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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on August 24th, 2020
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Hormone Replacement Therapy


Genotropin Hormone Replacement Therapy

Genotropin is a brand of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy patented and designed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Genotropin HGH Injections are indicated for three purposes in the United States:

  • To treat Childhood-Onset Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, to prevent Idiopathic Short Stature and improve health outcomes

  • To treat adults suffering from AIDS-related muscle wasting, otherwise known as Cachexia

  • To restore healthy hormone levels to adult patients that are diagnosed as deficient in Human Growth Hormone

Genotropin is just one of many brands of Human Growth Hormone, including Nutropin, Omnitrope, Humatropin, and Saizen. Genotropin is created using a method known as Recombinant DNA technology. This is a form of state-of-the-art genetic engineering that produces a medically useful treatment, generally by altering the genetic code of a microscopic organism such as a bacteria. Genotropin HGH is produced by altering the DNA structure of the bacteria, E. Coli, so that it produces Biologically-Identical Human Growth Hormone.

What does Bio-Identical mean?

Biologically Identical means that the Human Growth Hormone produced by the bacteria is functionally and molecularly identical to the Human Growth Hormone that is produced naturally by the human pituitary gland. By rewriting a portion of the genetic code of this bacteria, scientists are able to create Human Growth Hormone that can be used effectively and safely by human patients.

Early History of HGH Therapy

The invention of Bio-Identical HGH completely changed both the safety-profile and the accessibility of Human Growth Hormone to patients around the world. Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone made medical HGH safer by allowing it to be synthesized in a laboratory environment free from all potential forms of contamination. In the years preceding the first patents for Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, the use of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy was all but suspended, as a result of the inherent risk of contamination involved with early forms of Human Growth Hormone Injection.

Before HGH was derived in the safety of a laboratory, it actually had to be harvested from the brains of cadavers. Although this was an effective means of acquiring Human Growth Hormone for medical purposes, scientists and medical researchers found that there was an insurmountable risk involved with this method of extraction.

In 1985, HGH derived from human sources was banned as a result of a very small outbreak of a neurological disorder known as Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. Although the risk of developing this disorder from HGH Injections was quite small, the severity of the disease easily warranted this form of HGH to be withdrawn from the market.

Why Bio-Identical HGH Therapy is Better

Another reason why Recombinant Human Growth Hormone was preferable to HGH derived from human sources was economical. Obviously, the number of bodies available for HGH Extraction was limited, and the amount of time and man-hours needed to extract the Human Growth Hormone made it incredibly expensive.

With the discovery of Bio-Identical HGH Technology, the price of Human Growth Hormone dropped significantly, and still continues to decline to this day, as a result of market competition between pharmaceutical companies, and the streamlining of techniques which are used to synthesize the medication, itself.

Synthetic, but Natural

Don't let our use of the word “synthesize” fool you. The Human Growth Hormone that you receive in a Genotropin injection is 100% identical to that which is created by your own body, making it completely natural. We use the concept of synthesis only to refer to how medical HGH is the result of mankind's efforts.

Although Genotropin is indicated for multiple purposes, the remainder of this article will be oriented toward the potential adult patient, that may be experiencing symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

What Are the Ingredients of Genotropin?

Although the benefits of Genotropin are completely derived from the Human Growth Hormone that makes up the vast majority of the non-water volume of the medication, there are a few other ingredients.


Genotropin Human Growth Hormone contains the chemical Meta-cresol. Meta-cresol is also referred to as M-Cresol, and is used as a preservative in many medications, including Genotropin and Humatrope Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. Some individuals may be sensitive to the preservative. If so, they should choose a brand of Human Growth Hormone that utilizes benzene as a preservative, or contains no preservatives at all.

Meta-cresol helps Genotropin remain potent for a period of up to four weeks after it has been reconstituted. Without preservative, Human Growth Hormone must be injected within 24 hours of reconstitution.


