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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019
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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Maintaining Natural Production of HGH when on an HGH therapy program or increasing your own natural production of HGH without HGH therapy.

More Tips on Increasing Growth Hormone Production

Although Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a great choice for many men and women that suffer from HGH Deficiency, we understand that there are many people that would prefer to forgo medical therapy if possible while also experiencing benefits as a result of amplified Growth Hormone Levels.

In a previous article, we discussed an in depth, intense guide on how to maximize innate Human Growth Hormone Production. The goal of this article is to provide four simple tips on how anyone can increase their Endogenous Production of HGH by making particular changes in their every day life.

IGF-1: The Under-appreciated Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is a natural cellular metabolism booster released by the pituitary, but a lesser known hormone known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor One does all the heavy lifting. HGH cycles through the body to the liver, which converts Growth Hormone into IGF-1, where it cycles through the body, impacting immense changes in both physical and mental health.

Low Human Growth Hormone Levels Promote Symptoms of Early Aging

HGH Deficiency begins to start causing problems for us physiologically as we breach the age of 25. Although Age-Related Hormone Decline does not leave patients of this age clinically deficient in Human Growth Hormone, the body begins to experience negative effects from reduced HGH Production as levels begin to crest from their optimum level that we experience in our late teens and early twenties.

Although Growth Hormone Deficiency impacts the body in numerous and varying ways, the most commonly discussed and studied ways that HGH Decline effects the human body are:

  • Low HGH Levels decrease physical capacity and endurance

  • Pituitary GH Deficiency slows down the natural healing processes of the body, both in regard to the immune system and physical damage to bodily tissues

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency directly impacts skin health, leading to increased wrinkles and drier, rougher skin

  • Decreased metabolism as a result of diminished HGH and IGF-1 causes the body to store higher levels of fat, especially around the hips, thighs, waist, and stomach

  • Low Human Growth Hormone makes it harder to get a good night's rest, which impacts all aspects of health

  • HGH Deficiency, overtime, has an intense impact on bone health, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and other bone disorders

Low HGH Makes You Feel Older

There is widespread clinical evidence that individuals that have higher levels of Natural Human Growth Hormone in relationship to peers in their age group are more likely to be healthier in nearly every way. They are also the men and women who tend to live the healthiest and most active lifestyles. Are you worried about declining HGH levels having a negative impact on your ability to enjoy life?

How Can I Boost My HGH Levels?

There are a variety of simple strategies that you can engage in that can have a tremendous impact on your endocrine health. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these methods as HGH Enhancers, you should live by these suggestions as regularly as possible, as these options have the ability to significantly increase your health and vitality even if you engage in these health choices part-time.

Below are four of the most effective and simple tips on how to bolster your own natural production of Human Growth Hormone:

HGH Boosting Tip One: Limit Consumption of High-Glycemic Foods

One of the best ways to increase your innate HGH Levels and live healthier is to limit your Glycemic Intake. Low-Carbohydrate diets aren't the best choice for everyone, but choosing proteins and fats over carbohydrates can help you fill up faster without needing to stuff your face with food in order to feel full.

Paleolithic Diet for Increased HGH

One of the most popular approaches to the Low-Carb Diet in recent years is a strategy known as the Paleolithic Diet. This is one of the strictest forms of Low-Glycemic Diet, and we do not necessarily fully endorse it for your individual case, but depending on how well you and your body take to it, it may be an awesome choice for you.

The Paleolithic Diet avoids a number of different foods, including all forms of highly processed food and drink, including alcohol, dairy, and grains, as well as the majority of forms of sugar.

Primal Diet: Simplified Version of Paleolithic Diet

Another, less strict form of the Paleolithic diet that you may find incredibly useful for increasing your health and hormone levels is known as the Primal Diet. This is a modified form of the Paleolithic Diet which affords you more options in order to provide more variety in your diet while also nudging you toward the healthiest forms of potential indulgence.

The Primal Diet allows the consumption of a number of foods not allowed in the Paleolithic Diet, such as coffee, dark chocolate, modest wine consumption, and organic milk products.

Space to Cheat: The Slow-Carb Diet

Going down the list of strictest to least strict, another form of Low-Carb Diet increases choice even further. This diet is known as the Slow-Carb Diet. This diet allows the same list of potential options as the Primal Diet, but also allows for the consumption of beans and legumes. Another unique option which makes the Slow-Carb Diet much easier to adopt fully is that it allows for one day each week where the rules don't apply.

Of course, this off-day isn't intended for you to break all the rules of dieting and eat everything you want, it's just a day for you to conspicuously enjoy all of the foods that you are not allowed to eat during the week, within reason.

