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Written by Dr. Welsh, Article reviewed and edited by Dr. Fine M.D..
Published on September 4th, 2019
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Low Testosterone Tied To Poor Health (1)

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Low Testosterone Tied To Poor Health (2)

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Low-T Connected to Poor Health Outcomes in Men

Testosterone Deficiency is a major problem in the United States right now. There are millions of men that are suffering from the deficiency and don't even know it. Recent research has shown that Low-T is correlated with a number of different health conditions that have a negative impact on health and mortality among aging men. Some medical professionals even say that Testosterone Deficiency is one of the common factors of premature aging.

A few common problems that men with Low-T experience are hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. A new study shows that men with these medical conditions experience medically Low Testosterone Levels at a rate which is double that of the general population.

Testosterone Deficiency Becomes More Likely with Age

The scientists that conducted this study discovered that more than one out of every three men over the age of forty five deal with chronically Low Testosterone, and that the odds increase dramatically among men with particular medical conditions such as those mentioned above.

The researchers say that the results of the study suggest that chronic, age-related medical conditions commonly experienced by aging males have the ability to cover up issues concerning Low-T, preventing the patients from getting the treatment they need to balance their hormones, which has a negative impact on their overall health and wellness.

Low Testosterone goes by many names in the United States. Many people know it by the name Low-T, which is popular in advertising and popular culture. In the medical community, Low-T is commonly referred to as Hypogonadism. Translated into common speech, Hypogonadism literally means that the male testes are producing abnormally low levels of Testosterone.

How Common is Low-T?

Low- T is an incredibly common problem in the United States, and it is estimated that thirteen million males in the country exhibit symptoms of Low-T. The most common symptoms of Low Testosterone are fatigue, accumulation of body fat, osteoporosis, loss of facial and body hair, erectile dysfunction, and loss of sex drive.

The study mentioned above was released in the International Journal of Clinical Practice. In this study, researchers gathered data from clinics across the United States with regard to Low-T. They collected medical information from more than 2,000 men, all of which were at least forty five years of age. The only criteria for data collection was that they visited one of one hundred thirty different primary care facilities in the United States over a particular two-week time frame.

The results were astounding. The medical data revealed that more than one third of the 2,000+ males had clinically low levels of Testosterone. Although the exact threshold for Low-T is not set in stone, it is commonly agreed among those in the medical community that the threshold for Low-T is lower than 300 nanograms per deciliter.

Testosterone Study Implications

After collecting the data, they divided the 2000+ patients into two groups, one group was composed of patients that had Clinical Hypogonadism, and the second group contained all of the patients which had normal T-Levels. They then looked over the health profiles of each of the patients in order to discover the rate of incidence of many common chronic diseases. They found that patients with Low Testosterone were simply sicker than those that had normal Testosterone Levels. The exact numbers were as follows:

  • Men with Low-T were 1.8 times more likely to suffer from hypertension

  • Men with Low-T were 2.1 times more likely to suffer from diabetes

  • Men with Low-T were 2.4 times more likely to struggle with obesity

  • Although the contrast was not quite as stark, men with asthma and prostate disease were also at an enhanced risk of experiencing Low-T

The researchers involved with this study explain that Low-T is frequently missed by male patients because they believe that their medical problems are the result of other medical conditions that they are experiencing, or they write off their decline in quality of life as simply an unavoidable aspect of the aging process.

Testosterone Deficiency Often Goes Untreated

The lead researcher in this study, Dr. Thomas Mulligan of the University of Florida believes that American patients and physicians do not treat Low-Testosterone with the respect that such a significant medical condition truly warrants, and that medical professionals should show a greater level of concern with regard to the correlation between overall health and Testosterone Levels.

For men that are experiencing significant medical issues as a result of Low-T, Bio-Identical Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy can help patients feel happier and healthier. Although in the past, some physicians had reservations regarding Testosterone HRT, new research suggests that the treatment is much safer than previously believed, and that hypotheses regarding a link between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Prostate and Testicular Cancer were unfounded.

Although Testosterone HRT can exacerbate existing cancers, there is no evidence that the treatment actually causes cancer. Researchers continue to study the treatment in order to more accurately assess the risks and benefits.