Genotropin Human Growth Hormone also contains glycine. Glycine is an amino acid which has been shown to stimulate the natural production of Human Growth Hormone. One reason that glycine is included in many formulations of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is because Bio-Identical HGH Injections can cause the pituitary gland to produce less Human Growth Hormone.

Although Genotropin Hormone Replacement Therapy is intended to treat HGH Deficiency, glycine is important because it stimulates the body's ability to produce it's own Human Growth Hormone, reducing the effect of Bio-feedback mechanisms which may further reduce the function of the pituitary.

Sodium Phosphate

Another ingredient of Genotropin is Sodium Phosphate. Sodium phosphate is included so that when reconstituted, the Human Growth Hormone remains at an appropriate ph level which preserves its stability. Without maintaining an appropriate ph, the Reconstituted HGH breaks down more quickly.


Mannitol is a fourth ingredient of Genotropin HGH. Although mannitol is used for many purposes, it primarily acts as a lyoprotectant. Lyoprotectants are chemicals which preserve the chemical structure of complex molecules undergoing the process of lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying. Mannitol is included in Genotropin so that the Bio-Identical HGH created in the laboratory remains equally potent both before the act of lyophilization and after the medication has been reconstituted.


The final ingredient is simply water. After the process of lyophilization, the freeze-dried Growth Hormone contains absolutely no water, in order to vastly extend its shelf-life. By reintroducing water in the process of reconstitution, you restore the full function of the molecule, which can then be injected.

Genotropin Designed for Ease of Use

Although Genotropin is not purely Bio-Identical HGH, each ingredient serves a particular purpose, and unless you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, the ingredients all serve a purpose which allows the medication to remain highly effective even a few weeks after reconstitution. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients above, there are other formulations of Human Growth Hormone which contain different ingredients. One type of Genotropin, the Genotropin Miniquick, is actually free of most preservatives.

One of the benefits of having different brands of Human Growth Hormone is that their varying formulations allow any candidate to experience the benefits of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy, in spite of any particular sensitivities that they may have.

Who Can Benefit from Genotropin Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

Genotropin HGH can be used by any adult over the age of thirty that suffers from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. HGH Deficiency is a medical condition which causes the human pituitary gland to not produce enough Human Growth Hormone to maintain the normal and healthy function of the human body. Although in the past, it was believed that HGH Deficiency only affected a very small number of individuals, as research continues to take place, it turns out that more men and women struggle with the condition than previously believed.

As we age, our bodies produce less and less of this incredibly important hormone. The human body is somewhat calibrated for this. As a healthy individual grows older, his sensitivity to Human Growth Hormone increases at the same time. For a large number of aging Americans, however, the human body needs more Human Growth Hormone than it produces. In many cases, much more. For these patients, HGH Replacement Therapy can improve health and well-being, allowing patients to experience greater health outcomes deeper into the lifespan.

HGH Deficiency Symptoms

One reason that HGH Deficiency is under-diagnosed is because the symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency are very similar to symptoms that we have long considered to simply be an aspect of the aging process. We are learning now that the reverse is true in a multitude of cases. The symptoms of aging are actually caused by an underlying Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, not the other way around.

Are you dealing with the symptoms of HGH Deficiency without realizing it?

The following are the symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency:

Increased Fatigue

Often, one of the first issues that individuals experience as a result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is fatigue. Human Growth Hormone is one of the most powerful metabolites produced by the Human Body, feeding energy from our adipose fat cells and delivering them to the muscles for energy.

As HGH Deficiency hinders the body's Growth Hormone Production, it reduces the amount of energy available to the muscles, reducing our capacity for physical activity. This has huge implications on the way that you live your daily life. It causes you to drag through the day. It prevents you from getting the most out of your exercise routine. It just saps you, preventing you from living day to day actively and with zeal.