...Or Just Be Smart About Your Carbohydrate Consumption!

Of course, these strategies aren't the only ways to eat healthier and bolster your HGH levels, but they may work for you. If you live a life in which you are engaged in intense physical activity on a regular basis, or you frequently engage in endurance training, Low-Carb Diets are not the choice for you.

For people like you, Carbohydrates offer a source of immediate energy which both increases performance and prevents you from succumbing to fatigue.

Although there are a number of Low-Carbohydrate Diet plans, and they vary significantly, there are a number of similarities that are featured in nearly every Low-Carb Meal Plan: Processed Carbohydrates and Refined Sugars are bad for you and should be avoided.

Why Are Processed Sugars and Carbs Bad?

The most important reason why Paleolithic-Style Diets greatly increase Biological HGH Levels is because they limit the consumption of both Simple Sugars and Over-Processed Carbs. Both of these types of foods have an intense effect upon insulin levels in the human body.

Insulin and Human Growth Hormone release are negatively correlated with one another. When Insulin Levels spike in the presence of high blood sugar, this directly correlates with a diminished level of Human Growth Hormone production.

In addition to this, Carbohydrates such as grains have been shown to increase cortisol release by the adrenal glands, which negatively effects both the release of Testosterone and HGH.

The various diets listed above offer their own potential health benefits, and dependent upon your level of individual conviction and constitution, you may find yourself eager to try one of the diets above. The key cardinal rules of diet which will help you maintain healthier Human Growth Hormone Levels are as follows:

Vastly Limit Processed Grains from Your Diet

This means that white bread is an absolute no-no, as is white rice. Think of it this way: eating highly processed grains takes away from the work that your stomach and digestive system is accustomed to do in order to break the nutrition from the food you eat. The easier that you make it on your stomach, the harder you make it for your body in the long run.

Limit Your Consumption of Simple Sugars As Well

The most common forms of simple sugar are honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, white sugar, and corn syrup. The same concept applies to refined sugars as processed grains. These various sugars have been mechanically or biologically simplified to a point where your body does not have to work for the calories, and the nutrition has largely been stripped in the process of refinement, leading to empty, pure calories which do nothing to encourage your improved health.

Eat High-Glycemic, Nutrient Rich Foods Intelligently

There are some foods that have a high-glycemic index, although they still offer significant health benefits even though they contain high levels of simple sugar and carbohydrates. Eat these foods in small portions and limit your intake in order to make room for foods that offer more nutritional punch per calorie.

These foods and drinks include beer, skim milk, orange juice, and dried fruit. In many cases, these high-glycemic, high-nutrition foods are processed forms of other foods which contain even more nutrients. Eat an orange, rather than drinking orange juice, for example. An orange contains more dietary fiber, so it fills you up more quickly, leading you to actually consume less juice while getting more fulfillment from the product. Dried fruits are incredibly dense and you can usually be better served by just eating the whole, unprocessed fruit.

HGH Boosting Tip Two: Healthy Sleep Vital to Optimal HGH Production

Sleep is one of the final frontiers of modern biological science. Although we realize that this period of deep and intense rest is completely integral to human life, and restores our bodies in countless ways, we are still decades away from having a relatively complete understanding of the overall mechanics of sleep.

There are a couple of key concepts regarding health and the endocrine system that we do have a keen understanding of, however. Poor sleeping habits, including disruptive sleep and sleeping less than eight hours per night, can have a disastrous effect upon our body's ability to produce healthy levels of both Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

Sleeping Better Isn't Always Easy

Although this is a simple concept: Sleep better, have improved hormone levels, it is harder than it sounds. Sleep and Hormone Levels are a two-way street that can sometimes be difficult to set straight. Sleeping poorly significantly reduces the body's ability to release Human Growth Hormone, and the experience of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency also makes it a lot harder to sleep eight hours straight.

One problem that many individuals talk about when they try to change their habits to experience deeper and more restful sleep is that they end up tossing and turning all night. In this case, even though they are sleeping eight hours, they aren't getting the full benefits of sleep as they relate to increased hormone production.

Sleep Deeper by Limiting Exposure to Artificial Light

One intuitive way to stimulate healthy sleep is to minimize your exposure to unnatural light sources. This means, open your curtains and let the sunlight in! Don't turn on the lights during the day unless you absolutely have to. There is scientific evidence that artificial sources of light decrease our body's natural production of melatonin, the hormone that most directly stimulates healthy sleeping habits.

