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Published on August 24th, 2020
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

HGH for Men

HGH For Men Part 1

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Human Growth Hormone for Men

A brief article about the ins and outs of HGH

HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy has shown a lot of potential in recent years for improving men's health in a number of different ways. Although much of this research is still in its infancy, it is clear that there are a large number of men that would benefit significantly by utilizing Human Growth Hormone Injections for their health.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH, also known as Somatotropin, is one of the most important hormones secreted by the human body. There are over fifty hormones that our body produces in order to direct proper health function, and Human Growth Hormone is the primary actor in our bodies with regard to growth and cellular metabolism. Hormones are complex amino acid chains which are secreted by the brain and other organs in order to instigate changes at target locations in other areas of the body.

Human Growth Hormone, for example, is a member of a group of hormones known as the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis. The hypothalamus is the central area of the brain which mediates hormone production. When the hypothalamus receives stimuli which suggest that additional HGH is needed, it secretes a hormone known as Growth Hormone-Secreting Hormone (abbreviated GH-RH). This hormone flows through blood vessels in the brain from the Hypothalamus to the Pituitary. Upon stimulation by GH-RH, the Pituitary Gland begins to produce Human Growth Hormone.

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This HGH circulates through the body to the liver, where it is converted into Insulin-like Growth Factor-1, along with other derivative hormones. IGF-1 circulates through the blood stream, stirring various metabolic activities throughout the body. This is a significant oversimplification, but this represents the core of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, and highlights essentially how Human Growth Hormone affects change throughout the body via a process known as Hormone Cascading.

In particular, Human Growth Hormone stimulates cellular rejuvenation, muscle development, and proper bone cycling. Increases in metabolism directly resulting from HGH Secretion also burn fat.

How Does the Pituitary Gland Produce Human Growth Hormone?

After the Pituitary gland gets the message to produce HGH, tiny organs known as Somatotrophs begin to secrete Human Growth Hormone to be dispensed throughout the body. The reason that HGH is also known as Somatotropin is because it is a hormone produced by the Somatotrophs. The Somatotrophs are located at the base of the anterior pituitary, and actually make up the majority of the structure.

During adolescence, the human body secretes large amounts of Human Growth Hormone in order to spur the growth and development associated with puberty. Physiologically, puberty is over once the Epiphyseal plates close. After this point, the high levels of Human Growth Hormone no longer stimulate growth in height, and the body starts to produce less HGH.

Throughout the late teens and through the twenties we continue to produce a healthy level of Human Growth Hormone, but beginning at the end of the twenties or the early thirties, the body begins to produce less and less HGH over time. In some individuals, the pituitary gland secretes HGH at a rate which is higher than normal. In some cases, this has brought suspicion upon certain Professional Athletes that they are using Performance Enhancing Drugs, when they are simply physiologically designed to produce higher levels of HGH.

Having a particular affinity for increased Human Growth Hormone secretion appears to significantly increase athletic capacity, but extremely high levels of HGH can cause severe medical conditions.

Extremely abnormal levels of Growth Hormone Secretion lead to conditions known as Gigantism and Acromegaly. Andre the Giant is the legendary example of an individual that suffered from Gigantism, a condition in which the body grows at an abnormally fast pace during puberty as a result of excessive HGH secretion. Acromegaly is a condition that occurs after puberty in which high levels of HGH cause the bones of the face, hands, and feet to grow abnormally large as a result of extremely high levels of HGH over time.

Is Human Growth Hormone Legal?

Yes, HGH is Legal, although the hormone can only be used under a specific set of circumstances. For adults, Human Growth Hormone can be utilized to resolve a diagnosable HGH Deficiency, and it can also be used to treat muscle wasting resulting from HIV and AIDS. It is illegal in the United States for healthy individuals to use Human Growth Hormone for purposes of Performance Enhancement, Bodybuilding, or any other purpose for which the hormone has not been indicated.

Because of the strict rules regarding HGH use, many patients choose to utilize Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, another medical technique which has been proven to increase HGH Levels, but is not so strictly regulated by the FDA and the Federal Government of the United States.

How do I use Human Growth Hormone?

Although many other Hormone Supplements can be taken in a variety of different ways, Human Growth Hormone is only effective when injected. HGH is the largest single molecule that the human body synthesizes, and as a result, Growth Hormone is unable to permeate many membranes that other hormones are able to pass through with ease.

Testosterone, for example, can be delivered effectively in a number of different ways. There are Testosterone Patches, Testosterone Pellets, Testosterone Gels, and Testosterone Creams. In recent years, Testosterone Topical Sprays are even coming on the market.

HGH is primarily delivered via Subcutaneous Injection. This means that the needle is inserted into the skin, and Human Growth Hormone is delivered just below the skin, where it is taken in slowly by the body through the course of the day. Even if you are a little bit apprehensive about needles, Subcutaneous Injections are pretty much the simplest and least painful form of injection procedure. It's actually the same way that insulin is delivered into the human body, and it even uses the same kind of needle!

Also, never purchase Testosterone and HGH Supplements that claim to work orally. Stomach acids rip apart proteins, converting them to their component Amino Acids or Peptide Fragments. HGH and Testosterone Pills are simply a waste of money.

How is Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Synthesized?

Originally, Human Growth Hormone was much harder to come by than it is today. When HGH was first utilized medically, it was actually gathered from the brains of cadavers. For a few decades this was the primary way that HGH was gathered. This process of extraction was ground quickly to a halt as a small subset of patients began to develop a medical condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Like Alzheimer's, this condition is primarily the result of dangerous proteins known as prions which have the capability to methodically eat away at brain tissue.

