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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019
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Hormone Replacement Therapy


HGH Menopause (Video 1)

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

Unlike men, women go through a constant state of change in regard to the hormones within their body. Male hormone levels stay fairly stable, changing slowly over time, but remaining in a general state of homeostasis from day to day. Women, on the other hand, have cyclical patterns of hormone production as a result of the menstrual cycle.

From the beginning of puberty to the beginning of menopause, women experience constantly changing hormone levels which vary dependently upon the time of the month. This clockwork pattern of hormone release occurs until a woman makes it to her late forties or early fifties. Beginning with the last menstrual cycle, a woman's hormonal state changes dramatically in a very short period of time, leading to a period of life known as menopause.

Menopause can lead to a number of dramatic changes in a woman's physical, cognitive, and emotional state, and Hormone Replacement Therapy featuring Estrogen can alleviate the severity of the symptoms that occur during this tumultuous period of physiological and hormonal change. Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women also offers some very potent benefits for women with certain issues such as low libido as well.

Explaining Menopause

The hardest boundary of Menopause is when a woman reaches the point in her life that she has her final period. Although menopause officially occurs at the last period, there are physiological changes that take place before Menopause that occur during a period known as Perimenopause, in which hormone production slowly starts to change in anticipation to the next stage of a woman's life.

The primary change in hormone production that occurs during Menopause and Perimenopause is a reduction in the level of Progesterone and Estrogen that a woman produces throughout the course of her cycle. Progesterone and Estrogen go through a delicate interplay through the course of a cycle which causes different phases of the menstrual cycle to occur.

Nearing the end of a woman's reproductive life, declining levels of these two important hormones start to fade, and she can begin missing periods and cycles. Menopause has officially occurred when a woman has not experienced a new period over the course of a consecutive year.

Why Do Women Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The most effective treatment in order to alleviate the effects of Menopause is known as Estrogen Replacement Therapy. Changes in hormone production leading up to, during, and after Menopause has occurred can lead to a number of different and frustrating symptoms. Everyone knows about the hot flashes and cold sweats associated with Menopause, but did you know that there are a number of other symptoms that can be detrimental to your long term health?

Menopause can also lead to issues such as Osteoporosis and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke as well. Menopause also leads to a number of physiological changes which can severely impact your ability to engage in and enjoy sexual activity. Although Estrogen is the primary feminine hormone, Feminine Testosterone Production is also affected by menopause as well.

The ovaries and adrenal glands produce small amounts of Testosterone necessary for optimal function, and when Menopause occurs, the amount of Testosterone bio-available in the female body drops precipitously. Testosterone Deficiency causes a number of different issues with sexual function. It decreases feelings of sexual desire, it mutes feelings of pleasure associated with sexual activity, and it can even prevent a woman becoming sufficiently aroused for sexual activity, leading to uncomfortable or painful intercourse.

Both Estrogen Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy have their place in the treatment of Perimenopause and Menopause. Testosterone Hormone Treatments are effective at improving feelings associated with sexual function and desire, while Estrogen Replacement Therapy alleviates other symptoms associated with Menopause that can make a woman feel like a total wreck while her body is adjusting to the change.

In the case of Estrogen Replacement Therapy, Estrogen is combined with a hormone known as Progestin in order to increase both the effectiveness and the safety profile of the medical treatment. After the final period has taken place, Progestin is no longer required, and Estrogen can be taken alone. In the case of Testosterone Replacement, Testosterone is combined with at least a small amount of Estrogen in order to ensure the health and proper hormone balance of the patient.

Like any other medical treatment, Testosterone and Estrogen Replacement Therapy both have their benefits and potential drawbacks. Speak with a medical professional that you trust and respect in order to obtain a valuable opinion as to whether either of these treatments may be right for you.

What are the symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause?

Perimenopause is the name for the symptoms of hormone imbalance that occur in the months and years leading up to Menopause. Many women do not experience any significant symptoms until their final period occurs, but other women more sensitive to hormonal changes may experience certain symptoms as their body's natural cycle begins to come to a close.