Many people find that bright light sources prevent them from feeling sleepy, even if everything in their body tells them it's time for bed. If you are having a lot of trouble sleeping for a full night without rustling in the sheets, you may actually be unnaturally sensitive to artificial light, and reducing your exposure can help restore natural sleeping habits. At night, try to only use light sources which are covered and reduce the brightness and sharpness of light.

In addition to this, before you go to bed, make a survey of everything around you. Eliminate absolutely all sources of light in your bedroom before trying to go to bed. Even a blinking light on your television can reduce your ability to shut your mind off as completely as you need in order to experience the most full and restful sleep, as well as produce the Human Growth Hormone that you need to optimize your health.

HGH Boosting Tip Three: Focus on Engaging in Exercise You Enjoy to Boost HGH

In order to be optimally healthy, it is absolutely imperative to regularly engage in physical exercise, and this is in no small part due to the influence that physical activity has upon Human Growth Hormone Release. Although HGH is primarily released during sleep, exercise is a close second in terms of the pure volume of Human Growth Hormone secreted during the day.

Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise Both Important for Good Health and Growth Hormone Stimulation

In order to improve your health and your hormone balance, it is vitally important to engage in exercise every week which stimulates both aerobic an anaerobic activity. The two least complex ways to engage in these types of exercise is to run or weight lift, respectively. That doesn't mean that you have to lift weights or go for a hard run every single day in order to be healthy.

Although many people absolutely love these forms of physical activity, you shouldn't perform a certain type of exercise just because someone tells you to, even if you don't enjoy it. Enjoyment and self-satisfaction are two of the strongest motivators for a successful workout plan, and if you aren't happy with what you're doing, it will be a terrible struggle to maintain a workout regimen.

Alternate Cardiovascular Workout Plans

If running sounds boring to you, try going to the gym and playing some basketball. Sports like basketball and soccer are two types of activity which intensely stimulate cardiovascular processes, and they keep your mind active and busy at the same time. Running has a certain level of monotony that certain people can enjoy, and others will find unsatisfying, but sports inject novelty into an otherwise vanilla workout routine.

Also, if you aren't a big fan of running, but you love riding bikes, cycling is a wonderful way to engage in cardiovascular exercise that fits your terms. If you enjoy running, but get a bit bored sometimes, it's a great idea to go exploring and try out new trails.

Alternate Anaerobic Workout Plans

In regard to anaerobic exercise, we understand that the weight room doesn't appeal to everyone, but weight training is the absolute best form of physical activity which spurs the production of Human Growth Hormone. Luckily, there are a number of activities that you can do that can act as a replacement for just lifting weights at the gym.

If you are a fan of running, we encourage you to include resistance training into your running or jogging routine. By carrying or wrapping yourself with certain types of weights, you can create incredible levels of force resistance which encourage your muscles to activate anaerobically.

Also, for the best all-around mixture of cardiovascular and anabolic exercise, we have to recommend swimming. Swimming stimulates the cardiovascular system while also giving the body an intense anaerobic workout at the same time. Water provides an incredible source of resistance which your arms and legs have to fight against to produce movement.

This is why swimmers are regarded to have the most effectively toned bodies of any type of athlete. Swimming is one of the few types of exercise that provide a stimulating workout from head to toe, and by alternating your pace you can stimulate both increases in cardiovascular production as well as increase in muscle mass and tone.

Quick and Vigorous Activity Spikes HGH Levels

In regard to HGH production and exercise, one recent medical discovery is that Human Growth Hormone is stimulated primarily by intense physical activity, rather than long periods of physical activity. Although longer periods of exercise increase tone and lung capacity, the most vigorous forms of exercise increase muscle size and HGH production.

If you are simply concerned with your hormone health, this means that working harder is more effective than working longer, although we must recommend that you do some endurance-style exercise in order to maximally benefit your overall health.

HGH Boosting Tip Four: Fasting Boosts HGH

One incredibly useful way to increase Human Growth Hormone production is through an activity known as intermittent fasting. Fasting for a period of sixteen to twenty four hours once every week can increase your production of HGH significantly. This is because the physical activity of fasting forces the body to look toward internal sources of energy in order to fuel the body, so the hypothalamus triggers the pituitary to release increased levels of Human Growth Hormone in order to burn fat more quickly and activate energy that lays dormant in the fat tissues.

In terms of our evolutionary past, that is all that fat is, really: Internal stores which protect the body from starvation. When you engage in these weekly bouts of fasting, it is important to engage in at least a certain level of physical activity in order to ensure that your body draws energy from fat cells, rather than muscles. This is also the reason why fasting only works when done in an intermittent pattern: If you fast too often, your body starts to go into a bit of a panic mode and starts drawing too much energy from proteins bound in the muscle cells, which can actually make you weaker while not encouraging the same level of HGH production. By only engaging in this activity around once per week, you can optimally stimulate your body to release HGH and IGF-1 by fasting.