Clearly, even a small risk of developing this disorder is too much, and this form of Human Growth Hormone Extraction quickly fell out of vogue. Around thirty years ago, however, scientists figured out a new and completely safe way to create usable HGH through a method known as Recombinant DNA Technology. By utilizing cellular lines from mice, or modified E.Coli bacteria, scientists were able to create real Human Growth Hormone that could be used in human medical treatment.

This form of HGH is known as Bio-Identical HGH or Somatropin. The name Somatropin is the medical term for man-made Human Growth Hormone. Although the two forms of HGH are functionally and molecularly identical, scientists, physicians, and the United States Government consider these two forms of Human Growth Hormone separate entities.

What is the best way to deliver HGH Shots?

As we mentioned before, HGH Injections are delivered Subcutaneously. Of course, this leaves a lot of potential real estate where you could deliver your dose. Most physicians seem to recommend the soft portion of the stomach for injection for simplicity's sake, but many also recommend the calves, thighs, biceps, or glutes. There is a lot of debate regarding which location is most optimal, but it all really depends on what works for you.

The only thing that's important is that you deliver the injection to the correct form of tissue, while avoiding any blood vessels. If you do accidentally prick a blood vessel, you must choose a new injection site, because Human Growth Hormone Shots are not safe or intended to directly enter the blood supply.

How can I get HGH for myself?

The only way to legally obtain Human Growth Hormone is via a prescription that you receive from a medical physician. There are two main tests which are used in order to diagnose Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. The first is known as the Pituitary Stimulation Test. In this test, the physician will inject a substance such as Arginine, which has been proven to stimulate HGH Secretion. This test is used in order to test the sufficiency of the pituitary. Most individuals that suffer from HGH Deficiency actually have healthy pituitary glands.

For patients with healthy pituitary glands, Growth Hormone Deficiency is usually the result of issues with GH-RH and the Hypothalamus which prevent the pituitary from functioning normally. The second form of HGH Deficiency Testing is used to diagnose this form of Deficiency. In this test, you will have your blood drawn, and your physician, or another blood-diagnostic professional, will test your levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-One, the hormone that is directly derived from Human Growth Hormone.

Because HGH stays in the blood stream for such a brief period of time, it is not a useful way to diagnose HGH Secretion. IGF-1, on the other hand, remains relatively normalized in the system, making it the most effective way to monitor Endogenous HGH Production.

If either of these tests reveal that you are suffering from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, then you will likely be eligible for HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Although both of these tests are highly capable of determining your current hormone status, there is some medical debate over the exact threshold at which a patient can be considered to experience HGH Deficiency. Using Testosterone as an example, some physicians believe that Free Testosterone Levels of 200-300 ng/dl is normal, whereas others consider this clearly deficient. Other doctors say that 800-1000 ng/dl is optimal. For both Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone, there are no definite benchmarks, so there is some variability from doctor to doctor.

What are the side-effects of Human Growth Hormone Injections?

Although HGH does have the potential to cause significant side-effects, these side-effects are primarily the result of abuse and misuse. When HGH is used in accordance with a doctor's recommendations and utilized therapeutically, the risk of side-effects is very low.

In patients that seriously abuse Human Growth Hormone, Acromegaly can result, changing the structure of the bones of the hands, feet, and face. Abuse can also lead to the enlargement of the kidneys and heart. Some patients may experience complications with diabetes and hypoglycemia.

HGH Benefits

If you do suffer from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, HGH Injections can lead to a number of different benefits, including:

  • Increased Healing and Rehabilitation
  • Partial or Total Alleviation of Certain Chronic Pains and Aches
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Energy Levels
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Decreased Fat Accumulation

One physician that specializes in Hormone Replacement Therapy tells us that men that experience clinically low levels of HGH have a tendency to have a much lower quality of life than those with healthier Growth Hormone Levels, and that HGH Deficiency has been correlated with increased risk of a number of different illnesses.

How do I take care of my HGH?

It is important to treat Human Growth Hormone safely and responsibly. Human Growth Hormone quickly degrades when not refrigerated, and can become completely inert after even just three or four hours. Human Growth Hormone is also incredibly sensitive to agitation, so shaking the bottle can break down the hormone as well. If your HGH is shaken too much or becomes too warm it will provide absolutely no benefits.

In order to protect the viability of your HGH Hormone Therapy, it is integral that you always store it under refrigeration, only bringing it out when it is time to use, and always returning it when completed. It's also important to make sure that it doesn't get excessively jostled under any circumstances.

So is HGH right for you?

Although HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is not right for everyone, there are many people that can benefit from treatment. Are you experiencing a number of medical issues as a result of the aging process? Are you taking a variety of medications which only seem to be treating symptoms rather than root causes? Human Growth Hormone may be the right choice for you.

HGH Deficiency produces numerous negative effects throughout the human body. At first they may seem disconnected, but they are all related by core processes within the human body regulated by HGH. If you feel that Human Growth Hormone may be right for you, we encourage you to explore HGH.tv further, and spend some time online doing research for yourself.

Or if you would prefer a more direct approach, the staff at the Conscious Evolution Institute can answer any questions you may have. If you feel that the symptoms that you are suffering are the result of insufficient levels of Human Growth Hormone, we readily encourage you to try HGH Hormone Replacement for yourself!


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High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

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