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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

HGH Replacement Therapy

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for HGH Deficiency

hgh process Although in the past, the average age of men and women living in the United States used to be much younger, today, there are an unprecedented number of Americans alive today that are age forty or older. For these individuals, the aging process is beginning to take its toll at an increasingly rapid rate.

It's just a fact of nature. Our bodies begin to change as we enter our thirties, and by the time we reach our forties and fifties, the rate at which the body deteriorates only becomes more rapid. These physiological changes affect every aspect of human existence, from energy to appearance to overall physical health and well-being.

Increasing Quality of Life with HGH

Although the last hundred years of scientific and medical development have allowed Americans to live longer and healthier lives, this increase in longevity seems to have peaked at some point during the eighties and nineties, and there are even some sources that say that the average lifespan may actually be in the process of declining slightly.

Why is that?

hgh moleculeThe average American lifestyle has drastically changed over the course of the last forty years, much to the detriment of our overall health. Men and women are getting less exercise than ever, and have a greater tendency to work in sedentary careers. The American diet is much less healthy than it used to be. In the eighties and nineties, the consumption of trans-fats, preservatives, and other terribly unhealthy foods began to skyrocket. Soda quickly became a a replacement for juice, and even water. Processed meats, grains, and dairy products are designed to make us addicted, and the empty calories they provide do nothing to benefit us and only deprive us of proper nutrition.

In addition to this, our increasingly busy lifestyles often cause us to take dietary short-cuts. We eat too many salty and fattening snacks and a growing number of families bring home fast food or pizza rather than taking the time to cook a wholesome and nutritious meal. Because of all of these reasons and more, we are reducing the quality and length of our own lives.

Isn't it time to make a change?

Conscious Evolution Institute: Physician Monitored Hormone Replacement

The Conscious Evolution Institute is a fully-accredited clinic which provides Hormone Replacement Therapy, in addition to encouraging patients to make significant changes in the way that they live their lives. Human Growth Hormone is a medical treatment that has been surrounded by controversy in the past, but today, there is more evidence than ever that Growth Hormone Replacement is an incredibly potent and effective tool which can help aging patients improve their overall health in order to live a longer life and engage in a more active lifestyle.

HGH Injections have the ability to alleviate many symptoms that are associated with the aging process, and many of these issues can even be reversed, preserving the overall health of the patient by allowing his or her body to function more optimally.

HGH Thirty and Over

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is an incredibly potent and useful treatment for those that are thirty years old or older. It can be very effective for adults that are in their seventies or eighties, but the benefits of the therapy are cumulative. The earlier that you begin treatment, the longer you can preserve a more youthful physiology!

Legal HGH

HGH is legal in the United States for a medical condition known as Adult-Onset Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. Endogenous Growth Hormone Levels naturally decline as we grow older, and some patients experience sharper declines than others. The goal of this article is to inform you about Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in order help to you discover if you are suffering from the symptoms of HGH Deficiency, and how Growth Hormone injections may be able to improve and benefit your life.

By resolving HGH Decline and Deficiency early and effectively, our treatments have the ability to greatly reduce the risk of a number of different age-related medical condition, and these treatments have the capacity to increase both the length and the overall quality of the rest of your life.

What is Anti-Aging Therapy?

Longevity Therapy is a mixture of biomedical technology, modern medical techniques, and lifestyle adjustment which has the capability to improve your health in order to increase the odds that you will live to see ninety, one hundred, or maybe even an age you never thought possible. Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Shots are one of the central components to the Anti-Aging Protocols that we offer at the Conscious Evolution Institute.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a relatively new procedure in the field of medical bio-technology, but our knowledge of the uses and benefits provided by various hormone treatments continue to grow and expand by the month.

Early History of HGH

Naturally Produced Human Growth Hormone was chemically isolated for the first time over fifty years ago, in 1956. In just a few years, Biological HGH was first approved for human medical use as a treatment for Idiopathic Short Stature in children. This early form of Growth Hormone was harvested from human volunteers which chose to donate their bodies to science.

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For the first few decades, HGH was only available in short supply, and was limited in use because of how rare and relatively difficult the hormone was to harvest. Scientists worked hard through the seventies in order to figure out a way to bio-engineer Human Growth Hormone without having to gather it from human tissue.

In the late seventies and early eighties, medical scientists finally achieved success, creating a synthetic form of HGH which was biologically and functionally identical to the hormone naturally produced by the human body.

In 1981, Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone was used for the first time as a medical treatment for HGH Deficiency. The goal of Growth Hormone Injection Therapy is to restore natural human levels of HGH in the body in order to increase health and normal physiological function in a patient.

Testosterone and HGH: The Most Potent Forms of Hormone Replacement

One very popular Hormone Replacement Regimen involves two separate hormones vital to optimal function: Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. These two hormones are naturally produced by the human body at their highest rates in our late teens and early twenties, and are the two primary keys to maintaining normal physiological function in both male and female patients.

These two hormones have the ability to increase energy and reduce fatigue, increase the speed and efficiency of cell regeneration and metabolism, and promote increased overall health.

The Science of Hormone Replacement

Through decades of hormone research, scientists are increasingly convinced that age-related hormonal decline plays a central role in the process of aging. Decreased levels of Human Growth Hormone and Natural Testosterone have time and time again been shown to be highly correlated with numerous negative health conditions that were once simply hypothesized to be natural and inevitable results of the aging process.

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Changes related to Endogenous Hormone Deficiency have been shown to contribute greatly to significant negative changes in our ability to live a healthy and active life, in addition to increasing the rate at which we aesthetically age. Among the most noticeable changes related to hormone deficiency are muscle atrophy, short temper, fuzzy memory, low libido, fatigue, and the increased development of unhealthy fat.

How Can I Slow Down Aging?

