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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on August 24th, 2020
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Cognitive Issues Related to Low HGH Levels May Be Alleviated by Early HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy

Researchers have found that, if used early in the lifespan, Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has the capability to stave off age-related cognitive decline in rats which have HGH Deficiency.

One significant symptom of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is that patients begin to suffer from issues with memory later in life. This is the first study to show that individuals that have their Hormone Deficiency corrected early do not suffer the same issues with cognitive decline as their counterparts that do not receive treatment. This research was released in the Journal of Endocrinology.

HGH Through the Lifespan

Normally, Human Growth Hormone Levels always follow the same similar track. Early in life, HGH Levels are quite low, and slowly rise over time. Just as puberty begins, HGH Production skyrockets and we grow taller and broader. Throughout puberty, HGH Levels remain quite high, and it remains so until the end of puberty.

As we enter our late teens and early twenties, Growth Hormone Levels plateau, and we maintain a still-significant level of production through the twenties. As we reach our thirties, however, production of HGH starts to decline, at a rate of between one or two percentage points per year.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency can occur at any age, and for a number of different reasons. Some children are born with an HGH Deficiency, whereas others develop the condition during childhood. Other patients experience Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency as a result of a number of medical disorders or physically traumatic experiences, and sometimes as a result of aging itself.

Growth Hormone Deficiency can also occur as a natural result of the aging process. Some men and women are more sensitive to the natural biological changes associated with Low Growth Hormone Levels and experience symptoms which require treatment in order to restore Natural Hormone Balance.

For decades now, HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy has been available for children that suffer from Growth Hormone Deficiency during childhood and puberty. For these children, Growth Hormone Injections have the ability to increase height and body size, preventing them from missing the growth spurt associated with puberty.

Study Connects Childhood HGH and Adult Performance

Until this study was released, however, there has been no clinical research regarding how HGH Hormone Injections affect cognitive ability in adulthood. It has been hypothesized in the past that Human Growth Hormone HRT may have the ability to restore memory and enhance learning capacity in adult patients that experienced HGH Deficiency in their youth.

The study discussed in this article was performed as a joint venture between The Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging and the Wake Forest University Medical School. The primary researcher in this study is Dr. Michelle Nicolle. The laboratory rats in this particular study were bred to secrete significantly low levels of HGH in order to mirror the effects of Early-Onset HGH Deficiency. In order to gauge the cognitive memory of the rats, they utilized a water-filled maze that was created in order to assess spatial memory at eight and eighteen months old.

HGH Experiment Protocol

To biologically imitate Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency, one set of rats was administered Growth Hormone Injections for a period of ten weeks starting at four weeks of age. A second set of rats were designed to imitate the effects of Childhood-Onset HGH Deficiency. These rats were not provided with supplemental Growth Hormone at any point during the study, and received placebo shots instead.

A third group was designed to be a partial control. These rats were provided Growth Hormone Injections beginning at four weeks, and received these GH Shots throughout the study. A fourth group of rats were used as a total control, and were bred with no GH abnormalities, in order to see if the results discovered in this unique breed of lab rats carried over to the general population.

HGH Experiment Results

Researchers found that at eight months, there was no significant difference among the sets of mice in regard to their ability to navigate the maze. After eighteen months, things were quite different. At this point, the set of rats designed to mimic Childhood-Onset HGH Deficiency were not able to complete the maze as quickly as any of the other groups, which shows that they were experiencing cognitive issues as a result of their Hormone Imbalance early in life.

The results of this study provide strong evidence that GH Replacement during the period of puberty safe-guarded the rats from experiencing memory deficits later in life. There was no difference in function between the rats which received GH Injections during puberty and those who were treated throughout the lifespan, which suggests that these memory issues primarily occur in rats which did not receive sufficient Growth Hormone during puberty.

This study shows the importance of Growth Hormone during puberty. In laboratory rats, this study proves that GH Hormone Replacement Therapy can alleviate or prevent cognitive issues associated with Growth Hormone Deficiency. This piece of research demonstrates the powerful role that Growth Hormone plays in cognitive function. Undoubtedly, in the future there will be more studies which feature bigger samples through which researchers can explain exactly how Growth Hormone promotes the complete maturation of the brain by the end of puberty.