The following are symptoms associated with the experience of Perimenopause:

Changes in Sexual Desire and Function: It may become difficult for the vagina to become appropriately aroused for sexual activity. This can lead to intercourse which is painful or unenjoyable.

Changes in Sleeping Pattern: As a result of Perimenopause, it may become harder to sleep through the night and wake up fully rested. This can increase feelings of tension and anxiety, as well as increases feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Night Sweats: As your hormones change, your body's temperature regulation may go haywire, leading to abrupt changes in the way that you perceive your environment. This can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

Hot Flashes: Changes in temperature regulation can also lead your body to increase heat production, leading to feelings of overwhelming heat that are also paired with a flushing of the skin. This occurs because the capillaries of your skin open, vastly increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin.

Changes in Menstrual Cycle: As a result of declining Estrogen and Progesterone levels, your body begins to miss cues regarding your normal and regular period. This can cause periods to become delayed. In many cases you may actually miss certain periods entirely.

Early Symptoms of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia: Although bone breaks and severe risks occur later in life, this is the period in which issues with Bone Mineral Density associated with hormone decline begin to arise. If you do not take steps to take care of your skeletal health during this period, it can lead to significant health risks later in life.

General Symptoms of Menopause

Although the symptoms listed above are the primary symptoms of Perimenopause, there are many other symptoms associated with Menopause. Below is a list of symptoms associated with Menopause:

Emotional Instability: Normal hormone balance plays a significant role in proper mood stability. The brain is used to functioning with a certain ebb and flow of hormones, and when Menopause takes place, the brain my not be capable of preserving a healthy emotional balance until the body becomes accustomed to its new and abrupt change in hormone balance.

Insomnia: Hormone balance also plays a role in the natural circadian rhythm of the body. When hormone release gets out of whack, it often prevents the body from maintaining a natural sleep pattern. Changes in sleeping habits can also further exacerbate declines associated with Age-Related Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, increasing the severity of other symptoms associated with the aging process as well.

Arrhythmia: The abrupt change in Estrogen level associated with Menopause can also lead to changes in heart beat, causing slight abnormalities known as Arrythmias. While these changes are almost never life-threatening, they can lead to frightening issues such as chest pain. Arrhythmia occurs generally between the ages of forty and sixty-four. Although Estrogen Replacement Therapy has not been shown to resolve Arrhythmia, it does have the ability to alleviate the symptoms associated with the issue, preventing it from having a negative impact on one's life.

Non-localized Itching: Itching is a physical sensation that scientists have yet to fully unravel. Doctors are not sure why generalized itching occurs as a result of Menopause, but the issue is very common among women in their forties and fifties. These sensations are generally episodic in nature, and patients have found that Estrogen Replacement Therapy has the ability to reduce the severity and frequency of itching.

Joint Pain: Although night sweats and hot flashes are the most commonly recognized symptoms of Menopause, another symptom that occurs with surprising frequency is joint pain. Over fifty percent of women experience some form of joint pain as a result of Menopause. Like itching, the scientific reasoning behind this symptom is unclear, but Estrogen Replacement seems to have a positive effect upon the severity of joint pain, along with a few other treatments classically associated with joint pain.

Migraines and Headaches: Changes in hormone balance often lead to an increased incidence of both migraines and tension headaches. Migraines generally occur during the period of Perimenopause and early menopause, but reduce in severity as the body becomes accustomed to a new and stable balance. Tension headaches, however, can still occur long after the process of Menopause ceases. Estrogen Replacement Therapy has varying effects upon both headaches and migraines, but Estrogen patches seem to provide the highest and most stable form of benefit.

Memory Issues: Research has shown that Menopause has a temporary effect on memory clarity. During the initial period of menopause, you may experience what can best be described as a foggy memory at times. It appears that this symptom dissipates over time. Estrogen HRT has been shown to alleviate this sense of fogginess.