There are a number of highly effective ways to alleviate the speed at which the aging process takes place. One of the most effective ways to extend both youth and lifespan is to make a concerted effort to live a healthier life, mind, body, and soul. Another component of increasing longevity is to utilize the expertise of medical physicians as well as anti-aging professionals in order to protect the body from symptoms and medical conditions associated with aging.

It is important to keep an open and vocal line of communication with your doctor in order to ensure that you are doing everything you can to responsibly benefit your life and reduce your long term mortality risk. HGH and Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy are two of the most exciting and potent treatments available in order to safeguard your health as you grow older.

How Can I Get HGH and Testosterone Legally?

Although these two forms of medical therapy have the potential to provide you with incredible benefits, there is only one course of action in order to legally obtain these medicines. You must reach out to a medical specialist that is certified to offer Hormone Replacement Therapy. These treatments can only be legitimately offered if a medical physician comes to the conclusion that you suffer from Testosterone or HGH Hormone Deficiency, and can likely benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Your doctor must assess your personal health status, and you must undergo medical diagnostic evaluation in order to provide evidence that you are truly medically deficient in either Growth Hormone or Testosterone. If it is discovered that you are both suffering from symptoms associated with either of these disorders, and also clinically deficient, you qualify for the Medical Hormone Replacement.

HGH and Testosterone from the Conscious Evolution Institute

Hormone Replacement Therapy has the potential to offer a plethora of benefits to both males and females that desire to live a longer, healthier life with fewer medical complications. One of the primary goals of this website is to provide you with a variety of information in order to help you make a more intelligent and well-advised choice as to whether a Physician-Monitored Hormone Replacement Regimen can be a valid choice in improving your life.

We also provide information regarding a number of different treatment methods so that you can make a more informed decision about which medical services most effectively suit your own personal needs as an individual. If you think that Hormone Replacement is a valid option for you, we encourage you to contact us at the Conscious Evolution Institute as soon as it is appropriately convenient for you.

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We have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable health and longevity professionals that can help answer any questions that you may have. Our staff can also provide you with Hormone Replacement Treatments quickly and conveniently without you ever having to leave your local area!

HGH Promising for Most Patients

Human Growth Hormone Injection is not effective for everyone, but it has a very high success rate. Some patients experience significant and life-changing results quickly, while others may not experience the same potent benefits. Effective HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is dependent upon a number of different factors related to individual physiology, personal lifestyle decisions, and medical methodology. All three of these factors contribute to the potential benefits you may receive from HGH.

HGH Dosing

The primary factor which contributes to the potential success of HGH HRT is the frequency and dosage prescribed by your physician. Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a relatively expensive therapy, but the Conscious Evolution Institute provides a number of different payment plans which can help you more effectively make room in your budget for treatment.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy generally averages around $380 each month for therapy. We recommend staying on the therapy for at least six months in order to achieve large and significant gains from the treatment, and after that point you may choose to continue therapy or begin to use the therapy again at a later date when the benefits begin to subside.

For a large segment of patients, Human Growth Hormone HRT can slow down or even reverse certain medical and health issues associated with Aging and Hormone Deficiency. HGH Hormone Treatments should only be used with the express consent of a medical doctor, and you should only utilize Hormone Replacement Therapy as prescribed and as recommended. Growth Hormone Overdose can greatly increase the risk of side-effects that are associated with excessive HGH use and abuse.

How Can HGH Change My Life?

Human Growth Hormone HRT has the capability of providing numerous benefits, and clinical and scientific research continue to uncover more positive benefits that occur as a result of a healthy HGH Treatment Regimen. Among the many benefits of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy are:

  • Enhanced Immune Health
  • Stronger, Healthier Bones
  • Regeneration and Restoration of Many Internal Organs
  • Smoother, Stronger Skin
  • Increased Generation of Muscle
  • Reduced Accumulation of Fat
  • Alleviation of Depressive Symptoms
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Increased Overall Quality of Life

Although Human Growth Hormone can promote a number of positive changes to occur in the human body, it is important to realize that there are many things that HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy unfortunately cannot achieve.

HGH Limitations

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has not shown the capacity to cure extreme damage to proteins in the human body. It also cannot reverse the reality of serious heart disease. Understand that Human Growth Hormone has the power to optimize the body and improve health and aging outcomes, but it is not a panacea for all medical conditions.

Although Human Growth Hormone HRT has the potential to produce numerous significant and life-altering benefits, it also cannot fully alleviate issues related to other Hormone Deficiencies within the body, and you may require other medical treatments in order to more fully improve your health.

If you'd like to know more about what HGH can and cannot do for your particular medical status, we encourage you to contact the Conscious Evolution Institute for a more rigorous and personalized explanation that responds to your unique inquiries regarding Hormone Therapy and other treatments that we provide or can direct you toward.

What is Growth Hormone?

Bio-Identical HGH is also known by its scientific name, Somatropin. Recombinant Somatropin is a form of HGH which is designed and fabricated in a laboratory setting. Somatropin is completely identical in every way to Human Growth Hormone, it is just the end result of a different series of processes. The scientific name for Natural and Endogenous Human Growth Hormone is Somatotropin, which is produced in the brain by structures known as somatotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland.

One of the reasons that Recombinant HGH is so sought after, is because of the beneficial effects that it has upon the muscle cells. Although all human beings are born with a genetically predetermined number of muscle cells, the health and output potential of these cells can be altered and improved in a number of ways. Heredity controls the the quantity of muscle cells that we have, but Growth Hormone has the capability to improve the quality of those muscle cells.

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Muscle cells stop dividing near the end of puberty, and after this point, the only way to make your muscles stronger is to make make your existing muscle cells more efficient. Exercise is the most obvious way to make this happen, but Human Growth Hormone also has the ability to increase lean muscle mass both with and without exercise. Human Growth Hormone and Steroids both have the capability to increase strength, but do so via different methods.

What is the Difference Between Testosterone and HGH?

