How To Safely Inject Hgh Human Growth Hormone Protocol
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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on December 10th, 2020
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How to Reconstitute Injectable HGH (Omnitrope)

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How to Safely Inject Human Growth Hormone


Human Growth Hormone is one of the most effective longevity treatments available in America today. If you suffer from the effects of HGH Deficiency, Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy can lead you far along the path toward a longer and healthier life.

Although HGH Hormone Treatments are highly effective, many people are put off by the idea of subjecting themselves to a daily injection. Although you will be required to administer injections multiple times per week, we would like to comfort you by reminding you that self-administration of Human Growth Hormone is simple and relatively painless.

The goal of this article is to provide a general set of guidelines on how to properly give yourself an HGH Shot. This guide will focus on the simplest and most common method of HGH Administration, the reconstitution and injection of Growth Hormone via needle and syringe. Many pharmaceutical companies provide their own medical equipment which has its own particular methodology. These pieces of equipment are more expensive, but they do provide a number of unique benefits in regard to ease-of-use.

Although we provide this guide as a source of helpful information, your physician will also provide instructions, and answer any questions you may have about injection protocol.

HGH Benefits

Although Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a relatively new medical treatment, there is a large and growing contingency of individuals which stand by the therapy as one of the most effective health and longevity treatments available in the world today. HGH Injections have the ability to improve physical and mental health in various ways which benefit the entire body. Among the benefits of Human Growth Hormone are:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Enhanced Muscle Definition
  • Higher Energy
  • Boosted Metabolism
  • Increased Breakdown of Adipose Fat
  • Improved Sleeping Habits
  • Vastly Improved Recovery Time from Injury and Exercise
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improved Immune Health
  • Smoother, Stronger Skin
  • Enhanced Memory and Cognitive Abilities

Although Human Growth Hormone is often abused for its ability to increase physical stamina, improve bodybuilding results, and optimize energy capacity, there is mounting evidence that outside sources of Human Growth Hormone become increasingly beneficial to the human body as we age.

After the age of thirty, our natural production of Growth Hormone declines, and we begin to experience the myriad of Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Even though Human Growth Hormone Injections are not that difficult to self-inject, it is important understand the official protocol for injection, because if HGH Shots are not administered following these simple guidelines, it is possible to severely reduce the effectiveness of therapy.

pituitary gland

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Most people only understand HGH from two perspectives. Most people understand that Human Growth Hormone is the chemical signal that the human body produces during puberty that causes a child to grow. HGH Hormone Replacement was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1959 for the treatment of Childhood Growth Hormone Deficiency. For young patients with HGH Deficiency, Human Growth Hormone injections have the ability to help these patients grow to a normal Final Adult Height.

Most also understand the second, more pernicious use of Human Growth Hormone Injections as well. Beginning in the seventies and eighties, Human Growth Hormone Shots began to be used by a growing number of professional and Olympic Athletes in order to bolster physical performance and aid them in their attempts to be the strongest and fastest athletes in the world. Beginning in the early nineties, the public, as well as the United States government, began to take notice, leading to severe restrictions regarding the sale and usage of Human Growth Hormone in an attempt to limit its use for purposes not intended for health improvement.

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BioIdentical HGH Legal for the Treatment of HGH Deficiency

Luckily, although Human Growth Hormone Injections are not legal for use by young and healthy patients, there is still a large portion of society that qualifies for the immense benefits provided by HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you are over the age of thirty and you have a clinically diagnosable deficiency of endogenous Human Growth Hormone, you qualify for life-enhancing Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Endogenous Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally by the anterior pituitary gland, which is located near the base of the brain. HGH enhances physical health primarily by increasing internal cellular metabolism, as well as increasing rates of cell rejuvenation and multiplication.

This allows the body to more efficiently protect itself from damage and decay, while also enhancing the ability of the muscles and bones to maintain and rebuild themselves by providing a steady stream of nutrients. Human Growth Hormone has the ability to increase physiological efficiency throughout the body. This optimizes organ function, increasing overall health and drastically reducing mortality.

subcutaneous Injection

HGH Injection: Easier Than It Seems

At first, Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy might seem like a complicated ordeal, but after only a few injections, most patients find that HGH Administration quickly becomes second nature. HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is injected via a method known as Subcutaneous Injection. This means that the needle does not puncture completely into the inner workings of the human body, but the needle only descends just below the skin.

