Hgh Decline
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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on July 2nd, 2021
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How Does Age Related To HGH Decline Part 1

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HGH Decline: How Does It Impact My Life?

In many ways, aging is an unavoidable aspect of the human condition. We get older, and our bodies as well as our faculties inevitably start to deteriorate. Have you ever asked yourself why we age? Scientists have spent hundreds of years trying to answer the question with questionable levels of success. Until recently, that is.

In the last two generations, the way that we understand the aging process has changed tremendously as our ability to study the human body, as well as life itself, continues to grow more sophisticated by the year. As our knowledge of aging grows, it is quickly becoming clear that many aspects of aging are not as unavoidable as we once believed.

HGH Deficiency and Aging

Physicians have always understood that healthy hormone balance is one of the keys to good health, but our medical knowledge of exactly how hormone imbalance negatively impacts health has lagged behind. Human Growth Hormone is an incredibly complex hormone which impacts human health at all stages of development and throughout the lifespan.

At face value, the goal of Human Growth Hormone is quite simple. HGH stimulates healthy cell division and replication. When we look into the individual processes of the body, however, Human Growth Hormone becomes almost infinitely complex.

Human Growth Hormone plays a role in nearly every aspect of human health and physiological function. The following is just a short list of ways that HGH positively impacts healthy function:

  • Increases the efficiency with which nutrients circulates through the body, increasing energy and reducing fatigue.

  • Promotes skeletal health by stimulating osteoblast activity in the bones, which speeds up the rate at which minerals are recycled by the osteoblasts, improving Bone Mineral Density.

  • Enhances fat metabolism, encouraging the body to utilize adipose fat tissue which directly burns calories and preserves a healthy weight

  • Safeguards neurological health, helping both the memory and the cognitive faculties of the mind remain strong.

  • Bolsters the efficiency of the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to both infection and disease.

Human Growth Hormone is important because it keeps the body running efficiently and smoothly. Other hormones are responsible for the proper function of the body, but no hormone impacts the capacity of the human body's function quite like HGH.

The Problem with HGH

Human beings have a problem, however. Human Growth Hormone promotes health throughout our lives, but as we get older, our bodies become less efficient at producing the hormone. This deficiency isn't caused by any disease or condition (although it can be hastened by a number of environmental factors), it is just a natural way that our body changes as we age, and there is powerful evidence that the decline of HGH that occurs with life is a major contributor to the ailments that we experience as we grow older.

HGH Production Throughout the Lifespan

Under normal circumstances, every human being experiences the same general story with regard to Human Growth Hormone. When we are born, we produce a lot of it and it helps us grow. When we reach puberty, we experience a surge in HGH Secretion which lasts for years, which, in combination with the sex hormones, contributes to almost all of the physiological changes associated with puberty.

As we finish puberty, we reach our Final Adult Height, and HGH Production drops to healthy adult levels. Puberty ends when the growth plates of the long bones harden, preventing the bones from experiencing any further growth, and so excess HGH production no longer has a beneficial physiological purpose.

For the next fifteen years or so, Human Growth Hormone Levels remain somewhat steady in the human body. We produce the perfect amount to keep our body working at optimal efficiency, and Human Growth Hormone helps us maintain the bountiful youthfulness and vitality associated with the late teens and twenties.

What Happens to HGH When we Turn Thirty?

At some point between the ages of 27 and 35, our Adult HGH Levels will start to drop. It's not something that you will notice immediately, or even over the course of many years, but it can eventually have a severe negative influence upon your life.

Certain factors will hasten or slow the onset of HGH Deficiency, but the human body consistently produces less Human Growth Hormone in correlation with age, and the rate of decline is fairly constant, ranging between one and two percent each and every year.

This insidious decline in Hormone Production will slowly decay all of the benefits that you experience from healthy hormone balance. If you are particularly sensitive to Human Growth Hormone, you will experience these symptoms much more quickly than others. Some individuals may be more adapted to declining HGH Production, and will suffer fewer symptoms resulting from that decline. Your genetics and heredity play a big role in how your body responds to fading HGH Levels.