Testosterone directly stimulates the muscles, causing them to respond more readily to exercise. Human Growth Hormone works in two main ways regarding muscle synthesis. First, HGH increases metabolism, helping the muscles ambiently burn more calories and function at an elevated baseline.

Second, Growth Hormone Stimulates Lean Muscle Development by speeding up the rate at which the muscles rehabilitate and reinforce themselves during rest and downtime. The muscles actually grow stronger as they recover from a work out, and Bio-Identical HGH both optimizes and speeds up this process of rehabilitation and strengthening.

Human Growth Hormone has the capacity to naturally increase muscle development even without exercise. The gains achieved by HGH alone average 1 to 2 pounds of increased muscle mass every 2 or 3 weeks. Of course, weight training can increase the rate at which you obtain these gains.

HGH Treatments augment the rate at which your normal muscle development takes place, increasing your gains whether or not you are actively engaging in anaerobic exercise.

HGH: Ultimate Metabolism Booster

Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy also produces immense benefits throughout the body because of increased metabolism and energy production. HGH is secreted at its greatest levels by the human body during the years of childhood and puberty. These high levels of Growth Hormone are one of the reasons why children and teens seem to have boundless energy.

During the late teens or early twenties, Human Growth Hormone levels plateau and drop somewhat, reaching a baseline which is indicative of Adult Hormone Production. We still produce ample levels of this vital hormone during our twenties, however, and this allows us to more easily maintain a healthy lifestyle full of vitality.

As we enter our late twenties or early thirties, however, Endogenous Human Growth Hormone Production starts to decline at a slow and steady rate that averages around 1.5% per year. Although these declines may have little effect on overall health and energy when comparing one year to the next, the difference in health over the course of multiple years can be quite astounding and alarming.

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HGH Health Care

If you are suffering from the effects of HGH Deficiency, engaging in Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has the serious potential to greatly increase your overall vigor and metabolism. Healthy HGH Levels make it easier to make it through the day without succumbing to feelings of fatigue. Increased metabolism not only helps you stay more alert and active, it helps you burn fat and lose weight as well!

Human Growth Hormone works primarily through the stimulation of a hormone known as IGF-1. IGF-1 is also known as Insulin-like Growth Factor One. IGF-1 release is directly stimulated by the secretion of Growth Hormone. This is actually one reason why Human Growth Hormone Abuse is so hard to detect. After only minutes in the blood stream, HGH is quickly metabolized into IGF-1 by the liver.

HGH Converts into IGF-1

Although IGF-1 testing is now available, IGF-1 only stays in the system for a few days after it has been secreted. IGF-1 increases your innate metabolism by changing the way that your body seeks out energy. Normally, your digestive system mainly pulls glucose directly from your diet in order to create energy for the body, but IGF-1 redirects energy production, changing the gears of your body so that the body obtains its energy from the breakdown of adipose fat cells, rather than the diet. The human body is incredibly efficient at saving the fat that we have accumulated, and this is one reason why it can be incredibly difficult to lose weight0.

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Although we now live in a world of plenty, in our historical and evolutionary past it was more important to store fat than to burn it, in order to survive in a world where food was often scarce. Today, that life-saving genetic trait actually works to our disadvantage, making it very difficult to lose weight or avoid foods with empty calories without strong willpower or outside help. IGF-1 forces your body to expend energy stored in fat deposits throughout the body, and this encourages increased weight loss, even if you do not increase your cardiovascular exercise output.

Is Aging Caused by HGH Deficiency?

Scientists have now studied Human Growth Hormone and its effects upon the human body for more than fifty years. There is definitive proof that after the age of thirty, the body begins to naturally lose its ability to produce its own HGH, leading to symptoms that were once directly attributed to natural aging, but now seem to more appropriately correlated with hormonal changes.

As innate levels of Endogenous HGH secretion decline, the body begins to lose its ability to sustain itself optimally. One significant effect of Growth Hormone Decline is that the immune system becomes more prone to compromise, which increases an individual's susceptibility to disease and decreases his or her ability to fight off infection.

The Safety of Growth Hormone

HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is Safe. Although the Abuse and Overdose of Growth Hormone can be harmful to the body and may lead to unwanted side-effects, Recombinant Human Growth Hormone HRT does not pose any significant threat the health of the patient.

The ultimate goal of HGH Replacement is simply to restore physiologically youthful levels of Growth Hormone to the human body in order to help the body reattain its natural ability to optimally function. Because of this, the body never experiences HGH levels which are unnatural, and the body does not normally respond in a negative way to treatment.

HGH HRT is non-toxic, because the Medical Somatropin that we provide is functionally and molecularly identical to the Growth Hormone produced by the human body. When used with the guidance of a Physician Monitored HGH Regimen, Growth Hormone produces no significant side-effects as a result of treatment.

FDA Growth Hormone

HGH Hormone Treatments are FDA-Approved in the United States and are used across the globe in order to appropriately and actively treat Human Growth Hormone Deficiency in both Children and Adults. Growth Hormone is also approved for use in patients that are at risk for AIDS Related Cachexia, or severe Muscle Atrophy.

Medical HGH has undergone over one thousand scientific and clinical studies, conducted by respected medical institutions both domestically and globally, and there continue to be more benefits and potential treatment options uncovered on an almost-yearly basis.

HGH Works Best in Combination

Human Growth Hormone can have a profound effect on human health, but when combined with other medical treatments, Longevity Protocols, and lifestyle adjustments, the results can be absolutely astounding. In order to achieve medical and professional results with HGH, it is important to follow the guidelines of your Anti-Aging Treatment Plan aggressively in order to maximize the potential results of therapy.

Dr. Rudman HGH Data

Doctor Daniel Rudman is one of the most well known researchers associated with Human Growth Hormone Replacement, and he discovered that a six month cycle of HGH Therapy has the ability to turn back the clock ten to twenty years in regard to the body's ability to generate lean muscle and eradicate excess fat.