Concentration: In addition to fogginess of memory, Menopause can also reduce a woman's ability to concentrate clearly, preventing her from attaining a state of optimal alertness. Many working women complain that this symptom can even hinder their ability to function at peak effectiveness in the workplace. Thankfully, Estrogen Replacement Therapy can help a woman stay at her best during this tumultuous time.

Urinary Issues: Menopause can also lead to minor issues related to incontinence. In addition to this, Menopause can also lead to an increased incidence of Urinary Tract Infections. Estrogen HRT has been shown to decrease the risk of UTI during this period of physiological change, but the best strategy to prevent incontinence appears to be a healthy exercise regimen.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

Everyone experiences both Perimenopause and Menopause in their own unique and specific way. The severity of menopause can also be drastically different from woman to woman as well. Some women may not feel that Menopause is severe enough to warrant Hormone Replacement Therapy, while others may find the symptoms too overbearing, and will likely find significant benefit by using an effective form of Estrogen Replacement.

Some women may experience only symptoms associated with changes in sexual desire and ability. For these patients, Testosterone Replacement Therapy will offer the most effective form of benefit. Another subset of women may choose Hormone Replacement as a preventative measure for bone or cardiovascular health.

Although Hormone Deficiency may not cause any physiologically perceptible changes that are fully apparent to all woman, it can still lead to changes in bone health or cardiovascular health that can have long term consequences if not adequately monitored and treated.

What Are the Risks Associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause?

Although Estrogen and Testosterone Replacement Therapy both offer significant benefits to many women suffering from the symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause, there are certain risks associated with Hormone Treatment. In some cases, Estrogen can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, blood clots, gall bladder disease, and breast cancer.

The primary risks associated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy for women are those associated with general Testosterone Overdose. There are few severe risks that have been reported, but some Testosterone does convert into Estrogen, and this may lead to an increased risk of certain symptoms associated with Estrogen HRT, although the body of evidence is unclear.

Who Should Not Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Women with the following medical complications should not utilize Estrogen or Testosterone HRT:

  • Women that are pregnant or planning to become pregnant

  • Women with liver disease

  • Women with issues with blood clots

  • Women that have had heart attack or stroke in the previous year

  • Women with a history of Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, or Ovarian Cancer.

  • Women with issues related to vaginal bleeding

What are the Potential Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women?

  • Reduced Stress

  • Increased Bone Mineral Density

  • Improved Healing Capacity

  • Increased Renal Function

  • Stabilization or Increase in Muscle Mass

  • Reduced Adipose Fat

  • Smoother Skin

  • Healthier Blood Pressure

  • Reduced LDL Cholesterol

  • Tighter Skin

  • Decreased Fatigue

  • Improved Cognition

  • Increased Overall Well-Being

  • Increased Libido and Sexual Function

Many Women May Benefit from Human Growth Hormone Injections

Dependent upon your needs, you may need Estrogen, Testosterone, or HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy. Although Testosterone and Estrogen Deficiency are associated with Menopause, Human Growth Hormone Deficiency occurs similarly in both men and women. Many symptoms of HGH Deficiency may increase the severity of symptoms associated with Menopause.

Only individuals that are diagnosed with a legitimate Human Growth Hormone Deficiency may be treated with Human Growth Hormone HRT, and the treatment is not indicated for use as a therapy for Menopause alone. Although HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is not currently indicated as a treatment for Menopause, evidence seems to suggest that for a certain subset of women, HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy may be a worthwhile alternative to Estrogen Replacement Therapy for patients with certain symptoms that would like to avoid the risks associated with Estrogen Replacement.

There is scientific evidence that Estrogen may play a role in the proper release of Human Growth Hormone in women throughout the lifespan. For patients that do not effectively produce post-menopausal levels of Estrogen after the change, HGH Hormone Replacement may be an effective means to preserve long term health.

To find out what treatment will most likely benefit you the most, talk to a trusted medical professional, like those at the Conscious Evolution Institute.

HGH Menopause (Video 2)

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