Here are some of the symptoms of HGH Deficiency:

  • Loss of Energy

  • Loss of Sex Drive

  • Decreased Fat Metabolism

  • Muscle Atrophy

  • Osteoporosis

  • Depression

  • Cognitive Decline

  • Memory Issues

  • Increased Susceptibility to Illness

  • Inhibited Injury Rehabilitation

Environmental Factors which Contribute to HGH Decline

Without medical intervention, HGH Decline is inevitable, but there are a number of different lifestyle choices which can hasten the rate at which our bodies become less efficient at producing Human Growth Hormone:

Obesity and HGH Deficiency

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is intricately correlated with body fat. One reason for this is that HGH and Insulin have a delicate interplay which promotes healthy function. People that are obese are more likely to experience insulin sensitivity, which causes the body to produce high levels of insulin. As insulin levels spike, HGH Levels drop, reducing the benefit of Human Growth Hormone upon the body. Adipose fat cells also produce a hormone called cortisol, which is negatively correlated with Human Growth Hormone production.

Poor Sleep and HGH Deficiency

The human body produces Human Growth Hormone in the highest concentrations while we sleep. HGH Secretion occurs most significantly during the deepest phases of sleep, and poor sleeping habits can inhibit the body's ability to experience deep and healthy sleep, reducing the Pituitary's ability to release HGH in beneficial concentrations. Obesity can interact with Poor Sleep, contributing to a condition known as sleep apnea which further reduces sleep quality.

Sedentary Lifestyle and HGH Deficiency

Aside from sleep, our bodies produce the most HGH during strenuous physical activity. When you run, lift weights, play basketball, or perform any other form of physical activity, you encourage the body to produce more Human Growth Hormone. When you sit at a desk or lay on the couch all day, your body loses a significant source of Human Growth Hormone, causing you to experience the symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency more severely. A sedentary lifestyle also promotes weight gain and prevents your body from establishing a healthy circadian rhythm, which also impacts your health and hormone balance.

Stress and HGH Deficiency

Stress has a direct and negative impact upon your hormone balance. Biologically, the feeling of stress is the result of the secretion of a hormone known as Cortisol. Cortisol is an important hormone, but its a hormone that our bodies have a nasty habit of producing in excess. Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland in response to stress, and ambiently produced by adipose fat cells.

Cortisol spikes switch on our fight-or-flight mechanism, helping us to make split-second decisions in the spur of the moment. Excess cortisol production has a disastrous affect upon hormone balance, however. When cortisol is constantly secreted, it eats away at our body's ability to produce other vital and necessary hormones, such as Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

What Causes Age-Related HGH Deficiency?

This is one of the big questions that scientists are trying to answer with regard to HGH Deficiency. What we do known is Growth Hormone Decline is not something that is specific just to humans. It appears that GH Decline is a condition which affects all animal species in the world. What is strange is that there seem to be very few benefits to Adult-Onset GH Deficiency, from the perspective of the individual creature. There are some that hypothesize that this form of deficiency may be a genetic pressure to encourage older organisms to die off, increasing the amount of resources available to younger creatures.

HGH and the Endocrine System

What's interesting about HGH Deficiency, is that the Pituitary Gland, which is responsible for the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, remains healthy throughout the normal human lifespan. This means that the body always has the capacity to produce Human Growth Hormone under normal circumstances, it simply doesn't have the input necessary to do so.

This means that Age-Related HGH Deficiency is not related to the health of the pituitary gland, but it is related to upstream operations associated with the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is responsible for generating the signals for more HGH, which are delivered to the Pituitary, which then fills out the order and sends Human Growth Hormone out to the organs through the blood stream.

For reasons that we do not fully understand, the Hypothalamus slowly loses its signaling strength with regard to Human Growth Hormone, and this causes the body to experience slowly increasing levels of HGH Deficiency.

Modern Science Can Treat HGH Deficiency

For men and women that are suffering a loss of quality of life resulting directly from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Bio-Identical HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy can help. This form of treatment enhances health by restoring the level of HGH in the blood stream to healthy adult levels.

This treatment is significantly different than the abuse of Human Growth Hormone, because the goal here is not to flood the body with excess hormone, but simply to restore the level of HGH in the blood stream that was associated with that which we experienced in our twenties.

Aging is a complex and multifaceted biological condition, but one aspect of aging appears to be directly related to hormone imbalance. As Human Growth Hormone Levels decline, our body no longer have the capacity to fulfill the needs of the body, and physiological priorities change. The human body starts to simply prioritize preservation over optimization, and we start to age faster and faster.

Human Growth Hormone is not a cure for aging, but it can alleviate or reverse many medical issues which are associated with aging which have a clear and powerful impact on health and longevity. If you are experiencing symptoms of decline that are associated with HGH Deficiency, Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you maximize your health in your golden years.

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