Rudman's study was one of the first of its kind to suggest that aging is not simply an inevitable and nebulous process, but is largely correlated with changes in hormone production which leave the body less capable of sustaining itself over time. With the help of Hormone Replacement Therapy, whether that be via Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, or other protocols, it is very possible to stave off or alleviate numerous aspects of the aging process.

HGH: Benefits of Therapy

Human Growth Hormone Therapy induces a number of positive changes which bolster personal health. Below is a list of potential benefits that you may experience:

HGH Improves Sleep - Growth Hormone Injections have the ability to improve and regulate the circadian rhythm, improving both the length and quality of sleep. Endogenous Human Growth Hormone is primarily secreted at night, and healthy Hormone Levels allow the body to rehabilitate the body more effectively during sleep.

HGH Slows Down and May Reverse the Effects of Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is the result of changes in bone metabolism which cause the breakdown of bone tissue and increase the risk of bone fractures and breaks. Human Growth Hormone plays a major role in promoting proper bone maintenance.

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Growth Hormone Streamlines Renal Function - Optimized HGH Levels play a significant role in the proper function and maintenance of the kidneys. Increased kidney health improves issues related to to physiological purification and detoxification.

Somatropin Strengthens and Smooths the Skin - Bio-Identical HGH restores proper fluid balance in the body, allowing skin cells to grow more firm and robust, reducing wrinkles. Growth Hormone also speeds up cell division, preventing the body from having to rely so heavily upon aging skin cells.

BioIdentical HGH Increases Visual Acuity - Somatropin even has the ability to improve or maintain vision! Human Growth Hormone has been shown to slow down the progress of macular degeneration. In addition to this, GH Shots can increase the strength of the muscles which control eye movement and focus, allowing vision to become sharper and clearer.

Hormone Replacement with HGH Improves Injury Rehabilitation - One of the most impressive ways that Human Growth Hormone improves overall health is by speeding up the rate at which physical recovery occurs after physical injury. HGH has been proven to speed up the rate at which the body heals itself, and can help the body regenerate cartilage and other tissues, decreasing downtime and improving the results of rehabilitation.

Hormone Replacement with HGH Boosts Cognitive Ability and the Retention of Memory - Human Growth Hormone affects memory and cognition in two primary ways. Since HGH has the ability to improve quality of sleep, this greatly improves the body's ability to inter memories and store new knowledge, because long term memory acquisition generally occurs during deep sleep. In addition to this, Growth Hormone also increases energy and reduces fatigue, making it less taxing to pay attention in the first place!

HGH Speeds Up the Rate at Which Wounds Heal on the Skin - On top of improving recovery and reducing downtime related to significant injuries, Growth Hormone also greatly modifies the body's ability to repair the skin after cuts and scrapes, both reducing scarring and speeding up the healing process.

Growth Hormone Alleviates Stress - HGH Replacement Therapy has the ability to improve stress levels, allowing you to live a happier and healthier life with less worry. HGH Treatments are capable of doing this via a number of mechanisms. Healthier sleeping habits give your body more time to recover and rest, and increased metabolism gives releases more energy and increases motivation, which helps you get more done more quickly, giving you time to relax and wind down.

HGH Improves Immune System Function - Healthy Growth Hormone Levels have been shown to correlate tightly with increased immune health. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for the body to maintain a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, this is also one of the systems that breaks down most easily in the case of poor nutrition, low metabolism, poor sleep, or other issues which put a strain on the body. Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy also improves this system by increasing rates of cellular division and replication, helping the body fight off infection and illness more efficiently.

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Somatropin Protects and Streamlines Cardiac Function - Human Growth Hormone HRT has the capability to improve the health and function of the heart in numerous ways. The natural way that Human Growth Hormone burns fat and builds muscle also has the capability to reduce cholesterol levels while also preventing the arteries of the heart from hardening, which makes it harder for the heart to effectively pump blood throughout the body.

HGH Improves Endurance - Human Growth Hormone allows you to work out with more fervor than would normally be possible by enhancing innate metabolism and keeping a steady stream of energy and nutrients going straight to the muscles. HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy also improves endurance from one session to the next by increasing your muscles' potential workload and capacity.

Human Growth Hormone Increases Exercise Performance - One of the functions of HGH Which make it so sought after by athletes and body builders is the way that it increases an individual's ability to engage in cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise. HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to improve the gains achieved by regular exercise while also reducing downtime and increasing the amount of time that an individual can engage in physical activity without rest.

Somatropin Enhances Natural Energy Levels - HGH isn't only about exercise though. This hormone also increases your ability to make it through your workday without losing your spark by lunchtime. Bio-Identical Growth Hormone HRT helps you maintain a high level of energy throughout the day via a number of mechanisms including improved sleeping habits, enhanced metabolism, and increased focus.

HGH Naturally Builds Muscle - Although regular exercise is generally recommended when undergoing Growth Hormone HRT, the hormone is fully capable of increasing lean muscle mass even without exercise. By increasing the body's baseline metabolism and increasing the body's ability to repair and enhance itself, Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy shifts the body's focus from fat storing to fat burning, which increases the rate at which mitochondria within the muscles function, which directly makes the muscles stronger.

Growth Hormone Naturally Burns Fat - HGH Shots reduce adipose fat mass by increasing the body's supply of IGF-1, which naturally bonds with fat tissue cells and breaks them down. This breakdown releases energy that the body uses and releases, which both increases muscle mass while also helping patients lose unnecessary and unhealthy body fat.

HGH Can Cure Muscle Wasting - Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy has the ability to restore healthy function to the muscles in cases where the muscles begin to atrophy as a result of health conditions such as AIDS or Anorexia. Some medical issues cause the body to break down its own muscles in order to preserve the function of internal organs, and this can damage the body unbelievably over time. Even unhealthy diet choices can cause the body to break down muscle tissue rather than burn fat. BioIdentical HGH has the capability to convince the body that the muscles still matter, preventing them from breaking down.