This form of injection is much easier than other forms of injection such as Intramuscular Injection, making it both more painless and easier to perform. Human Growth Hormone is injected into the body in a manner which is incredibly similar to insulin. If you have a friend that uses Insulin to protect his or her body against Diabetes, they will tell you that subcutaneous injection is very easy to perform.

When most people think about injections, they think about intravenous injections. These are the types of injections that make certain people develop needle-phobia. There is no searching for veins when using Subcutaneous HGH. There are a number of areas around the body which are prime injection sites, and there is no specific target to aim for once you have selected a location. Although it is a bit more difficult, after a few injections, it won't be much more complicated than constituting the solution and selecting a suitable patch of skin to pinch.

Intramuscular Injection

Intramuscular Testosterone Injections : How to do them

Testosterone is primarily delivered via Intramuscular Injection. In this form of shot, the needle is injected through the skin and into hard muscle tissue. There are many medications and vaccinations which are also injected in this manner. Intramuscular Shots use larger needles than Human Growth Hormone Injections, so the pain is slightly greater, but is still generally not more than a modest stinging sensation. Testosterone is different than Human Growth Hormone, because there are multiple potential methods of Testosterone application outside of injection.

Patches, gels, creams, and dermal sprays are all valid and effective methods of Testosterone Application. To this date, HGH is only available via injection. Human Growth Hormone is literally the most complex hormone produced by the human body, and cannot easily or effectively pass through the same physiological barriers as Testosterone or other hormones. Human Growth Hormone cannot effectively break the barrier of the skin.

hgh pills and sprays are scams

HGH Only Effective as an Injection

It also cannot break nasal barriers, and the stomach digests Human Growth Hormone, rendering it ineffective. Pill forms of HGH can actually be dangerous over time, because the body breaks down the Growth Hormone into component amino acids which are further digested and broken down by the liver, which is very sensitive to fluctuations of these amino acid fragments.

The act of self administration actually makes injections less painful, because your hand is in control of the needle. The vast majority of patients do not quit using Testosterone Injections because of needle anxiety, and the proportion that end up quitting Growth Hormone Injections for the same reason is even more miniscule.

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How to Inject Human Growth Hormone: A Simple Guide

In order to prepare HGH for Injection, you will need a small set of supplies:

  • Cotton alcohol swabs
  • Clean, disinfected surface
  • Syringe
  • Preparation needle
  • Administration needle (Normally a 5/8 inch 25-27 gauge needle)
  • Lyophilized Human Growth Hormone
  • Injection solution


  • Gauze
  • Bandage


  • If you will have a volunteer administering the HGH Injection for you, you will need latex or otherwise sanitary disposable gloves.

Note: Never reuse needles. After being removed from packaging, needles are very prone to contamination, and you put yourself at risk of infection if you reuse your needles. Although the upper layers of the skin are very resistant to infection, the subdermal layers of the skin are not as well protected from outside dangers, and using a tampered needle can put your health at risk. Only remove the cap from your needle just before you plan on injecting your HGH.

HGH Syringes

The barrel of your syringe is a small tube made of plastic which will hold your Reconstituted Human Growth Hormone. The syringe is notched with measurements in order to allow you to easily inject your exact dose of medication while minimizing error. The tip of the syringe will have a cap in order to preserve the stability of the contents throughout the steps of administration. In your effort to inject Bio-Identical HGH, you will only use one syringe during the process.

First, the syringe will be used to mix the lyophilized HGH with sterilized water in order to rehydrate the Human Growth Hormone for injection. Pharmaceutical Recombinant Human Growth Hormone comes exclusively in Lyophilized Form. This means that the HGH is freeze dried in order to increase its stability in transport and storage. Human Growth Hormone is naturally a liquid, and in this form, the hormone is very sensitive to tampering.

Human Growth Hormone Damaged Easily

Even hitting the side of the syringe too hard can upset the chemical stability of the hormone, reducing its effectiveness. Liquid Human Growth Hormone is even more sensitive to temperature variation. By freeze-drying HGH, the hormone is rendered more stable, and can be stored in a wider range of temperatures for a longer period of time before the effectiveness of the medication begins to deteriorate.

What is Bacteriostatic Water? What is Sterilized Water?