For patients that suffer from HGH Deficiency, Genotropin has the ability to get the gears turning again, providing you with increased energy levels to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Increased Irritability, Mild Depression

Another early symptom of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency manifests itself emotionally. HGH Deficiency has the ability to affect a persons outlook on life in a direct way. The fatigue caused by low Human Growth Hormone levels not only impacts the body, it impacts the mind as well. Individuals with HGH Deficiency tend to experience higher levels of anxiety than their peers. In addition to this, they are more likely to experience depression.

Genotropin Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to alleviate feelings of mild depression and anxiety.

Unexplained Decreased Muscle Mass

In addition to impacting energy levels, Human Growth Hormone can affect your muscle mass as well. As we mentioned earlier, Growth Hormone feeds the muscles the energy that they need in order to perform optimally. HGH also promotes the development of muscle mass. Without enough Human Growth Hormone, you start to experience fewer gains in muscle development from exercise. If you maintain a constant level of activity in your lifestyle you may even lose muscle mass even without making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Genotropin Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to increase muscle mass even in patients that don't change their routine of physical activity. Of course, if you want to experience significant gains, you will have to combine Genotropin Injections with a healthy physical fitness plan.

Weight Gain

One of the most obvious symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is an increase in body-fat. Human Growth Hormone actively promotes a healthy and aesthetically pleasing figure, and as HGH Levels start to decline in the body, individuals start to develop additional body-fat, especially around the midsection. Human Growth Hormone activates the metabolism, even at rest, slowing down the rate at which body-fat develops.

Genotropin Injections have been shown to burn fat effectively even without physical activity. Patients will lose weight more effectively if they combine Genotropin Treatments with a healthy diet, nutrition, and exercise plan, however.

Memory Issues

Numerous studies have shown that patients that suffer from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency experience cognitive and memory issues at an earlier age than their healthier peers. The fatigue that individuals experience affects the mind as well as the body. If your body has a limited pipeline of energy, your brain will suffer as a result. In research, patients suffering from Human Growth Hormone Deficiency suffer most significantly in regard to both short term and working memory.

Genotropin Injection Therapy has been shown to increase cognitive capacity and help patients stay sharper and remember things more clearly. There is even preliminary research which suggests that in the future, Human Growth Hormone Replacement may even slow down or stall the spread of Alzheimer's disease!

Changes in Sleeping Habits

Human Growth Hormone is released at its greatest levels during the hours in which we sleep. Individuals with abnormally low levels of Human Growth Hormone are far more likely than their peers to experience trouble sleeping. HGH plays an important role in the Circadian Rhythm, and, along with Cortisol, may be the primary hormone which promotes a healthy rhythm. Biological HGH release acts as a form of anchor which helps us sleep more effectively. We release the highest levels of Human Growth Hormone around an hour after we fall asleep, when we enter the deepest phases of sleep.

For patients which are experiencing trouble sleeping, Genotropin HGH Shots are delivered at night, just before bed, in order to mimic the natural process of hormone release and promote healthier sleeping habits.

Increased Susceptibility to Illness

Because Human Growth Hormone controls metabolism and amplifies healthy cell division, it plays an important role in the health of the immune system. HGH circulates through the blood stream to various points along the lymphatic system, where it promotes the healthy formation of white blood cells which fight off infection and illness. As HGH Levels in the human body start to decline, this leads to an increased risk of illness.

Genotropin HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to strengthen the immune system of individuals that have been shown to be HGH Deficient, allowing them to live their lives with fewer illnesses which are less severe. In addition to this, Genotropin Injections reduce the risk of infection as a result of everyday scrapes and cuts.

Slow Recovery from Injury

In addition to reducing the risk of infection and fighting off disease, Human Growth Hormone increases the rate at which physical healing takes place. In patients that have abnormally low levels of HGH, healing from all forms of physiological damage takes longer to heal. This means that bones take longer to heal, cuts and bruises take longer to heal, and surgeries take longer to recover from.