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Note: Human Growth Hormone cannot be legally prescribed to boost physical performance, enhance gains from body building, or as a strict Anti-Aging Therapy. Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy can be prescribed in order to alleviate the effects of HGH Deficiency, which is often a natural side-effect of the aging process.

What is a Hormone?

Although Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone are the two hormones which we spend the most time discussing, there are a large number of hormones throughout the body that encourage the processes that allow us to live and thrive. A hormone is a chemical messenger which comes in the form a molecular substance which is secreted by one particular organ or gland, and exerts an influence on another area of the body or type of tissue.

The human body primarily sends messages throughout the body via three mechanisms:

Neurons send electrical signals to target tissues in the body.

Hormones achieve this goal via the circulation of a particular substance such as HGH.

A third form of physiological messaging is directly via Inorganic Chemicals. For example, nitric oxide is used by the body in order to stimulate the male erection.

the pituitary gland

Hormones are generally secreted and produced by organs associated with the endocrine system, such as the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, testes, and ovaries. All hormones in the body play a particular and vital role in the overall health of an individual, and when a patient suffers from any form of Hormone Deficiency, their health is likely to suffer as a result.

Hormones of the Pituitary Gland

The Pituitary Gland is one of the most important organs in the endocrine system, and is responsible for the release of numerous different hormones.

This Pituitary is made up of two component parts, the Anterior Pituitary and the Posterior Pituitary. The Anterior Pituitary is responsible for the release of the following hormones:

Human Growth Hormone - This hormone is responsible for muscle development, adipose fat metabolism, physiological development, and cellular metabolism, along with numerous other health processes discussed at length on this site.

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Gonadotropic Hormones - The two primary Gonadotropic Hormones are Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. Follicle Stimulating Hormone stimulates the development and function of cells in the testes and ovaries which produce eggs and sperm. Luteinizing Hormone stimulates the release of Testosterone and other Androgens in men while stimulating the process of ovulation in women.

Adrenocorticotropic Hormone - This organic messenger stimulates the release of Cortisol and other Corticosteroids. These are the hormones which are released in reaction to stress, which help the body engage in self-preserving mechanisms such as fight-or-flight. These hormones are also important in regard to pain management.

Thyrotropin - Thyrotropin is also known as Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone. Thyrotropin is responsible for chemical messages which stimulate the Thyroid to increase physiological activity. Thyrotropin is a vital hormone in regard to adipose fat management, proper metabolism, and cold tolerance, and those that are deficient in this hormone frequently have weight and temperature management issues as a result.

The Posterior Pituitary is responsible for the release of the following hormones:

Oxytocin - Oxytocin is one of the primary pleasure hormones released by the human body. Oxytocin is released in response to individuals and behaviors associated with love and bonding, and patients with a deficiency in Oxytocin generally have major issues establishing emotional connections with others.

Prolactin - Prolactin is produced by both the male and female body, but is only physiologically active in the female body. Prolactin stimulates the development of the breasts and the release of breast milk.

Anti-Diuretic Hormone - This hormone is released by the body in order to control fluid retention in the human body. The pituitary releases this hormone in order to increase water storage and slow down the rate at which the kidneys expel water.

Hormones of the Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid releases two primary hormones:

Calcitonin - Calcitonin primarily functions in order to safeguard the bones. The Pituitary releases Calcitonin in order to help the bones preserve their calcium levels by decreasing the physiological activity of the osteoclasts and reducing the level of calcium in the blood stream.

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Thyroxine - Thyroxine is another one of the absolutely vital hormones. This hormone controls the metabolism of oxygen, one of the necessary ingredients which allow the body to generate the energy that humans use to live. Thyroxine Deficiency is known as hypothyroidism. This medical condition prevents the body from functioning optimally, significantly slowing down the body's ability to engage in any form of energy consumption.

Hormones of the Parathyroid Gland

The Parathyroid releases a hormone known as Parathyroid Hormone:

Parathyroid Hormone - This hormone is very important in the process of calcium breakdown and bone remodeling. Parathyroid Hormone encourages the body to absorb calcium, while also draining calcium from the bones in a natural process which allows bone material to be renewed and recycled. This hormone also encourages the production of Vitamin D by the human body, which is also a vital part of calcium retention and bone health.

Hormone of the Adrenal Gland

The Medulla of the Adrenal Gland produces two important hormones:

Epinephrine - This natural organic chemical functions both as a neurotransmitter and a hormone. Epinephrine is also referred to as adrenaline. Epinephrine is vital in response to a number of functions regarding the cardiovascular system. Epinephrine is responsible for blood vessel constriction which leads to increased heart rate. This hormone not only regulates heart rate, but it also is one of the primary hormones which is released to induce the fight-or-flight response. Epinephrine is also the hormone which creates the feeling known as the Adrenaline Rush.

Norepinephrine - This hormone, like adrenaline, is also released in response to stress. Norepinephrine is responsible for a number of other physiological processes related to the fight-or-flight response, which increases the human body's capacity to deal with immediate threats or stimulation. Norepineprine directly increases the rate at which the heart beats. This hormone also increases blood supply to both the brain and the muscles, encouraging the mind and body to both make and act on split-decisions more quickly. Norepinephrine also aids the body by increasing the body's ability to tolerate pain.

The Adrenal Cortex forms a lobe around the medulla of the adrenal glands, and is responsible the release of four primary hormones:

Cortisone - Cortisone is another hormone which is connected with the human body's response to stress. Cortisone helps the body respond to physiological pain and inflammation, reducing the severity of the responses. Cortisone also plays a role in increasing blood pressure.