Human Growth Hormone is reconstituted in water which is either sterilized or Bacteriostatic. Sterilized water contains a small amount of sodium chloride in order to help maintain the sterility of the liquid. Bacteriostatic water contains a small amount of Benzyl alcohol in order to further preserve the sterility of the liquid both before and after reconstitution. Bacteriostatic water is generally used for larger vials of Reconstituted Human Growth Hormone, and is not necessary for smaller amounts of the hormone.

Contain HGH Contamination

Almost all steps surrounding injection protocol are necessary in order to minimize the risk of contamination. Merely touching the tip of the needle against an article of clothing has the capacity to greatly increase the risk of contamination. These rules to prevent infection are non-negotiable. When the rules are followed, HGH Injections are both safe and effective, and there is no reason to subject yourself to risk which is completely unwarranted.

Where Should I Prepare My HGH Injection?

The best place to prepare for Growth Hormone Administration is on a large, flat surface which can be easily disinfected. If your bathroom counter is large enough, this is the perfect area to prepare the treatment, although the kitchen table, or any other similar surface will also be acceptable. When choosing a location, make sure that the area is well lit, so that you can easily see what you are doing.

A mirror is optional, but will likely make it much easier for you to administer your injection, especially when you are still getting used to the procedure. It is also important to set up your staging area somewhere where there is little outside interference. You need to remained completely focused on completing the injection process with no complications, so a private and quiet place will be the optimal location.

Why do I Need Alcohol Swabs When Injecting HGH?

Alcohol swabs are important, because you will use these swabs in order to disinfect both your skin, and all surfaces which your needle WILL make contact with, such as the top of your Human Growth Hormone Vial and your syringe. Before you begin your routine for HGH administration, collect all of the equipment you will need in order to perform the injection. As soon as you have everything organized, wipe the vial top with your alcohol swab in order to sterilize it. If you make any physical contact before you pierce the top, be sure to disinfect the top once again.

Optional Supplies after HGH Injection

If you choose to cover the injection site after you complete your Growth Hormone Administration, make sure you have your bandage and gauze handy as well. Most patients find that they do not need to use these, but you may feel more comfortable further protecting your body or easing routine needle irritation by minimizing outside contact with the area where you delivered the HGH Shot.

Some individuals may prefer to have their injections sometimes delivered by a partner. If you are engaging in self-administration, there is no inherent need for disposable gloves, but if another person will be delivering your HGH injection, or you will be delivering a Growth Hormone injection for a friend or family member, it is imperative that you use gloves in order to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Before and after engaging in this staging and disinfection process, wash your hands in order to ensure that your hands are as clean as they can reasonably be. Now we can get started!

Eleven Steps to Safe HGH Administration

HGH Step One:

Take a mental inventory: Do you have all the supplies you will need for your injection? Is your staging area clean?

HGH Step Two:

How To Wash Your Hands from Endocrinology Hormone Clinic on Vimeo.

Wash your hands one more time in the sink, with hot water and soap. Wash thoroughly, leaving your hands as clean as possible. At this point, if someone else is delivering the injection rather than the patient, they should put on their disposable gloves.

HGH Step Three:

Remove the plastic caps covering both the sterilized water vial and with vial containing the HGH. Immediately set them aside to be thrown away. Use an alcohol swab to disinfect the stoppers covering and protecting both vials. After using the swab, set it aside for disposal as well. After you have disinfected the rubber caps, do not make contact with them again. If you do happen to touch the stopper by accident, repeat the disinfecting process.

HGH Step Four:

Remove the syringe from its package, as well as the long, larger needle. The syringe should have a cap on it. If so, remove this cap. If not, the syringe has not been properly protected and you should not use it. Take the syringe firmly and twist the needle onto the tip of the syringe, without touching the end of the syringe or the end of the needle. After attaching the needle to the syringe, remove the cap from the tip of the needle. Do not dispose of the cap of the needle. You will be using it in a later step. Draw air into the syringe until the syringe contains One CC of air.

HGH Step Five:

Take the vial of sterilized liquid and prepare it for use. Make sure the the stopper on the vial has been properly disinfected. Push the tip of the long needle into the center of the vial, breaking through the stopper and entering the container of solution.

Press down on the plunger of the syringe, injecting the one CC of air into the container. This equalizes pressure in the vial, making the sterilized water easier to draw in. While the plunger is still completely injected, turn the vial of sterilized water upside down, holding the syringe with one hand and the vial with the other. Make sure that the tip of the needle is completely submerged.