Low-T and Heart Disease

Testosterone Deficiency is becoming an incredibly significant issue in the medical community. There are three primary reasons for this.

  • First, researchers and medical professionals are learning more and more about how Low Testosterone negatively impacts health, encouraging more and more doctors to recognize the importance of healthy Testosterone Levels.

  • Second, there are a larger number of men over the age of 45 than ever before, as the Baby-Boomers and their children continue to age. A larger number of people than ever before have the potential to benefit from Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • Third, Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy technology is becoming cheaper, more wide-spread, and more talked about. Advertising campaigns in the last few years have made Testosterone one of the most widely talked about medical therapies, and the treatments are cheaper than they have ever been.

In recent years, researchers have been learning about how Testosterone Deficiency impacts a variety of cardiovascular problems, including heart disease. Testosterone Deficiency also increases the risk of elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, and incidence of depression.

Forty Three Year Testosterone Deficiency Review

A clinical review was recently published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism which has culled information from nine different clinical studies spanning from 1970-2013 in order to collect information regarding how Testosterone Deficiency impacts overall health in male patients. They have discovered that men that have abnormally low levels of Testosterone have a higher risk of experiencing heart disease, and a higher risk of dying from the disease, than males that have normal Testosterone Levels.

Testosterone is important for a lot of different reasons, and its impact on heart health is just one of many ways that Testosterone benefits male health. Testosterone is vitally important to male sexual health, and men with Low-T experience both low libido and issues with sexual function. They also have trouble building muscle, maintaining strong bones, and keeping fat off of their bodies. Low Testosterone is an important metabolite, and when the body does not produce sufficient Testosterone, it triggers changes in metabolism which significantly impact health and wellness.

Researchers Unsure How Heart Health and Testosterone are Connected

Although the researchers amassed a large amount of data, they do not yet have enough specific information to hypothesize why Testosterone Deficiency is explicitly tied to an increased risk of heart disease. They can make a few educated guesses, however. They believe that it is possible that Low-T could encourage the formation of blood clots which could contribute to abnormal heart rhythms which can eventually cause larger heart problems.

There is also the potential that the correlation between the two conditions may simply be the mutual result of poor health choices. Based upon only the data of this study, there is no way to establish Low-T as a direct cause of cardiovascular problems, although there are other studies which suggest that Testosterone Deficiency does have the potential to directly increase the risk of certain heart conditions.

There are other studies which show that Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy does not have the ability to decrease the risk of heart disease, which suggests that both Low-T and Heart Disease are symptoms of other chronic medical conditions.

In order to learn more about how Low-T and Heart Health are related, there will need to be many more studies conducted, but for now, medical professionals recommend to only use Testosterone HRT if they have clinically low levels of Testosterone and they are explicitly suffering from symptoms of Low-T.

Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes Are Linked

If you are a man over the age of forty five and you are having trouble with your libido and sexual function because of Type-2 Diabetes, your real problem is likely the result Low-T.

Dr. David Fenig of Chesapeake Urology Associates explains that there is growing evidence that Low-T is tightly correlated with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. The link between Low-T and Type-2 Diabetes is powerful, and as many as one out of every three men with that condition are likely suffering from Low-T. After the age of forty-five, men with Type-2 Diabetes have twice the risk of Hypogonadism than those that do not.

Increasing Awareness of Low-T

Low-T is a serious concern for those that suffer from Type-2 Diabetes, because Low Testosterone has a negative impact on male sexual ability and desire, and it impacts health in a number of different ways as well. According to a recent survey published by the American Diabetes Association, most males, as well as their significant others, are oblivious of the correlation between Low-T and Diabetes. In addition to the sexual symptoms of Low-T, it can also contribute to fatigue, lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, accumulation of body fat, and loss of bone mineral density.

According to their research, the American Diabetes Association estimates that there are up to thirteen million males that suffer from Low-T, and then nine out of every ten cases go without treatment. If you suffer from Type-2 Diabetes, especially if you are over the age of forty-five and overweight, it is important to be aware of the underlying symptoms of Low-T.

If you have questions about how Testosterone Deficiency can impact your health, talk to a physician, like those at the Conscious Evolution Institute, and learn how Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy can benefit your life.

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