Cortisol - Cortisol is an organic messenger which we discuss frequently which is related to Testosterone. Cortisol is another adrenal hormone which is produced in response to pain and stress. One way that cortisol is created is by breaking down Testosterone, or redirecting DHEA so that the hormone is converted into Cortisol rather than Testosterone. Cortisol plays a significant role in pain management, and causes the body to expend energy upon immediate pain management at the expense of immune system function. Cortisol also encourages the process of glycogenesis, which is an anabolic form of energy production.

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Corticosterone - This hormone is an intermediary metabolite which is used to stimulate the production of the hormones Aldosterone and Pregnenolone.

Aldosterone - This endocrine secretion is released by the adrenal glands primarily in order to stimulate the kidneys to perform functions that benefit the body in high stress situations. It encourages the retention of both sodium and water while also encouraging the release of potassium. It also causes blood pressure to increase.

Hormones of the Ovaries and the Testes

The Testes and Ovaries primarily release sexual hormones, including:

Testosterone - Testosterone is the primary male hormone. It is secreted in the Testes in males, and in lesser amounts by the ovaries in females, and in the adrenal glands of both sexes. Testosterone is related to Male Differentiation, but plays a number of other roles as well. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire and function in both sexes, and also plays a role in assertiveness and general muscle development. Like Estrogen, Testosterone plays significant roles in processes throughout the human body.

Progesterone - Progesterone is often referred to as the hormone which regulates pregnancy. This hormone is related to the important stages of the menstrual cycle which prepare the body to bear a child. Progesterone is also responsible for the physiological changes which take place which allow the body to house and properly maintain a growing fetus. Progesterone also seems to have significant effects upon the proper functioning of neurons.

Estrogen - Estrogen is the main feminine hormone, and is released primarily by the ovaries in females, but is also released in both sexes via chemical reactions which occur at the fat cells, as well as the Adrenal Glands. In females, Estrogen is primarily responsible for sexual differentiation, and promotes the development of female sexual characteristics. There are multiple forms of Estrogen known as Estriol, Estradiol, and Estrone. All Estrogens are forms of steroids in human beings. Estrogen also controls and promotes both the storage of fat and the maintenance of cholesterol levels, among numerous other functions. The Adrenal Cortex, Ovaries, and Testes are capable of producing all hormones that belong to the steroid group, at least in small amounts.

Hormones of the Pancreas

The pancreas contains a group of organs known as the Islets of Langerhans which produce the following hormones:

Somatostatin - Somatostatin is the primary negative feedback mechanism which controls the release of Human Growth Hormone. It also suppresses a number of gastrointestinal hormones as well, in addition to Thyroxine.

Glucagon -This hormone increases the level of glucose in the blood stream, in direct opposition to Insulin, which decreases glucose levels in the blood.

Insulin - Insulin is perhaps the most important hormone related to digestion and metabolism. Insulin controls blood sugar, decreasing glucose levels in the blood and increasing the rate by which both the muscles and fat utilize glucose. Without insulin, the body is not able to use glucose appropriately, causing a number of medical issues which are life-threatening if not appropriately treated.

Hormones of the Kidneys

The Kidneys are responsible for the production of the hormone known as Erythropoietin

Erythropoietin - This Hormone stimulates the creation of red blood cells. Increased numbers of red blood cells increase the capability of the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body, increasing the body's capacity for work and limiting fatigue.

The Digestive Hormones

The digestive system contains a series of organs stretching from the stomach down to the duodenum. These glands are known collectively as the passage of chyme, which are responsible for the secretion of Secretin:

Secretin - This hormone sends signals to the pancreas to increase the volume of pancreatic juice released, aiding in digestion.

Other hormones secreted by the digestive system include:

Cholecystokinin - This messenger is secreted from the duodenum. It increases the production of bile by the gall bladder

Pancreatozymin - This hormone is released by the upper intestine in order to increase the density of digestive enzymes contained within the fluid of the pancreas.

Gastrin - This organic chemical is secreted by a portion of the stomach known as the pyloric region. When Gastrin is released, it sends out the signal that increased levels of hydrochloric acid should be produced by the stomach in order to increase the rate of digestion.

Hormones of the Placenta

The two most important hormones released by the placenta are:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - This hormone is often abbreviated hCG. HCG is only produced by the placenta during pregnancy in human beings. HCG is responsible for the development of the uterus during pregnancy, while also protecting the child from the immune system of the mother. Although hCG is only produced by mothers during pregnancy, there is evidence that hCG may benefit both the male and female body in unique ways.

Progesterone - Progesterone, discussed earlier, is also produced by the adrenal glands and the placenta, in addition to the sex organs.

Why Are Healthy HGH Levels Important?

Human Growth Hormone is widely believed to be the single hormone which is most powerfully correlated with the process of aging. As Endogenous Human Growth Hormone Levels Decline, our body begins to deteriorate in numerous ways, largely influenced by the decline of this singularly important hormone.

Although HGH Deficiency plays a significant role in aging, that deficiency is just one part of what causes our bodies to grow older. Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is just one powerful symptom related to the cascade of change that is known as aging. HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy can induce numerous benefits to the body which slow or even reverse many of the effects of aging, but it is important to realize that although Growth Hormone is potent, it cannot completely reverse the effects of aging, and there are some issues that even Optimal HGH Levels cannot cure.

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Human Growth Hormone can, however, make sure your body is in optimal shape in order to allow your body to combat those other aspects of the aging process by taking the steps to maintain both your body and your vigor as effectively as possible.

Youthful HGH Promotes a Healthier Body

Scientific research has shown that HGH Levels are at their highest as we pass through puberty. Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the rapid changes in height that occur during the early and mid teens, and this is also the period during which an individual generally has the highest energy levels and experiences the best health of their lives.