Researcher's Perspective on HGH

Dr. Nicholle explains that her lab performed this research in order to investigate the correlation between adult memory and adolescent GH Levels. In the end, the study demonstrates that in rats, GH Deficiency during puberty has a significant effect upon both memory and learning later in life.

The study also shows that GH Injections have the ability to completely reverse or at lease severely scale back this decline. Furthermore, this study demonstrates that Growth Hormone is vital not only to the outward physical development related to puberty, but it also contributes to the full development of the brain as well. This study shows just how important it is that pediatric patients receive full HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy, not only to enhance their Final Adult Height, but to complete the physiological process of maturation as well.

Dr. Nicholle's study poses a number of questions which will help researchers learn more about how Human Growth Hormone affects the human body throughout the aging process, not just during puberty. Although this study did not show that Adult GH Deficiency led to cognitive decline, the human brain is far more large and complex, and likely benefits from Human Growth Hormone in different ways.

Previous studies have shown that even Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency has been correlated with negative issues related to memory and cognition.

Importance of Healthy HGH Levels

HGH Deficiency has been directly correlated with a number of issues related to aging, including osteoporosis, fatigue, loss of libido, cardiovascular disease, muscle atrophy, and weight gain. For men and women that experience Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency, these symptoms can even occur fairly early in adulthood. Forty years of research has shown that after the age of thirty, Growth Hormone Levels start to decline at an enhanced rate.

Some men and women experience this decline faster than others, and experience the symptoms of aging more quickly as a result. Human Growth Hormone is one of the bodies' most potent metabolic hormones, and as these levels start to decline, the body is not able to restore itself or generate energy as effectively for the body and mind. HGH Deficiency hastens the decline of aging, and is likely responsible for numerous aspects of the process.

HGH Deficiency in the Forties

By the time we reach the age of forty, the Human Pituitary Gland only produces around forty percent of the Growth Hormone that we released per day in our late teens. IGF-1 levels decline at a near-identical pace, considering that IGF-1 is directly derived from Human Growth Hormone. For many men and women, this decline happens at an accelerated pace. Other individuals are more sensitive to declining levels and experience the symptoms more acutely.

HGH Deficiency in the Fifties

By the time most people reach their mid-fifties, they only secret one-fifth of the HGH they did in their prime. Although researchers are acutely aware that we inevitably experience hormone decline, they have yet to discover exactly how and why this change occurs, and why some patients suffer its effects more powerfully than others.

Growth Hormone Deficiency and the Hypothalamus

It is theorized that Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Decline is a result of changes that take place within the hypothalamus. Research that has shown that in human beings (as well as other species), the pituitary retains the ability to secrete healthy levels of Human Growth Hormone throughout all stages of life.

If the Pituitary is treated with Arginine or other pituitary stimulators, the gland is still able to produce ample HGH if properly stimulated. This proves that HGH Deficiency is generally the result of issues “upstream.”

The Hypothalamus is regarded as “the control panel” of the human body, and there is evidence that it loses its capacity to maintain optimal hormone production over time, at least in regard to certain hormones such as Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

Growth Hormone Blockers and HGH Deficiency

Another issue that seems to exacerbate hormone decline is related to a hormone known as Somatostatin. Somatostatin is known as an HGH Blocker, meaning that it blocks receptors on the pituitary that must be activated in order for Human Growth Hormone to be adequately produced.

As we grow older, our bodies become slightly more sensitive to HGH Exposure, and our pituitary glands become less effective at releasing the hormone at the same time. Clinical research strongly suggests that Human Growth Hormone Deficiency impacts health and well-being in a significant way.

Who Needs HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is indicated for patients that suffer from Adult-Onset HGH Deficiency. For patients that experience this hormone decline more acutely, Hormone Replacement may be an effective means to preserve energy and vitality deeper into the golden years.

If you feel that you may be suffering from the effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, we encourage you to contact a qualified health professional like those at the Conscious Evolution Institute.

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