Research suggests that Genotropin HGH Injections have the ability to amplify healing processes to reduce downtime from injury. New studies even suggest that Genotropin Injections directly into cartilage tissue can even help restore joints which have been ripped and torn due to injury.


Although most other symptoms become apparent much earlier in the progression of degradation that occurs as a result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, the effects of HGH Deficiency upon bone health are some of the most detrimental. HGH promotes healthy cell division within the bone tissue, allowing it to strengthen through the process of remodeling.

In patients that have abnormally low levels of Human Growth Hormone, this process of bone remodeling is disrupted, leading to a slow and insidious breakdown of bone tissue. Over the course of many years, or even decades, this slow process of physiological breakdown greatly increases the risk of bone fractures and breaks as a result of Osteoporosis.

Genotropin Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy helps slow down or reverse this trend which breaks down bone tissue, allowing the bones to become reinforced and stronger, greatly reducing the risk of complications as a result of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

What Are the Different Kinds of Genotropin Injection?

Genotropin Mixer HGH Injections

Genotropin is available in vials for direct injection via syringe. This form of Genotropin is known as Genotropin Mixer. Genotropin Shots are delivered Subcutaneously into the deepest levels of skin tissue. Genotropin comes to the patient in lyophilized form, meaning that it has been freeze-dried in order to extend the half-life of the medication before use.

When the patient is ready to use Genotropin HGH, he or she will combine the lyophilized medication with a sterilized water solution which is delivered alongside the medication. This process of combination which restores the full function and form of Genotropin is known as Reconstitution.

Genotropin Pen Human Growth Hormone Shot

There are also medical devices that can also be used with Genotropin which are intended to make the injection process less of a hassle. The primary device used for this purpose is the Genotropin Pen. The Genotropin Pen is a multiple-use pen which allows you to deliver Genotropin Human Growth Hormone simply and easily.

After Reconstitution, the medication within the pen keeps for weeks, and the reconstitution process takes place entirely inside the pen. Dials on the Genotropin Pen allow you to measure the exact dose of medication that you need, without fumbling with a needle and staring at a meniscus. Until you have expended the entire vial of Genotropin HGH, all you have to do is replace the needle with each injection.

Genotropin Miniquick for HGH Deficiency

Another form of Genotropin is the Genotropin Miniquick. This form of Genotropin is intended for single uses, but it is completely set and calibrated for individual use. This brand of Genotropin is generally marketed for travel use. The Genotropin Miniquick is a preloaded syringe which makes it much easier to deliver the medication, especially for patients which choose to self-administer the medication.

The Genotropin Miniquick is a one-time-use medication. The HGH is contained within the pen in lyophilized form, with solution also contained within the syringe. In order to activate the medication via reconstitution, all you have to do is turn the plunger and the two compartments automatically mix.

Unlike Genotropin for direct injection, the Genotropin Miniquick contains no preservatives and must be injected within a day of reconstitution. Vials of Genotropin contain preservatives in order to extend the life of the medication after reconstitution.

Genotropin HGH for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

If you feel that you may be suffering from HGH Deficiency, Genotropin, or another form of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy may be right for you. If you are interested in Human Growth Hormone Injections, we encourage you to contact the Conscious Evolution Institute today.

Our medical clinic provides various forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy, including HGH Replacement, Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, that have been proven to contribute to greater hormone balance for patients dealing with medical issues associated with Hormone Imbalance.

We also offer HCG Weight Loss Therapy to patients that qualify.

The Conscious Evolution Institute has affiliates across the United States that can help you get the treatment you need without hassle. Our affiliates will provide you with the physical required for treatment, and will also draw a blood sample for remote diagnostic testing.

Within a week,the board certified and clinically trained professionals at the Conscious Evolution Institute will have all of the data that they need to make a responsible and informed diagnosis.

Don't Let Hormone Deficiency Get You Down...Contact the Conscious Evolution Institute today!

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