HGH is released by the body in brief, semi-frequent pulses, most of which occur while we are in the phase of our deepest sleep. Human Growth Hormone is also released when we engage in strenuous vigorous activity, increasing the body's metabolism and adapting to periods of heavy activity. Sleep and exercise are the two periods of the day that are most associated with anabolic activity, and Human Growth Hormone is the catalyst which encourages that growth.

HGH Metabolized Quickly

Although Human Growth Hormone is vital and important, it really doesn't remain in the body for long before it is metabolized and processed. After on a brief period, the HGH circulates through the blood stream and is converted into a series of hormones known as Growth Factors by the liver. The most important of these growth factors is known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor One, and is responsible for the majority of the benefits caused by HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy. There are a number of factors which control the release and the production of Growth Hormone:

Healthy Sleeping Habits - Because Human Growth Hormone is primarily released while we sleep, engaging in poor sleeping habits has an incredibly negative effect upon Normal HGH Production. Sleep deprivation has severe negative consequences regarding the normal release of both Testosterone and HGH.

Vigorous Exercise - Although Human Growth Hormone is released mainly during sleep, a large supplemental supply is provided by engaging in strenuous exercise. Healthy Human Growth Hormone levels not only contribute to increased gains when working out, exercise also stimulates increased production of HGH. It's a win-win!

Healthy Nutrition - In order for the body to produce healthy levels of Growth Hormone, it is essential to maintain a wholesome and nutritious diet. Malnutrition of any form can greatly reduce the body's ability to both secrete Natural Growth Hormone and Utilize HGH Injections optimally, so it is important to support the normal function of the body with a proper diet.

Age and HGH - Age is a factor regarding Human Growth Hormone production that you have no means to control. After puberty, HGH Production plateaus during the late teens and early twenties, and begins to decline around the late twenties. This endogenous decline in hormone production persists across all animal species and is innate among all living animals on earth.

There seems to be absolutely no evolutionary advantage to an individual member of a species regarding reduced release of HGH, it simply seems to be a symptom of other forms of physiological decline. After men and women reach their thirties, Innate HGH Manufacture declines at a very steady rate which averages around fourteen percent every ten years.

From age twenty to age sixty, an individual's release of Human Growth Hormone drops by fifty percent! Some patients do experience HGH Decline at a faster rate than others, and there is clear scientific evidence that an individual that has lower levels of Growth Hormone will age faster than a person with healthy hormone levels that is the same age.

HGH Somatopause

There are a number of people who liken the change that occurs in Human Growth Hormone production with age with the female process of menopause. Scientific researchers and physicians often refer to this change in Growth Hormone Levels as Somatopause for just that reason. HGH Deficiency is a transition which is inevitable without the intercession of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Advice On How To Use HGH Effectively

Start With Modest Doses

Human Growth Hormone HRT is an incredibly potent therapy. Like most hormones, it takes very little of the organic chemical in order to produce significant changes in overall function. If you are in the beginning stages of HGH Replacement Therapy and you have never utilized the therapy before, you should start with a dose that is only around 0.1-0.3 milligrams each day. Human Growth Hormone Injections are not about overloading your body with HGH, but restoring levels of the hormone that are associated with an earlier, more physiologically healthy time in your life.

Keep an Eye Out for Side Effects

Although HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is incredibly safe when used under the guidance of a physician, there is always at least some small chance of at least minor side-effects. HGH Side-Effects generally mean that your dose is too high and needs to be adjusted. Generally, the only people who experience more than the most minor of side-effects are those who actively abuse HGH, or those who engage in HGH Overdose, either on purpose or inadvertently.

One of the first, and least severe, side-effects which manifests itself is water retention. Human Growth Hormone can cause the body to hold on to more water than it needs, and this fluid tends to accumulate in the extremities, such as the feet and lower legs.

One of the most severe symptoms of Growth Hormone Abuse is a medical disorder known as Acromegaly. Acromegaly is a condition in which the cartilage and bones begin to grow in a disproportionate way. The bones do not grow longer after puberty, but Human Growth Hormone Overdose can cause them to grow disfigured.

This condition can be caught early, as the soft tissue of the feet and hands begin to swell in a reversible manner before irreversible damage results later on. If you experience any strange swelling, and notice for example that you shoe size or your ring size grows unexpectedly, talk to an endocrinologist as soon as possible. It may simply be water retention that can be easily treated without suspending or adjusting therapy, but it could also be the result of early stages of acromegaly.

Other minor symptoms such as injection-site irritation and rash can also develop in patients with sensitive skin, but these side-effects are generally warded off simply by choosing a unique injection site every day.

Exercise Regularly to Stimulate HGH Benefits!

If you aren't currently actively engaging in regular exercise, it would increase the benefits of your HGH therapy to start a regular fitness regimen. Find something that you enjoy, whether it be swimming, jogging, group sports, or anything else that gets your blood pumping. Just makes sure you exercise regularly throughout the week. Study after study has shown that physical activity significantly increases the gains achieved in Growth Hormone Injection Therapy.

Choose a Good Multivitamin to Increase the Effects of HGH

Although Human Growth Hormone Shots are wonderful for your metabolism, another key to unlocking the numerous benefits of HGH Therapy is to make sure that your body gets all of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that it needs in order to optimize your physiological processes and create the most potent change. Although all vitamins are important, make sure that you get enough Vitamin E and Vitamin C in particular.

Sleep Well and Sleep Deeply to Restore Natural HGH Levels

As we mentioned earlier, the body produces the most Human Growth Hormone during deep sleep. In addition to this, the body uses HGH in order to stimulate processes of healing and rejuvenation while you sleep as well, so to improve the results of your Growth Hormone Injection Treatment, make sure you sleep a full eight hours, preferably in total darkness, so that your body has time to use the Supplemental HGH that you are providing your body.