After this point, draw in the sterilized water slowly until your syringe contains one CC of the liquid. If you see bubbles of air within the syringe, rap the side of the syringe lightly with your fingers in order to agitate the bubbles upward. After trapping the air in the tip of the syringe, depress the plunger and inject the air back inside the vial. After you have ejected all air from the syringe, carefully take the needle out of the vial, being careful not to make contact with the tip of the needle.

HGH Step Six:

Now you will reconstitute the dehydrated Human Growth Hormone by mixing it with the sterilized water within your syringe. Take the tip of the needle at the end of your syringe and press it through the rubber cap protecting your HGH dose. Your needle should press gently against the outer wall of the HGH container. Depress the plunger and deliver the sterilized water into the Growth Hormone vial. Release the sterilized water slowly, so that it flows down the wall of the HGH Container.

HGH Step Seven:

After injecting the sterilized liquid into the vial, remove the needle from the rubber stopper and place the syringe to the side. Agitate the mixture of sterilized water and Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone, gently mixing the two components together into a single solution. It is important to do this with care, so that you do not damage the HGH as it becomes rehydrated. Mix in a slow and circular motion. Take the syringe and retract the plunger once again, taking air into the syringe. Pierce the cap upon the vial of Human Growth Hormone with your needle.

Press down on the plunger in order to inject air, building the pressure inside of the container. Just as before, this is to make it easier to draw solution. Draw the plunger back, pulling your Human Growth Hormone dose out of the vial. After you draw your dose, make sure that you have ejected all air from the syringe, then pull the needle out and sit the syringe down on the hard, flat surface so that the needle points upward and does not make contact with anything around it.

HGH Step Eight:

Retrieve the needle cap and place it back onto the tip of the large needle. After doing so, remove the needle from the tip of the syringe and place the needle aside for disposal. Take the smaller administration needle and carefully twist it onto the tip of the syringe. Again, make sure that there are no air bubbles inside the syringe. If there are, gently press down on the plunger until any air present in the syringe is evacuated. At this point, it's time to inject!

HGH Step Nine:

Select the location you will use for injection. The easiest spot to engage in self-injection is into the stomach, but not immediately in the vicinity of the belly button. After selecting the location, take a new alcohol swab and disinfect the area where you plan to inject. Let the area dry through contact with the air.

HGH Step Ten:

Take your opposite hand and gather up a patch of skin and squeeze it so that it raises slightly. Take your primary hand and lift the syringe. Steady your hand and position it directly over your raised skin. If you have pinched a one square inch area of skin, aim the needle at a forty-five degree angle. If you have a two inch square area of skin pinched, aim the needle at ninety degrees, perfectly perpendicular to your skin.

Pierce the skin quickly and completely with your needle, which will breach the sub-dermal layer beneath the skin. After quickly inserting the needle, inject the HGH Solution slowly. After you have released the dose of Growth Hormone, pull the needle out swiftly, yet carefully. After you have pulled the needle out of your skin, place the syringe to the side and wipe the injection site with another alcohol swab in order to provide the area with one last round of disinfection.

HGH Step Eleven:

Make sure that you dispose of all materials that are intended for single use, such as needles. All needles should be thrown away into an approved SHARPS container. Never throw needles in the trash can. If your Growth Hormone vial still contains reconstituted Growth Hormone, take the vial to your refrigerator and store it properly, and only keep the Rehydrated HGH as long as recommended before disposing of it.

HGH Dont's:

Never release air from the needle after you have injected the administration needle into the skin. This can cause bruising, hematoma, or tissue damage.

Do not massage the area where you injected the Bio-Identical HGH. This may increase the rate at which the injected Human Growth Hormone processes into the body.

Conclusion: Human Growth Hormone Final Thoughts

See? it's not all that difficult. All steps center around a few key concepts:

  • Make sure everything stays clean!
  • Make sure there is no air in the needle!
  • Do not damage the Growth Hormone!

By following the steps above, you will always inject the Human Growth Hormone both effectively and safely. After a few injections, all of these steps will become second nature, because each step makes sense in the context of your health and safety.

Recombinant HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy is a fantastic Anti-Aging Health Treatment, and if you stick with it and focus on improving your life, we guarantee that Human Growth Hormone can change your life in significant and beneficial ways.

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