 20 minutes per day stretching. Perform your stretches both before and after your cardio and throughout your weight training session. Yoga is highly recommended as part of your weekly exercise program. Medical research in anti-aging and longevity research shows that those who always stretch will ultimately suffer from less disease, stiffness, arthritis and other age related medical problems.

Vices and Cheating

No alcohol, coffee, smoking, or any other kinds of lifestyle vices should be a part of the healthier new lifestyle you are embracing. Try living a more pure life, and if you are going to cheat in some way, do it only once a week, picking a certain day of the week like Saturday or Sunday. If you are going to break the ‘no alcohol" guideline, think about drinking red wine. If you need an energy boost during the day, try a natural organic tea in order to boost your activity level without adding caffeine.

The Science of Sleep

The highest spike of natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) of the day occurs at the end of the sleep cycle between the 7th and 8th hours of a healthy night's sleep. It is important to make an effort to try and get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep and preferably 8 full hours of sound sleep. It is imperative that sleep occur in total darkness, so check your bedroom and cover up any light sources or alarm clocks that may interfere with full darkness.

The Science of Hormone Replacement Therapy

You should plan to remain on your Hormone Replacement Therapy program for a minimum of one full year to maximize the regenerative and rejuvenative benefits of treatment. After a year of therapy, you should experience the full effectiveness of treatment. If you follow the program's dietary and exercise recommendations for a full calendar year (realizing that the first 30 days are toughest, requiring complete dedication), you will find that your new health habits are fully engrained in your way of life.

Success Stories of the Conscious Evolution

This section presents Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Participants that have shared their personal stories with the world. These are simply everyday, average people that experienced extraordinary results through their choice to follow Conscious Evolution Lifestyle. They have given us permission to share their honest stories with others so that additional people can attain a higher quality of life and vitality.

Anna's Success Story

Anna is a waitress, bartender and student in her 20s studying film in New York City. She is very active and does not overeat, yet her weight had increased to 35lbs above her ideal weight within a year. She was so busy working multiple jobs and going to school that she didn't even realize the changes in her body until she started experiencing medical problems. From January to November 2008 on the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle, Anna lost 40 pounds and regained her high school athlete weight. Her energy level increased substantially, and her mental health is the best that it has ever been in her life, and she feels like she has gained what we call the Conscious Evolution Super-Life.

Before undergoing her lifestyle change, she had a heavy face and easily showed an embarrassing double-chin. By November, months after she started treatment with the Conscious Evolution Institute, her look changed dramatically!

In another one of the photographs, she is wearing her favorite spring dress. She almost threw the dress away because she hadn't been able to wear it in years! "Before" pictures is from early 2008 (with one picture from Christmas 2007 in the black) and the “After” photos are from late 2008 (all 4 pictures taken in Nov 2008)! Wow what an amazing difference!

Martin's Success Story

Martin is a senior systems engineer for an aerospace company, and he lives in NJ. He often joked that a happy marriage had caused him to gain weight. It was the collapse and eventual failure of that marriage that led him to re-evaluate his life and affirm a desire to regain control of his weight. Martin didn't just want to just TRY the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle, but he committed to changing his life for good!

When looking at his old pictures, Martin says that he looks like he had walked head first into a bees' nest. After only six months of treatment, he had successfully lost a jaw-dropping 50 pounds! Healthy people do not just look younger; they live longer and have significantly fewer medical issues. We encourage you to try out the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle for yourself.

Information listed on this website is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for any advice provided by your own physician or any other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or disease, or in order to prescribe any medication. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact a qualified health care professional.


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