Keep an Eye on Your Weight: Don't Use HGH as an Excuse to Eat

Human Growth Hormone is not a total replacement for a diet and nutrition plan. Although HGH does have the ability to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat, even without exercise, it is not a panacea which allows you to eat whatever you want. Also, it is important to note that some patients find that their increased metabolism slightly increases their appetite, so be prepared.

Don't Forget to Take Care of Your Skin

In order to increase and preserve the benefits associated with HGH Treatments and Skin Health, always remember to limit your time in the sun, and always use sunscreen. Also, your body will also respond most powerfully if you also remember to use a quality lotion in order to moisturize and fortify your skin with minerals.

Try to Quit Smoking

If you are trying to improve your health and physical appearance with Human Growth Hormone HRT, you will benefit even more if you stop smoking. Smoking prevents many of the potential health benefits of HGH from taking root, and the hormone therapy will not be able to benefit you as potently if you continue to smoke.

Drink Lots of Water!

Although they say to drink eight glasses of water per day, it is important to make sure that you get the equivalent of eight glasses of water each day from sources of food and drink in your diet. Drinking fresh water is better for you than any other source, however. Limit colas and excess juices.

Sermorelin Acetate Therapy

Although Human Growth Hormone HRT is a potent and effective treatment in order to boost internal levels of HGH, there are a growing number of patients that are now choosing Sermorelin HRT as their means of increasing their natural Growth Hormone Production.

Sermorelin Acetate is a Recombinant Hormone Therapy which is used to mimic the function of Growth-Hormone Releasing Hormone released by the human Hypothalamus. GH-RH is the hormone which directly stimulates the pituitary gland to produce Human Growth Hormone. Although Sermorelin is not Bio-Identical to GH-RH, it does produce the same exact physiological response in the human body.

What is the Difference Between HGH and Sermorelin?

Where HGH Hormone Shots increase HGH levels by supplying the hormone from an outside source, Sermorelin Acetate Shots actually increase the body's own natural production of Growth Hormone. When we are young, the body produces high levels of GH-RH, more than enough to supply the body with all the Growth Hormone that the body needs to function at its optimal peak.

As we grow older, however, the body produces less and less of this vital hormone. Ironically, the human pituitary gland always has the functional ability to produce ample amounts of HGH, but it's actually a deficiency of GH-RH which directly leads to trailing levels of Growth Hormone Secretion.

Benefits of Sermorelin

Sermorelin Acetate Therapy has been shown to produce the same potent benefits as HGH Shots, including:

  • Increased Muscle Development

  • Reduced Fat Build Up

  • Increase Quality of Sleep

  • Higher Levels of IGF-1 Production

  • Boosted Immune Health

  • Increased Metabolism and Improved Health Maintenance

Sermorelin Acetate produces all of these benefits and more, while also encouraging a more physiologically natural form of HGH Secretion. When Human Growth Hormone is Injected directly into the body, there are few, if any, mechanisms to limit the body from processing too much Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin Injections interest many patients, because there is almost no chance of accidentally overdosing on HGH as a result of Sermorelin Treatments. GH-RH metabolism is regulated by factors known as Negative Feedback Mechanisms, which prevent the Pituitary from secreting too much HGH. A hormone known as Somatostatin prevents the pituitary from accepting more GH-RH or Sermorelin than it actually needs.

Sermorelin Acetate Prevents HGH Tolerance

When a patient uses Sermorelin Acetate, it controls the release of HGH in a manner that is more natural to the human body. Growth Hormone Injections induce a form of hormonal stimulation known as Square Wave. Although there is nothing dangerous about this form of hormonal release, the body is not completely acclimated to receiving HGH in this pattern, and physiological inefficiencies may result, causing a condition known as Tachyphylaxis.

Although the name might sound intimidating, Tachyphylaxis is simply the scientific term for developing a tolerance to a particular medication. By perfectly mimicking the body's natural strategy of HGH Release, Sermorelin Acetate Therapy greatly reduces the negative potential to develop a tolerance to Human Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin Acetate improves overall functionality by more accurately simulating the natural HGH Neuroendocrine Balance which is among the first to break down as a result of the natural aging process.

The Conscious Evolution Institute: Your Source for Life Changing HGH and Sermorelin Acetate Therapy

Today, there are hundreds of highly notable proponents for HGH Hormone Replacement. Endocrinologists, physicians, and medical specialists across the globe devote their lives to uncovering the benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy and other forms of hormone treatment. There are tens of thousands of patients around the world that have used the therapies we provide and can attest to the potency and incredible benefits of Hormone Replacement for Hormone Deficiency.

We feel that Hormone Optimization represents a new era in Longevity Therapy which has the potential to improve quality of life for men and women all across the world. If you are interested in Sermorelin Therapy, HGH Injections, Testosterone HRT, or any other hormone treatment we provide, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information. We have a qualified and board-certified staff of health professionals that can help you decide if the treatments that we offer are right for you.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Conscious Evolution Institute


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Correctly performed testosterone therapy can be your ticket to health.

Three sided solution: Testosterone + HCG + Arimidex

If your doctor only prescribes testosterone by itself, you will probably have a rough ride. The tendency is for you to feel great the first couple months, while you increase testosterone levels, followed by a slow deterioration, once your estrogen creeps up.

High estrogen negates a lot of the positives from testosterone therapy, resulting in the same symptoms of low testosterone you had in the first place!

The solution is to add a drug called Arimidex. It's called an aromatase inhibitor, which essentially blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It has the effect of increasing testosterone levels, while keeping your estrogen low.

Once you have your testosterone and estrogen solved, it's time to stop the next inevitable decline? Shrinking testicles.

This is where HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) comes in. It prevents both infertility and testicle shrinkage. Your testicles shrink because your body thinks it doesn't need to make testosterone anymore.

For some, small testicles may seem like just a cosmetic problem. But HGC does more than increase testicle size, it also increases adrenal function, which can have positive effects on well-being, libido, and energy.

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