Fat Breakdown Happens Before Muscle Breakdown

Although it is true that the body will break down muscle tissue, in a process known as Protein Catabolism, when the body reaches a certain level of hunger and starvation, it takes much longer for this process to begin than is commonly thought. It is a common myth among weight lifters that it is important to constantly have a supply of nutrition in order to stimulate HGH production and optimize the muscles, but the process of muscle atrophy as a result of fasting has been significantly overstated.

Scientific research has actually found that the human body initially turns to fat metabolism in the face of fasting or lack of food before it makes the physiological change to burning protein. This is why that sixteen to twenty four hour period is so important and the effects can be so beneficial and dramatic, but it also shows why longer periods of fasting are incredibly unhealthy and can lead to negative muscle gains.

In addition to this, excess fasting can actually have a negative impact upon metabolism, because if you spend too much time not eating, your body starts to adapt, severely restricting your metabolism in order to preserve your physical health. The side effect of this, however, is that if you aren't actually in a life-threatening situation, this reduced metabolism has a wickedly negative effect upon all aspects of your overall physical and mental health.

Multiple Strategies for Intermittent Fasting

Although the most common consensus among those that recommend fasting is that once a week for sixteen to twenty four hours is sufficient, there are other schools of thought as well. There are a minority of proponents which encourage up to three days per week of sixteen hour-plus fasting, but at this point, you would have to be incredibly conscious about your nutrition in order to preserve your health.

Another popular method which has shown some potentially great benefits is a style of fasting championed by a nutritionist known as Martin Berkhan. His personal strategy to encourage the benefits of fasting while also providing a healthy stream of nutrition to the body is to only eat within an eight hour window each day. This allows the body to get all the energy that it needs during breakfast and lunch while switching the body to a fasting strategy eight hours before bedtime.

When looking at alternative diet methods, it is important to look at all of the alternatives, and figure out which option would likely be most beneficial to you. There are multiple methods to stimulate Human Growth Hormone production, and they often contain some key differences.

Fasting for HGH: Not as Hard as it Sounds

It may seem like going through a type of strategical fasting like this would be difficult, but it's much easier than it would seem. Although the first few efforts at fasting may be a little bit difficult, your body actually becomes used to the process of fasting, and for the most part, the feelings of hunger or discomfort disappear.

Exorphins and Cortisol: HGH Limiters

If you regularly consume a lot of wheat products or dairy products, starting off may cause slightly more discomfort than if you do not, because these two types of foods both cause your body to release hormones known as cortisol and exorphins. These foods release cortisol in response to slight stomach agitation that occurs when you eat bread or milk, which your body does not experience as pain, but still causes the release of painkilling cortisol, which can hinder your body's ability to produce HGH and Testosterone.

Exorphins are the human physiological equivalent of opioids. This means that they excite pleasure centers in the brain which are sensitive to addiction. Going cold turkey from these foods is not dangerous, but you may experience slight withdrawals that manifest themselves initially as slight muscle aches and fatigue.

Don't let this discourage you though. As your body gets used to the change, these symptoms of withdrawal will fade. If you are thinking about starting a fasting regimen, it may benefit you to start reducing your consumption of dairy and grain in order to make the transition to a fasting model easier to convert to. Your body acclimates to your new pattern, in which it occasionally experiences a fast that it physiologically understands is only temporary, and it starts burning fat and stimulating HGH secretion like clockwork.

HGH Vitally Important to a Long and Healthy Life!

Human Growth Hormone is arguably the most important hormone produced by the human body that we have direct control over with or without medical therapy. The way that you live your life directly correlates with the ability to produce Human Growth Hormone throughout the lifespan.

The Conscious Evolution Institute provides Physician-Monitored Hormone Replacement Therapies like HGH and Testosterone HRT, but we understand that many people are interested in doing everything they can to holistically restore their Human Growth Hormone Levels.

Although these four tips are not difficult on their face, it takes a certain level of dedication and self-control in order to achieve even slow and gradual changes to your health. Just make the personal decision that tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, and devote yourself to living a healthier life, with the innate belief that healthier is happier!

In case you skimmed the article too quickly, these are four easy ways to Increase your HGH:

  • Limit Consumption of High-Glycemic Food Products

  • Sleep Eight Hours per Night, and Limit Contact with Artificial Light Sources

  • Engage in Vigorous Exercise That You Enjoy (Even if You Don't Work Out Every Single Day)

  • Engage in Intermittent Fasting One or Two Times Per Week

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